NWA Powerrr Results – February 4th, 2020 (Full Show Video)

WATCH LIVE - NWA Powerrr Episode 17

Tonight’s show opens with the NWA tag champions, Eli Drake and James Storm, interviewing each other. Drake asks Storm what he plans on doing on Tuesday nights. Storm says he’ll be watching NWA.

A video package hyping the Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay women’s title rematch, which will main event tonight’s episode.

Joe Galli welcomes us to another edition of NWA Powerrr from GPB Studios. He confirms the women’s title bout will be the main event, then introduces Tim Storm to the interview table. Huge pop for Storm. Crowd showers him with “Mama Storm” chants. Storm tells the fans he loves them because they are family. Galli asks Storm about his huge matchup next week against Thomas Latimer. Storm responds: “I went to NWA management and I asked to be apart of the heavyweight division, and I want to face the best. If you’re goal is to prove yourself… you have to prove yourself against the best. Tom Latimer is a machine, and I asked for this match.” Galli asks Storm about the rumors of him potentially retiring from pro-wrestling. “It’s not going to happen,” says Storm. “I value every second that I get to stand here and talk to my family. I value every single minute I get to stand in that ring. This is a blessing, and I will take advantage of every moment.” Storm goes on to say that Strictly Business is nothing he can’t handle, including Kamille. “I will never ever strike a woman.”

This brings out Thomas Latimer and Kamille. Latimer says Storm will never receive another world title opportunity based on the stipulation he made with Nick Aldis from the debut of Powerrr. Latimer goes on to tell Storm that he doesn’t care about him, or their match. Galli gets breaking news. Mama Storm is here! It’s not actually her, but an actor playing her. Storm is not amused. The actor continues to berate Storm for all of his failures. Storm calls this display disrespectful and leaves ending the segment.

A look back at Stu Bennett announcing the 2020 Crockett Cup tournament, which is coming this April. A look back at the Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay title match from the Hard Times pay per view. Rosa picked up the victory after hitting the Thunder driver.

Back to the arena… NWA Television champion Ricky Starks sits at the commentary table along with Stu Bennett and Joe Galli. He’ll be calling the action for our next bout between Matt Cross and Caleb Konley.

Matt Cross versus Caleb Konley

Tie-up. Pace immediately picks up. Both men show off their incredible speed and athleticism. They reset. Cross lands the first offense with a headscissor and a corner elbow strike. He smashes Konley’s head off the turnbuckle. Standing elbow drop for a nearfall. Konley nails an enziguri out of nowhere. Cross jumps to the middle-ropes… Konley whips him out, then hits a running basement dropkick. Cover by Konley… Cross is out at two. Konley slows Cross with a bow-and-arrow submission. Leg-sweep and jumping senton from Konley in succession. He sets up for an abdominal stretch but turns it into a pin… another two. Cross recover and bounces off the ropes… huge lariat. A second. Handspring back elbow, followed by a crossbody. Konley surprises Cross with a cradle… he escapes… Konley school boys Cross into a superkick. Konley sets Cross up… .rope-assisted DDT for another close two count. Cross elbows Konley to the mat… Konley responds with a discus elbow but Cross hits a huge cutter. He climbs… shooting star press. That’ll do it.

Matt Cross wins by pinfall

Post match the fans give both competitors a huge ovation. They call for a shake… they oblige. Ricky Starks commends Cross on a fantastic performance. They acknowledge each other.

Recap of Nick Aldis’ closed doors meeting with Marty Scurll. It was here that Aldis told Scurll that he’ll have to refund everyone in the crowd if he loses to Aldis at their title rematch. Cut to Aldis who says he has yet to here a response from Scurll from the offer. “I’m trying to figure out why that is Marty. Are you having second thoughts? Are you questioning yourself? Are you questioning me? I’m not sure… but I can tell you that you’re probably starting to realize that the higher the path… the more treacherous it becomes, and you are entering very treacherous territory. I’m not saying you have to accept, but you do need to respond.” Clips of Aldis’ victory over Scurll at last year’s Crockett Cup is played. “I expect an answer by the time we get to Free Enterprise in Baltimore this Sunday.”

A look back at Eddie Kingston’s lingering issue with Pope. This led to Kingston facing the Zane Dawson in an unaired match. Afterwards Dave Dawson came out and attacked Kingston, nearly inuring him.

Cut back to Pope, who is with the Dawsons at the interview desk. Dave Marquez asks Pope what his deal is. Pope begins: “The Dawsons capitalize on opportunity, unlike Eddie Kingston and Homicide. When Pope worked his magic to get Kingston and Homicide a tag title opportunity, they blew it.” He goes on to question Kingston’s star power, then says that Homicide has zero drawing ability. Pope tells the fans that you do not cross the man who tries to bring change to the NWA. Eddie Kingston comes out. He says that he came to the arena with a screwdriver and a wrench, and threatens Pope to look at him. Kingston says he will not listen to Pope disrespect Homicide. “That man build New York City. He made stars.” Kingston reveals that he’s brought two men with him to help him fight the Dawsons off. It’s the Bouncers from Ring of Honor. Brawler Milonas and Beer City Bruiser. They temporarily brawl with the Dawsons. Kingston calls them into the ring for a match but Pope makes them leave. Crowd boos.

Flashback to Trevor Murdoch cutting a promo on National champion Aron Stevens. The Question Mark would land a cheap shot on Murdoch, but that match is still scheduled to take place on tonight’s show.

A look at May Valentines new Vlog, entitled “May’s Diary.” She says that she was very excited to be apart of the NWA’s most recent pay per view, Hard Times. She calls Royce Isaacs the love of her life, but reminds fans that Isaacs loss to Eli Drake and Thomas Latimer. Valentine reveals that Isaacs is actually quite sensitive. Numerous clips of the two of them together are played.

