ROH Final Battle Results (12/13) – Baltimore, MD

ROH Final Battle Results (12/13) - Baltimore, MD

We are live from the UMBC Event Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Two matches scheduled for the Pre-Show. Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, and Colt Cabana on commentary.

Silas Young and Josh Woods vs. Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry

Both teams talk a little trash as Hendry and Young get things going. Test of strength goes right into some chain wrestling with Young getting a side headlock. Hendry gets out of it, snapmare, shoulder tackle, couple side headlock takeovers from each wrestler leads to a stalemate. Woods and Castle tag in. Castle teases trying to coming into the ring by putting his leg over the top rope, but ends up coming in under the second one. Woods with a takedown, both with a bunch of reversals as they grapple for a bit. Castle with his big taunt and Woods does one of his. Young then tags himself in and tells Woods to stay focused, but Castle immediately clotheslines Young. Hendry with the tag, double shoulder block on Young, cover, two.

Woods back in there, dumps Hendry to the floor, lands a big strike to Castle, and Young tags back in. Castle thrown into the corner and gets kicked in the face. Woods tags in, elbow drop, cover, two. Woods works the shoulder, Young tags in and hits a slingshot double stomp, rolling elbow. Castle with a release overhead suplex. Hendry and Woods get tagged in, Hendry with a bunch of clotheslines on both opponents, neckbreak on Woods, DDT on Young. Hendry then hits a double fallaway slam, tossing both guys across the ring! Castle tags in, dumps Woods, sliding knee. Young from behind, hits a twisting suplex on Castle. Hendry gets knocked off the apron. Castle attempts for the bang-a-rang, gets rolled up for two. Everyone hitting big moves now. Hendry with a codebreaker on Young, tries for one on Woods but gets a t-bone suplex. Young slingshots Castle right into Woods’ flying knees, cover, 1-2-3. Young and Woods are now 6-0 as a team.

Winners: Silas Young and Josh Woods via Pinfall

– Post-match, The Bouncers are hanging in the crowd and talk about the teams in the ring. They rip on Silas Young a bit.

– Backstage, Angelina Love (with Mandy Leon) is asked if she is afraid of Maria Manic, her opponent tonight. Love says “Do I look afraid?” She talks about being in the business for a long time and has gone up against bigger opponents numerous times, she’s a 7-time champion and won’t have a problem with Maria tonight.

– Alex Shelley heads out with a microphone in his head. Shelley talks about Baltimore being an important city for Ring of Honor. Shelley talks about how many great students have come out of ROH’s school and how many returns. He then brings up Colt Cabana (who’s on commentary) and says Cabana isn’t on the show tonight, but Shelley wants a match against him tonight (he also noted they’ve never had a singles match before). Cabana gets on the mic and thanks Shelley for calling him out. Cabana notes he’s the NWA National Champion and just came off a big NJPW tournament, but said his heart sank when he saw he wasn’t on the PPV. Cabana says if the officials in the back are okay with adding another match, Cabana says he’ll accept Shelley’s challenge. Cabana heads off commentary to get ready for his match.

Rhett Titus vs. Kenny King (with Amy Rose)

Back and forth action gets things going. King gets the best of Titus, but then gets sent out of the ring. Titus with a rough looking flip over the top rope on King after King talked some trash to Titus’ wife in the front row. Titus with a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. King gets back in the ring, but Titus clotheslines King back out on the floor. Titus then goes over and kisses his baby while King is down. Titus with a suplex on the floor. Titus with a hard running back elbow. He tries or another and gets lifted and sent into the apron.

Action back in the ring, Titus recovers and swings away on his opponent. He charges in, gets caught and suplexed into the corner. King with the cover, Titus gets his foot on the ropes. Titus with a punch, splash in the corner, lariat lands, misses a charge in the corner, but hits a kick to the face. Titus climbs to the top and eats an enziguri. King climbs up, looks for a superplex, King gets shoved off, Titus with a crossbody, cover, two. King with a spinebuster, cover, only a one-count. King looks for lethal injection, eats a dropkick to the back of the head. Titus with the royal flush, cover, two. Titus with a big boot in the corner. Rose with a distraction, King takes advantage with a lowblow kick, royal flush hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kenny King via Pinfall

– Brian Zane spoke to The Bouncers at ringside who hype tonight’s PPV. They try to get some cheap home pops with the Baltimore Ravens, but actually get no reactions (and even a few boos). They are asked about who will win the main event PCO or Rush, they can’t agree and decide to find more beer and figure it out.

