6/22 AEW Collision Results

6/22 AEW Collision Results

6/22 AEW Collision Results – Saturday night’s alright for fighting, and we are live as Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring!

Samoa Joe, HOOK, and Katsuyori Shibata vs. The Premiere Athletes

The bell rings, and it’s Samoa Joe and Tony Nese starting things off while the crowd chants “Joe’s gonna kill you.” They lock up, Nese gets Joe’s back but Joe counters into a wristlock. Nese gets a side headlock on Joe, but Joe shoves him off the ropes and shoulder blocks him to the mat. Joe grabs Nese, who escapes and comes off the ropes, but Joe drops him again with a back elbow and tags in HOOK. HOOK pummels Nese in the corner and on the ropes, Nese tries to fight back and counters a German Suplex into a standing double stomp.

Nese tags in Ariya Daivari, who chops HOOK in the corner before getting him into a full nelson. HOOK fights to his feet and breaks the hold, escapes and tags in Shibata, who stares down the Premiere Athletes. Josh Woods tags in and he and Shibata exchange forearms to the face. They then exchange cross arm breaker attempts on the mat. Shibata wins the exchange but Woods gets to the ropes. Woods fights out of a wristlock, but Shibata gets him in a knee bar. Nese breaks it up, then gets tagged in. Nese chops Shibata in the corner, but Shibata shows FIGHTING SPIRIT. Nese whips Shibata into the turnbuckle and goes for a moonsault, but Shibata walks away from it, which delights Joe. Joe tags in and hammers Nese in the corner. Mark Sterling is able to distract Joe and Woods hangs him up on the ropes, which allows the Athletes to drop Joe with a double shoulder tackle. Woods is in now, he pummels Joe and goes for a cover but only gets one. Joe tries to fight back but Woods punches him and attacks his partners on the apron. Joe is able to trip up Woods, hit a senton, and tag HOOK, who begins cleaning house with suplexes.

HOOK has Nese down, Woods tries to interfere, Daivari hits a German Suplex on HOOK, who tags in Shibata. Shibata lays into Nese and hits a dropkick in the corner, followed by a vertical suplex. The pinfall attempt only gets two, but Shibata transitions into an arm bar and Nese taps out!

Winners: Samoa Joe, HOOK, and Katsuyori Shibata

Bang Bang Gang are backstage. Juice Robinson says AEW won’t allow the freebird rule and recognize him as a trios champion. They remind us that House of Black has a trios title match (when Murphy gets back) and talk some smack about PAC. Jay White isn’t with them, but they imply he’ll be back soon, and everyone had better hope they don’t meet him in the Owen Hart Tournament.

Chris Jericho and Big Bill vs. Private Party

Jericho starts things off with Marq Quen, but then immediately tags in Bill. Quen tries a side headlock, but Bill throws him off the ropes and shoulder blocks him down. Bill get Quen in the corner with strikes, then delivers a Big Show-esque chop to the chest. Bill then throws Quen across the ring with a biel. Quen stands up in the corner but Bill smashes him with a running splash against the turnbuckle. Bill hits another biel on Quen, who is being dominated here. Bill tries another splash in the corner, but Quen moves, then delivers a shotgun dropkick. Quen briefly hits some strikes in the corner, but then Bill basically knocks him out with a punch.

Bill tags in Jericho, and they hit a double team move on Quen, dropping him. Jericho hits some chops on Quen, but Quen is able to take Jericho down and tag in Kassidy, who hits a pair of takedowns on Jericho and delivers a flurry of punches. Jericho rakes the eyes to take back the advantage, but Kassidy fights back with elbows, bounces off the ropes, and does some kind of needlessly complicated transition into a tornado DDT. Quen tags in and punches Jericho, but Bryan Keith grabs his foot and distracts him, allowing Jericho to take Quen down as we go to commercial.

Back from break, Jericho has Quen in the corner and picks him up to the top turnbuckle. Jericho climbs up and goes for a superplex, but Quen blocks him and drops him to the mat. Quen comes off the top rope with a crossbody and gets a two count. Quen tags in Kassidy, who hits a crossbody of his own, followed by a dropkick. Bill comes in, but Kassidy low bridges him over the top rope and drops him with a trademark Jericho springboard dropkick. Kassidy with a sunset flip for a two count on Jericho, then tags in Quen, who Irish Whips Jericho into the corner. Quen hits a series of kicks and comes off the ropes, but Jericho hits him with a strike to knock him down. Jericho goes for a Lionsault but Quen gets the knees up and Kassidy hits Bill with a dive to the outside. Kassidy with a Swanton Bomb on Jericho, Quen hits a 450 Splash, but Jericho kicks out at two. Bryan Keith distracts the referee while Bill come in to deliver a boot to Kassidy. Jericho crawls into the pinfall but only gets two.

