7/9 NXT Results

7/9 NXT Results

7/9 NXT Results – The new NXT Men’s Champion Ethan Page makes his way to the ring and he has security on the floor around the ring.

Ethan says six weeks, that is all it took for him to take over this entire brand.  For him to accomplish something that miraculous in such a short time, it would take determination and adaptability.  Being a world class athlete and having a huge ego helps.  Ethan says you should have seen your faces at the end of Heatwave.  It was priceless.  Ethan says everyone in this room hates Ethan.  This cameraman probably hates Ethan Page.  The entire locker room hates Ethan Page.  

That is why he has security around the ring with him.  That keeps any overzealous degenerates from coming to the ring after him.  He does not have time for delinquents.

Oro Mensah goes for a spin move, but he does not have the agility of Robin Williams in Best of Times.

Ethan thanks security for getting rid of the trash.  Ethan thanks Ava for banning Oro from Heatwave so he doesn’t interrupt another opportunity for him.  He got to go home to main event one of the greatest shows in NXT history and he walked out as champion.  Ethan promises that, as your NXT Champion, he promises that none of these ‘outsiders’ come to NXT and ruin what we have.  What they have in NXT is so very special.  If you don’t mind indulging him, he would like everyone to join him in ‘WE ARE NXT”

Ethan says he is NXT.  The Whoop That Era is officialy done.  We have entered the Era of Ego.

Trick Williams makes his way to the ring.  He tells Page you got the w at Heatwave, but he will get even.  He will get even with his rematch.  Trick says he wants his rematch tonight.

Ethan tells Trick he knows he is emotional.  Ethan says he is happy that Trick came out to ruin his celebration because he wanted to thank Trick for that Trick Shot because it allowed him to fall into the championship.  Ethan says he knew that Trick would come out to demand a rematch.  Ethan says he is the guy and the title proves that.  As far as your request . . . DENIED.

Shawn Spears comes out and he says that Ethan owes him a thank you.  If he did not have his view obstructed at the end of the match, you wouldn’t have won.  He tells Trick that he has been runing his mouth for a while but who is the goofy ass now?  You lost without being pinned.  Shawn says he tried to tell Trick what would happen.  Shawn says he can’t let Trick get a rematch.  He goes to the back of the line.

Not to feel left out, Je’Von Evans comes out.  He tells Shawn and Ethan to shut the hell up.  Evans says he knocked both of them out and pinned them and he almost became the new champion.  He shot his shot and he is going to shoot it again.  He isn’t waiting for anyone.

Evans punches Page and Trick punches Shawn.  They return fire and Trick and Evans send Ethan and Shawn to the floor.

We take a look at how we got the tag team partners from Heatwave as opponents tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at how the Heritage Cup match was set up over the weekend.

Match Number One:  Karmen Petrovic versus Arianna Grace

They lock up and Grace sends Karmen to the mat.  Grace with a shoulder tackle and she says she is better.  Karmen blocks a punch and Karmen sends Grace to the mat a few times.  Karmen slaps Grace.  Karmen with kicks to the midsection and a round kick for a near fall.  

Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx make their way to the ring to watch Karmen apply a bridging chin lock.  Grace with a back elbow to Karmen and an elbow off the turnbuckles to the back of the neck for a near fall.  Grace with a seated abdominal stretch.  Karmen with forearms and a kick.  Karmen tries to send Grace into the turnbuckles but Grace blocks it.  Grace sends Karmen into the turnbuckles but misses a stomp.  Karmen with a leg sweep and spinning round kick to the back for the three count.

Winner:  Karmen Petrovic

After the match,, Fallon Henley attacks Karmen from behind and connects with forearms to the back.  Fallon tells Jacy and Jazmyn she is sick of these rookies.

We go to Brooks Jensen with Ava earlier today.

Ava tells Brooks his actions have been out of line.  Brooks apologizes to her and Shawn for what he did.  He got lost and out of control.  He says he is not here to make any excuses and he owns up to his actions.  

Ava says the life and job aren’t easy.  There are a lot of ups and downs and highs and lows.

Brooks says this is all he wanted to do as a second generation superstar.  He says Ava knows.

Ava says that her and Shawn wanted to release him but a few people vouched for Brooks so they will give him a second chance.

Brooks thanks Ava and he says Ava won’t regret this.  She tells Brooks that he is a superstar 24/7 and he has to hold himself that way.

They shake hands.

We go to commercial.

Eddy Thorpe is doing some DJ work from the HBalKony.

Match Number Two:  Lexis King versus Tony D’Angelo for the Heritage Cup

Round One

They lock up and Tony with a wrist lock and an arm wringer.  King with a kick to escape.  They lock up and Tony with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  King walks over Tony’s back.  Tony with a spinebuster and arm drags into an arm bar.  King with punches in the corner but Tony with an Irish whip.

