Impact Rebellion Results – April 28, 2019

Impact Rebellion Results - April 28, 2019

We are live from the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario. Your announcers are Josh Mathews and Don Callis, and we are ready for the first match of the night!

Petey Williams vs. Jake Crist vs. Aiden Prince vs. Ace Austin vs. Cousin Jake vs. Eddie Edwards (Six-Pack Scramble)

Half the field immediately gets bounced from the ring, Edwards and Williams go to work in the ring, but Edwards hits a suicide dive to the outside. Williams follows with a hurricanrana from the ring down to the floor on Edwards. Prince looks to fly, but Austin hits a springboard spinning kick to stop that. Austin looks to fly and takes everyone out just as Crist hits a midair cutter on Austin.

Prince with a tornado flaterline on Crist, Williams looks for a canadian destroyer on Edwards, nope, but he is able to lock in a sharpshooter. Jake plants Williams into the mat, cover, two. Crist lands four kicks to the head of Jake, sending him out of the ring. Austin with a flurry of kicks on multiple wrestlers. Crist hits a flying cutter on Austin in the ring. Prince with a nice 450 splash, cover, Austin breaks up the pin and goes to work on Prince. Edwards hits a tiger bomb on Austin, cover, two. Williams with a canadian destroyer on Jake. Austin breaks up the pin, rolls up Williams for the victory.

Winner: Ace Austin via Pinfall

– Josh Mathews and Don Callis talk about Impact Plus, a new streaming service for the promotion, which will have the promotion’s library along with new events.

– Sami Callihan cuts a promo saying he plans on breaking Rich Swann’s legs in their match tonight. Also notes it will be an oVe Rules Match, but oVe is also barred from ringside.

Rohit Raju (with Gama Singh and Raj Singh) vs. Scarlett Bordeaux (with Fallah Bahh)

Raju charges in and get slapped, he takes her down and steps on her back. She trips him and does the same. He runs in and gets sent out to the floor. Bordeaux with the baseball slide, misses Raju but hits his partner. Back in the ring he sends her into the turnbuckle and taunts a bit. Crowd booing him as he grinds her fingers with his boot. Bordeaux with some forearms, snap suplex by Raju, cover, and he picks her up off the canvas.

Crowd cheer her on as he talks some smack, she slaps and spits on him. Bordeaux gets sent into the corner, boots Raju in the face, back elbow, chops to the chest, forearms, Bordeaux with a tilt-a-whirl into a crossface submission in the middle of the ring. He’s able to roll out of it, she tries for a german suplex, nope. He goes in for a clothesline, she dips under and hits a german suplex this time around. He heads out to the floor for a breather, she goes up to the top for a splash down to the floor and takes out two people. Back in the ring, while Gama distracts the referee, Gama drops Bordeaux. Referee distracted again, Bordeaux with a lowblow on Raju, then plants him down on the mat, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Scarlett Bordeaux via Pinfall

The Rascalz (Dez, Wentz & Trey) vs. Moose & The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander)

Moose and The North goes to work on Dez in the early parts of the match, constantly tagging in and out. Dez gets put up on the top turnbuckle, Moose with a standing dropkick, then tosses Dez across the ring. Moose is able to knock Trey off the apron. Dez finally gets in a reversal for a tornado DDT. Page is tagged in, Alexander immediately tags himself in as they are able to stop Dez from tagging out. The North clears out Wentz and Trey then focus back on Dez.

Wentz hits a springboard cutter on Moose, Trey with a springboard hurricanrana on Moose. Wentz with the assisted shooting star press off the ramp. Trey looks for a flip out on Moose, but gets caught and sent into the barricade. Dez then comes out of nowhere with a flip off of the back of Alexander and takes out Moose. Back in the ring, Trey with a boot to Alexander’s head, 619, Trey with double knees, Wentz hits a swanton, Dez with a 450 splash and Page ends up powerbombing one of the Rascalz to break up the pin attempt. Moose and The North get control of the match, clear out Trey and Wentz. Moose with a spear on Dez for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Moose and The North via Pinfall

– Backstage, Impact World Champion Johnny Impact says it doesn’t matter who’s reffing, he’ll win the match because the ring is his domain. Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie says it doesn’t matter how strong Jordynne Grace is, her winning streak is going to be broken tonight.

