WWE RAW Opener:

Tonight’s WWE RAW from Green Bay kicks off with the entire roster on the stage. Lilian Garcia is in the ring and she leads us to a ten-bell salute for Memorial Day. We cut to an opening video for Memorial Day.

– We’re live from the Resch Center with Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and JBL. Shane McMahon’s music hits and out he comes to the ring. Shane hits the ring and Stephanie McMahon’s music hits. She comes out and joins him.

Stephanie says she knew Shane wasn’t going to start withou there. She welcomes everyone to Raw. Shane tells Stephanie to keep it quiet and he welcomes everyone, but adds the Foley touch to the welcome. Shane says the New Era has changed the landscape. Shane mentions July 19th and how Smackdown will be going live every week. It means better shows, better match ups and better opportunities. Stephanie says that is Smackdown, but they are on Raw. Stephanie mentions that John Cena is coming back.

The New Day interrupt and make their way to the ring.

Xavier says that when they heard Smackdown was going live, they let out a collective WOW. Kofi says when they heard that announcement, it stirred up a lot of emotions. Big E says he was excited of bringing the Power of Positivity to Raw and Smackdown… live. Xavier says as excited as they were, it led to paranoia. Kofi says that they saw a lot of statements about Smackdown going live and we see clips.

Big E says question after question has been asked about Brand Extension. Shane mentions that there will be unique superstars for Raw and Smackdown. Kofi says he could count on Shane for a good answer, because of the quality of his shoes. Shane shuffles because he can. Kofi says The New Day is all about that New Era. Kofi says he is New Era through and through. Big E points out Kofi has been here for a decade. Xavier says Kofi was his favorite in middle school. Kofi says everyone wants to know where is the New Day going. Stephanie says they haven’t officially made any of those decisions. You will know in due time. Kofi says that Stephanie dodged a question. The New Day play metaphorical dodgeball. Xavier says you cannot think about breaking up the New Day becuase they are your WWE World Tag Team Champions.

Shane says nothing is not on the table. Big E wants someone to hold the door. He asks if there is a chance you can break up the New Day? Xavier calls Shane and Stephanie monsters and tells them to think about the kids and Francesca 2. She comes from a broken home and deserves all three daddies. Stephanie says nothing has been officially decided yet. Big E wants to know who will run Smackdown. Stephanie says they haven’t figured that one out either. It is a work in progress. Shane says everything will be extremely well thought out. Big E says he smells some sibling rivalry and then he stirs the pot. If they could not agree, they would do a… DANCE CHALLENGE. Stephanie says that is ridiculous and she won’t do it. Shane says he is in.

Stephanie laughs at Shane’s ‘dancing’ ‘skills’. hey call Stephanie to dance next and she accepts. Stephanie says if we want to see some real dancing, here it goes. The lights go out and here come The Vaudevillains to interrupt before Stephanie can bust a move.

The Vaudevillains vs. The New Day

Simon Gotch and Aiden English head to the ring for a non-title match as we go to the announcers. We go to commercial.

The match is joined in progress and Kofi with a forearm and then English with an Irish whip and monkey flip but Kofi lands on his feet. Kofi wtih a monkey flip of his own. Big E and Kofi alternate kicking English in the corner and then Kofi is Irish Whipped into a drop kick. Kofi takes care of Gotch but English runs into an elbow. Gotch grabs Kofi’s foot and English with a kick. English punches Kofi and then he kicks Kofi in the corner. Gotch tags in and gets a near fall and then applies a front face lock. Gotch with a European uppercut and English tags in.

English with a jab and he gets a near fall. English rakes at the face and then connects with a knee to the back and he gets a near fall. Gotch tags in and kicks Kofi in the ribs. Gotch with a diving head butt and he gets a near fall. Gotch with punches but he holds on to the leg to keep Kofi from making the tag. Kofi lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt. Gotch keeps Kofi from getting to his corner and then Gotch clotheslines Kofi over the top rope to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Kofi with elbows. We see footage from the commerical break when English hit a super kick as Kofi leapt off the ring steps. Kofi and Gotch are down in the ring and both try to make the tags. Big E and Aiden come in and Big E with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex or two. Big E with a shoulder in the corner followed by a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E with the Warrior Splash and he waits for English to get up.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attack Xavier Woods and then Kofi Kingston. The referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, Aiden English and Simon Gotch attack Big E until Anderson and Gallows get in the ring and they leave. Anderson and Gallow hit the Magic Killer on Big E and poses in the ring. Back to commercial.

