6/29 AEW Collision Results

6/29 AEW Collision Results

6/29 AEW Collision Results – This week’s episode was taped Wednesday night, June 26 in Buffalo, New York at the KeyBank Center. Here are the full results:

Stephanie Vaquer vs. Lady Frost

TBS Champion Mercedes Moné is ringside for the match. She has a chair at the end of the ramp. Frost goes right for Vaquer, but ended up on the mat. Frost with an armdrag, but Vaquer put her in a submission hold. Frost gets to the rope and Vaquer dragged her to the corner. They went to the opposing corner where Frost kicked her off the apron. Frost did an armdrag off the step. Frost did a headstand on the apron and Vaquer kicked her in the face. Moné got in Vaquer’s face and they talked crap to the commercial break.

After the break, Vaquer had Frost in a submission hold. Vaquer drove her face into the mat repeatedly. Frost connected with a lariat and a roundhouse kick. Frost with a cannonball in the corner. She went up top for a tornillo and took Vaquer down. Moné cheered her own. Vaquer with a DDT. They exchange shoulder tackles in the corner. Frost with a cartwheel and a dropkick. Vaquer with a dragonscrew over the rope. She followed with a package piledriver over the knees and a pin.

After the match, Moné got in the ring to hold up her title. Vaquer left the ring instead. Her tag team partner, Zeuxis attacked her from behind. Moné with a backstabber. Vaquer did a package piledriver over the knee.

Winner: Stephanie Vaquer

Serena Deeb vs. Kelly Madan

Madan and Deeb lock up with Deeb backing her into the corner. Deeb with a knife edge chop. Across the ring, Deeb with a neckbreaker across the middle rope. Deeb with a lariat. Deeb with the Deebtox for the win.

After the match, Deeb refuses to be put in wrestling purgatory just because she was knocked out of the Owen Cup tournament. She asked for a top opponent. RIHO accepted her challenge. 

Winner: Serena Deeb

Hechicero vs. Kevin Blackwood

The Learning Tree were surprised by HOOK, Samoa Joe and Katsuyori Shibata. Their brawl spilled into the ring. NJPW Television Champion, Jeff Cobb came out for the save.

Hechicero made it to the ring with Kevin Blackwood already waiting. Hechicero quickly took him down and took control of his leg. He pinned Blackwood’s leg down and put him in an ankle lock. He followed with wristlock. Blackwood got in strikes before Hechicero hit him with a knee in the corner. He took Blackwood to the mat and focused on his arm. He put Blackwood in armlock and spun around before dropping him over the knee. Hechicero put Blackwood in a triangle hold. Blackwood verbally tapped. After the match, Hechicero wouldn’t released the hold. 

Winner: Hechicero

Daniel Garcia vs. The Butcher

Garcia hugged and kissed his family before getting in the ring. Daddy Magic is on commentary. The fans chanted “both these guys”. Butcher took Garcia down immediately. They locked up with Butcher driving him to the corner. The two locked up again with Garcia backing Butcher up, but Butcher reversing him into the corner and getting in body shots.

Garcia took control and kicked Butcher. He continued to take it to Butcher, but Butcher threw him out of the ring. On the outside, Butcher threw him into the barricade. He put Butcher in a chair and did a running dropkick. He went for it again, but Butcher caught him and threw him onto the barricade.

After the break, Butcher is still in control back in the ring. Garcia chopped Butcher and Butcher hit him really hard. Butcher with a backbreaker. He took Garcia to the corner and hit him a few times. Garcia with a couple of kicks to Butcher, but he was unphased. Garcia with a neckbreaker. He followed with forearms into the corner. Garcia rained down punches until Butcher carried him to the middle. He tried taking Butcher down with lariats and it didn’t work. Butcher bounced off the ropes and Garcia took him down with a lariat. Garcia took Butcher off his feet and hit a piledriver for the win.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Hikaru Shida vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo went for the arm, but Shida reversed. They took turns working each other’s arm. Purrazzo took her down to the mat, but Shida got out of the hold. Purrazzo put Shida in a wrist lock. Shida put her in a side headlock. Purrazzo hit her with a shoulder. They exchanged blows and Shida hit her with a enzuiguri. In the corner, Shida rained down right hands before tossing her out of the ring on the opposite side of the ring. Shida followed with a crossbody off the middle rope. Purrazzo stomped Shida on the arm from the apron and followed with a big boot.