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Jordynne Grace (Impact Knockouts Championship)

Grace immediately takes the champion down and swings away on her. Grace slips under Valkyrie on the apron, electric chair, drops her face-first on the apron, then hits a powerbomb on the edge of the apron, cover, two. Back in the ring, Valkyrie charges in, gets booted, Grace with a second senton splash, cover, two. Valkyrie gets back into the match, wraps her arm around the ring post a couple times, knee to the face, cover, not even a one-count. Valkyrie with some shots to the back, forearms, drops her to the mat, looks for a cross armbreaker, but rolls over yanks back on her other arm, Graces gets to the rope with her foot.

Grace on the apron, kick to the arm, hanging DDT, pin, two-count. The challenger really getting worked over, finally hits a clothesline, but really selling an arm injury now. Powerslams by Grace, Valkyrie goes back to the arm, michinoku driver by Grace, two count. Valkyrie with a kick to the head, goes to the top rope, Grace stops her, muscle buster, cover, two. Grace can’t believe it, goes for another cover, two. Multiple pinning attempts, but nobody gets close to a three-count. Grace driver attempt, nope, Valkyrie with back elbow, headbutt, road to valhalla, cover, and that will do it!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie via Pinfall

– Backstage, Melissa Santos asked Gail Kim what made her decide to come back in the ring to face Tessa Blanchard. Kim says even though she enjoyed her current role, she says Blanchard wouldn’t listen to her and she’s doing this to teach Blanchard a lesson in respect.

Rich Swann (c) vs. Sami Callihan (oVe Rules for the X-Division Championship)

oVe is barred from ringside for this match. Things are off to a fast start with Callihan getting sent out to the floor. Swann grabs a stable gun and pops Callihan in his chest, shoulder, and forehead. Callihan is able to get control of the staple gun and staples Swann in the mouth. He then boots Swann over and over in the corner. Swann with a superkick, sending Callihan out to the floor. Swann looks for a suicide dive and gets crushed with a cookie sheet to the face. The champion gets clocked one more time with the cookie sheet.

Callihan with a piledriver on the apron! Callihan puts a barricade piece across the ramp and steps. Callihan smacks Swann with a bottle of water. Back in the ring, Callihan looks to powerbomb Swann towards the guardrail. Swann wriggles away, grabs a chair and cracks Callihan over the back with it. Swann sets the chair up, looks for a suplex, no, exploder suplex through the chair, Swann in a lot of pain after that one. He grabs a cookie sheet, and smacks Callihan in the head. Swann gets spit on, eats the spit, puts a trash can on Callihan’s head and kicks it a few times.

Twisting vertical suplex on the garbage can, cover, two-count. Swann smacks Callihan with a sign, over and over again out on the stage. Callihan gets slammed into the metal stage set up, but then uses it for a hurricanrana. The two get closer to the ring, Swann does a handspring cutter using the ring ropes. Swann goes to the top, leaps, gets punched. They’re near that metal barricade, Callihan with a lowblow, pildriver on the metal barricade!

Back in the ring, cover on Swann, but only a two-count. Callihan goes under the ring, brings out one giant lego, opens it and dumps out tons of tiny legos. He brings Swann up to the second rope, looks for a piledriver, no. Swann with a standing hurricanrana, sending Callihan into the pile of legos, pin, two. Callihan with a handful of powder, blinds Swann, second rope piledriver on the legos! Pin, two!

Callihan goes under the ring once again and pulls out a barbed wire bat. He tells Swann to quit, Swann spits on him, lowblow on Callihan. Swann takes the bat, but hesitates as Callihan says “I love you.” Swann smacks him with the bat, then uses it with a crossface submission, Callihan taps out.