– We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows getting involved in the opening match.


Karl and Luke are walking in the back and Renee Young wants to know what that was about. Karl says they were showing how much damage they can inflict without AJ Styles by their side. Luke says their way is putting the New Day and everyone else in the tag team division they are here. Karl says they are just getting started.

– We take a look at last week’s interview with Apollo Crews when he was attacked by Sheamus before his match with Chris Jericho.


Apollo Crews is doing push ups in the locker room and Big Show appears and Crews asks if he has a problem with the New Era. Show’s been through all the eras but he’s not here to fight. They joke around and Show says he likes Crews because he has potential and grit. Show says Sheamus is in panic mode and doesn’t want anything to change because the new era is a threat to him. Show calls Sheamus a bully and says he picked on Crews because he thought he would back down. Show asks Crews if he is going to back down and then walks off.

– We go to the ring and out comes Goldust with a mic to introduce The Golden Truth. R-Truth is out rapping a new Golden Truth remix. They hit the ring and join the announcers on commentary. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and they air a Kane promo to hype the new Warcraft movie

The Usos vs. Tyler Breeze and Fandango

We go to the ring and out come The Usos. Golden Truth is still on commentary. Tyler Breeze and Fandango are out next with their own entrance as Breezango.

Breeze goes after Jimmy but misses. Jimmy with uppercuts to Breeze and Fandango. Jey tags in and hits a splash but he misses the running butt splash. Breeze with a kick and Fandango tags in and gets a near fall. Fandango with jabs and then Fandango looks at Truth and Goldust. Jey wtih an enzuigiri and both men are down. Jimmy super kicks Breeze when Tyler tries to pull him off the apron. Jey with a crucifix bomb on Breeze for the three count.

Winners: The Usos

After the match, Fandango and Breeze turn their attention to Goldust and Truth. Fandango pie faces Goldust and Truth punches Fandango. Truth Irish whips Breeze into a power slam from Goldust.

– Michael Cole brings up Extreme Rules when Seth Rollins returned from injury.

– We get hype for Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns at Money In the Bank. Reigns will be here to speak tonight. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

Back from the break and out comes WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns to a mixed reaction.

Reigns hits the ring and the heat is louder. JBL calls him a polarizing figure. Reigns says Seth Rollins has called himself the man since he sold out and ended The Shield. Reigns wonders how he can call himself the man when he keeps running from the guy. Reigns does his “…I am the guy” line and calls Rollins to the ring.

The music hits and out comes Rollins to a pop. He stops on the stage and Reigns motions for him to come on. Rollins is wearing tights and takes his time. Rollins acts like he’s going to hit the ring but he stops and walks back up the ramp as fans boo. Rollins takes a mic at the top of the stage as Reigns looks on. Rollins keeps acting like he’s going to talk but doesn’t. Some fans boo him. Rollins finally tosses the mic without speaking and heads back to the ring. He stops again, laughs at Reigns and heads up the ramp again. He stops again, runs back to the ring but stops right at ringside to taunt some more. Reigns looks on unimpressed. Rollins walks back up the ramp and picks the mic up. Rollins goes to speak but throws the mic down and walks to the back without speaking. Reigns’ music hits and he mouths to the camera while holding the title. Rollins suddenly runs back down but stops at ringside again. He laughs at Reigns and heads up the ramp again. Rollins says we do things his way around here. Reigns raises the title in the air.

– Still to come, John Cena returns. Also, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio. Back to commercial.

– They air a promo to announce Bill Goldberg for the WWE 2K17 video game.

– Back from the break and Cole leads us to a trailer for Warcraft.

Zack Ryder vs. Rusev

Lana is in the ring with a mic. She introduces her American hero, WWE United States Champion Rusev. Zack Ryder is out next for this non-title match. We get a promo from Ryder earlier in the day. The bell rings and he goes to work on Rusev but gets dropped with a knee. Rusev with a suplex and another.