Trevor Murdoch makes his way out first for his title matchup. Aron Stevens is out second, accompanied by the Question Mark.

Trevor Murdoch versus Aron Stevens for the NWA National Championship

Tie-up. Murdoch brings Stevens to the mat with a headlock. Stevens shows a surprise burst of athleticism but Murdoch rocks him with a big right hand. They reset. Waistlock from Murdoch. Stevens lands an elbow to create separation… Murdoch overpowers Stevens again. Murdoch powerslams Stevens. A second one. Stevens rolls to the outside. Murdoch in quick pursuit. The Question Mark gets in Murdoch’s path… the referee tosses the Question Mark from ringside. Stevens takes advantage of the distraction and hits a baseball slide. He smashes Murdoch’s head off the apron. Murdoch shakes it off and charges at Stevens… Stevens pulls the ropes down and Murdoch lands on the outside hard. Murdoch keeps trying to get back in the ring but Stevens keeps throwing him out. As Murdoch comes in Stevens unloads a flurry of strikes onto him. A senton on Murdoch’s back. Cover… Murdoch gets a shoulder up. Murdoch nearly steals the match with a cradle. Stevens drops Murdoch with a karate chop.

Murdoch goes for a back body drop… Stevens counters into a swinging neckbreaker. He slows the action down with a headlock. Stevens continues to send Murdoch to ringside and attack him when he comes back inside. Side Russian leg-sweep. Marquez calls out that there is only two-minutes left in the match. Murdoch finally builds up some steam. He nails a pair of lariats from the apron. Stevens falls to the corner. Murdoch mounts him for a ten-punch. Full-nelson slam. Stevens kicks out on the pin attempt. Stevens pokes Murdoch in the eye… he applies a sleeper to kill time. Big boot from Murdoch. Bell rings, as the time limit has expired.

Match ends in a time-limit draw. Aron Stevens retains the NWA National Championship

Murdoch hits his finishing top rope bulldog on Stevens and pins him anyway.

Promo from Zicky Dice. He challenges the viewers at home to subscribe to the NWA youtube channel. He promises that if fans reach 100,000 more subscribers than they have now… he’ll do something extremely outlandish.

Update from newest broadcast member Sean Mooney. He reminds us about Ring of Honor’s Free Enterprise event. Mooney also explains the Lucky 7 title rule, which means if Television champion Ricky Starks successfully defends his title 6 more times, he can challenge for the world championship. Mooney also reveals that Melina has gone to NWA officials, and named herself as the next contender for the women’s title following tonight’s main event.

Eli Drake and James Storm are out for tag team action. Their opponents, Jocephus and Mims, are already in the ring.

Eli Drake/James Storm versus Jocephus/Mims

Storm and Jocephus begin. Storm rings the arm, then takes Jocephus down with an arm-drag. Drake tags in… tandem offense from Drake and Storm. He continues to target Jocephus arm. Jocephus manages to break free and elbow Drake in the face. Powerslam. Mims tags in but Drake gets to his feet and nearly decapitates Mims with a lariat. Storm back in. Mims hits a right hand… snapmare and chop from Storm. Storm brings back in Drake and whips Mims into a powerslam. Drake nails his signature elbow drop. Firemans carry into a lungblower… this one is over quick.

Eli Drake/James Storm win by pinfall

The video package from earlier plays highlighting Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay. Clips of their brutal Hard Times bout is played.

Commercial for NWA merchandise. A special on Crockett Cup pins is available for the next 24 hours.

Main event time. Melina joins Bennett and Galli at the commentary table, although she refuses to put on a headset.

Thunder Rosa versus Allysin Kay for the NWA Women’s Championship

Trading waistlocks. Kay powers Rosa to the mat and maintains her grip. Rosa breaks free. Nice sequence of ground wrestling from both competitors. Rosa briefly locks in a crossface but Kay escapes and each woman resets. Back and forth face shoving. Snapmare and PK from the champ. Kay repeats the same spot, her kick echoing throughout GPB. Rosa goes for a running PK but Kay dodges it and school-boy pins her… two count. Rosa regroups on the outside, then hits an armbreaker back inside the ring. Rosa goes after Kay’s arm just as she did at the PPV, tying it up in the rope and driving her boot into it. Rosa traps Kay in the corner… she unloads strikes. Kay lands an upkick from the ground. Big chop from Kay. Rosa off the ropes… very athletic counter sees Rosa lock in a deep armbar. Kay in trouble… she somehow sticks out her foot and places it on the ropes to force a break. Kay and Rosa rock each other with stiff forearms. Back and forth striking… hockey fight! They each go for a running boot and take each other out. Crowd hot for this match. Both women are down.

Rosa dodges a corner attack and lands the elevated double-knees to Kay’s chest. Marti Belle for some reason comes out. Kay and Rosa argue with Belle for being here. Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox chase Belle away. Rosa tries to steal a win with a quick pin… Kay comes back with a neckbreaker. Running knee and jackhammer by Kay for a nearfall. Belle sits by Melina, while Vox and Steelz stand at the other side of the commentary table. Stunner from Rosa, followed by a release German suplex. Gory special… Kay refuses to stay down. DVD by Rosa. Still not enough. Rosa pops up Kay onto the ropes… school boy pin with added pressure… she got her!

Thunder Rosa wins by pinfall to retain the NWA Women’s championship

Crowd gives a nice applause to both competitors. Afterwards Rosa questions Belle for coming out. Belle and Melina talk as Rosa angrily heads backstage. Fans chant “you don’t need them.”


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