Jericho delivers knees to the side of Kassidy’s head, but Kassidy fights out with punches and chops. Jericho reverses an Irish Whip, but Kassidy goes for a rana, which Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho. Kassidy fights toward the ropes and finally gets there! Jericho tags out to Bill, who gets hit with a kick from Kassidy. Kassidy bounces off the ropes and tries to do something, but Bill hits the Bossman Slam for two. Kassidy can’t even stand, Bill taunts him. Quen is back, but Bill goozles him and hits a chokeslam on Quen onto Kassidy. This also only gets a two count. Bill tags Jericho, who climbs to the top rope. Bill goes for a chokeslam on Kassidy, who reverses and knocks Bill into Jericho. Quen with a dropkick on Jericho, Bill knocked out of the ring with a double clothesline, Private Party hit Gin and Juice on Jericho, who kicks out. Kassidy knocks down Jericho with a clothesline, but Keith hits Kassidy with some kind of foreign object and Jericho covers Kassidy for the pin.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Big Bill

Keith delivers boots to Kassidy after the match, but Quen fights him off and then Joe, HOOK, and Shibata run down for the save. Shibata traps Keith’s arm and delivers a Shayna Baszler arm breaker stomp. Joe gets on the mic and says every idea that comes from the Learning Tree sucks. They come from different schools of thought, because Joe believes in the crucible of combat, and that’s what he suggests. He challenges the Learning Tree to a trios match at Forbidden Door.

AEW Continental Championship Eliminator Match: Kazuchika Okada vs. Ultimo Guerrero

After a commercial break, Kazuchika Okada makes his way to the ring, followed by Ultimo Guerrero, making his AEW debut. The two take a moment to face off, and Guerrero offers a handshake. Okada slaps his hand away. They lock up, Guerrero gets Okada’s back and takes him down. They exchange technical wrestling counters and face off once again. Guerrero is trying to get the crowd on his side, but it sounds like the louder chant is “Okada.” Guerrero comes off the ropes and drops Okada with a shoulder tackle, but he misses a lariat and the two come off the ropes and the same time and slam together in the middle of the ring. Guerrero goes for a pin but Okada kicks out quickly.

Guerrero backs Okada into the corner and slaps him, then hits a forearm and more chops. Guerrero drops Okada with a bodyslam, then backs him into the corner again and chops him again. Guerrero throws Okada against the ropes and clotheslines him as he comes back. Okada into the corner again, Guerrero with knees. He might have heard the crowd chants and audibled into wrestling as the heel, it certainly seems that way. Guerrero gets Okada in a headlock and then tries another submission hold, but Okada gets to the ropes. Guerrero goes after Okada’s knee but Okada powers him out of the corner and walks around with Guerrero on his shoulders. That leads to him just falling down and Guerrero taking advantage again. They basically do that again but Okada drops Guerrero’s head across his knee as we go to break.

Coming back, Okada and Guerrero trade big running shots in the corner, then both go down from a double clothesline. Okada runs at Guerrero in the corner but gets sent over the ropes onto the ring apron, Guerrero the hits a running dropkick to send Okada to the outside. Guerrero whips Okada into the barricade and chops him. Guerrero rolls Okada into the ring, but Okada counters into a dropkick. Okada pulls Guerrero to his feet, goes for the Rainmaker but Guerrero ducks. Okada dodges an attempted Guerrero splash in the corner, climbs up to deliver strikes, but Guerrero walks him out and hits a powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Pin attempt, Okada kicks out. Guerrero lifts Okada up to the top rope and climbs up after him, goes for something but Okada gouges his eyes. Okada goes for the Rainmaker again and misses again, gets rolled up for two. Okada then takes Guerrero’s mask off (possibly accidentally?) and hits the Rainmaker for the win.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada

Backstage, Lexy Nair interviews Top Flight. Dante Martin says the last time he was in a ladder match, he broke his leg, and it took a lot of hard work to get back here. He had to relearn how to be inhuman. A lot of people say it’s crazy for him to go back into a ladder match, but he’s determined to become TNT Champion. Lio Rush approaches and Action Andretti congratulates him on beating him on “Rampage.” Rush says he’s a man of his word and has Dante’s back, but come Forbidden Door, he wants the TNT Championship for himself. Rush and Martin face off before Top Flight walks away.

