Thursday, November 8, 2018

Impact Wrestling Results - November 8, 2018

Impact Wrestling Results - November 8, 2018
The show begins with an interview segment between Killer Kross and Johnny Impact. Killer Kross says that in the end, he'll be the man standing tall, while Johnny says that we'll see what Killer Kross is made out of.

The OGz (Hernandez and Homicide) vs. The Lucha Bros (Fenix and Pentagon Jr.)

Fenix and Hernandez start the match up, with Fenix being roughly pushed down a couple times before being hit with a headbutt. Fenix receives a stiff chop in the corner and is bounced off the ropes but he comes back with a kick to Hernandez. Fenix's attempts are deflected with a huge shoulder tackle to the outside of the ring. Pentagon Jr. and Homicide are already locked up on the outside and now the OGz are beating down the Lucha Bros. together. Pentagon receives a double shoulder tackle back inside the ring as the OGz do a little taunting. Pentagon goes to the outside. Homicide meets him on the stage ramp and beats him down with strikes. Back inside the ring, Hernandez delivers a devastating backbreaker to Fenix for a 2 count.

Homicide throws Pentagon back inside the ring and Hernandez delivers a senton drop on to him, followed by a chin lock. Hernandez tags in Homicide and they attempt a double team move on Pentagon Jr., however, he reverses with some hard kicks and tags in Fenix. Fenix comes in hot with a soaring headbutt of the top rope on to Homicide and a soaring headbutt off the middle rope to Hernandez. The crowd goes wild for the Lucha Bros. King tries to get involved with the match but Fenix retaliates, bouncing from rope to rope and performing a flying moonsault to the outside. It was a thing of beauty!

Hernandez responds by slingshotting himself off the ropes and diving on top of all 4 men outside the ring! Once back inside the ring, the OGz are teaming up and striking down Pentagon Jr. Pentagon gets irish whipped into the corner and is trapped on the mat with more hard blows. Homicide turns his attention to Fenix and he delivers multiple verticle suplexs. Hernandez delivers a sit-out powerbomb to Fenix and attempts a pin, only to be broken up by Pentagon Jr. The Lucha Bros work together and deliver forearms in the corner to the OGz, followed by a double superkick, and a double stomp to Homicide's groin area. Fenix and Pentagon Jr. with another double superkick on Hernandez and a combo crossbody for a close 2 count. The Lucha Bros get overpowered and Hernandez perches Pentagon on the top rope. As Homicide runs in to assist, he gets superkicked by Fenix in his effort and it allows Pentagon to perform the double stomp on Hernandez. Fenix with a GIGANTIC swanton bomb off the top rope on to Hernandez, followed by a double stomp by Pentagon Jr. They finish Hernandez off with a wheelbarrow, body-scissor slam that you have to see!

Winner: The Lucha Bros. (Fenix and Pentagon Jr.)

Back from commercial, we see LAX backstage celebrating with the Lucha Bros. on their victory.

And now we're ready for the debut of Ms. Jordynne Grace!

Jordynne Grace vs. Katarina Lee

"Jordynne's gonna kill you" chants echo through the crowd. The two women tie up and Jordynne quickly backs Lee in one corner and drags her to the other corner. Katarina reverses and gets some kicks on Jordynne as they're still in the corner. Jordynne is able to perch Katarina on the top turnbuckle and press slams her off the top rope. Lee gets a big kick to Grace's face and attempts a sunset flip, but can't get Jordynne down. Grace reverses Katarina and unsuccessfully attempts a pumphandle slam. She delivers multiple clubby blows to Katarina Lee but gets stopped with another kick. Katarina delivers a great spinning ddt from the 2nd rope but poses too long, ultimately getting stuck in the bear hug and tapping out.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Video segment airs of Brain Cage arriving in Ohio. He quickly overpowers the oVe and demands they tell him where Sami Callihan is.

Brian Cage stands in the Rockstar Pro ring and tells Sami Callihan that he will place the X-Division Title on the line right now, prompting Sami to finally show himself.

Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan (for the X-Division Championship)

Brian quickly overpowers Sami with multiple clotheslines in the corner. Cage attempts a powerbomb on Sami but is reversed and sent to the outside. He recieves boot after boot to the face, but eventually catches Callihan and powerbombs him on the outside. He tosses Sami in to the crowd and then slowly brings him back inside the ring. After a series of reversals between the two men, Brian gains advantage and goes for his signature move. The members of oVe rush in and this leads to a disqualification, followed by an all out brawl between Brian Cage and the members of oVe. Brian delivers multiple german suplexes, f-5's, slams, etc. and begins wiping out everyone! oVe is somehow able to best Brian Cage and Callihan pummels Brian's face with the title belt. They proceed to gang up with stomp after stomp on his back. The men each take turns delivering signature moves on a downed Brian Cage.

Winner by DQ: Brian Cage

Back from commercial, Taya Valkyrie talks about how Tessa Blanchard is a coward and how she always uses cheap tactics to get whatever she wants. Taya says she will get that Knockout's Title in any match Tessa wants!

Moose and Killer Kross are backstage claiming how they are brothers and how they will be victorious tonight. Killer Kross looks confident as ever.

Back from commercial, we see some of the video submissions for Scarlett Bordeaux's talent search and we see her seducing Bahh backstage. She promotes the show in Vegas next week.

