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Impact Wrestling Results - May 25, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results - May 25, 2020
Impact Wrestling kicked off with a look at everything that went down last week with Moose vs. Suicide and the Impact Wrestling Contender's Tournament.

Impact Wrestling Contender's Tournament: Ace Austin vs. Hernandez

Hernandez used his strength early on, tossing around Austin with big Beel throws and chops. Austin avoided a Stinger Splash in the corner and drilled Hernandez with a springboard kick to the head. He began chopping down Hernandez with big kicks but was caught, pressed and dropped.

Hernandez whipped Austin into the ropes but was caught with a sunset flip. Hernandez saved himself from being pulled over but Austin caught him with a kick and sent him to the floor. Austin went for a tope suicida but Hernandez caught him with a big right hand and tossed him back in the ring. Austin distracted the referee as Hernandez returned to the ring, catching him with a low blow. He began working over the former TNA Tag Team Champion in the corner. Hernandez kept shoving him away but Austin kept mauling him with chops and kicks. He went for a suplex but Hernandez reversed and turned it into a slam.

Austin shoved Hernandez backwards into the turnbuckles and worked him over. Austin drilled him with kicks to the back and choked Hernandez in the corner with a boot to the throat.

Austin continued working over Hernandez, locking on a rear chinlock. Hernandez tossed him off but Austin immediately rebounded and took him down again in the corner, then drilled him with a big dropkick in the corner for a two count. Austin continued to drill Hernandez with big knees until being caught with the Pounce. Hernandez nailed a series of clotheslines and a Stinger Splash in the corner.

Hernandez wrapped his shirt around Austin's throat and used it to send Austin flying across the ring. Hernandez used an over the shoulder backbreaker for a two count. Hernandez went for the Border Toss but Austin slipped out and clipped the knee from behind. Austin worked over Hernandez but was caught and almost powerbombed, rolling through with a rana.

Austin rolled him up and hooked the tights but Hernandez still kicked out. Hernandez went for a suplex but again Austin slipped out and nailed a chop block from behind. Austin nailed the Fold and scored the pin.

Your winner, advancing to the finals, Ace Austin!

A good, well worked match with the idea being that Austin had to out-strategize Hernandez by working over the knee and trying to keep the match going.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne ran down the lineup for tonight's episode.

Someone on a motorcycle drove down a road. He passed Cody Deaner who yelled at him to slow down, "This isn't a Boneyard!" He said the guy was probably American, they all think they are a badass. That was funny. Deaner them rode his cart down a dirt road with a sign that read DEANER COMPOUND.

Backstage, Chris Bey is getting warned up with Johnny Swinger. Swinger told him he had to listen to him and everything will be fine. He said he had a gimmick ready to use as a foreign object if Bey wanted him to use it. Bey said he'll let him know. Swinger said, "Call it in the ring! Old School! I love it!"

The North were in a limo driving to the compound, mocking that people could live out in the middle of nowhere. Some weirdo welcomed them. They mocked the compound. He said he wouldn't do that after what happened to the last people who made fun of the place. They asked what happened to them and he turned away and ran down the road, away from them. Okaaaaaay. Not a good omen.

Michael Elgin cut a promo backstage. He ran down all the former champions he's beaten. He noted he's got to go beat Trey Miguel tonight. Trey's time joking in the tree house is over and he doesn't think Trey can be serious. Elgin said he's going to run through everyone until he's the Champion.

Chris Bey (with Johnny Swinger) vs. Cousin Jake

Bey talked trash to Jake but got tossed across the ring. Bey tried to nail a deep armdrag but was caught. Jake's power was too much for Bey early. Bey tried to avoid Jake but was taken down with a big charging tackle.

Swinger, by the way, was golden at ringside. Just an incredibly entertaining character.

Bey was whipped hard into the buckles. Bey was worked over for some time until ducking several clotheslines on the apron. Swinger grabbed Jake's boot but got stomped. Bey used that as a doorway in, nailing a dropkick followed by another one off the ropes as they went to commercial.

After they returned, Bey nailed a leaping elbow into the corner followed by a charging dropkick onto Jake for a two count. Bey drilled him with a series of kicks to the back and chest as Jake absorbed them and psyched himself up. Bey nailed a leaping enziguiri to take him back down to the mat.

Bey choked Jake against the ropes. Bey finally made a comeback with a big lariat that sent Bey flying. Bey was worked over and drilled with a discus lariat. Cousin Jake nailed a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Swinger was frantically fanning Bey.

Jake went for a powerbomb but Bey fought his way out of it. He went for a leaping rana but was caught. Jake went for a powerbomb but Bey turned it into a sunset flip variation for a close two count.

