Saturday, January 18, 2020

Rocky Johnson's Cause of Death Revealed

Some Details on Rocky Johnson's Possible Cause of Death
As noted, WWE Hall of Famer and the father of actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Rocky "Soulman" Johnson, passed away yesterday at 75.

WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson reportedly passed away due to a blood clot, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Former wrestler Brian Blair and friend with Johnson for decades, told The Associated Press that Johnson was dealing with an illness recently. The thought was that he could have been suffering from the flu, but it got much worse.

"He was just under the weather, he thought he had the flu or something," Blair said by phone. "I said, 'You, need to get checked out, Rocky.' He said he'd be OK. Then he missed this Sunday, a few days ago. When I talked to him again, he said he still wasn't feeling good and he still missed church. He still didn't get checked out. I talked to Sheila and she said he was just being stubborn. He died at home, today."

Wrestling personalities have commented on this terrible loss to the pro wrestling world.