Impact Wrestling Results – September 1, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - September 1, 2020

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with the birthday boy, Sami Callihan, taking on his most recent rival, Rob Van Dam!

Rob Van Dam with Katie Forbes vs. Sami Callihan

Josh Mathews openly wondered if Father Times was catching up to Van Dam as RVD headed to the ring, pointing out his loss last week.

Callihan attacked RVD as he entered the ring and worked him over on the floor until Katie Forbes distracted him. That allowed RVD to clothesline Callihan. He tossed Sami back in the ring but spent too much time talking to Katie and was nailed with a big boot to the face and a suplex. Callihan choked at RVD on the mat. He continued to work over RVD until Forbes got involved again. Van Dam worked him over on the floor and nailed an inverted atomic drop back inside before smashing his face into the mat. RVD nailed Rolling Thunder but Callihan pulled his knees up at the last second.

Callihan began working over Rob with right hands and nailed a low cutter. Callihan nailed a series of clotheslines. Forbes got on the apron, which allowed RVD to catch Callihan with a spinkick in the corner. He then nailed the Hollywood Star Press for a two count. RVD followed up with a spinning legdrop and ascended to the top for the Five Star Frog Splash. Callihan cut him off and nailed a hangman’s neckbreaker off the ropes, covering RVD for a two count.

Callihan went for a piledriver but Forbes again got on the apron, breaking up the momentum. He and RVD battled back and forth with near falls until Callihan finally scored the pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

Forbes got in Callihan’s face after. He went after her, allowing RVD to blast him from behind. They each stomped Callihan. Rob worked over Callihan until Forbes gave him a steel chair. They placed it in front of Callihan’s head and Forbed nailed a series of hip attacks into the chair. She then held it for RVD to nail a running dropkick into the face of Callihan.

They went right into Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne officially welcoming everyone to the show. They noted Deonna Purrazzo has invited everyone from the Impact roster to attend her black tie affair.

Backstage, Hernandez beat Fallah Bah in an armwrestling match. Reno Scum showed up and said they checked everywhere, and there’s no sign of Heath in the building. Hernandez said that it should be easy for them to beat up Rhino tonight. They wanted more money. Hernandez showed them a huge wad and said that if they take Rhino out, it’s all theirs.

They aired a video piece on Taya vs. Rosemary. Taya said they kept the truth from her. Johnny Swinger has to dress like Crazzy Steve. He won’t come out. Susie promises no one will make fun of him. Swinger came out made out like Crazzy. He said Matt Borne was laughing at him tonight. John E. Bravo showed up. Tommy Dreamer said he was going to be able to control his own destiny tonight as the special referee between Taya and Rosemary. Bravo was torn by that. Bravo may be the most underrated talent in terms of facial expressions and how he plays his role in the entire company.

Reno Scum vs. Rhino & a mystery partner.

They worked over Rhino for a long time until Rhino made a comeback. A cameraman hit the ring and nailed Heath’s finisher, the Wake Up Call, setting up Rhino to score the pinfall.

Your winner, Rhino & Heath!

Short but it was a backdrop for an angle to further the Heath storyline.

Scott D’Amore and security came out because Heath shouldn’t be there. Heath exited. Rhino was questioned by D’Amore.

EC3 cut a promo telling Moose that if he didn’t step up and face him, he’ll send the TNA title back to him, piece by piece.

Backstage, Moose said to call the police because there’s a hostage situation as EC3 has his title. He was told where EC3 was and charged off to confront him.

The Good Brothers are telling stories to others about one of their bar room exploits. The Rascalz showed up. They said they didn’t want to disrepect them but they had to prepare for Ace Austin and Madman Fulton tonight. The Good Brothers offered advice since they already handed Austin and Fulton a beating.

We go back to Wrestlehouse! Bravo is wearing the zebra stripes. Swinger tried to tell him he could get two for the price of one. Bravo asked if he should take advice from someone dressed like Swinger. The Deaners told him the number one rule is not to listen to anything Swinger says.

Larry D showed up and was in an angry mood since he’s out of the love spell. The Deaners questioned if he was the one who took their beer last week. They faced off with XXL. They said their truce was over and began brawling. Tommy Dreamer shrugged and said, “Match Time.” They brawled all over Wrestlehouse. This was pretty damn entertaining and reminded me of the sort of silly brawls we’d seen in Big Japan Wrestling 20 years ago. Acey Romero was sent into an elevator and sent to who knows where. Tommy Dreamer prevented them from breaking a TV because he had to watch Impact. Cody had to run down the stairs to catch up to Acey. This was all really funny or really dumb, depending on how you feel about wrestling. Deaner was waiting for the elevator to open and punched Romero in the face, breaking his nose. He jumped on a bike and charged for Romero, who ducked and the bike crashed into a parked car. Jake worked over D and charged across the entire house but Romero moved D. Cody returned to the fray and they battled into one of the bedrooms. Deaner found an empty beer bottle under one of the beds and said it was Acey who took their beer. He claimed not to know how that got there. Deaner DDT’d him on the floor. Larry D made the save but revealed he was again Lawrence D. Jake Something tossed salt in his eyes. Susie came across them and said they broke the truce. She started to morph into Su Yung and we didn’t see what happened but Susie emerged from the room. Dreamer peered in and was scared, then named Susie the winner. OK then!

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. The Rascalz

Fulton started with Dez, manhandling him in the corner. Dez attempted a crucifix but was overpowered. Wentz tagged in and they began double-teaming Fulton, but were unable to score a pinfall. Fulton took them out and tagged in Ace. Wentz was beaten down for a long time as Austin and Fulton tagged in and out. They worked over The Rascalz but Wentz battled to the floor with Fulton, setting up Dez to score the pin on Austin. That has to be seen as a bit of a surprise.

