NXT 2.0 Results (8/9)

NXT 2.0 Results (8/9)

NXT 2.0 Results (8/9) – Tonight’s WWE NXT 2.0 episode opens up on the USA Network with a look back at how Katana Chance and Kayden Carter captured the vacant NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles last week.

Trick Williams and NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes are backstage now, hyping tonight’s show. Trick has some words for Wes Lee ahead of their Rounds Match. Lee also speaks from backstage. We also get comments from Nikkita Lyons, Zoey Stark and Tony D’Angelo on their matches and segments planned for tonight. Tony D is outside somewhere waiting for his “final accord” with Santos Escobar. We’re now live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as Vic Joseph welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett.

Nikkita Lyons vs. Kiana James

We go right to the ring and out first comes Kiana James. Out next comes Nikkita Lyons as we see a backstage segment with Lyons and her partner for the tournament to crown new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Zoey Stark.

They lock up and go to a clean break. Lyons with a shoulder tackle. Lyons blocks a kick but James with an elbow. Lyons blocks a suplex and James works on the arm. Lyons with a shoulder tackle. Lyons misses a boot in the corner and James wraps the leg in the ropes and James with a boot to the knee. James with a kick to the hamstring and she hyper-extends the leg. James slams Lyons’ leg into the apron. Lyons kicks James away and sends James into the apron but misses a kick and Lyons hits the ring steps. James gets a near fall.

James with a step over toe hold. Lyons with an elbow and kicks to James. Lyons with round kicks to the chest and a German suplex. Lyons with a running back senton into the corner for a near fall. Lyons kicks the ropes when James is nowhere near the kick. Lyons with a spinning heel kick followed by the split legged leg drop for the three count.

Winner: Nikkita Lyons

After the match, James attacks Lyons from behind and hits her with her laptop case.

— We see Diamond Mine watching some film with Apollo Crews. Julius thanks Crews for pointing out things they haven’t seen. Roderick Strong shows up and wants to know what is going on. Strong wants to know why Apollo is in the room. Julius says Strong was supposed to be there and he did not show up. Strong says he was never going to be there and it was a test to see if they could win on their own. Julius says they don’t screw over each other. Crews agrees with Julius and says that it was a bit shady. He suggests showing the tape from two weeks ago. Strong says he will beat the piss out of Crews tonight and they can watch the tape next week. Strong says Crews’ two new friends won’t be in Apollo’s corner.

— We get a graphic on the rules for tonight’s Rounds Match – six 3-minute rounds; 20-second breaks between each round; falls can be won by pinfall, submission or count out; once a fall occurs the round ends; first Superstar to win two falls will be declared the winner; in the event of a disqualification or knockout, the match is instantly over.

We go to commercial.

— Back from the break and Lash Legend is backstage on the phone with one of her girlfriends, asking where the friend is at because they have reservations for somewhere. Legend hangs up and Malik Blade appears. Lash asks where Edris Enofe is at and says nevermind because she doesn’t like Enofe getting between she and Blade. Legend goes on ranting about last week’s loss to Alba Fyre as the segment ends with Blade trying to listen to her rambling. We go back to the ring and out comes Trick Williams with NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes. They’re both wearing boxing gloves and sparring around a bit on the way to the ring. Alicia Taylor goes over the rules for this match and then does formal ring introductions.

Rounds Match: Wes Lee vs. Trick Williams

We get a Tale of The Tape for this bout. The bell rings and Trick connects with several jabs. Trick is showing off and shuffling around, keeping Lee back with jabs. Lee ducks a few punches and fights back but Trick goes to the corner and checks with his corner man. Strong vs. Crews is official for later tonight. Lee continues to dodge punches but connects with body shots. Trick tackles him and mounts him with punches but Lee turns it around on the mat with punches of his own. They get back up and trade more punches.

Fans chant “Trick sucks!” as the slow-paced contest continues. Trick with a big knee to the gut to send Lee into the ropes, then more body shots. Trick unloads with shots to the ribs in the corner as the referee backs him off. Lee rocks Trick in the face a few times out of the corner. Trick fights back out of the corner but Lee jabs him in the face a few times, then connects with more body blows as we hit the 10 second mark. Lee unloads in the corner now and drops Trick right as the timer hits 0. Trick is saved by the bell. Hayes enters the ring to check on Trick and hype him up on the short break.