Jeff Cobb vs. Dan Maff

This match was originally set to be on the PPV, but was switched to the pre-show. The shake hands and jaw a bit before they run into each other in the middle of the ring, neither go down. Cobb leaps over Maff, eats a kick, running senton on Cobb. Cobb out to the floor, Maff with a nice suicide dive. Back in the ring, suplex, followed by a standing moonsault on Maff. Cobb with a chop, but Maff pounces Cobb then hits a cannonball in the corner. He goes for another, but nobody home that time. Maff climbs the ropes, Cobb with a dropkick that sends his opponent to the apron. Cobb then climbs up to the second rope to hits a deadlift suplex on Maff!

Tour of the island blocked, lands a headbutt though andone more. Cobb with a superkick, Maff with one of his own. Cobb lands a lariat and spills out of the ring afterwards. Referee starts up his 20-count, Cobb gets in, they meet in the middle of the ring and trade back and forth blows. Cobb with a delayed release german suplex. Cobb with a bunch of chops and punches, big jumping european uppercut. Maff with a spear, ripcord clothesline, cover, two. Maff looks for the burning hammer, no, Cobb driven into the corner and then hits an overhead release suplex on Maff. Cobb puts Maff on the top turnbuckle. Maff slips under, kicks the legs, then the face, burning hammer, Cobb lands on his feet and hits tour of the island, not once, but twice, and that will do it.

Winner: Jeff Cobb via Pinfall

– Post-match, the two talk a bit in the ring and then shakes hands. Maff with a chop, Cobb sends one back, and they shake hands again. This ends the pre-show.

Flip Gordon and Marty Scurll vs. Flamita and Bandido

Villain Enterprises’ Brody King joins commentary for this match. Gordon and Flamita get things going, bit of a stalemate between the two. Scurll doesn’t wanna see that and wants in. Scurll then “flaps” his way across the second rope. Bandido also tags in and Scurll goes to work on the mat, keeping Bandido grounded, goes for a pin, two. Hurricanrana by Bandido into a dropkick. Gordon tags in and eats a dropkick. Scurll and Gordon go to work, Scurll with a kick off the apron, tries for a sunset flip, Flamita hangs on to the ropes, Gordon with a double stomp on his back, cover, two. Scurll then stomps the fingers of Flamita. Scurll is really over with the crowd.

Flamita able to recover and fight off Scurll, tags in Bandido. Bandido with a nice twisting splash off the top rope on Scurll. Flamita gets launched by his partner on Scurll. Bandido with a running moonsault, cover, two. Scurll able to hit a european uppercut and tag out. Flamita tagged in, double elbow on Gordon, Muta lock by Bandido and Flamita with a low dropkick, cover, two. Both Gordon and Scurll to the floor, Flamita goes up to the top rope with the help of Bandido, but he stumbles. He’s able to recover and hit a senton down on both opponents.

Back in the ring Villain Enterprises get back the momentum. Scurll with a fake out, low kick, Gordon with a kick, and Scurll with a superkick. Bandio then hits a springboard dropkick that sends both guys out. He then hits a fosbury flop on both guys. Back in the ring Flamita goes for a kick, Flip ducks under it, standing spanish fly hits. Flamita gets kicked in the face, powerbomb / sliced bread combo off the top rope, cover, two. Miscommunication as Scurll superkicks Gordon, Bandido gets dropped though by Scurll. Scurll and Gordon try for the power bomb / sliced bread combo again. Bandido fights it off, goes up top with Flip, moonsault press! Scurll instantly locked in the crossface chicken wing. Bandido able to roll out of it, Flamita with a springboard 450 splash. Bandido with a twisting GTS. Double superkicks to Scurll. 619 to Gordon as Bandido hits a big german suplex with the bridge on Scurll (!) for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Bandido and Flamita via Pinfall