Moose vs. Eddie Edwards

Eddie is starting the action off hot with a tope suicida to Moose on the outside, followed shortly thereafter by two more dives from Eddie to Moose. Edwards grabs a bucket of beer and pours it all over Moose's head. As he attempts to get back inside the ring, Moose hits a big dropkick on to Eddie and sends him back in to the barricade outside. Moose continues with stomp after stomp to a downed Edwards. Moose then slingshots Eddie in to the steel frame of the ring apron. Eddie tries to fight back with an audibly loud chop, however, Moose puts a beer bucket over Eddie's head and delivers a big boot. He finally gets Eddie Edwards in to the ring and the ref rings the bell at last!

Moose is in control and continues striking Eddie while he's down on the mat, eventually going for a vertical suplex to no avail. He gets reversed by Edwards and is on the receiving end of another vertical suplex. Eddie continues the heat by going to the top rope but he's dropkicked back down by Moose. Moose attempts a powerbomb on to the apron but receives a hurricanrana instead. Moose rushes after Edwards but gets hit with a snap belly to belly suplex on the outside mat. Moose attempts another big boot to Eddie but he gets his leg trapped on the ring post. Eddie takes advantage and pummels a trapped Moose with shot after shot. He throws Moose back inside the ring and delivers a chop. He follows up with a blue thunder bomb on Moose for a close 2 count. Eddie goes for a tiger suplex bomb but gets reversed and thrown in to the corner. Edwards regains control on Moose, who is perched up on the top rope. Moose does a top rope go to hell but Eddie Edwards is able to kick out at 2! Moose is calling for the Spear but Eddie hits him with a spear of his own and delivers the tiger driver for another close 2 count! Moose reverses a DDT and hits another go to hell as we go to commercial!

Back from commercial, Moose is striking a disoriented Edwards. Eddie tries fighting back with strikes of his own. They both look spent as they chop one another down! Moose regains control and rocks Eddie in to the turnbuckles. The chop battle continues until Edwards gets Moose in to the opposite corner. Back in the center of the ring, the men keep chopping for literally minutes! The men eventually hit one another with harder strikes and a stiff clothesline until they're both knocked out. Eddie is the first one up but just barely. He attempts a leg scissor takeover from the top rope but he's reversed and Moose sends him soaring until his back thumps across the hard stage! It looked so nasty and stiff!

Eddie's wife comes out to check on him but Moose demands that they finish their match. Eddie tries to regain control inside the ring but he gets hit with the no jackhammer needed spear for the 3 count.

Winner: Moose

Backstage, Allie and Kiera Hogan are discussing how to battle Su Yung. James Mitchell appears and says he's keeping an eye on his investment. He says that she has to keep her end of the bargain like he has kept his. He advises Allie to embrace the darkness. Kiera does her best to convince Allie to stay behind but Allie chooses Mitchell and Su Yung.

Back from commercial, Eli Drake and Joseph Park talk about how much Impact has changed over the years. Drake continues on about how there is a conspiracy against him, how the open challenge is retired, and how him and Joseph Park are filing a lawsuit against Impact Wrestling. Drake actually turns on Park and low blows him! He beats and attacks Park while he's down.

In an interview, Johnny Impact hypes up his match with Killer Kross. Johnny explains how he's a fighting champion and how this wasn't the way Kross should have went about asking for a title match. He promises some starship pain.

Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross (for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship)

The bell rings and Johnny takes control, attempting to lock in a cross armbreaker. Kross grabs the rope and turns Johnny in to an alabama slam. Kross puts Johnny in the corner and sits him up on the top rope. He attempts a back suplex from the top but Johnny uses some stiff elbow strikes to get him off. Moose tries distracting Johnny but the referee interrupts ad ejects Moose from ringside. "Nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey, goodbye" from the crowd. Kross re-enters the ring and delivers a forearm to Johnny's face. The two men exchange forerams and strikes in the center of the ring until Johnny climbs to the top rope, but he's cut off by Kross who swats him down to the outside area. Killer Kross sneaks outside and slams Johnny's face on the apron. They climb back inside the ring and Kross uses a dragon leg whip to get Impact grounded. Kross gets Johnny in the corner for some knees to the abdomen. Impact is able to reverse and he jumps to the top rope. Johnny gets caught by Kross and is slammed back down in to the mat. Kross attempts a vertical suplex but Johnny reverses and goes for a roll-up for a close 2 count. Johnny jumps back up and delivers a sharp shining wizard. Kross slowly gets back up and tries an alabama slam but Impact reverses and hits a picture-perfect piledriver. Close 2 count! Johnny uses a DDT for another 2 count.

Johnny hits his spinning neckbreaker for another close 2 count. Impact wants to keep up the pressure, attempting a spirngboard dive but being halted by Killer Kross. The battle carries out on to the stage outside. Killer Kross carries Johnny Impact all the way from the titantron on the stage to the ring in a crucifix position and tosses him to the ring mat. Close 2 count!

Kross ties up Johnny in the lion tamer but Johnny reches the bottom rope for a break. Killer Kross gets reversed and pinned, giving Johnny another 2 count. Impact slingshots Kross off the top rope and dropkicks him on the apron. Another shining wizard sets Kross hanging off the apron and allows Johnny to double stomp him to the outside. The two men are back inside the ring and Johnny dives off the top rope for the countdown to Impact elbow drop! Very close 2 count! Killer Kross seems limp in the ring but he was playing possum. Double gutwrench in to a powerbomb and Killer Kross is back in control! Kross goes for the choke but Johnny reverses with kick after kick. Kross is down and Johnny Impact sets up for starship pain, ultimately connecting and getting the 1-2-3!

Winner: Johnny Impact

Fade out!