After a commercial break, a video package airs recapping the recent story of The Patriarchy.

Christian Cage, Killswitch, and Nick Wayne vs. The Iron Savages and Jacked Jameson

The Iron Savages comes out and Jacked Jameson is on the mic, cutting a promo on The Patriarchy as they make their way to the ring, telling Christian Cage they’re going to take him to Titty City. The Patriarchy comes out after them. Christian Cage makes his way to the announce booth, so apparently this is a 3-on-2 handicap match. He’s on commentary. Killswitch starts with Bronson, who pumps himself before Killswitch knocks him down and tags in Wayne. Wayne dances around Bronson and kicks him arrogantly a few times. Wayne bounces off the rope into a Bronson back body drop. Bronson graps Wayne and says it’s time for Titty City, and he rubs Wayne’s face in Boulder’s chest. Wayne tags in Killswitch who knocks every down. Killswitch with strikes in the corner on Bronson, Irish Whips him across the ring and drops him with a kick. Boulder tries to come in but Killswitch knocks him out of the ring. Jameson tries to take off Killswitch’s mask from the apron, but KIllswitch knocks him off the top rope onto Boulder on the outside, then presses Wayne over the top rope into them.

Killswitch grabs Bronson’s throat, but Bronson fights back with strikes and clotheslines, taking Killswitch to his knees. He comes off the ropes, but Killswitch goozles him and chokeslams him. Nick Wayne tags in and hits a springboard cutter on Bronson as Christian finally makes his way to the ring. He tags in and Wayne and Killswitch pick up Bronson and set him up for the Killswitch, which gets Cage the pinfall.

Winners: The Patriarchy

A video package airs hyping the match between Mercedes Mone and Stephanie Vaquer at Forbidden Door.

Toni Storm and Mariah May vs. Leyla Hirsch and Lady Frost

Toni Storm and Leyla Hirsch start off. They lock up after Storm evades a Hirsch takedown, and they exchange leverage on the ground before Hirsch gets Storm’s back and takes her down. Storm bridges to catch Hirsch, then gets a headlock and tags in May, who nails Hirsch, who tags in Frost. Frost gets a crucifix into a sunset flip, May kicks out and ends up delivering a spinning side slam. May drops Hirsch off the apron, Storm does the same to Frost, and they pose together as we go to a break.

Back from commercial, Storm with a backstabber and a Northern Lights Suplex on Hirsch for two. Hirsch reverses Storm’s next attempt, getting an armbar on the champion. Then May comes in and takes out Hirsch with a running knee, then nails Frost with a headbutt. Storm tags in May, they send Hirsch into the corner, then slap each other’s butts and attempt a double hip attack, but Hirsch and Frost both move. Hirsch and Frost with offense now, and Frost goes for a moonsault on May, but Storm covers May’s body with her own to take the move. Storm and May come back with double suplexes, then manage to hit the double hip attack in the corner on both their opponents. Storm Zero delivered to Hirsch, but Storm allows May to cover Hirsch for the win.

Winners: Toni Storm and Mariah May

Backstage, Serena Deeb is cutting a promo about her recent losses. Deeb says when you’re on the down, you have to stop it in its tracks and lift yourself back up. Deeb invokes perseverance, redemption, and grit. She issues an open challenge for next week’s “Collision” to remind herself who the hell she is: The Professor of Professional Wrestling.

Malaki Black and Brody King vs. LSG and MSG

No televised entrance for LSG and MSG. MSG starts with Black. They lock up and Black maneuvers MSG into a wrist lock. MSG counters into a wrist lock of his own, but Black comes off the ropes and drops him with a shoulder tackle. Black catchs MSG’s kick and delivers a chop. LSG tags in but Black gets control of his wrist as well and King tags in, ends up delivering a massive clothesline. Black and King deliver stereo strikes to one of their opponents, then drop the other on his head with Dante’s Inferno for the win.

Winners: Malaki Black and Brody King

Ian Riccaboni interviews the House of Black on the stage after the match. He asks them how they feel after what happened to Buddy Matthews. Black says “that’s a human question” and walks away. King says “Revenge is never a straight line. We feel nothing.” He walks away as well as we go to commercial.

