Saturday, January 18, 2020

Update on Mandy Rose - Otis Storyline After Smackdown

Update on Mandy Rose - Otis Storyline After Smackdown
The Mandy Rose - Otis storyline continued on this week's WWE SmackDown as the two got closer, while the potential issues between Rose and Sonya Deville picked up.

Deville had asked Rose to talk Otis into being at ringside for her match with Alexa Bliss this week. Deville saw how Rose defeated Bliss last week, thanks to a distraction from Heavy Machinery, and figured Otis would bring her the same advantage in her match with Bliss. The match saw Rose go to the top rope to interfere, but Nikki Cross shoved her off, and into the arms of Otis. This caused everyone to be distracted as Otis and Rose smiled at each other, and Bliss took advantage to get the pin on Deville. Rose would then enter the ring to apologize to Deville, but the damage was done.

Rose took to Twitter after the show and commented on falling for Otis.

She wrote, "Always there to help me when I'm down. I feel like I'm always falling for you!! [smiling face emoji]"

Otis responded to that tweet and wrote, "Nothin' will Happen to You My Beautiful [person raising both hands in celebration emoji] Peach [peach emoji] in my Protective Arms [smiling face emoji] When Your Down... I'll Always pick you Up [hugging face emoji]"

Otis made another tweet and wrote, "[smiling face emoji] I LIKE YOU [smiling face with smiling eyes emoji] A LOT [raised fist emoji] My Beautiful [person raising both hands in celebration emoji] Peach [peach emoji] @WWE_MandyRose"

Deville did make one tweet after SmackDown went off the air, which may have been filled with sarcasm. She wrote, "Cheers 2020 you've been great [thumbs up emoji]"

Below are clips of tonight's match and post-show footage of Tucker and Otis reflecting on what happened to Kayla Braxton. Otis said it felt nice and warm to have Rose in his arms, and he really felt it between them when they locked eyes. Otis went on about how his heart is filled, and he's filled but ready to explode. Tucker gave a friendly warning to his tag team partner, noting that he's excited for him, but he doesn't want to see Otis get his big heart broken.