Hayes removes Trick’s gloves and Lee tosses his. The bell rings and Lee attacks, catapulting Trick out of the corner. Lee unloads with offense and clotheslines Trick over the top rope to the floor. Lee launches himself over the top rope, taking Trick down at ringside at Hayes’ feet. Lee brings it back in but Hayes grabs his leg while the referee isn’t looking.

Lee kicks Hayes away but Trick takes advantage and levels him with a big right hand for the pin. The match is now at 1-0, Trick. Trick stands tall and yells at Lee as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Trick appears to be dominating during the break, using the middle rope to choke Lee as the referee warns him. Lee fights back and drops Trick for a single-leg Crab, but Trick gets to the bottom rope. It looks like Hayes is loading up Trick’s boxing glove with some sort of foreign object. There was also no fall in the last round as we are still at 1-0. The bell rings for Round 4 now as they go at it. Trick has on one boxing glove, Lee has none. Trick with a big right hand into the corner. Lee ducks big punches and drops Trick into a Crucifix pin for the pin.

We’re now tied 1-1. Trick drops Lee with a huge cheap shot right after the bell hit. The bell for Round 5 now hits and Trick leaps across the ring, taking Lee down for a close 2 count. Trick works Lee over and stomps away to keep him down. The referee warns Trick about grabbing Lee’s hair. Trick with another big punch to the jaw but Lee kicks out at 2. Trick with a vertical suplex, and another, and another. Lee kicks out at 2.

Lee with another slam for a 2 count, and another quick pin attempt right after that one. Hayes yells at Lee as Trick wastes time and shows off. Fans rally for Lee now. Trick gets hung up on the top rope as Lee moves. Lee rocks Trick and nails a flying kick. Lee with lefts and rights against the ropes with 40 seconds left in Round 5. Lee with another big takedown as he yells out for the crowd. Lee puts on one boxing glove and drops Trick with a big punch to the face. Lee covers for the pin to win the contest 1-2.

Winner: Wes Lee

After the match, Lee stands tall as Hayes shows disappointment at ringside. The referee checks on Trick and signals the end as Lee stands tall.

– Andre Chase is backstage in his Chase University office, promising he will get things settled with Arianna Grace, who is upset over what has happened to her face. Thea Hail walks in. She says she was playing catch with Bodhi Hayward but the ball got away and hit Grace in the face. Grace says Hail ruined her perfect face. Grace says she’s a former beauty pageant queen but she can’t wear her crown looking like this, she can’t even go in public. Chase says he will help her out as these two ladies will settle their differences in the ring tonight. Hail is excited about her first match here on NXT 2.0. Grace wanted a lawsuit. Chase is furious at the idea of a lawsuit, saying Chase U settles our differences in the ring. Grace says Chase can’t do that and he says he can because this happened on school grounds. Grace storms off. Hail is very excited as she thanks Chase and aggressively shakes his hand. Hail leaves.

– Still to come, a look at JD McDonagh vs. Bron Breakker. Back to commercial.

— We are back and Carmelo Hayes is in the ring. He says he is upset. They were supposed to have an hour long Trick and Melobration but Wes decided he had to cheat. He says he has some time to kill. Let’s talk about what happened last week. I made an open challenge and that peon Nathan Frazer thought he would pull a fast one on him.

Just like everyone else, he stepped up and got stepped on. Carmelo says he stayed THE A Champion.

Nathan Frazer’s music plays but Giovanni Vinci is in the ring behind Hayes. Vinci says that Hayes is trying to make his title the most impressive, but your reign flashed before your eyes when my music played. You got lucky when Frazer ran past me. I will deal with Frazer. Vinci removes his jacket. Vinci tells Hayes to open up that challenge for next week. Vinci speaks in Italian. He says all he sees is a guy, not the A Champ.

Hayes says Vinci says that Nathan saved him from Vinci, but he is wrong because Frazer saved Vinci from him. Vinci is not him because Hayes says he is. We can put it in the pot at Heatwave. I can put you on a t-shirt at Heatwave.

Vinci smiles at Hayes. Hayes tosses the mic at Vinci. Vinci catches it and tosses it back. Vinci charges but Hayes ducks. They tangle and briefly go at it now but they’re countering each other. Officials rush the ring and keep them separated as they yell at each other.

— We have a video package for JD McDonagh and Bron Breakker.