Matt Taven vs. Vincent

Hot start to this one as Taven charges out and gets right to the action. Things spill out to the floor as the two brawl around the ring. Vincent sent out to the crowd, Taven with a dive over the barricade. They fight a bit out there and eventually make their way back in. Crowd very much behind Taven in this one. Kick to the back of the head, plants Vincent to the mat, cover, two. Taven with an inverted texas cloverleaf. Vince finally gets in some offense as he hits a cutter over the top rope and then drives Taven into the apron. Earlier in the match Taven ripped the pads on the floor away and paid for it be taking a hard suplex on the exposed concrete.

Vincent calls Taven a piece of trash, “this is what I wanted for 11 years.” He’s really working over Taven’s knee now. Vincent taunts the crowd and gets some solid boos as Taven is having a tough time getting up. He finally does and hits a superkick, but eats a pump kick. Taven with a big punch to Vincent’s face. Vincent gets sent to the floor and Taven lands a huge leap over the top rope on Vincent. Crowd into this one, very much in support of Taven. Vincent is put over the apron and Taven jumps off the top rope, splashing down on Vincent! Ow. Cover in the ring, two. Vincent drops Taven and hits red rum (senton off the top rope), cover, Taven kicks out and Vincent can’t believe it.

Taven able to reverse Vincent and throws a big knee to Vincent’s face. Taven hits the climax, but Vincent’s foot is under the rope, he hits another climax, cover, close three count. Taven goes under the ring and pulls out an ax. He goes to use it and Vincent runs up the ropes hitting a cutter on Taven, cover, 1-2-3! Crowd with some boos for the winner.

Winner: Vincent via Pinfall

– Post-match, Bateman comes out and attacks Taven from behind, hitting a piledriver. Vincent then grabs a wood block, puts it between Taven’s feet, grabs a chair, and whacks Taven’s ankle. Looks like Vincent may be forming a new group with Bateman as a member (had “V” on his hand).

Bully Ray vs. Mark Haskins with Vicky Haskins (Street Fight)

As Haskins makes his way to the ring, Bully runs down and throws a barbed wired board against Mark. Vicky then charges Bully and he throws it right at her, too! Security helps Vicky up, Bully tells them to get her out of here. He grabs a chair and wacks Haskins as the bell rings. He sends Haskins in the ring, elbow drop, digs his fingers into the wound that the barbed wire board caused. He brings in a portion of a barricade, release german suplex on the barricade by Bully. He’s had all the momentum so far in the match. He puts the barricade angled up on the corner. Haskins fights off Bully, but then gets planted to the mat. Referee checking on him, but Haskins doesn’t want to quit.

Haskins hits an enziguri, but gets dropped again. Bully gets a microphone, puts a chair in the ring and brings in a kendo stick. Bully asks Haskins if he saw what he did to Haskins’ wife and smacks him with a kendo. He makes fun of Haskins talking trash on social media about beating bullies, but he’s not standing now. He smacks Haskins some more and says he’s nothing more than a bottom feeding jobber. Haskins yanks the mic and says “hit me, p—-y! Then says “F— you!” Bully with some kendo stick shots, he looks for another move and Haskins reverses it, sending Bully’s face into the chair. Haskins drives the chair into Bully’s face and then whacks him over the back a bunch of times. He throws the chair into Bully’s face, pump kick hits.

Haskins brings a ladder out from under the ring. Then jams Bully’s hand on the chair, whacks him in the back, puts the chair around Bully’s arm, then traps the chair to the mat with the ladder. Bully is able get up though and shove the ladder down, landing on the metal barricade. Bully brings a table out and throws it into the ring. Bully grabs the barbed wire board, throws that into the ring, too. Table gets put up, then the barbed wire board is put on that. Bully climbs the ropes with Haskins, but ends up getting hit. Haskins goes up, ends up getting powerbombed down on the board and table, it doesn’t break fully, so Bully hits an elbow drop to finish the job, cover, two. Bully ends up hitting the referee with a clothesline. Another table is brought into the ring. Haskins has a bunch of cuts all over, Bully notices and then puts some of it on his face. He puts Haskins on the table, Bully heads to the second rope, Vicky runs out and hits Bully down low with a cheese grater. Mark is up and they send Bully down through the table. Haskins with a double stomp, cover, and we’re done here.

