5/31 WWE SmackDown Results

5/31 WWE SmackDown Results

5/31 WWE SmackDown Results – As SmackDown kicks off, The Bloodline arrives at the building, and The Street Profits are seen walking with B Fab. The show then recaps the King and Queen of the Ring event.

In the ring, Nick Aldis stands with a crown behind him and welcomes everyone to SmackDown. Expressing pride as GM, he introduces the Queen of the Ring, Nia Jax, inviting her to the ring to celebrate her victory.

Nick congratulates NIa and he tells her the floor is hers. Nia puts on her crown and then she takes the mic.

Nia says she wants to get the facts straight.  She says it is a fact that she is your Queen of the Ring.   It is a fact that as your queen, she gets a title match at SummerSlam.  She tells Bayley that he queen is demanding Bayley’s presence in her ring.

Bayley’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Piper Niven and Chelsea Green attack Bayley from behind and Piper sends Bayley into the ringside barrier.  Piper sends Bayley into the ring and Bayley tries to punch Piper but Piper blocks it and gives her a head butt.  Piper with a back senton.

Piper stares at NIa and Nia is enjoying what she is watching.

Chelsea tells Nia she doesn’t have to worry about facing Bayley.  By the time SumerSlam rolls around, your champion is going to be her spicy friend, Piper Niven.

Nia says she doesn’t give a damn who the champion is because she will annihilate her regardless.


Nick walks into his office and AJ Styles is waiting there in a light blue suit. AJ says he thought about what Nick said last week, he says he would appreciate addressing his future later tonight. Nick says he will give AJ the time, but he asks if AJ has anything to tell him. AJ says it will be hard enough to do it once, so he asks if he only has to do it in the ring tonight. Nick tells AJ he has his time.

We go to commercial.


We are back and Bayley is in the trainer’s room and Naomi shows up and says they won’t get away with this and she asks if Bayley is ready to fight. Bayley is told that she is cleared to wrestle. Naomi says she is going to talk to Nick.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Austin Theory

They lock up and Theory backs Ciampa into the corner and he gives a clean break.  CIampa pushes Theory and punches him.  Ciampa with a chop and back elbow.  Ciampa with a chop in the corner and he climbs the turnbuckles to punch Theory.  Waller gets on the apron and Ciampa punches him but Theory takes advantage and drops Ciampa on the turnbuckles and hits an Ushigoroshi.  Theory chokes Ciampa.  Theory with back elbows in the corner.  Theory with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot.  Theory drops down when Ciampa went for a flying clothesline.  Theory with a hanging neck breaker off the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Theory with a reverse chin lock.  Ciampa with punches but Theory sends Ciampa into the turnbuckles.  Theory goes to the apron and he sets for a slingshot rolling move but Ciampa counters with a drop kick.  Ciampa with punches and he blocks punches from Theory.  Ciampa with chops and a flying clothesline.  Ciampa with a reverse DDT and he gets a near fall.  Ciampa with a forearm to the back of the head and a second one.  Ciampa goes for a neck breaker but Theory blocks it.  Ciampa goes or Fairy Tale Ending but Theory blocks it.  Theory with a back body drop and Ataxia for a near fall.  

Theory signals that it is over and he gets CIampa up but Ciampa blocks A Town Down and chops Theory.  Theory with forearms and Ciampa with back elbows.  Both men with kicks at the same time and Ciampa has the advantage and Ciampa with a running knee to the head.  Waller helsp Theory back into the ring and Waller yells at Wade about how Theory was hurt being in The Way and Theory doesn’t like that.  CIampa pushes Theory into Waller and they bump heads.  Ciampa with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Tommaso Ciampa


Blair Davenport is with Nick Aldis and Naomi interrupts and demands a match against Chelsea and Piper tonight. Blair says that Naomi interrupted her.  She says Naomi will know exactly who she is. Nick tells Naomi that they have their match.

LA Knight enters without knocking and he says he wants to run a few things past Nick.  He asks if AJ is really going to retire and Nick says he doesn’t know.  Knight says there is a guy he is looking for and he asks where is Logan Paul. They sit down to chat.