Winner: Rich Swann via Submission

– Melissa Santos talks with Tessa Blanchard and tells her what Gail said about teaching Blanchard a lesson in respect. Blanchard is tired of hearing about that, she knows about respect and talks about her family’s achievement in pro wrestling. Blanchard says she respects what Kim has done, even before there was an evolution. All of that went away though when Kim costed her the Knockouts Title. Blanchard said Kim is going to learn a lesson regret. Tully Blanchard suddenly shows up and says he’ll be at ringside to watch her match and tells his daughter to continue walking her own legacy. “You beat Gail Kim,” Tully says before heading off.

Gail Kim vs. Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard and Kim go nose-to-nose almost immediately and talk some trash. Blanchard throws the first punch and swings away in the corner. Kim recovers and goes for the first pinfall, two. Blanchard with a hurricanrana, springboard dropkick sends Kim down to the floor. Blanchard with a suicide dive, sending Kim crashing into the barricade. Blanchard barks at Kim’s husband who is in the crowd.

Kim with a 619 using the ring post. Back in the ring, Kim hits running shoulder tackle in the corner, looks to do the figure-four using the ring post, but Blanchard kicks her away. Reset in the ring, Kim with a boot to the face, heads up to the top, gets her feet kicked out from under her, hits a big codebreaker, pin, two. Blanchard with a backbreaker, saito suplex, cover, two. Kim hasn’t been able to string a set of moves yet in this one. Blanchard with some taunting punches and kicks, sending her opponent into the corners.

Kim dazes Blanchard, looks for a crossbody, Blanchard moves and Kim goes out to the ring. Both women on the apron, swinging away on each other. Kim yanks Blanchard into the ring post, Kim then flops back to the floor Blanchard slides into the ring, Kim grabs her legs again and pulls off the figure-four on the ring post. Kim with a slap to the face, Blanchard shoots back some forearms. Kim yells “screw you!” and sends more forearms at her opponent. Running boot, Kim misses a second boot, heads to the top rope, crossbody hits, pin, two.

Kim looks for eat defeat, gets kicked out to the ramp. Blanchard follows, back and forth attacks. Blanchard looks for a suplex on the ramp, no, Kim kicks her away, Blanchard lifts and launches Kim off the ramp and down to the floor. Blanchard looks for the buzzsaw, no, slingshot vertical suplex, no, Kim lands eat defeat! Cover, 1-2-no! Kim heads to the top, Blanchard stops that, goes up, Kim looks for a dragon sleeper, Blanchard bites her arm.Blanchard gorilla presses Kim off the top. Blanchard hits magnum, cover, 2! Blanchard with a neck submission, but Kim gets a foot on the rope. Blanchard rolls back to the middle of the rope and Kim taps out.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard via Submission

– Post-match, Blanchard goes out and hugs her Dad. He says to go back in and shake Kim’s hand. Blanchard goes in, looking like she’ll beat up Kim so more, but they shake hands. Kim gives her a hug, says some words to her, and Blanchard cries. Blanchard raises up Kim’s hand and heads to the back. Crowd with a “Thank You, Gail!” chant as she celebrates a little bit before heading to the back.

Johnny Impact with Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo (c) vs. Brian Cage w/ Lance Storm as the Special Guest Referee (Impact World Championship)

Cage immediately puts Impact in the corner, then turns him inside-out with a shoulder tackle. German suplex, F-5, cover, two. Cage lifts and plants Impact, pin, two. Buckle bomb on Impact, Cage with a deadlift second rope suplex, cover, two. Impact has gotten no offense as of yet. Impact momentarily stops Cage, flying leg lariat, sliding knee strike, standing shooting star, pin attempt, Cage just stands up with Impact. Fallaway slam, standing moonsault, pin, two.

Both out on the ramp, Cage looks for a powerbomb, no, Impact with a spanish fly from the ramp down to the floor! Storm starts up his ten-count. Storm tells Impact to get in the ring, he should win it in there. Impact says a few things to Storm before going out to the floor. Cage is now busted open. Impact drops Cage, cover, two. Cage fires away on Impact, but eats a kick to the face. Impact with a kick to the head, double springboard spear on Cage!