JD says the winds of change are blowing for NXT 2.0. You will find out soon enough. Everyone will find out that you never bet against an Ace. Bron, your future changed forever at the Great American Bash. A necessary evil has arrived in NXT.

Bron says that JD is a surgeon in the ring. You wanted my attention, you got it. He says the title drives everyone. JD is driven by pain.

JD says Bron trains like a caveman to prove that he is the Alpha Male. I train apart from everyone. The solitude and isolation is when I am the most lethal.

Bron says we will find out how much JD likes feeling pain.

JD says he will pull Bron past his thresholds.

Bron says he does not care about the pain. His game is speed, power, and aggression.

JD says Bron learns once and for all, you never bet against an Ace.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and Lash Legend is still talking and Malik is praying for someone to show up and Edris Enofe shows up and Malik looks happy. Lash tells Edris the same thing she told Malik.

Thea Hail vs. Arianna Grace

Hail with arm drags and a single leg take down. Grace hot shots Hail into the turnbuckles and then sends her into the turnbuckles again. Grace with a hip lock take down and she rubs Hail’s face in the mat. Grace with punches to Hail. Grace gets a near fall. Hail with a kick to the head. Grace with an arm bar. Grace turns it into a seated abdominal stretch. Hail gets Grace on her back and Hail falls back to the mat. Hail blocks a punch and hits a flying clothesline and running forearms. Hail with a splash into the corner.

Hail with another splash into the corner. Hail with a drop kick. Hail with a running swinging neck breaker. Hail with a kick and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Grace misses a punch and Hail hits Grace but Grace gets the referee to hold Hail back. Grace with a kick and Wasteland for the three count.

Winner: Arianna Grace

— We see Apollo Crews walking in the back.

— Time for a dream sequence of what he is going to do to Roderick.

We go to commercial.

— We take a look back at the Falls Count Anywhere Match from last week between Von Wagner and Solo Sikoa.

— We see Solo being told he has a sprained PCL. He is told he will be out for 4 to 6 weeks. Solo says he cannot sit out that long. Cameron Grimes shows up and he tells Solo it was a big victory last week. Solo thanks Cameron for saying that because Grimes is respected in the back. Solo says he will be watching Vinci and Hayes because he will be working for that title for people like Grimes. Grimes is not as happy and he leaves the room.

Roderick Strong vs. Apollo Crews

They lock up and Strong with a side head lock take down. Strong with a waist lock and Crews with a standing switch and take down. Crews with a front face lock. Strong with a wrist lock into a side head lock take down. Crews with a head scissors. Strong is able to escape and he slaps Crews in the back of the head. Strong goes into the ropes to avoid Crews. They lock up and Crews with a wrist lock and elbow to the arm. Crews slaps Strong in the head. Strong pushes Crews and Crews pushes back. Strong with a wrist lock.

They lock up and Strong with a take down and a double wrist lock. Crews with an arm drag take down and a drop kick. Crews with a chop but Strong with a punch. Crews with another chop. Crews goes for a suplex and Strong lands on his feet and connects with a forearm to the back. Strong with a back breaker. Strong with a chop and Crews fires back. Strong with forearms and chops. Strong with a back breaker. Strong with forearms and he runs into boots from Crews. Crews comes off the turnbuckles but Strong with a drop kick.

Crews goes to the apron and Strong tries to suplex him back into the ring but Crews gets Strong on the apron. Strong goes for a back drop driver onto the apron but Crews blocks it. Crews gets Strong on his shoulders and Strong goes for the German suplex off the apron. Strong pulls Crews off the apron and both men with clotheslines and both men are down.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Strong with a rear chin lock and he has the leg trapped. Strong with a kick to the back. Crews with a suplex and he goes up top. Strong crotches Crews on the turnbuckles and Strong with a kick to the chest. Strong gets a near fall. Strong with a seated abdominal stretch. Crews with punches and Strong with a kick. Strong misses a charge into the corner and Crews with a back elbow and clotheslines. Crews with a corkscrew back elbow and a splash into the corner. Crews goes to the turnbuckles and hits a blockbuster for a near fall. Crews with a German suplex and he holds on for a second one. Crews holds on and goes for a third but Strong with an elbow to stop him. Strong with a forearm.