Rusev keeps control and hits a splash in the corner. Fans chant USA but Rusev hits a big clothesline to boos. Rusev with a headlock now. Fans do dueling chants for Ryder as he fights to his feet. Rusev with another knee. Rusev charges in the corner but Ryder gets his knees up. Ryder with a missile dropkick and forearms in the corner. Ryder nails the Broski Boot and another boot to the face for a 1 count.

Rusev blocks the Rough Ryder and sends him to the mat. Rusev applies The Accolade for the win.

Winner: Rusev

After the match, Rusev takes the mic and starts talking about entitled Americans. He says he is what America should be all about, he’s a true American hero. Titus O’Neil’s music hits and out he comes with a mic. Titus knocks Rusev for having the nerve to call himself a hero on Memorial Day. Titus enters the ring and has words with Rusev before knocking him in the face with a big shot out of nowhere. Titus challenges Rusev to come back in fight but they just yell at each other. Titus says he’s representing the USA and the chants start again. Titus’ music hits as he stands tall in the ring and Rusev makes his exit.

– Still to come, a look at the Flair family drama. Back to commercial.

– We are back with Primo and Epico talking about the beaches of Puerto Rico. Epico says that they invite everyone to come to Puerto Rico.

– We take a look back at Charlotte Flair turning her back on her father and we get comments from many Superstars.

Earlier Today:

We see footage of Charlotte being confronted by Stephanie McMahon in the back. She asks Charlotte if she is proud of what she did. Stephanie says she is embarrassed that she is the Women’s Champion and representing the women of WWE. She calls Charlotte a selfish brat. She tells Charlotte to step back and shut her mouth. She is not a champion, she is a waste of talent. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

Back from the break, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady make their way to the ring and they do their usual introduction. Enzo tells Cass they are in Green Bay and Enzo does a few laps around Colin. He says it is only right they keep it G like a Packers helmet. He tells the Dudleys, the bubble gum boys that they can come out Extra. He vows that they will take care of the Dudleys. Colin says she is serving a size sixteen sandwich with all of the fixings. Enzo asks what type of cheese and Colin goes through a variety of cheeses. Enzo tells the Dudleys they have a problem they cannot solve. Colin has a word to describe the Dudleys and he spells it out.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Dudley Boyz

The pyro goes off and out comes Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley.

Bubba and Colin start things off and they lock up. Bubba pushes Colin and he mocks Colin. They lock up again and D-Von tags in and he punches Colin. D-Von with chops and punches. Colin with a clothesline and slam to Bubba. Enzo tags in and is thrown into D-Von and then Bubba. Colin with a boot to Bubba and Enzo does something around the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back and D-Von works on the neck. Enzo with punches but D-Von with a jumping back elbow for a near fall. D-Von with a slam and Bubba tags in and hits a few elbow drops for a near fall. Enzo kicks Bubba but Bubba keeps Enzo from making the tag. Enzo tries for a sunset flip but Bubba does not go over. Enzo moves when Bubba drops down. D-Von stops Enzo from making the tag. D-Von with a suplex for a near fall. D-Von with a chin lock and punch.

Bubba tags in and he jabs Enzo. Enzo with a drop kick and both men are down. Colin and D-Von tag in and Colin with punches and a Stinger Splash. Colin with a slam and leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Colin with a punch to Bubba. D-Von with a forearm and Bubba tags in and they hit a neck breaker and belly-to-back suplex combination for a near fall. Bubba goes upt op and Enzo distracts Bubba long enough for Colin to press slam Bubba. Colin with a boot to D-Von followed by a Rocket Launcher for the three count.

Winners: Enzo Amore and Big Cass


Sami Zayn reminds Cesaro and Dean Ambrose they are a team tonight. He says that Kevin Owens cannot be trusted. Dean says Kevin cannot be trusted because he is Canadian. Cesaro points out what Del Rio has done and he is capable of anything. Dean says that Cesaro is always right and asks if it is a Swiss thing. Sami reminds Dean that he is Canadian. Dean says that explains so much. We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

Back from a break and out comes John Cena to a loud reaction. There are some boos and some “welcome back” chants.

