Monday, January 20, 2020

Carrillo Challenges Andrade Following RAW

Carrillo Challenges Andrade Following RAW
This week's RAW saw Andrade retain his title over Rey Mysterio in a Ladder Match. After the match, Andrade went to put Rey down on the exposed concrete at ringside, but Carrillo returned to make the save.

Carrillo had been away since the post-Gauntlet Match beating he took from Andrade in mid-December. The plan has been for Andrade to go from the feud with Rey to a feud with a new top babyface, which is Carrillo.

As seen below, Sarah Schreiber spoke with Carrillo after Monday's return. She asked Carrillo why he made the save for Mysterio.

"You know, I'm tired. I'm tired of Andrade wants to disrespect a legend like Rey Mysterio," Carrillo said. "That can't happen. Andrade, I want to challenge you for a match for the United States Championship at Royal Rumble. And if you are a real man, and you wanna pick on somebody, pick on me."

Andrade has not responded to the challenge as of this writing, but we will keep you updated.