Triple H Discusses Netflix Censorship, The New Bloodline, Chad Gable

Triple H Discusses Netflix Censorship, The New Bloodline, Chad Gable

Triple H Discusses Netflix Censorship, The New Bloodline, Chad Gable – WWE Raw will officially move to Netflix in January 2025, marking the first time the program will be off cable television since it premiered in 1993.

Appearing on the Pat McAfee Show, Triple H was asked if there would be changes to the program once the show moves to Netflix.

“We spend large chunks of our time, every day, when we’re not thinking about the business at hand now, we’re thinking about those moments. In the fall, as the shows shift around, and then once we get to Netflix. Netflix is a completely different animal. It’s a streaming service. How are commercials going to work? How are breaks going to work? What’s the length of time? What are the restrictions or not restrictions? Being on Fox, if the crowd chants ‘holy shit’ or something worse, they take the audio (out). Sometimes, they take the picture and the audio out and it’s a black screen. The Rock comes in and you can’t tell what The Rock to do. He does what he does. We won’t have those issues with Netflix. The ability to be live globally and be seen live everywhere is a game-changing moment. In many ways, that’s sort of where the world is heading; streaming services. The NFL is sticking its toe in the water. NBA, every sport. It’s why this Netflix deal, for us, is so game-changing and everyone is going to be watching us in January, especially other sports, from the business side, they’re going to be watching to see what we do, what we do differently, and how it’s received,” he said.

Triple H was also asked when Roman Reigns might return.

“When you talk about Tribal Chief, you’re talking about Roman Reigns, no matter who lays claim to that now. You see the Bloodline carrying on. You see Solo putting himself out there as the Tribal Chief. You see Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa coming in. You see those guys starting to run wild. Then, the game changer happens of Jacob Fatu coming in. He’s a game changer. You very clearly see that shift of ‘we’re running the show now. This is the new Tribal Chief. This is the new Head of the Table.’ That’s only going to last so long before there is a return. Let’s hope that Heyman’s nerves can take it. He looks like he’s on his very last nerve. It’s an exciting time. That is ramping up big and they’re starting to go after Cody Rhodes and the WWE Title,” said Triple H.

Triple H was asked about Chad Gable following the Wyatt Sick6’s brutal attack.

“Yeah, he’s good. You see things on TV, and it escalated quickly from, ‘Here’s Chad Gable laying down, he’s obviously unconscious, got a little blood on him,’ to, ‘Oh my god, he got shot in the head, he’s dead.’ Here’s obituaries being put up on him and people wishing him well. Look, it’s one of the wonderful things about our fans is, they just love to be engaged in the product and to, in their minds, fantasize where it can go and what it’s gonna be. It’s an awesome part of what we do. Every now and then, we gotta pull back into reality a little bit, like, ‘No, Chad Gable is still alive,’ if we can just clarify that for the record. He’s still alive, and if you come to [Raw] tonight, you will probably see him actually competing. That’s the kind of stud he is,” Triple H said.

Triple H Discusses Netflix Censorship, The New Bloodline, Chad Gable

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