After the break, they exchanged blows. Purrazzo went for a kick, but her leg was caught. Shida rained down forearms and then took wrist control. Shida blocked a spinning knee and hit her with several jumping knees. Purrazzo stopped a falcon arrow and took her down with a Russian leg sweep. Purrazzo locked in the Fujiwara armbar. Shida got her leg on the rope.

Shida jumped down from the top rope and kicked Purrazzo in the jaw. She hit a Falcon Arrow, but Purrazzo reversed. Shida hit a Katana for the win and to advance to the next round of the Owen Cup.

After the match, Purrazzo attacked Shida. Before she could attack Shida with her own kendo stick, Thunder Rosa made the save.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Lio Rush, Mark Briscoe, & Dante Martin vs. Jack Perry, Konosuke Takeshita, & ELP

Briscoe, Martin, and Rush came to ring first. Don Callis is on commentary because of Takeshita. Perry left Takeshita and ELP on the ramp.

Lio and Perry start things off, but Perry tagged in Takesita. He pushed Lio back and Lio shoved him. He hit a diving crossbody. Takeshita took Lio down with a big boot and hit him a few times. He tagged ELP in the chest to tag him in. Lio with an armdrag and a dropkick. Martin tagged in and immediately tagged in Briscoe so they could team up on ELP. Lio took control over ELP and put him in a submission. Lio tagged in Martin, who tagged him back in. ELP shoved Briscoe off the apron. ELP was almost to his corner when Martin grabbed his ankles to stop him. ELP kicked Martin in the head. He then dropped Lio over his shoulder onto Martin. Perry jumped down so he couldn’t be tagged in. Briscoe dropkicked Perry through the ropes.

After the break, Takeshita and ELP are in the ring with Martin. They began shoving one another and they went for Martin, who hit them with a double hurricanrana. Martin tagged in Briscoe. Briscoe took on both ELP and Takeshita with Redneck Kung Fu. He chopped ELP into the corners. He went for the pin, but Perry broke it up. Briscoe went for Jay Driller, but ELP with a thrust kick. Lio superkicked ELP and then kicked Takeshita off the apron, followed by a tope suicida. ELP with one of his own. Martin did the same onto ELP.

Martin tagged in, but Lio did a frog splash first and Martin did a crossover frog splash. Perry once again breaks up the pin. Briscoe threw Perry out of the ring. He went for a cannonball off the apron, but Perry moved and posed on the floor. Lio leapfrogged ELP and then drove his knee into Martin’s groin. Takeshita flipped Lio over and grabbed him by his pants. He followed with a release German Suplex. Martin jumped off the top rope, but Takeshita moved and then suplexed him. Martin landed on his feet. Martin went for a hurricanrana, but Takeshita went for a powerbomb. Martin reversed that into a hurricanrana. Martin went up top, but Perry pushed him off. Martin kicked him in the ear and knocked him off the apron. Takeshita with a Blue Thunder Bomb on Martin and a V-Trigger for the win.

Perry hit Takeshita with the TNT Championship. He tried to hit ELP, but ELP ducked and did a spinning heel kick into his mouth. ELP took the title and Lio hit him with a cutter. Lio and Dante each had hold of the title when they were hit by Briscoe with a ladder. He climbed the ladder with the title. He tossed it down and then did a flip off the ladder.

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita

The Weigh In: Will Ospreay and Swerve Strickland

Prince Nana oversaw the weigh-in. Ospreay is joined by Kyle Fletcher and weighed in at 220 pounds. Swerve was joined by an entourage of Westside Gunn and other men. Swerve weighed in at 230 pounds. They took official photos and talked trash.

Nana asked for any final words. Ospreay said in 24 hours, he’ll prove that he’s the best wrestler. Swerve replied that all the pressure is on Ospreay, not him. Ospreay shoved Swerve in the face. Both men had to be held back. Ospreay broke free and did a running Hidden Blade before taking the World Championship from Nana.

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6/29 AEW Collision Results

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