6/19 AEW Dynamite Results

6/19 AEW Dynamite Results

6/19 AEW Dynamite Results – We are live from the EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, VA, as MJF makes his way to the ring for his match against RUSH.


The bell rings and the two waste no time going after one another. They fire off right hands on one another before Rush lands a chop on MJF. MJF responds with a chop of his own, but Rush lands a headbutt on MJf and fires off stomps on him. Rush delivers a right hand on MJF’s midsection, then follows it up with a back body drop and fires off more stomps.

MJF lands a Sunset Flip on Rush, but Rush levels him and gloats. He connects with a series of forearms on MJF in the corner, then teases landing the Bull’s Horns but opts not to land it. He lands a stomp instead, but MJF fires off right hands on Rush. Rush responds with some right hands of his own, then delivers a German suplex and goes for a pin. MJF kicks out, and Rush fires off right hands on MJF. he charges at him, but MJF moves out of the way and delivers a DDT. MJF connects with a piledriver and goes for a pin, but Rush kicks out.

MJF charges at Rush, but Rush delivers a belly-to-belly suplex to MJF in the corner. MJf looks to fly, but Rush lands a right hand on him and follows it up with a piledriver. He goes for a pin, but MJF kicks out. Rush then sends MJF repeatedly crashing into several of the barricades on the outside, then grabs a chair from under the ring and slides it in the ring. He then grabs a cable from under the ring and hits MJF with it a few times.

Rush then grabs a sign from the crowd and tears it up, then sits MJF on a chair and charges at him. MJF moves out of the way, and Rush is sent crashing into the barricade. Rush then delivers a belly-to-belly throw to MJF off the apron and onto the floor. He dumps him back inside the ring and sets up for Bull’s horns. MJF gets up before he can land it and levels Rush with a clothesline, then hits a spinebuster and fires off right hands on Rush. He sends Rush’s head repeatedly bouncing off the top turnbuckle and rains down right hands on him in the corner, then bites him and connects with a piledriver. MJF then delivers a Brainbuster to Rush for the win.

Winner: MJF

After the match, The Cage of Agony and Hechicero appear on the screen to send a message to MJF.

Backstage With Mark Briscoe, Orange Cassidy, Kyle O’Reilly & Dante Martin

Backstage, one-half of tonight’s All-Star 8-Man tag appears with Renee Paquette backstage. Mark Briscoe does the talking for them, which is becoming more and more entertaining each week. He talks about their being two words of the day today until Jack Perry walks by.

Everyone looks shocked to see him just pass by like it was no big deal. Briscoe yells, “Get out of here, Jack Perry!” and then wraps up. They walk off except for Orange Cassidy, who gives Renee a friendship bracelet. We then head to a commercial break.

Will Ospreay, Swerve Strickland Face-To-Face

Ospreay tells Strickland the last time they were in the same ring, he took the AEW World Championship and put it on his shoulders. He says while Strickland says he couldn’t carry two titles at the same time, he begs to differ as he held three titles on three different continents at the same time. He says Strickland is about to find out that he’s the best wrestler in the world today.

Strickland corrects Ospreay and says he’s the best wrestler in the world today, and says he’s been watching Ospreay for a long time. He says they’ve taken two different career paths in the last five years, but it’s all led to the Forbidden Door main event between them. He recalls how Ospreay beat Kenny Omega at Forbidden Door last year, and questions if Ospreay will need Don Callis to dethrone him as AEW World Champion.

Ospreay says he doesn’t need Don Callis or The Don Callis Family as we see the stable watching what’s happening from backstage, then rattles off all the major names he’s beaten since last June. He asks Strickland if he feels the pressure of being in the ring with the best in the world, and says whether it’s the Os-Cutter, the Storm Breaker, or the Hidden Blade he uses to dethrone Strickland at Forbidden Door, Strickland will have to look at all the fans and admit that he was wrong.