Winner: Mark Haskins via Pinfall

Alex Shelley vs. Colt Cabana

Both putting on a technical display for the first few minutes of the match. Cabana with a step-over pin attempt, doesn’t even get a chance for a one-count. Neither really getting too much of an advantage. Shelley gets a head of steam, Cabana just yells “stop!” and is able to get Shelley’s arm, lol. Both trying to get at each other’s ankles. Cabana with a superman pin, only two though. Shelley with a wristlock and goes right into a trap pin for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Alex Shelley via Pinfall

Maria Manic vs. Angelina Love

Manic runs to the ring and just destroys Love with a lariat. Streamers sent into the ring and they are going all over as Love gets sent into the corner, body slam, and driven into the corner again. Mandy tries to get involved by climbing the top rope, gets sent off by Manic. She throws Mandy and Angelina in the same corner, big splash.

Hip toss, then a big kick to the head. She hypes the crowd who give her a “Maneater!” chant. Manic with a sit-out powerbomb. Love hasn’t gotten any offense in this one. Mandy in the ring again with some hairspray and it gets kicked out of the ring. Mandy bails out of the ring, Love up top, leaps off, gets caught and takes a rough fallaway slam.

On the apron, Manic looks for a powerbomb, but Mandy pulls her down. Manic then chokes Mandy and hits a body slam on the floor. Manic goes back to Love, gorilla presses her down on the timekeeper’s table. Crowd is really enjoying Manic in this one. Manic strolls around the ring with a bottle of water and a Burberry scarf. Love is tossed back in the ring, torture rack locked in and Love taps out. Total domination, great in-ring debut for Manic.

Winner: Maria Manic via Submission

Shane Taylor (c) vs. Dragon Lee (ROH World TV Championship)

Lee looks for a handshake, Taylor spits on it. Taylor gets some of the early strikes. Taylor and Lee end up on the floor, Taylor chokeslams Lee on the apron. Taylor with a big chop to Lee. Taylor then drives his knee into Lee’s head, sending it into the barricade. Lee put on the apron, Taylor hits a leg drop over his back. Taylor talking some trash to Lee, telling him he’s not in NJPW anymore. Big chops to Lee’s chest. Taylor charges in, nobody home. Lee tries for a move, Taylor catches him, lands a forearm, runs at his opponent, Lee ducks under and Taylor spills out to the floor. Lee then hits a big suicide dive, taking out the champion. He gets back in the ring and hits a massive senton over the top rope.

Lee gets him back in the ring, slingshot single kick, running dropkick in the corner, cover, two. Lee with a big running knee to the face. Taylor laying on the apron and Lee hits a double stomp down on his opponent. Lee tries to throw punches with Taylor and that doesn’t end well for him. Taylor with a package piledriver, cover, two. Lee with a German suplex, but Taylor returns the favor. Taylor climbs the rope, Lee sweeps the leg, kick to the head and hits a double stomp, penalty kick, cover, two. Taylor with welcome to the land (piledriver), pin, two. Taylor brought out a chain and wrapped it around his fist. Referee tells him to ditch it. Lee hits a knee, canadian destroyer hits. Taylor’s hype man is yelling at the referee. Lee puts the chain around his knee and hits Taylor in the face with it, cover, one-count! Lee with a spinning suplex, cover, two! Lee with a running knee to the face, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Dragon Lee via pinfall to win the ROH World TV Championship

– PJ Black joins commentary and is thinking about mentoring someone from the ROH Dojo to form a tag team.

The Briscoes (c) vs. Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham (ROH World Tag Team Championship)
Gresham taking some big chops by Jay. Gresham picks the ankle, drags him to his corner and Lethal tags in. Lethal with a ton of boots to Jay. Bit of a stalemate between Lethal and Jay, both go to their corners to talk to their respective partners. Briscoes now working over Lethal, Mark with a front face lock. Action spills out to the floor with the Briscoes beating up the challengers. They’ve been out there awhile, but the Bricoes keep diving in and out of the ring to keep the referee from continuing his count.