Tony with a back body drop and arm drag into an arm bar.  King with a drop kick and chops.  King misses a chop and Tony with a chop.  Tony holds on to the ropes when King goes for a drop kick.  Tony goes for a Boston Crab but King fights him off.  Tony with a double leg take down and he tries for the Boston Crab and he locks it in and King holds on to the end of the round.

King with a shot after the round ends.

Round Two

King has something to say to Thorpe and Tony with Fuggedaboutit for the three count.

Tony D’Angelo 1 Fall
Lexis King 0 Falls

Round Three

Tony with punches and King with a knee and elbow to the back of the head.  Tony sends King to the floor and King pulls Tony to the floor.  Tony with a punch to King and King moves and Tony goes into the ring steps.  King runs Tony’s ribs into the apron.  King with a kick to the ribs.  King with a knee to the midsection and a kick to the back.  King grabs Tony by the ear and connects with a forearm to the back.  King with shoulders in the corner.  King goes for a knee to the midsection but Tony wit a rollup for a near fall.

King with a slingshot double stomp to the back.  King gets a near fall.  King with forearms to the collarbone and a seated abdominal stretch.  King with a punch to the midsection.  Tony wtih uppercuts and a butterfly suplex.  Tony misses a splash into the corner and King with a running body block to the back followed by Coronation for the three count.

Lexis King 1 Fall
Tony D’Angelo 1 Fall

Round Four

King with a drop kick as the bell rings.  King with kicks and a short arm clohesline.  Tony with a clothesline and both men are down.  Tony with many punches to King followed by a belly-to-belly suplex or two.  King with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall.  King with an elbow.  Tony goes to the turnbuckles to stop King and King with punches and a head butt.

King with a DDT off the turnbuckles for a near fall.  King has a super kick blocked.  King blocks Fuggedaboutit for an inside cradle and a near fall.  King sets for Coronation but Tony with a spinebuster for the three count.

Winner:  Tony D’Angelo (retains championship)

We go to the back where Je’Von Evans is being attacked by Brooks Jensen. 

Josh Briggs wants to know what is he doing.  He says he stuck his neck out for Brooks.

Brooks says he is trying to make an impact.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Thea Hail bounces in the back and she says she is going to beat Izzi and get them back on track.

Ridge shows up and says they stole the show and he has done some stuff for them.  He says he got Thea the match for Izzi to show what she can do against Roxanne.  Ridge says he got Duke a title match for next week, against Oba Femi.  Riley says Oba is going to destroy Oba.  Ridge says that Duke will be the one to knock him off his throne.

Thea yells many words together at the same time.

Match Number Three:  Tyriek Igwe and Tyson Dupont versus Mark Coffey and Wolfgang

Tyson and Igwe attack Gallus on the way to the ring and then the referee starts the match.  Mark clotheslines Igwe from the apron and Wolfgang gets a near fall.  Wolfgang with a slam and he gets a near fall.  Tyson with punches and then Igwe tags in and they hit a double shoulder tackle.  Igwe with punches and an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow.  Igwe with a shoulder.Mark with a drop kick and Wolfgang tags in.  Igwe with punches to both men and Mark with a back slide and Wolfgang with a knee drop.  Mark with a kick.  Wolfgang with punches in the corner.

Wolfgang with an Irish whip and he misses a splash.  Tyson tags in and he hits shoulder tackles on Mark and a drop kick to Wolfgang and Mark.  Tyson with a side slam to Mark.  Tyson gets a near fall.  Igwe tags in and Joe pulls the ropes down and Tyson goes to the floor.  Igwe misses a clothesline and Mark with a forearm.  Wolfgang tags ina nd they hit the flying boot and F-5 for the three count.

Winners:  Mark Coffey and Wolfgang

Kelly Kincaid is with Trick Williams and she asks about having to find a new partner after what happened to Je’Von.

Trick says Brooks did Je’Von dirty.  No one is going to stop him from a title match.  He will face them two on one tonight, but he says maybe he should find a partner.

Wes Lee walks in the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Wes Lee makes his way to the ring.

Wes says he has had a rough couple of days.  He went into Heatwave believing he could beat Oba Femi and get back his North American Title.  You saw what happened.  Oba was the better man.  Wes says the match wasn’t the only thing he put everything into.  He knew what his goal was when he got out of surgery.  To beat the unbeatable.  That pushed him through rehab.  He visualized his arm being raised and he could feel the title in his hands again.  

That is not how it happened.  He says he doesn’t know where to go from here.  He has been beaten before, but this was different.  He says he has had one hell of a run in NXT but he has to be honest with everyone and himself.  He says it is time for . . . 

Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel make their way to the ring.

Wes wants to know what are they doing here.