Strickland says Ospreay keeps using the word ‘if’, and says Ospreay is well acquainted with other professional wrestlers. He says he got rid of all his friends, and says they’re just numbers to him. He asks Ospreay who he is if he breaks his leg or his arm, and questions if the fans will love him the same way. Strickland says Ospreay can break any of his bones or shave his head, but he’s still Strickland. He says the AEW World Championship will consume someone, and says he’s trying to teach Ospreay a lesson. He says that Ospreay will have to sacrifice everything, including his wife and his son.

Ospreay tells Strickland not to invoke his son’s name, and Nana diffuses the situation. He tells them to save all their fire for Forbidden Door, and asks whose house it is. Ospreay says it’s Bruv’s House and looks to leave, but Strickland stops him and asks Ospreay what if he wants to make things personal. He says the AEW World Championship is everything to him, and tells Ospreay to say hello to his wife and son. Ospreay runs back into the ring and gets in Strickland’s face.

After this wraps up, we shoot backstage to The Don Callis Family, who talk about how they were just disrespected by the comments he made. We head to a commercial break.

All-Star 8-Man Match
Orange Cassidy, Dante Martin, Kyle O’Reilly & Mark Briscoe vs. Roderick Strong, Kyle Fletcher & Konosuke Takeshita, Zack Sabre Jr.

Everyone begins brawling with one another as Sabre Jr. stares down Cassidy. Sabre Jr. and Cassidy are left alone in the ring, and the bell sounds. Mark and Fletcher then begin the action, and Fletcher delivers an enzuigiri to Mark that sends him crashing to the outside. Fletcher then delivers a tope suicida to level Mark, but O’Reilly flies off the apron to level him and locks in an Knee Bar on Strong using the middle rope.

Takeshita levels Mark with a boot, but Cassidy lands a dropkick on Takeshita that sends him crashing to the outside. Sabre Jr. dumps Cassidy onto the apron, then locks in an Arm Bar using the top rope as Mark flies to level Fletcher. Martin then delivers a hurricanrana to Takeshita in the ring.

Back from the break, Cassidy looks to put his hands in his pocket, but Sabre Jr. stops him. The two go back and forth before Takeshita becomes legal and levels Cassidy. Strong tags himself in, and Takeshita gets in his face. Unknown to them, O’Reilly has tagged in on his side and sends Takeshita crashing out of the ring with an enzugiri. Strong delivers a backbreaker to O’Reilly, then connects with a chop on him. O’Reilly responds with a few forearms, then trips Strong and tags in Martin. Martin delivers a double hurricanrana to Sabre Jr. and Strong, then levels Fletcher with a crossbody off the top rope and rains down right hands on Takeshita.

Back from another break, Mark delivers a Death Valley Driver to Takeshita before O’Reilly ascends to the top. Mark ascends to the top and delivers an elbow drop, and O’Reilly follows it up with a knee off the top. Martin tags in and delivers a crossbody off the top, and Cassidy tags in. He then ascends to the top and delivers an elbow drop of his own. Sabre Jr. grabs Cassidy’s ankle, and Takeshita lands a boot on him. Sabre Jr. then tags in and everyone then begins brawling with one another in the ring.

Sabre Jr. lands an uppercut on O’Reilly, and the legal Cassidy looks to land Stun-Dog Millionaire on Sabre Jr.. Sabre Jr. avoids it and Cassidy pins him, but Sabre Jr. kicks out. Strong tags in and delivers an enzuigiri to Cassidy. He sends him crashing into the mat face first, but Cassidy delivers the Orange Punch to him for the win.

Winners: Orange Cassidy, Mark Briscoe, Kyle O’Reilly and Dante Martin

Jack Perry appears and blindsides Martin on the ramp as Mark and Takeshita brawl to the back. Sabre Jr. and Cassidy then stare one another down, and Cassidy puts his hands in his pocket.

Don Callis Approaches RUSH

After a new Mercedes Mone training and talking video package airs promoting her champion versus champion showdown against Stephanie Vaquer at AEW & NJPW: Forbidden Door 2024, we go backstage and see RUSH when Don Callis says something to him in Spanish that gets his attention.

