Bo Dallas Talks to Uncle Howdy About Bray Wyatt’s Death

Bo Dallas Talks to Uncle Howdy About Bray Wyatt's Death

Bo Dallas Talks to Uncle Howdy About Bray Wyatt’s Death – Bo Dallas, widely known to be the man behind the Uncle Howdy mask, has added a deeply personal and emotional layer to WWE’s current storylines. As Uncle Howdy, he briefly worked with his brother, Bray Wyatt, before Wyatt’s untimely passing in August. After Wyatt’s death, Uncle Howdy disappeared from WWE for over a year.

On the June 17 episode of WWE RAW, Uncle Howdy and the Wyatt Sicks made a violent and impactful debut, attacking numerous individuals backstage. This marked the return of Bo Dallas to the WWE stage, albeit under the mask of Uncle Howdy.

During tonight’s episode, Nikki Cross handed Michael Cole a VHS tape from the Wyatt Sicks. The tape revealed a conversation between Uncle Howdy and Bo Dallas, providing a poignant insight into Dallas’s motivations and feelings.

In the video, in which Bo Dallas took on a significant double role, Uncle Howdy asked Dallas about his emotions following Bray Wyatt’s death. Dallas expressed his deep admiration for his brother, stating, “All I ever wanted was to be like my brother. We were going to rule together, and we finally made it, but it was taken away.” He conveyed the profound impact of Wyatt’s death on him, emphasizing that no one else could understand his loss.

Uncle Howdy then questioned Dallas about whether he felt he was exposing his brother’s legacy. Dallas responded that they were trying to erase Wyatt and the Wyatt Sicks from memory, but their return forced everyone to remember. Howdy acknowledged this, and the video ended with Howdy and Dallas sitting together, reinforcing their unity and shared mission.

This storyline not only serves as a tribute to Bray Wyatt but also deepens the character development of Uncle Howdy and Bo Dallas, creating a compelling narrative for WWE fans.

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Bo Dallas Talks to Uncle Howdy About Bray Wyatt’s Death

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