Cage is moving slow, he’s really talking to Impact right now, pretty sure Cage is hurt. Taya and Bravo are setting up a table on the floor. Impact is looking to send Cage on the table, no, swinging neckbreaker on Cage, cover, two. Impact looks to work in the table again, Cage ends up powerbombing the champion through the table. Cage is still moving really slow as he gets back into the ring. Bravo tries to slow Cage down. Cage with forearm. Impact then clocks Cage in the back with the title. Storm looks like he saw it, but Taya pulled him out of the ring. Impact with a baseball slide on Storm.

Impact smacks Cage with the title, then tosses it to Taya. Cage thinks Taya did it, powerbombs her. Impact smacks Cage with the title, Bravo jumps in and takes over as referee. Starship pain hits, cover, two. Storm superkicks Bravo out of the ring. Storm looks to call for the DQ, Cage tells him no. Cage with a superkick, rough looking drill claw hits for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Brian Cage via pinfall to win the Impact World Championship

– Post-match, Michael Elgin makes his Impact debut. He confronts Cage, the two jaw a bit before Elgin punches him and hits a spinning powerbomb. Elgin holds the title for a moment before laying it on Cage and heading it to the back.

– Impact Slammiversary will take place on July 7 in Dallas, Texas.

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix (c) vs. LAX (Santana and Ortiz with Konnan) (Impact World Tag Team Championship – Full Metal Mayhem Match)

LAX go right to work, taking out both Pentagon and Fenix on the outside. Tables are set up on the outside against the barricades, LAX go to climb up on the apron, get kicked off, Pentagon and Fenix both leap over the top rope and send LAX going through each table. Fenix with a chairshot to the back of Ortiz. Pentagon with a garbage can to Santana.

Fenix and Pentagon get some momentum, look for the early cover, two. Santana gets a trash can over the head, double superkicks, pin, two. Ortiz gets in there with a pan and smacks both opponents. LAX works over Pentagon, cover, Fenix flies in to break up the count. Fenix with a flurry of kicks to drop both opponents. Santana leaps off Ortiz’s back for a senton on Fenix. Chair set up, double stomp/cutter down on some chairs, pin, two. Santana sends Pentagon flying into the crowd. Santana brings out a ladder.

All four sit in chairs and swing away on each other. LAX asks Konnan for forks, they try to stab, nope, instead they get chairs to the face. Pentagon and Fenix celebrate and get chairs to the face. All four wrestlers are down. LAX sets up a bunch of chairs, Fenix is put up on the top turnbuckle. LAX look to suplex him, but Pentagon stops that with a trash can lid. Fear factor (double stomp/piledriver) hits on the chairs, pin, Santana somehow kicked out of that.

More chairs are set up, Fenix on the top, Ortiz kicks him down. Santana spins and drops Pentagon on a chair. A table is still out on the ramp as a ladder is put up in the ring. Fenix ends up walking the rope, hits a spanish fly on Ortiz through the table! Fenix doesn’t rotate enough though, nearly lands on his head. Pentagon driver on Santana through a chair, cover, Santana kicks out. How?

Pentagon finds another unbroken table, sets two up in the ring next to the ladder. Bag of thumbtacks are then spilled out on the table. Santana with a handful of tacks, superkick, puts Pentagon kind of on one of the tables, but he climbs up with Santana. Back and forth punches, Pentagon looking for a suplex, but Ortiz stops him, he slips under for a powerbomb. Santana stabs Pentagon a bunch of time with that fork from earlier on. Ortiz ends up powerbombing Pentagon through the table (Santana yelled “wait” just before, maybe was going to do a double stomp along with the powerbomb?), cover, 1-2-3. New champs!

Winners: LAX via pinfall to win the Impact World Tag Team Championship.

– Post-match, Konnan checks on everyone and talks with both teams. He asks them if they are going to squash this. Both team end up hugging and raises up their arms. The Impact locker room empties out to give respect to the two tag teams. LAX celebrates.

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