AEW Tag-Team Championship Eliminator
The Young Bucks vs. The Acclaimed

Kazuchika Okada appears on the big screen in the control position, allowing The Bucks to blindside The Acclaimed on the ramp. Anthony Bowens brawls with Nicolas Jackson as Max Caster brawls with Matthew Jackson. Caster and Matthew get inside the ring, and the bell sounds. Bowens tags in and delivers a neckbreaker to Matthew as Caster holds him in place. Nicholas tags in, and The Acclaimed double team on him. Caster delivers a bodyslam to Nicholas, then holds him in place for Bowens to connect with the Scissor Me Timbers.

Matthew and Caster tag in, and Caster delivers an arm drag to Matthew. Matthew whips Caster into the ropes, and Nicholas lands a kick on his spine. Caster clocks him, but is sent crashing out of the ring where Nicholas beats him down.

Back from the break, Caster teeters on the top rope and delivers a double crossbody to The Bucks. Bowens tags in and delivers a pair of forearms to The Bucks, then lands a Famouser on Nicholas. Matthew levels Bowens with a superkick, but Bowens lands a back elbow on him. Nicholas tags in and ascends to the top as Matthew drapes Bowens off the middle rope. Nicholas delivers a senton before Matthew tags back in and The Bucks look to land the EVP trigger. Bowens catches both of The Bucks’ knees, but Matthew lands a kick on his midsection and Nicholas trips him. The Bucks then land a double superkick, and Matthew pins Bowens. He goes for a pin, but Caster kicks out.

The Bucks set up for the TK Driver on Bowens, but Bowens sends Matthew crashing into Nicholas. Matthew deliversa low blow to Bowens while the referee isn’t looking, then tags in Nicholas. The Bucks then deliver the EVP Trigger to him and go for a pin, but Caster once again breaks the fall. Matthew tags in, and The Bucks deliver a Sliced Bread-powerbomb combination to Bowens out of the corner.

Matthew gets hold of one of the AEW World Tag Team Championship belts, but Bowens ducks out of the way. The referee disposes of the belt, and Nicholas grabs the other belt. He looks to hit Bowens with it, but Bowens ducks out of the way and Nicholas accidentally hits Matthew with it instead. Bowens then delivers the Arrival to Nicholas, and Caster follows it up with Mic Drop. Bowens then pins Matthew for the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed

We then head backstage, where HOOK and Samoa Joe storm into the Premiere Athletes’ locker room as Katsuyori Shibata films them. They find a note from the Premiere Athletes, where they challenge the three men to a trios match against them and Mark Sterling.

Mina Shirakawa, “Timeless” Toni Storm Forbidden Door Contract Signing

May tells Storm and Shirakawa that she loves them both, and says no matter what happens at Forbidden Door. Shirakawa grabs the mic from May and tells her to shut up, and says Storm has gotten soft and weak as AEW Women’s Champion. She says everyone wants her to hold the title, and no one wants Storm. She promises to take Storm’s title and May from her at Forbidden Door, then signs the contract.

Storm tells Shirakawa she has advice for her: chin up, tits out, and watch for the shoe. She then signs the contract, and Shirakawa then tells May she has to choose. Saraya and Harley Cameron then storm down to the ring as Anna Jay appears and sends Shirakawa crashing into the ring post. Saraya then attacks Storm in the ring as Cameron and Jay set up the table in the corner. She looks to send May crashing through it, but Storm clocks Saraya, Cameron, and Jay with her shoe. She then delivers a suplex to Saraya and looks to land a Hip Attack on her through the table, but Cameron and Jay pull her out of the ring and Storm is sent crashing through the table.

Kris Statlander vs. Nyla Rose in a Quarterfinals Match for the Women’s Owen Hart Cup Tournament

The bell rings and the two lock up. Statlander looks to land a shoulder tackle on Rose, but Rose responds with one of her own. Rose fires off stomps on Statlander in the corner, then lands a boot and a crossbody on her. Rose drapes Statlander on the top rope, but Statlander escapes and sends Rose crashing to the outside.

