Wrestling Legends and Their Financial Ventures

Wrestling Legends and Their Financial Ventures

The wrestling legends have not only set a mark inside the wrestling ring but also have explored in the business field. Whether investing in real estate or owning shares in personal fitness companies, these athletes have not only secured their future but also continued to diversify their income in the post wrestling era. Here are some of the most famous wrestling superstars and how they have dealt with financial issues:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Evolution from Wrestling to Acting, and Business

John Cena is perhaps one of the most famous people in wrestling and now in Hollywood. Johnson was a wrestler himself but later moved to acting and is currently among the best paid actors. In this respect, he has achieved much outside Hollywood in the sphere of business.

Teremana Tequila

Johnson started Teremana Tequila and it has grown rapidly to be among the most sought-after brands. The firm adopts the concept of artisanal, limited production tequila, a factor that makes it unique and sustainable. This has not only diversified Johnson’s revenue base but has brought in a significant revenue stream into his business.

Project Rock

Johnson also, in 2012 under the partnership with Under Armour, introduced Project Rock which is a fitness apparels and accessories brand. The brand is very popular with its product line cutting across from wears and accessories during workouts to headphones, which has greatly boosted his earnings.

John Cena

Diversifying Through Investments

Another wrestling star, John Cena has also extended his investment front in other business fields apart from wrestling.

Real Estate Investments

Cena has also bought houses in different areas, meaning he has invested in real estate significantly. Real estate offers income in the form of rents and capital gain on the property, which can assure its owners of a continual income in the future.

Endorsements and Media

Cena has many sponsorships and besides wrestling he has also tried his hand in acting and has featured in movies and television series. The additional income from his acting roles in various film franchises and appearances on television has also added to his wealth, proving that it is not just limited to his wrestling career.

Triple H (Paul Levesque)

Leadership and Business

Paul Levesque aka Triple H went from top wrestler to top executive in WWE. His business skills have been key to WWE’s growth and expansion.

WWE Executive

As WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development, Triple H is responsible for talent recruitment and development so WWE remains the number one wrestling promotion in the world. He’s been instrumental in signing top talent and growing the brand globally.

The Undertaker (Mark Calaway)

Strategic Investments and Brand

Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker has invested his earnings wisely so he’s financially set for life after retirement.

Real Estate Ventures

The Undertaker has invested in various real estate properties, residential and commercial. These investments give him a steady income and he’s playing the real estate growth.

Forex Trading as a Financial Venture

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Steve Austin

Steve Austin, aka “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has taken his brand beyond wrestling.

Broken Skull Ranch

Austin owns the Broken Skull Ranch which is a physical ranch and a brand that includes a line of beer, “Broken Skull IPA” brewed in collaboration with El Segundo Brewing Company. This has been a big success and another revenue stream for Austin.

Media Presence

Austin has a big media presence with his podcast “The Steve Austin Show” where he interviews celebrities and talks about everything from wrestling. His media ventures have kept him relevant and financially set after wrestling.

Dave Bautista

Acting and Charity

Dave Bautista, aka Batista has made the transition to acting and is also involved in charity work.

Hollywood Career

Bautista’s roles in big movies like “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Dune” have made him a successful actor. His Hollywood career has grown his earnings and shown he’s talented beyond wrestling.


Bautista is also involved in charity work and supports various causes and charities. He’s committed to giving back and shows us how to use our platform and wealth for good.

Chris Jericho

Music and Business

Chris Jericho has expanded his career by going into music and entrepreneurship.


Jericho is the lead singer of the rock band Fozzy. The band has released several albums and toured big time, another revenue stream for Jericho.

Books and Podcasts

Jericho has written several books and has a popular podcast. These allow him to connect with the fans and share his stories, another way to diversify his income.


Wrestling legends have shown that with smart investments and diversification, financial stability can be achieved beyond the ring. Their ventures into various industries demonstrate the importance of planning and leveraging opportunities. By exploring different investment options, anyone can take steps towards financial independence and success.

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