Back to commercial.

– We are back and Corey Graves and Wade Barrett speculate on what AJ’s announcement might be and we take a look at Cody and Logan Paul from last weekend.


We see Nick Aldis’ door and LA Knight emerges. Kayla ambushes Knight about what happened in the office.

Knight asks Kayla what was said in the office.  Knight says there isn’t much to tell him.  He says the only answer that Nick had for him was that Logan was not here tonight so he will talk next week.  Knight says wrong and he says he is here.  If he does not get the answer he wants, he will make the answer he wants.  He wants the US Title and . . . 

Carmelo Hayes shows up and he wants to know why Knight is always talking but saying nothing.  Why would LA face him if a First Round pick is here. Knight asks why would he want to fight himself. Hayes says that if Logan wants to talk the talk, he can do it with Knight but if he wants to walk the walk, he can do it with Hayes.

Apollo Crews vs. Andrade

Crews with a waist lock and Santos with a standing switch.  Crews blocks a suplex but Andrade with a drop kick.  Andrade with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.  Andrade with kicks.  Andrade goes up top and he stops when he sees Garza show up in the aisle.  Crews knocks Andrade off the apron and then he hits a moonsault off the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Andrade pushes Crews off the turnbuckles and hits a cross body.  Crews with a forearm and Andrade fires back.  They continue the exchange and they go to punches.  Andrade with a flying forearm and he sets for a running double knee strike and he hits it.  Andrade gets a near fall.  Crews with a German suplex and he holds on.  Andrade with a back elbow and he gets away from Crews.  Crews runs into a boot and Andrade goes to the turnbuckles but Crews with an enzuigiri.  Crews presses Andrade over his head and he drops him and hits the Uhaa Combination for a near fall.  Angel distracts Crews and Andrade with a spinning back elbow followed by the Promise for the three count.

Winner:  Andrade

After the match, Santos, Humberto, and Elektra join Angel in the aisle. Andrade leaves the ring and he walks up to Legado and then he walks right past them. Santos looks at Angel like he was Solo looking at Paul.

– We take a look at Kevin Owens helping out Randy Orton last week.


Solo tells Tama and Tonga to do everything to take them out tonight.

Paul Heyman shows up and he says he has been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of introspection about how he can better serve Solo.  Paul says with Roman as Tribal Chief, there is a lot of violence in the Bloodline.  It was to preserve family and what the Bloodline worked for.  Roman says there was a lot of counsel before any violence happened.  He says Solo has recruited some violent men into the Bloodline and he has seen random acts of violence, but no strategy at all.  The strategy has to be when Roman comes back, we have Cody in check.

Solo tells Paul they have Cody in check and he doesn’t even know it. Paul asks Solo who is ‘WE”? Kevin Owens’ music plays and Solo uses the ultimate WWE MONITOR watching angle to peer at the monitor and Solo tells Paul to take care of this.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

– Andrade is in LOCKER ROOM and Angel tells him that Andrade embarrassed him. Crews attacks Angel from behind and has to be held back by officials.

In the Arena:

Kevin says he returned to Smackdown and he went all the way to Saudi Arabia to make sure he had Randy Orton’s back.  Over the last few months . . . over the last few years, Randy has had his back and he wanted to make sure that Solo and his crew weren’t going to mess with Randy being King of the Ring.  We saw what happened in that match and he didn’t lose.  Randy isn’t here tonight, he knows that Solo and his little crew are here.  Kevin says he figures that he would be here too.

Paul Heyman makes his way into the ringside area and he introduces himself and he talks about what he has done for Roman over the last four years and what he is doing now for Solo Sikoa.  Paul says he comes out here in that capacity to talk man to man and professional to professional and father to father because there is a mutual interest he can serve.

Kevin tells Paul to get in the ring and get to the point.