Back from the break, Rose sends Statlander crashing into the corner. She delivers a clothesline to her, then delivers a splash to her in the corner and connects with a cannonball in the corner. Statlander delivers a kick to Rose’s head, then follows it up with a Scissor Kick. She then ascends to the top and looks to land a 450 Splash, but Rose rolls out of the way and ascends to the top. Statlander lands a boot on her head, then sends her crashing into the mat with a piledriver for the win.

Winner: Kris Statlander

After the match, Hathaway grabs a mic and calls out Willow Nightingale. Nightingale then appears on the Big Screen and puts Statlander on notice, telling her that she’s coming for her in the Women’s Owen Hart Cup Tournament when she beats Serena Deeb.

Daniel Garcia vs. Rhett Titus

The bell rings and Titus wastes no time going after Garcia. He fires off strikes on him, but Garcia dropkicks him into the corner and lands three twisting neckbreakers on him. He then delivers an elevated flatliner for the win.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

After the match, The Cage of Agony and Hechicero appear and beat down Daddy MAgic and Garcia. MJF’s music hits and he runs down to the ring to make the save. Cage then delivers a suplex to MJF, and Hechicero locks in a submission on MJF. Will Ospreay’s music hits and he lands the Os-Cutter on Hechicero and Cage. He and MJF then send Hechicero and Cage crashing out of the ring, then bump into one another and stare each other down. Ospreay then helps Garcia up and holds up his hand and the AEW International Championship.

We return backstage to Will Ospreay being approached by Renee Paquette. She asks what was that with he and MJF. He says he couldn’t care less about MJF he saw Daniel Garcia needed help. Brian Cage rushes at him but is held back. Ospreay offers him a shot at his International title on this Saturday’s AEW Collision.

Owen Hart Tournament
Claudio Castagnoli vs. PAC

The bell rings and PAC dropkicks Castagnoli into the corner. He ascends to the top and lands a second dropkick, then brawls with Castagnoli on the outside. PAC sends Castagnoli crashing into the barricade, then gets him back inside the ring and ascends to the top. PAC delivers a dropkick to Castagnoli off the top rope, but Castagnoli rolls out of the ring. Castagnoli then delivers a pop-up uppercut on PAC on the outside.

Back from the break, PAC fires off right hands on Castagnoli, then sends him crashing into the ring post shoulder first. PAC then delivers a hurricanrana off the ring apron to Castagnoli, then connects with a springboard moonsault and a Tornado DDT. PAC gets Castagnoli back in the ring and delivers an elbow drop off the top rope, and the two go back and forth with forearms. PAC fires off kicks on Castagnoli, then ascends to the top and looks to fly. Castagnoli moves out of the way.

Castagnoli delivers The Swing to PAC, then turns him inside out with a clothesline and goes for a pin. PAC kicks out, and Castagnoli looks to land the Ricola Bomb. PAC avoids it and locks in a submission on PAC, but Castagnoli counters into a Sharpshooter. He transitions into a crossface, but PAC escapes and rolls up Castagnoli. Castagnoli kicks out, and PAC rolls him up. Castagnoli reverses the fall, but PAC transitions into a pin of his own. The two continue to pin one another until PAC gets Castagnoli’s shoulders down for the three count and the win.

Winner: PAC

After the match, PAC looks to show respect to Castagnoli, but Castagnoli ignores him and rolls out of the ring before he heads to the back. He stares down PAC, and the show goes off the air.

–– Here is what’s in store for the show ––

  • MJF vs. RUSH (Commercial-Free)
  • AEW Tag Team Title Eliminator: The Young Bucks vs. The Acclaimed
  • AEW Continental Title Eliminator: Kazuchika Okada vs. TBA
  • “Timeless” Toni Storm and Mina Shirakawa’s contract signing
  • Swerve Strickland and Will Ospreay Face-To-Face
  • Orange Cassidy, Dante Martin, Kyle O’Reilly & Mark Briscoe vs. Roderick Strong, Kyle Fletcher & Konosuke Takeshita, Zack Sabre Jr.

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6/19 AEW Dynamite Results

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