Wentz wants to know what Wes is doing here.  No one wants to see him go.  Trey says they miss him so much.  Trey says he can’t believe they are here.

Wes says he has missed them so much.  He says he has been watching them and he is proud of what they have become.

Wentz says this isn’t about them, it is about Wes.  He is the best North American Champ ever and Trey says they were the best tag team in this building.  He says it is time to get MSK back together and that the Rascalz wreck shop around here.

They do their chin thing and hug.

Ethan Page and Shawn Spears are in LOCKER ROOM and Sarah asks them about the match.

They ask if she is talking about the handicap match.  They say they are looking forward to beating Trick again.  They don’t believe that he will find a partner.  Shawn says he has a lost soul to look for.

Ethan tells Sarah to leave and give him some space to get ready for his match.

Match Number Four:  Thea Hail (with Duke Hudson, Ridge Holland, Andre Chase, and Riley Osborn) versus Izzi Dame

Thea with kicks but Izzi blocks a kick and pushes Thea to the mat.  They lock up and Izzi with a break and a kick that sends Thea to the floor.  Thea with a split to avoid a punch and she gets a near fall with a sunset flip.  Thea with a wrist lock and arm wringer.  Thea with an arm bar.  Izzi with snake eyes to Thea.  Izzi with kicks in the corner.  Izzi with an Irish whip and a back breaker for a near fall.  Izzi with an STF.  Thea crawls to the ropes but Izzi pulls Thea back into the center of the ring and reapplies the STF.  

Tatum Paxley makes her way onto the ringside barrier and Izzi with a forearm to Tatum.  Tatum escapes a slam and Izzi goes into the ring post when Tatum moves.  Thea with a suicide dive to Izzi.  Thea goes up top and hits a cross body and running double sledges.  Thea with a cross body and a kick.  Thea with a flip neck breaker.  Thea with divorce court and a kimura that forces Izzi to tap out.

Winner:  Thea Hail

After the match Oba shows up on the HBalKony and he tells Duke that his new friend must like him since he begged Ava for a match.  You will find out that is a big mistake because he will destroy Duke.

Duke says it is the same old crap.  He tells Oba not to underestimate his opponent next week.  He says he has the attention of Trish Stratus and he blew the roof off the building this weekend.  He says he is the MVP.  He says it will be his pleasure to take that title from him next week after giving Oba the biggest Andre Chase University Ass Whooping.

Wes, Zachary, and Trey walk in the back. 

Wes says he was about to quit.

Gallus stop them and they say that the internet has to be loving this.  Joe asks what to call them.

Wolfgang says they don’t want any TNA guys, especially that Scot.

Bronco and Lucien tell Luke and Karl that they are messing with the wrong ones.

We are back and Ava yells at Brooks for attacking Je’Von.  Josh says Brooks is going to be there with Brooks.

Ava says if Evans is ready, he will be facing Brooks next week.

Josh says he wants Shawn Spears for what he did.  Ava tells Josh he cannot interfere in the match.

Stevie suggests Briggs as Trick’s partner.

Match Number Five:  Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson versus Bronco Nima and Lucien Price (with Jaida Parker)

Luke and Nima start things off and Luke with uppercuts and an Irish whip.  Karl with a splash and suplex.  Luke misses an elbow int he corner and Nima with a kick and a delayed vertical suplex on Luke.  Nima has some words for Luke and then Karl.  Luke with punches.  Luke with kicks in the corner and Karl tags in.  Karl with a punch to the midsection followed by a chop.  Nima runs Karl into the corner and tags in Price.  They hit a double back elbow and forearms for a near fall.  Price runs into a knee in the corner and Karl with chops.  Price with a uranage and he sets for a clothesline in the corner and connects.  Nima tags in and he kicks Karl and gets a near fall.  Nima with a forearm.

Price tags in and he punches Karl in the midsection.  Karl with a jaw breaker and he connects with an uppercut and he tags in Luke.  Luke with clotheslines and he knocks Nima off the apron.  Luke with a kick and Iris whip followed by a hip in the corner and a flying back elbow.  Luke with a splash into the corner and Karl tags in.  They hit a neck breaker and belly-to-back suplex combination for a near fall.  

Michin comes thorugh the crowd and officials and security have to hold them apart.

Back in the ring Luke goes for the mask and he punches Nima.  Nima with a knee to Karl’s back and Nima tags in.  Price knocks Luke off the apron.  They hit a modified Hellevator for the three count.

Winners:  Bronco Nima and Lucien Price

We see Fallon Henley’s comments about Sol Ruca getting a title match.  

Kelly asks Sol about Fallon’s comments.  Sol says Kelani was great but she will be ready when she gets a rematch.  Sol says she doesn’t have any problems with Fallon.  You either put in the work or you bitch and Sol says she puts in the work.  We know what side Fallon is on.