Paul says no one wants Roman here tonight than him.  He says you keep calling out Solo and . . . Roman had and has great respect for Kevin.  Everything he went through with Roman was because of how much he respect, admires, and acknowledges Kevin as a threat.  Solo has no respect for Kevin and he has recruited criminals into the Bloodline.  Paul says him and Roman didn’t want them in the Bloodline but these are the people you are antagonizing.  They are the blood-thirsty sadistic thugs.  They are not looking for a reason to take you out, but an excuse.  Paul says he likes Kevin in WWE and the people love you in WWE.  If you keep calling out Solo, they ae going to do something bad to you.  Paul says he is begging and pleading with Kevin to back off The Bloodline, please.

Kevin asks if Paul is trying to help him.  What in the last few years makes Paul think that he would put any trust in what comes out of Paul’s mouth.  He is not going to fall for that.  He says Paul is pulling the strings because that is what you do.  You went from Brock to Roman and now you moved on to Solo.  Kevin says he doesn’t know what this act is about.  Are you trying to put people in fear?   For four years, the Bloodline has given everything to him and he is still here.  That was The Bloodline, Roman, Jimmy, and Jey.  People he respects.  

Solo and those two guys are not the Bloodline.  No one wants them here.  He will keep fighting them and he will do what it takes to get them out of his world.  As far as your help goes, he doesn’t want it and doesn’t need it.

Paul says maybe he is trying to save him for his kids.  A bad man can’t redeem himself?  How many times have you redeemed yourself?  Not Paul Heyman.  He wants Kevin to understand what he is going up against.  He is a Hall of Fame wise man.  Why not listen to him.  Why won’t anybody… Paul accidentally hits Kevin and Paul realizes that he did something wrong, and so is the crowd. Kevin drops the mic and goes after Paul but Solo’s music plays and Kevin stops.

Solo, Tama, and Tanga make their way to the ring.  Solo takes off his jacket. The Street Profits show up through the crowd and join Kevin in the ring. Kevin goes after Solo while Tama and Tanga go after the Street Profits.  Solo and Kevin fight into the crowd while the others stay in the ring. Ford and Dawkins take care of Tama and Tanga.    Dawkins with a flip dive onto Tama and Tanga.

We go to commercial

Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa vs. The Street Profits

The match is joined in progress and Ford chops Tama and connects with shoulders and more chops.  Ford with shoulders in the corner.  Dawkins tags in and punches Tama .  Ford tags in and they hit a double belly-to-back suplex and Ford gets a near fall.  Ford with an Irish whip and Tama sends Ford to the apron.  Ford kicks Tanga but Tama knocks Ford off the apron and does the same to Dawkins. Tama with a sliding clothesline and Tanga tags in and hits a power slam.  Tama tags back ina dn Tanga with a suplex.  Tama with a slingshot senton and he gets a near fall.  Tama with an uppercut in the corner.  Ford with elbows and Tama with an uppercut.  Dawkins tags in and he connects with clotheslines and a corkscrew back elbow.  Dawkins with a twisting splash into the corner followed by an enzuigiri for a near fall.

Dawkins with forearms and Tanga with a kick.  Tama tags in and Tama with a clothesline when Angelo leap frogs Tama.  Tanga with a Saito suplex and he sends Dawkins to the floor.  Tama sends Angelo into the announce table.  Tanga goes to the floor and he sends Angelo into the announce table.  Tanga Irish whips Angelo and Tama with a clothesline off the ring steps.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Tama and Tanga head butt Dawkins.  Tama with punches from a mount position.  Tama with a Jericho cover for a near fall.  Tama misses a leaping elbow drop.  Tama misses an elbow in the corner when Dawkins moves.  Tama stops Angelo and Angelo with a punch.  Angelo goes for an exploder but Tama with elbows to stop him.  Angelo hits an exploder.  Tanga and Ford tag in and Ford with a kick and forearms to the back.  Ford with a forearm to the head and he lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attmept.  Ford with kicks and a super kick.  Ford with a clothesline.   Ford lands on his feet when Tanga flips Ford after blocking a kick.  Ford with an enzuigiri and Dawkins tags in and he gets Tanga on his shoudlers and they hit a Doomsday Blockbuster for a near fall.  Tama is sent to the apron and Tanga with a clothesline.

Tanga runs into a shoulder tackle from Dawkins.  Dawkins with Low Down and Ford hits a Seven Star Frog Splash but Tama had made the tag so he was the legal man.  Tama with a leaping flatliner for the three count.