Mark tries to fight off both guys in the ring, but end up getting his knee kicked by Lethal. Gresham and Lethal attempt the doomsday device, but that gets broken up. Briscoes sent outside, Lethal takes out one of them. Gresham wants to do the doomsday device again. Lethal heads up, but Mark breaks it up. Mark with a top rope cutter. The champs look for their finisher, Mark nails it! Lethal breaks it up though. Briscoes with some big kicks to Lethal, cover, two. Double shoulder tackle by the Briscoes.

Gresham in there now, kicks to his opponents, split-leg dropkick off the top rope on both opponents. Springboard moonsault on one guy, then suicide dive on the other. Lethal injection (with only one arm) hits, Gresham with a shooting star press, but it gets broken up! Gresham is back to work, works Mark’s knee. Jay and Lethal both able to tag in and trade shots in the middle of the ring. Lethal with some superkicks, looks for the figure-four, gets rolled up. Jay with the jay driller, slow to cover, finally does it, but Gresham yanks the referee out. Referee barks at Gresham, Mark takes out Gresham. Lethal clocks Jay with the tag title, cover, two! Lethal with a figure-four locked in. Mark drives Gresham down on the apron. Jay hasn’t tapped out yet. Froggy bow by Mark on Lethal to break up the submission. Doomsday device attempt by the Briscoes, Gresham breaks it up, Lethal with the roll up and grabs a handful of tights for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham via pinfall to win the ROH World Tag Team Titles

Rush (c) vs. PCO (“Friday the 13th Massacre” No DQ Match for the ROH World Championship)

Back and forth chops to get us started. Rush quickly getting a chair and smacks PCO with it. PCO gets sent into the barricade. Rush then grabs the camera cable and whips PCO a few times with it. Rush dominating early on as he continues the momentum back in the ring. Rush with a taunting kick to PCO’s face then does some “tranquillo.” Rush grabs a smaller ladder and brings it into the ring. He launches it at PCO. He then wedges it into the corner, but it doesn’t stay. He chases off the referee, then puts the ladder near the corner. He sends PCO into the ladder. Crowd is not a fan of Rush.

Rush charges in the ring, but PCO splashes Rush and sends him into that ladder. PCO with a pop-up powerbomb. Rush out to the floor and PCO hits a senton cannonball on the champ. He puts Rush on the apron, looks for the senton, but the pool was empty and he goes crashing down on the apron. Rush with a suplex, putting PCO on the timekeeper’s table. Rush and PCO working their way back to the stage, near a hearse that PCO drove to the arena. Rush spits on it and drives a barricade into PCO. He grabs more barricade pieces and piles them on each other. Rush grabs a bunch of chairs and throws that on the pile. Rush and PCO make their way up to the stage.

Rush then just throws PCO off the stage and down on the barricade. Lots of weirdness going on right now as Rush taunts the crowd, kind of awkwardly. PCO’s guy (Destro) is out and he takes forever to yank the grill off the car, he then electrocutes PCO to “wake him.” PCO drops Rush, then back body drops him on the hood of the car and plants him again on the hood. Rush makes his way up to the top of the hearse and then launches PCO off the hearse with an overhead belly-to-belly. PCO with a crowbar, swings, misses, hits the car window. Rush sends an equipment case into PCO’s face.

Rush walks back to the ring, PCO follows. Rush brings three doors out from under the ring. PCO in the ring and takes a snap dragon suplex. Rush up top, senton lands, cover, one-count. Two doors have been put in the corners. Rush takes the third one and snaps it in half over PCO’s head. PCO goes through the second door via an overhead release suplex. PCO actually catches Rush with a spear through the final door, cover, two. PCO heads up to the top rope, moonsault, cover, two.

Rush drops Destro with a punch and sends him into the barricade. Rush back in the ring, PCO with a chokeslam, he then puts Rush on the table in the ring. He goes up to the top for another moonsault for the victory.

Winner: PCO via pinfall to win the ROH World Championship


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