Your winners, The Rascalz!

Impact Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns came to the ring. They said the Rascalz looked great. They said they weren’t here to steal their thunder. They said they didn’t know when they issued an open challenge at the last PPV, they didn’t know it was the Machine Guns returning. They said that The Rascalz weren’t prepared for them and offered them a title match next week. Before the Rascalz could respond, Fulton and Austin attacked the Rascalz. The Guns hit the ring to back them off. They never officially announced the match, so we’ll have to see.

Deonna was questioning the planned garb of some of those coming to the black tie celebration when Moose asked her and Kimber Lee if they had seen EC3. They hadn’t, so he ran off.

X-Division Champion Rohit Raju, dressed all snazzy, was approached by TJP, who wanted a title shot. Raju said that Chris Bey is owed a rematch but if TJP knocks him off, the opportunity is his. So, Raju, who said he was going to be a fighting champ, is now manipulating his potential opponents against each other.

Taya vs. Rosemary at Wrestlehouse!

They trashtalked each other. Taya slapped her and worked her over in the corner with a big boot and a hip attack. She kept yelling at Bravo to mind his business, even though he was the referee. Rosemary came to life and attacked her with right hands, then slammed Taya for a two count. She ducked a clothesline and speared Taya, who came back with one of her own. They kicked each other in the face at the same time and were out. Rosemary missed a splash in the corner and was nailed with Valhalla. Taya pinned her and Bravo counted the pin without any hesitation or issues.

Your winner, Taya!

Bravo checked on Rosemary. She told him he did the right thing and everyone can go home. Bravo said he had one more thing to do. He pulled the apple out and finally bit into it, then proposed to Rosemary. Taya said it was OK with her. Rosemary warned him that he knows she’s a demon. He said that’s what he loves about her. She agreed and the cast of Wrestlehouse popped. Swinger said he did indeed get the two for one special. Kylie Rae asked if this means they can go back to the Impact Zone as she wants to become the Knockouts Champion. They decreed everyone can go home. It was revealed that Crazzy Steve actually stole the Deaners’ beer as he couldn’t read the labels. Rosemary zapped the cast away, back to the Impact Zone..I hope.

It was time for Deonna Purrazzo’s black tie celebration. She and Kimber Lee shared a glass of wine as Purrazzo toasted being the Knockouts Champion. She said any doubted were silenced when she won the Knockouts title and retained it in the Iron Man match. Tonight is about celebrating her, and nothing and no one will ruin her night.

Jordynne Grace came out. She said she was apologizing for being underdressed. She said she’s not here to ruin the moment but to congratulate Deonna for taking her to the limit. She told her to enjoy the title reign because it’s not going to last.

Before Grace could finish, out came the returning Tenille Dashwood. She said she was touched that everyone gathered together for her return. She said every night is all about her. She told Deonna she was coming for the Knockouts title. She said she understands that Purrazzo is nervous because she’s not Grace and she’s never beaten Tenille. Grace took issue with that and asked how anyone is supposed to beat her when she hasn’t shown up to work in months.

Deonna began ranting about them ruining her night when the entire cast of Wrestlehouse zapped into the ring. Kimber went after Kylie but Susie stopped her and Kylie superkicked her. Deonna lost her mind over her night being completely ruined and stormed off.

Impact Wrestling Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Eric Young

Edwards went right after Young (who had an awesome new creepy hockey mask before the match) but was quickly overwhelmed with chops. Young ran him into the buckles several times before Edwards fired back with chops. He went Young into the corner, where he did the Flair Flop but landed on his feet and snapped Edwards’ throat over the ropes as they went to commercial.

After commercial, they battled to the apron where Young nailed a neckbreaker outside on the apron. They crashed to the floor. Young came off and drilled Edwards with an elbow to the back of the neck, scoring a two count. Edwards fired back with chops but was raked in the face. Young whipped him towards the corner and nailed a lariat for a two count. Young continued working over Edwards, scoring two counts in successive fashion. He began focusing on Edwards’ neck, trying to wear him down for a piledriver. Edwards battled back from underneath but was smashed with a forearm that rocked the champion.

Edwards fired back and nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb. He unleashed a series of punches and chops. Young fought back but was nailed with a step-up kick in the corner. Edwards nailed a backpack stunner for a two count.

Edwards worked over Young on the top rope and went for a superplex. EY knocked him off the top into the ring and nailed a flying elbow for a close two count. Young was sent to the floor, where Edwards nailed a pescado over the top to the floor. Edwards’ knee buckled and he grabbed at it. Edwards nailed a Tiger Driver in the ring and scored a two count but grabbed his knee again coming out of the move.

Edwards set up for the Boston Knee Party but Young rolled out of the ring. Edwards drilled him with a tope suicida but again grabbed at his knee. Young was tossed back in the ring but grabbed the Impact title belt. The referee took it away but was distracted, missing Young cracking Edwards over the head with the hockey mask. Young nailed a piledriver and pinned Edwards for the win.

Your winner and new Impact Champion, Eric Young!

Young attacked Edwards’ knee after the match and locked a leglock on it, trying to further injure Edwards. Security and the referees hit the ring to finally break it up.

Moose went to where EC3 was spotted but only found a bulletin board filled with a crazy collection of quotes and photos from Moose, right out of a conspiracy movie. Moose realized that he’s been stalked all this time and saw something on a map that clued him in on where to go. He ripped down the board and underneath it was a message – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

They threw a lot at the wall this episode but it was all to set things up. The Rosemary-Bravo wedding should be pretty damn entertaining down the line. Eric Young has been SO EXCELLENT his entire run here and his title win sets things up with a lot of babyfaces. The Rascalz vs. Machine Guns bout should make adrenaline junkies really happy. The usage of RVD has been very interesting and I am curious where that may be going.


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