A serious Cena cuts a quick promo for Memorial Day and the “USA” chants start up. Cena goes on about freedom and liberty, then declares he is back on Monday Night RAW. Cena is fired up now. He says the question now is if he still belongs here. Cena says a New Era has arrived in his absence, which means new names and faces who are thinking Cena’s best days are behind him. Cena says he will not just roll over and go away, he will not go quietly in the night. Cena says if the future is upon us, then they must go through him. Cena tosses the mic. AJ Styles’ music hits and out he comes to a pop.

Styles hits the ring and fans are riled up as they start dueling chants. Styles and Cena take it in and look around. This goes on for several minutes. Styles finally speaks and says he has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Cena says it sounds like everyone else has been too. Styles doesn’t understand why Cena gets a bad rep. Styles talks about what Cena does for the company and outside of the ring. He knows they have been in two different worlds but here they are. Styles says he respects Cena’s hard work and he’s sure the rest of the locker room does too. Styles just wanted to be one of the first to come out and welcome Cena back. He extends his hand but Cena just stares at him. Cena finally shakes and the music interrupts. Out come Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Gallows and Anderson accuse AJ of kissing up to Cena. Anderson says they’re not here to kiss ass, they’re here to kick it, including AJ’s. They drop the mics and go to enter the ring. Styles gets ready to fight and Cena joins him. Cena tosses his t-shirt and turns around to a right hand from AJ. Gallows and Anderson hit the ring for the triple team on Cena. Anderson sends Cena into a big boot from Gallows. The beatdown continues on Cena as some fans boo.

The Club stands tall over Cena and “too sweet” each other. Styles, Gallows and Anderson leave together while Cena is still down on the mat. Styles rushes back into the ring and beats on Cena as Gallows and Anderson encourage him. Fans boo as The Club leaves the ring again. Styles runs back to the ring and unloads on Cena with more rights. Styles plays to the crowd as they boo him. He joins Gallows and Anderson on the ramp and they leave talking trash. We see referees running to the ring to check on Cena. AJ runs down the ramp and back into the ring for more sots on Cena. Gallows and Anderson pull him off and they laugh at Cena before leaving. Styles yells about doing everyone a favor as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get replays of what just happened. Cole says Cena is being tended to in the back.

Natalya vs. Dana Brooke

Natalya waits in the ring as Dana Brooke makes her way out to the stage. WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte makes her way out next and they head to the ring.

Natalya beats Dana into the corner and unloads. Natalya with a suplex. The referee has to pull Natalya off Brooke, leading to Dana turning it around. Dana distracts the referee, allowing Charlotte to slap Natalya. Dana with a 2 count and words with the referee. Natalya comes back and hits a clothesline out of the corner. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Charlotte jumps on the apron. Natalya knocks her off and Dana takes advantage, hitting the Michinoku Driver for the win.

Winner: Dana Brooke

After the match, Charlotte comes in and they double team Natalya as fans chant for Sasha Banks and boo. Becky Lynch’s music hits and out she comes. Dana and Charlotte retreat into the crowd and talk trash.


JoJo is in the interview area with Dolph Ziggler and we look at what happened at Extreme Rules. JoJo asks Dolph about his challenge to Baron Corbin. Dolph says the Lone Wolf had to hit him below the belt to win. Dolph says he gets to show everyone what he has learned since age 5. Dean Malenko was the man of 1000 Holds and you can watch Chris Jericho list off his 1,004 holds. Baron Corbin does not know about Dolph’s 1,005 holds. Dolph says he wants the world to see what he can do. He says he will steal the show. We go to commercial.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

Back from the break and Baron Corbin waits as Dolph Ziggler makes his way out. Ziggler puts his headgear on and mouthpiece in. He looks like he’s about to lock up but he kicks Corbin below the belt instead. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Baron Corbin

After the match, Ziggler takes the mic and says he’s been disqualified but the loser is still Corbin. His music hits as we get a replay and come back to Corbin selling the low blow.

– Still to come, the six-man main event. Back to commercial.


We are back and Maryse introduces her husband and your Intercontinental Champion The Miz. Miz is getting ready for the start of filming of Marine 5. He says that is what a champion needs to be. Always in demand. Don’t worry because his baby is right here with him. Every day that he has his baby is another day he has successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship. MIz says he needs some rest because tomorrow is the first day of shooting. We will hear from him each and every week he is out here filming.


Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and Alberto Del Rio argue over who should start the match. Chris says this is not the ideal situation. Chris says he does not like Alberto and he has had issues with his family. Kevin says he has no problems with Chris because Chris called him a donkey while he called Chris a goat. Alberto tells them to follow him. Chris reminds Alberto of who invented Money in the Bank. He knows what he is talking about. He knows there are tensions between them, but tonight, they need to make sure Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Dean Ambrose don’t even make it to Money in the Bank. Chris tells Kevin to watch it and Kevin wants to know what ‘it’ is. Back to commercial.

– We are back and Becky Lynch will face Charlotte on Smackdown.

– Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and AJ Styles will also be on Smackdown.

Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio, and Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Dean Ambrose

Cesaro and Del Rio start and Alberto with a kick and suplex. Cesaro with a Euroepan uppercut followed by Irish whips and European uppercuts two times. Cesaro with a European uppercut to Owens followed by a drop kick to Jericho. Cesaro with a cannonball to Owens and a drop kick to Jericho. Cesaro tries for the giant swing but Del Rio gets to the ropes. Del Rio wtih a kick and he sends Cesaro to the floor. Owens with punches and Jericho send Cesaro into the announce table. Del Rio sends Cesaro back into the ring and he hits a double sledge for a near fall.

Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker to Cesaro and then he kicks Cesaro in the corner and Jericho tags in and chops Cesaro. Del Rio and Owens attack Cesaro while Jericho deals with the referee. Cesaro with European uppercuts but Jericho wtih a drop kick. Jericho kicks Cesaro in the ribs. Jericho punches Cesaro. Owens tags in and kicks Cesaro. Owens with punches and kicks. Del Rio tags in and he sends Cesaro into the corner and hits a step up enzuigiri for a near fall.

Del Rio with a front face lock and Cesaro blocks a suplex and hits a dead lift suplex and both men are down. Zayn tags in and he knocks Owens off the apron and clotheslines Del Rio and hits a drop kick followed by punches. Zayn knocks Jericho off the apron and Zayn with a double jump cross body for a near fall. Zayn misses the Helluva Kick when Owens pulled Del Rio out of the ring. Del Rio and Owens argue. Jericho hits Zayn from behind and Ambrose attacks Jericho. Zayn with a flip dive onto the arguing trio and we go to commercial.

We are bacjk and Owens with a head lock on Zayn because he is the Headlock Master. Owens drops Zayn on the top rope and hits a back senton for a near fall. Owens wtih a kick to the back. Del Rio tags in and he kicks Zayn in the chest. Del Rio puts Zayn on the turnbuckles and in the tree of woe. Del Rio kicks Zayn in the chest and then he punches Zayn. Del Rio with a boot to the back. Zayn punches Del Rio but Del Rio with a shot to the knee. Jericho tags in and kicks Zayn in the leg.

Jericho chokes Zayn in the ropes. Jericho with a punch to Zayn and then Jericho goes for a splash against the ropes but Zayn moves. Jericho holds his knee and Jericho keeps Zayn from making the tag by kicking Zayn in the head and punching him. Jericho chops Zayn. Zayn with forearms but Jericho with a punch. Zayn with an Irish whip but Jericho with a boot and Zayn with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Ambrose tags in and he connects with running forearms and a cross body. Ambrose takes care of Del Rio and Owens on the apron. Ambrose with a forearm and bulldog for a near fall.

Ambrose with chops and he puts Jericho on the turnbuckles. Jericho escapes a double underhook DDT and Jericho with an enzuigiri. Ambrose gets his knees up on a Lionsault attempt. Dean clotheslines Jericho over the top rope and Ambrose hits a suicide dive onto Jericho. Ambrose sends Jericho into the ring and then Owens is sent into the ringside barrier. Ambrose drops Jericho on the top rope when Jericho goes for a springboard drop kick. Ambrose with an elbow drop. Ambrose blocks a Codebreaker but Ambrose bounces into the ropes for the WackyLine but Jericho with a Codebreaker. Owens tags in but Ambrose kicks out. Jericho argues with Owens and then Cesaro puts Jericho in the giant swing. Del Rio with a lungblower. Zayn with a Helluva Kick. Owens goes for a Pop Up Power Bomb but Zayn leaps over Owens. Ambrose with a double underhook DDT on Owens for the three count.

Winners: Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro

We go to credits.

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