We are back and Charlie Dempsey says mistakes won’t be tolerated.  He asks Myles and Myles doesn’t respond.  Myles says mistakes won’t be tolerated.  Tavion asks if they do this often.

Wren Sinclair is in the MOST DANGEROUS PARKING LOT IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT and she says she didn’t see anything.

Match Number Six:  Sol Ruca versus Fallon Henley

They lock up and Fallon with a wrist lock.  Sol with a front face lock and Fallon with an arm wringer but Sol lands on her feet.  They lock up and Sol with a snap mare and Fallon with a cartwheel.  Sol with a drop kick and Sol lands on her feet on a hip toss and hits an X Factor for a near fall.  Sol walks on her hands after flipping over Fallon and Fallon kicks Sol before she can give Fallon a handstand head scissors.  Fallon sends Sol into the turnbuckles.  Fallon spins Sol around and hits a flying arm bar.  Sol sends Fallon into the turnbuckles and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Fallon with a kick and she works on the arm.  Fallon with a jumping thrust kick for a near fall.

Fallon with a crossface chicken wing attempt but Sol blocks it.  Fallon stretches Sol.  Sol with a rollup for a near fall.  Sol with a springboard cross body and a second one.  Sol goes to the apron and she kicks Fallon.  Fallon hits the ropes when Sol goes for a springboard move.  Fallon with a flying spinning bulldog for a near fall.  Fallon with a waist lock and Sol escapes.  Sol with a cutter and a drop kick.  Sol with a waist lock and Fallon slaps Sol.  Sol gets Fallon up and Fallon gets to her feet.  Sol with Sol Snatcher and Jacy and Jazmyn attack Sol

Winner:  Sol Ruca (by disqualification)

Nyx with a Pele kick.

We see Tatum talking to her Izzi voodoo doll.  She says the cool girls like Izzi don’t want to play with her.  Why is Izzi so above her.  Titles will always be there waiting for her. When she is done playing with Izzi.  She rips the head off the doll.

Wendy picks up the doll.

We see Brooks Jensen behind a door.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cedric Alexander walks out of Ava’s office with her and Stevie.

Ava says she is looking forward to seeing Cedric next week.

Stone shows up and he introduces Ava to Ashante Thee Adonis.

They go into Ava’s office to talk and Stone closes the door in her face.

Next week, Duke Hudson faces Oba Femi for the North American Title.  Gallus faces The Rascalz next week.

Match Number Seven:  Ethan Page and Shawn Spears versus Trick Williams and Joe Hendry

Trick and Page start things off and Trick with punches and he connects with a clothesline.  He brigns Spears into the ring and he punches Spears.  Page punches Trick and he goes for a pile driver but Trick blocks it and he Irish whips Page and splashes him.  Joe tags in and they hit a double back elbow.  Joe gets Spears up and drops Spears to the mat with a fireman’s carry psition.  Joe with a delayed vertical suplex to Page and a clothesline that sends him over the top rope.  Trick with a cross body off the turnbuckles to Spears and Page.

Trick sends Page into the turnbuckles a few times.  Trick with a hard Irish whip and chop.  Trick hits the turnbuckles and Spears tags in and he chops Trick.  Spears with an Irish whip but Trick with a clothesline out of the corner.  Joe tags in and he kicks Spears.  Joe with an uppercut and chop in the corner.  Joe with more chops.  Spears with a head butt.  Page tags in and he punches Hendry.  Page with shoulders in the corner.  Page misses an elbow drop when Joe moves.  Joe with a flying back elbow.  Joe with European uppercuts to Page.  Page iwth a round kick to the temple and another kick.  Spears tags in and he punches Joe and kicks him in the head.  Spears with a chop and Page tags in.

Page punches Joe and chops him.  Joe with chops.  Page with an elbow to the back of the neck.  Page with a front face lock.  Page with a guillotine on Joe.  Joe turns it into a suplex to escape.  Trick with clotheslines and then Page with a uranage to Trick.  Page with a shoulder tackle off the apron to Trick.  Spears with a neck breaker on Trick for a near fall.  Spears runs his laces across the face.  Page and Spears with a double suplex for a near fall.  Page with a front face lock.  Spears tags in and he punches Trick in the ribs.  Spears with chops.  Trick with elbows and punches.  Trick with a jumping neck breaker and both men are down.

Page pulls Spears to his corner and Joe distracts the referee.

Oro Mensah batters Page and they go through the crowd.

Joe tags in and he connects with a clothesline and Irish whip but he runs into a boot.  Joe with a DDT.  Joe with a fallaway slam.  Joe sends Spears over the top rope and Trick with a jumping knee.  Joe with a uranage for the three count.

Winners:  Trick Williams and Joe Hendry

We go to credits.

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7/9 NXT Results

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