Tuesday, September 10, 2019

King of The Ring Finals Pulled From Sunday's PPV, Chad Gable to The Finals, Why Shane McMahon Was Used

King of The Ring Finals Pulled From Clash of Champions, Chad Gable Makes it to The Finals, Why Shane McMahon Was Used
During tonight's episode of Smackdown, it was revealed that the King of the Ring finals will not take place at Clash of Champions this Sunday. They will be held on Monday's RAW instead.

Speaking of King of The Ring, as noted Elias was pulled from tonight' semifinals match on WWE SmackDown due to an ankle injury. It was revealed early on in tonight's broadcast from Madison Square Garden that Shane McMahon would be replacing Elias in the KOTR match against Chad Gable. Shane also made Kevin Owens the special referee, promising to forget about the $100,000 storyline fine against Owens in exchange for his help against Gable.

The decision to do Shane vs. Gable on tonight's SmackDown was a Vince McMahon call, according to PWInsider. There was talk of doing a Battle Royal to determine the replacement for Elias, but they decided to go with the pitch to use Shane instead.

Shane has been away from WWE TV for a few weeks due to jury duty. The feud with Owens was resumed on tonight's SmackDown, but there's no word yet on where they are headed with it.

As for the match, despite Shane McMahon’s best efforts to win, he ended up in an ankle lock from Gable which caused McMahon to tap out.

This means the King Of The Ring final is Baron Corbin vs Chad Gable.