Crews with a wheelbarrow suplex for a near fall. Crews sets for a toss power bomb but Strong with a snap mare and a jumping knee. Crews goes to the apron and Strong with a knee when Crews goes for a shoulder in the ropes. Strong with a back drop driver onto the apron. Strong sends Crews back into the ring and gets a near fall. Strong with the Stronghold on Crews. Crews with a power slam. Crews goes for a press slam but he cannot get Strong up. Strong with a back breaker. Crews with an enzuigiri. Crews catches Strong on a jumping knee and Crews with a double knee gutbuster.

Strong with kicks and Crews with a choke slam for the three count.

Winner: Apollo Crews

After the match, Strong goes to the back and wants to know where the Creeds were.

— Lash Legend is still talking to Enofe and Blade and Enofe stops her and says that Legend lost. Pretty Deadly shows up and yells at Blade and Enofe for interrupting a lady. They mention their match against Blade and Enofe.

— We see Santos Escobar driving to the meeting place and he says he is alone. If anything goes down, he will give them the signal.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and Valentina and Yulisa talk about losing and they ask Sanga for advice. Kayden and Katana show up and they say they will be fighting champions and their paths will cross again and they will challenge them. Sanga says that Yulisa and Valentina remind him of Kayden and Katana because they never gave up. Sanga tells them that they will join him next week to find balance.

— We go to the Diamond Mine Dojo and they are wondering what are they missing. Strong enters the room and he wants to know where the Creeds and Kemp were. Brutus says that was a test and he passed. Julius says they were watching the eight man tag match and he knows what is wrong. Julius says he will deal with him next week.

— We are told that Carmelo Hayes will face Giovanni Vinci for the North American Championship.

— Tony D’Angelo and Santos Escobar are somewhere for THE meeting. Tony says that Santos is late, as he arrives at the meeting point.

Tony asks if Santos came alone and Santos says he did and so does Tony.

Santos offers his hand and Tony tells Santos to sit down.

Tony says the last time he saw Santos, he was hit with a pair of brass knuckles.

Santos says that Tony didn’t think he would ever see him again. You put him in the hospital. Last week was a little payback. Nothing personal, just business.

Tony says he told Santos to stay in his lane. Now, here we are four months later. Look where we are. You work for me.

Santos asks Tony if he is the North American or Tag Team Champion.

Tony says he might not be the champion but he is the boss.

Santos says he heard it all before. He tells Tony that this arrangement isn’t going to work. Santos says he is a prideful person.

Tony says he heard that Legado was built on hard work. Look where that got you.

Santos wants to know what this will lead to.

Tony tells Santos he wants him to come back to work for him. He wanted Santos to get his head on straight.
Santos says he knows what makes Tony tick. The reason you are the Don is because you sent Ciampa packing. One more match. If you beat me, I am gone, never to be seen again in NXT.

Tony says he gets to keep Santos’ three sheep because they were coming around.

Santos says Tony can keep him. If Santos wins, they are free from the D’Angelo family.

Tony says this won’t be a regular match. It will be in a Street Fight.

Santos accepts.

Tony tells Santos to say goodbye to Legado because he will rid NXT of Santos for good.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and Tiffany Stratton walks into her dressing room. We see Wendy Choo behind her with night vision goggles and the lights go out and we hear noises of violence. The lights come back on and Wendy says this isn’t over.

Kit Wilson and Elton Prince vs. Malik Blade and Edris Enofe

Prince and Blade start things off and Prince with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. They lock up and Prince with a side head lock and Blade with an arm drag. Blade with another arm drag into an arm bar. Enofe tags in and he goes up top and hits a double sledge to the arm. Enofe with a slam to Prince and an elbow drop for a near fall. Blade tags in and Enofe with a drop toe hold and Blade with a kick. Enofe with a flying clothesline. Blade kicks Wilson and Prince with a slam. Wilson tags in and Prince sends Blade into the air and Wilson with a back elbow for a near fall. Wilson with a slam and a knee drop to the head.

Wilson with a kick and Prince taunts Blade and Wilson punches Blade. Prince tags in and he gets Blade on his shoulders and sends Blade onto Wilson’s knees. Prince gets a near fall. Wilson tags in and they slide to the floor and then punch Blade.

Jensen and Briggs show up with Fallon Henley.