Bey springboarded off the ropes but again caught in a powerbomb. This time, Jake drilled him and took out Bey for a two count.

Bey climbed to the ropes. Jake nailed him. Swinger got on the apron but was nailed by Jake. Bey nailed the Famouser off the ropes and hit the Final Finesse for the pin.

Your winner, Chris Bey!

Easily Jake's best showing in Impact to date. A good bout.

Swinger and Bey put the boots to Jake but Willie Mack hit the ring and ran them off.

Rohit Raju wanted to know when his next opportunity was coming along. Chase Stevens showed up. Rohit asked why these TNA guys keep showing up trying to take the spotlight. Stevens said he's got a long resume and what does Rohit have - getting smacked around by Gama Singh? Rohit got upset and challenged him to fight next week. He stormed off. Stevens implied he manipulated himself into getting a match next week.

Havok vs. Kimber Lee.

They battled back and forth, taking to each other. Havok missed a clothesline but caught Lee with a big spinebuster. Havok drilled Lee over her knee with clotheslines and then connected with a big punt kick to the face. Lee was down in the corner, nailing with a trio of boot scrapes.

Havok lifted her up for a move off her shoulders but Lee raked her face. Lee grabbed bass knuckles but Neveah, who was watching from ringside, hit the ring and attacked Lee.

Your winner by DQ, Kimber Lee!

Havok and Neveah worked over Lee, hitting several tag team maneuvers together. The implication, obviously, was that they are on the same side. They embraced and raised each others' arms.

More of an angle than a full-fledged match.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz were trash talking and bullying Kylie Rae backstage. She finally had enough and screamed at them to stop. Susie appeared and told them she knew what they were doing to Kylie and it was bad. She said bullying is bad. Tasha nailed Kylie and they asked Susie what she thought of that. Susie approached so they double teamed her. They walked off but it was bringing out Su Yung. Susie said this is bad.

The North went to a barn on the compound but it was locked. They went to leave but the same weirdo appeared and ran off. The doors opened and some other weirdos invited the North in.

Backstage, Joey Ryan invited the OVE to be there when he faced Crazzy Steve next wee.

Back at the Deaner Compound, Cody Deaner was telling the rest of the Deaner family that they were going to do this for the rest of the family.The North walked in and asked why everyone was in here. Ethan Page said it was 2 on 2. Deaner said it was going to be fair. They fight man to man here, a fight to the finish. The referee from last week appeared and The North thought it was Wheels. Deaner told them that was the referee. Page asked where Wheels was. He was off with Joey Jeremiah and Snake, I am guessing. A tractor pulled up and pretty blonde got out. Ethan got excited but was told that wasn't Wheels either. Page said he's had enough at this point.

Page cuts a promo about the entire mess and then sees some toy cars and throws them, saying who collects toys today. That was funny given he's a massive collector. Cody told him he wouldn't do that. Page throws another car. Cody warmed him those belong to wheels. We hear stomping and the North freaks out when Wheels, a massive, heavy Deaner walks in and gets in Page's face and tells him no one touches his cars.

They ring the bell and everyone brawls. Wheels crushes Josh Alexander with a big splash in the corner then throws Page out of the ring, working him over and sending him into a concrete column. Alexander and Deaner goes back and forth. The weirdo who was running around watched from a window and ran away. A bunch of golf clubs were tossed. Everyone battled outside the barn into the farming compound as see lots of overhead drone shots and brawling. They battle into a truck full of hey. Deaner gets powerbombed out onto the other Deaners but comes back to hit a flying bodypress on the North off the top of a truck for a two count. Page puts Wheels through a wooden fence and covers him but Cody made the save. Wheels nailed a uranage atop a wrecked car on Alexander for a two count. Page tried to nail Cody with a carjack but missed ans smashed a window.

Alexander and Cody climbed a ladder and battled atop a trailer. Alexander nailed a tombstone. Page said he had Wheels in the ring and called Alexander to return so they could finish him. They double teamed Wheels as Cody was unconscious atop of the truck. The North tried to bully the referee so he tricked Alexnader to go through the ropes and nailed a 619 on Page. He went to the top for a flying move but missed. They worked him over but by now, Cody had returned and nailed a DDT on Alexander but the referee was out cold. He tried to rouse the referee but The North attacked him and hit their finisher.

Before they could do anything, Wheels attacked him. Someone nailed him with a low kick and it was the ring announcer from the last few weeks. He revealed he had a referee's shirt and counted the pinfall. They ran off. The referee caught up with them, saying he had the belts. They were all excited until they realized that The Deaners were pursuing them with pitchforks and other weapons, literally the villagers chasing them out of town. That was something.