Hechicero vs. Matt Menard

Back from commercial, CMLL’s Hechicero enters first for his match with Matt Menard. Hechicero starts the match by running at Menard in the corner, but Menard dodges and takes advantage. Menard comes off the ropes, but Hechicero drops him on his head and kicks him in the back of it. Menard roles out of the ring briefly; Hechicero attacks him when he comes back in, biting his head and chopping him in the corner before hitting a jumping knee strike and a back body drop. Hechicero does the Penta El Zero Miedo arm break snap thing. Hechicero goes for double knees in the corner but Menard dodges and whips him into the other corner, following up with a clothesline. Menard climbs the turnbuckle and punches Hechicero, then drops him with a cutter for two. Another Irish Whip attempt, but Hechicero jumps over the ropes and turns it into a rear naked choke. He hits Menard with a tornillo and then hits another big move, followed by an armbar submission using his legs to tap Menard out.

Winner: Hechicero

They are selling this like Menard is injured in the post-match.

After the match, a video package airs in which Jeff Jarrett gets very emotional about Owen Hart and the fact that he’s in the Owen Hart Tournament.

AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay vs. Brian Cage

Back from commercial, it’s main event time, and Will Ospreay is here to defend his International title against Brian Cage of “Cage of Agony.”

Cage starts the match with a running clothesline and a series of punches in the corner. Opreay reverses things and delivers his own punches, lands on his feet out of a moonsault but eats a clothesline and then a chop. Ospreay tries a rana but Cage is too strong and throws him off, then picks up Ospreay and curls him a few times before dropping him and posing for the crowd. Cage runs at Ospreay, who lifts him over the top rope onto the apron. Ospreay with a couple strikes, then bounches off the ropes and knocks Cage to the outside with a running kick. He then hits a crossbody over the top rope to the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from break, Cage has Ospreay locked in a bear hug. Ospreay boxes Cage’s ears to get out of it, Cage comes off the ropes and Ospreay hits a backflip kick and an enzuguiri. Daniel Garcia is showing watching backstage as Ospreay comes off the top rope with a fist and goes for the pin, getting a two count. Ospreay tries to get Cage up for a powerbomb but can’t, so kicks him in the face and chops his chest instead. Cage fights back, running Ospreay into the corner and hitting a German Suplex. Cage stands on the second rope while Ospreay is on the apron and vertical suplexes him into the ring, which earns him a two count of his own. The crowd chants “Let’s go Ospreay” as Cage attempts a running powerbomb, but Ospreay counters with a rana into the corner. Ospreay climbs the top rope and nails Cage with an elbow to the back of the head. Ospreay signals for the Hidden Blade, but Cage counters into a fireman’s carry. Cage counters a sunset flip into a full nelson, Ospreay hits a superkick, then Cage hits a dropkick. Cage goes for a spinning lariat but Ospreay picks him up and hits the powerbomb. Both men are down.

Ospreay comes around first and delivers strikes from his knees; Cage counters with a strike of his own, gets to his feet, and nails Ospreay with an F-5. Ospreay kicks out and Cage is enraged as we go to another break.

We’re back and Ospreay is trying to fire himself up. Delivers kicks to Cage, then blocks two straight lariat attempts into two straight superkicks. Cage recovers and hits a powerbomb, and then drops Ospreay with a spinning powerbomb, but Ospreay kicks out. Cage gets Ospreay in the fireman’s carry again, but Ospreay elbows out of it. Ospreay gets into an electric chair position, goes for a rana, gets caught and somehow turns it into a DDT. Cage his a massive suplex on Ospreay, who no-sells it and hits the Hidden Blade but only gets a two count.

Ospreay fires himself up again and gets Cage in position for the Tiger Driver ’91, but Cage powers him into the corner. Ospreay nails Cage and starts climbing the top rope, but Cage kicks up and climbs up with him. Ospreay gets down, superkicks Cage, then climbs up and goes for a super rana. Cage grabs the rope and Ospreay lands on his feet, then jumps up to the top rope again, but Cage grabs him and hits a spinning powerslam off the second rope for a two count.

Cage gets Ospreay up again in another corner and has Ospreay on his shoulders, but Ospreay finally is able to turn that into a rana off the top. Ospreay goes for the Oscutter but Cage catches him, but Ospreay turns in into a poisoned rana, then hits the Oscutter, but Cage kicks out. Ospreay then sets up for the Hidden Blade, hits it, and gets the three count to retain the title.

Winner (and still AEW International Champion): Will Ospreay

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6/22 AEW Collision Results

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