WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results – December 11, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results - December 11, 2018

Tonight’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge episode features the semis for both the Raw and SmackDown brands: The Miz & Asuka vs. R-Truth & Carmella, and Bayley & Apollo Crews (replacing Finn Balor) vs. Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal.

The two teams moving on will meet this Sunday at WWE TLC for the opportunity to get the 30th spot in the men and women’s royal rumble matches in January.

Bayley & Apollo Crews vs. Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox

Mahal and Crews get things going, but Fox and Bayley are in shortly after. Bayley drops Fox, she heads out to the floor and starts yelling at everyone, she wants her vacation. Fox finally gets back in the ring, Bayley with a drop toe hold, Fox gets back on her feet, lands a couple forearms. Bayley sent into the corner, Fox charges in, gets lifted up and dropped into the top turnbuckle. Fox tags in Mahal, who takes his time getting in the ring. Mahal goes for a kick, gets caught, but ends up sending Crews into the corner. Crews flips away from Mahal, avoids him again and hip tosses Mahal. Crews with a standing moonsault, lands on his feet, Mahal with a jumping knee, cover, two.

Mahal with some more knees as he wears down Crews. Fox yelling “vacation!” in the corner. Mahal with a clothesline as he continues to keep Crews grounded. Crews finally gets up and hits an enziguri, Bayley cheers on her partner, gets tagged in, lands a couple clotheslines. Bayley with a back elbow in the corner and a flurry of punches in the corner, side suplex, knee to the face.

Bayley continues the offense with a cutter on the ropes, bayley-to-belly hits, cover, Singh Brothers yanks Fox out of the ring. Crews off the steps to take out both brothers. Crews with a moonsault off the apron to drop them again. Bayley-to-belly on both brothers, but Mahal with a superkick on Crews on the floor. Bayley with a suicide dive on Mahal! Back in the ring, Fox hits a superkick, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox advance to the finals at this Sunday’s TLC.

– Backstage, Kayla Braxton talks with Mahal and Fox about if they thought this day would come. Mahal says he did because he visualized this every since the beginning. Mahal says he sees the brothers…and Fox…on the beach. Fox says the brothers aren’t coming and the only reason they are headed to the finals is because she’s the captain. Asuka barges in, says she will win, laughs, and heads out to the ring.

The Miz & Asuka vs. R-Truth & Carmella

Miz and Asuka argue about who will start the match. “I got it” Asuka says over and over. Miz wants a tag, they argue, she chops in the chest and that counts as a tag. Miz says she cost them their one loss, Truth with a roll-up, two. Shoulder block by Truth, he gives Miz a quick dance, hits a hurricanrana, and pops Miz right in the face. Miz recovers, fights back, Truth taunts him a bit, dodges a clothesline, hip toss, and knocks Miz out to the floor.

Carmella hops in the ring for a quick dance break. Carmella and Truth want a dance from Asuka, who dances a bit on the apron. Miz yells at her to get her head in the game and ends up getting sent into the ring. Truth with a bunch of pops in the corner, Miz shoves him off and kicks Truth in the face. Miz able to get back into the match for a moment, Truth with back suplex, Miz lands on his feet, DDT by Miz, cover, Carmella slides into the pin to break it up. Miz tries a moonwalk and Carmella can’t even bare to watch it.

Miz with some “it” kicks to Truth, misses the last one, roll-up by Truth, two-count. Both up quickly, Miz with a clothesline. Truth is able to drop Miz and slowly makes his way to tag out. Carmella with a couple clotheslines, sends Asuka’s face into her foot in the corner, Carmella with the bronco buster, nobody home. Asuka looks for a suplex, Carmella screams to put her down. Asuka does for a moment, then hits a jumping knee, low dropkick, pin, two. Carmella shoves Asuka back to Miz, which counts as a tag. Truth drops Miz with a kick, cover, Asuka stops that. Carmella in as she stomps away on the mat, tries for a superkick, Miz pulls Asuka in front of him. Truth distracts him, Carmella with a superkick on Miz, Truth drops Miz, cover, very close three.

Both Carmella and Truth gets sent out of the ring. Asuka finally sees Miz and is not happy, she’s starts yelling at him in Japanese. Miz says he didn’t pull her in front of the kick. She’s heated! Miz says they are a team and let’s get this thing done. Asuka looks to agree and then obliterates Miz with a bunch of punches and kicks, then just heads out to the back. Truth with an unprettier, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: R-Truth & Carmella via Pinfall advance to the finals at this Sunday’s TLC.

– It will be R-Truth & Carmella vs. Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox at WWE TLC. The winners get the 30th spot in the men and women’s royal rumble matches, along with a vacation.

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