Blade tags in Enofe. Enofe with a clothesline and back elbow. Enofe with a drop kick to Wilson. Enofe with a bulldog to Wilson. Enofe goes up top and hits an elbow drop for a near fall when Prince makes the save. Prince goes under the ring and gets a chair and tosses it to Wilson. Blade with a plancha onto Prince.

Enofe knocks Briggs and Jensen off the apron with the chair. Wilson tags in and they hit Spilled Milk for the three count.

Winners: Kit Wilson and Elton Prince

After the match, Lash Legend with a running bicycle kick to Henley. Legend goes to the back with Pretty Deadly.

— Cameron Grimes walks in the back and Xyon Quinn tells Grimes to be careful going through the door. Joe Gacy shows up and wants to know where Cameron is going. Cameron says he is going home. Gacy asks to whom. Grimes leaves.

— Nikkita Lyons points out that she won and she tells Zoey it is her turn. She says Cora won’t stand in her way for the NXT Women’s Title and no one is getting in their way for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with a look at Toxic Attraction. They talk about how important the titles were for them. You can reflect or you can rebel. Jacy says rock music is the soundtrack of her life. It does not matter what you are or who you are. Gigi says when she does things her way, she thrives. She will never change. They live that rock star life. They are wounded but a wounded animal is the most dangerous type of animal. We shatter your false reality.

— McKenzie is with Apollo Crews. She mentions Crews’ victory. He says he doesn’t like Roddy and he does not trust him. Crews says he is gaining that momentum. Grayson Waller congratulates Apollo on his win. He asks why is Apollo here. He tells Crews that he is not welcome here. He says he already ran one guy out of here and Crews is next. Crews tells Waller to bring it.

Cora Jade vs. Zoey Stark

NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose joins Wade and Vic on commentary for the main event.

Jade pushes Stark and Stark blocks a slap and Stark sends Jade to the mat. Stark misses a round kick and Jade with a rollup for a near fall. Stark with an inside cradle for a near fall. Stark with a rollup for a near fall. Stark with arm drags to Jade. Jade with knees and kicks to Stark. Jade gets a near fall. Stark with forearms and chops followed by a clothesline for a near fall. Stark goes for a suplex but Jade lands on her feet. Jade with a forearm. Stark with a waist lock take down. Stark with another waist lock take down. Stark with a suplex and she gets a near fall.

Jade sends Stark to the apron but Stark knocks Jade down and hits a hesitation senton for a near fall. Jade with a knee to the head. Jade kicks Stark. Stark with a forearm and Jade sends Stark into the turnbuckles. Jade with a kick and she chokes Jade in the corner. Stark with a chop to Jade and Jade chops back. They go back and forth. Stark with a kick and forearms. Stark with a snap mare and sliding clothesline for a near fall. Jade kicks Stark and gets a near fall.

Jade with a hard Irish whip. Stark with punches and forearms. Jade sends Stark into the ropes and Jade with a back elbow that sends Stark’s throat into the ropes. Jade gets a near fall. Jade with kicks. Jade with a springboard double stomp to the back. Jade gets a near fall. Jade sends Stark throat first into the ropes and Jade with a back elbow. Stark with a double leg take down and a jackknife cover for a near fall. Jade with a clothesline and a reverse chin lock into a seated abdominal stretch. Jade with forearms to the chest but Stark with a rollup for a near fall. Jade has a running knee blocked and Stark pulls Jade to the mat.

Jade gets her weapon and swings and misses. Stark with a German suplex and the referee removes the weapon from the ring. Stark with forearms. Stark with a clothesline or two. Stark with a back heel kick and forearm. Stark with a thrust kick to the leg and she hits a sliding kick to the head for a near fall. Stark runs into a boot but Stark with a half and half suplex for a near fall. Stark has a super kick blocked. Jade with a punch and she goes for Acid Drop but Stark holds on to the ropes. Stark with a super kick for a near fall.

Stark goes to the apron and goes for a slingshot senton but Jade moves. Jade with a running knee and a hammer lock DDT for a near fall. Jade with Sliced Bread for a near fall.  

Jade goes for her weapon but Roxanne Perez has it. Stark with a super kick and a Modified Go 2 Sleep for the three count.

Winner: Zoey Stark

After the match, Perez has some words for Jade and misses with the weapon. Roxanne chases Jade to the back. Mandy tries to attack Stark from behind but Stark with a super kick and the knee to the face.

We go to credits.

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