Backstage, Fallah Bah and TJP were asked about the Deaner Compound title defense. TJP said they are still on the Northern trail. It wasn't too long ago that they had the entire tag team division in one place and they came out on top. The Rascalz showed up and said they beat them last time they were in the ring they beat them. They set up a match for next week.

The Rascalz did their usual shenanigans. Moose showed up with the TNA title. They were confused he had it because TNA doesn't exit. Moose said that Trey has a chance to become the number one contender for the Impact title. He asked them to come after the TNA title, asking if they wanted to be like Kurt Angle, Sting and Moose. They were into it until he said his own name and they made fun of him, making antlers. He said they were funny but they should remember the last time they made fun of Moose. They sobered up as he left.

The Impact+ moment of the week was Moose vs. Cody.

They showed Elgin preparing backstage.

They announced former NXT star Deonna Purrazzo was making her way to Impact Wrestling with a vignette. She was playing a heel.

In the bar, Rosemary was talking to John E. Bravo. Bravo admitted he feels like he sold his soul to Taya. Rosemary said that he was lucky he has a demon in his corner now. He said that was fine with him. They need to find a new place to go next week.

Impact Wrestling Contender's Tournament: Michael Elgin vs. Trey Miguel

Michael Elgin controlled him early. Trey tried to use his speed but was taken down and chopped hard in the corner. Elgin prevented Trey from using a springboard move but Trey rebounds and send him to the floor. Elgin avoids a dive. Trey goes for another but is caught. He escaped and went for a moonsault off the apron but was caught again. He slipped behind Elgin and shoved him into the ring apron, then nailed a DDT off the apron.

Elgin was brought back into the ring, where Trey nailed a split-legged moonsault for a two count. Elgin came back with a backbreaker for a two count. He drove Trey back into the corner and drilled him with a hard chop. Elgin continued to bully Trey, daring him to fight back. He then drilled Trey down to the mat with a big right.'

Elgin pursued Trey, working him over and daring to fight back. Trey nailed a series of strikes but one shot from Elgin sent him stumbling. Elgin drove him into the buckles and worked him over with shoulderblocks. Trey was sent into the corner and nailed with a big backbreaker.

Elgin continued to pummel Trey. Trey finally started psyching himself up, absorbing the shots from Elgin. He fired back on Elgin, peppering him with a series of forearms but was kicked hard by Elgin. Elgin began to show signs of wear and tear but still caught Trey with an enziguri. Elgin went for a powerbomb but Trey battled his way out. Trey nailed a leg lariat but they were both out as Impact went to commercial.

When they returned, Trey was battling off Elgin as they exchanged big kicks and forearm strikes. Trey avoided several clotheslines and nailed a Pele Kick for a two count.

Elgin came back with a cutter and nailed a big gutbuster variation but Trey somehow kicked out at the last second. Elgin nailed a series of clotheslines. Trey blocked one and nailed an elbow but Elgin absorbed all the shots and kept knocking Trey back down to the mat.

Trey and Elgin continued to battle back and forth, hitting big moves on the other. They exchanged superkicks. Trey nailed a Code Red but Elgin rebounded with a clothesline, only to be nailed with a stunner. Elgin rebounded off the ropes and massacred Trey with a lariat.

Both men were down and were being counted out by the referee but fought to their feet. Trey caught a marauding Elgin with a boot and nailed a combination of moves, including a low cutter for a two count. Trey was frustrated he couldn't get the job done.

An exhausted Trey made his way to the top rope. He set up but was caught by Elgin with a kick to the face. Elgin pulled him up on his shoulders. Trey turned it into a rana into the ring. He went for a move but was sent into the buckles and staggered backwards into a back suplex for a two count.

They battled to the top, where Elgin attempted a delayed vertical suplex. Trey fought his way out and drove him into the ring with a double knee strike for a two count. They continued to battle with a series of near falls. Trey continued to survive but was picked up for a powerbomb when Sami Callihan hacked into the show.

The lights went out and distracted Elgin. They turned back on and Elgin turned to Trey, who nailed a jackknife cover and scored the pin.

Your winner, Trey Miguel!

Elgin lost it, destroying the ringside area.


Ace Austin vs. Trey Miguel- Impact Wrestling Number One Contender's Tournament.

The Rascalz vs. TJP & Fallah Bah.

Kylie Rae & Susie vs. Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan.

Crazzy Steve vs. Joey Ryan.

Locker Room Talk with Chris Bey.