Winners:  Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa


Bianca and Jade walk in the back and they talk about Zoey and Shayna. Indi stops them and she asks if they are going to go to Raw to hurt more people like she did to Candice.  Indi says Candice is at home. Bianca says Candice came after her first so she finished the job. Jade says she can finish the job and put her next to Candice.

Back to commercial.


We are back and Kayla Braxton is with Michin and she asks Michin if she has any information since she is in the OC. Michin says AJ hasn’t been talking to them but the vibe is… Nia interrupts and she says they need to talk about her and she asks why is this still going on. Nia tells Michin that she made a mistake standing up to her.

Bayley and Naomi vs. Chelsea Green and Piper Niven

Bayley with a back elbow to Green but Piper is tagged ina dn they exchange punches.  Piper with an Irish whip and splash into the corner.  Green tags in and Bayley with a belly-to-back suplex.  Naomi tags in and gets a near fall.  Bayley tags in and they clothesline Green over the top rope to the floor.  Naomi with a suicide dive to Green and she punches Green.  Piper is met with a forearm off the apron from Bayley.  Bayley and Naomi hug as we go to commercial.

We are back and Piper with a cobra clutch and Green tags in.  Green gets a few near falls.  Naomi takes a swing at Green and is sent back to the apron by the referee.  Green sends Bayley into the turnbuckles and connects with shoulders.  Piper tags in and Bayley with forearms.  Piper keeps Bayley from making the tag and Bayley escapes a slam.  Bayley slides under Piper and Piper stops Bayley.  Piper stomps on the midsection but misses an elbow drop.  Green and Naomi tag in and Naomi with a round kick and Last Train to Clarksville and a cross body.  Naomi with a thrust kick to knock Piper off the apron.  Naomi with a hesitation drop kick and she goes for a split legged moonsault and hits it for a near fall.  

Piper pulls Green to the floor and Naomi with a pescado.  Green distracts the referee and Piper pushes Naomi off the turnbuckles.  Green with a super kick for a near fall.  Bayley goes after Piper and Piper with a leg sweep on the apron and she sends Bayley into the ring steps.  Green goes for the Unprettier but Naomi escapes and hits Rear End.  Piper breaks up the cover with a back senton and Green gets the three count.

Winners: Chelsea Green and Piper Niven

– Next week, Indi Hartwell faces Jade Cargill, Johnny Gargano faces Grayson Waller, Apollo Crews, faces Angel, and Tanga Loa will be anointed.


AJ Styles walks in th back and LA Knight stops him. LA says if the rumors are true, respect. AJ keeps walking. Cody Rhodes offers his hand to AJ and AJ shakes it.  AJ says something to Cody and Cody nods his head. Karl and LUke are standing by Gorilla and AJ shakes their hands and he says he wants them out there with him.

We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and AJ Styles makes his way to the ring for his big announcement and he is joined by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

AJ looks like he is trying to fight back tears.  He says he has to tell ya that he has been thinking about what Nick Aldis said for the last week.  He was told if he wanted another chance at Cody’s title, he had to go to the back of the line.  He says he has dwelled on this for the last week.  He says he can’t do that at this point in his career.  At this time in his life, he can’t do this.  AJ says he has been doing this for over two decades.  He has been busting his body, blood, sweat, and tears all over the world so he could become Phenomenal.  

This past week, his son graduated high school and he got to be there.  We had his graduation party at the house and there were so many friends there.  Clarity hit him in the head.  How many of these has he missed?  Instead of being the Phenomenal AJ Styles, maybe he can stay at home and be a Phenomenal Father.

He tells Gallows and Anderson he couldn’t do this without them and he loves them.  AJ says they are better than friends, they are his brothers.  If they have to do this one more time, they need to do it right.

They ‘Too Sweet’ and then they hug.

AJ says before he goes, he says he whispered something in Cody’s ear and he said he asked Cody to come out when he called for him.

Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring.

AJ says before he came out here to do what he had to do, he wanted to look Cody in the eyes, face to face, and tell him he had one of the greatest matches he ever had at Backlash.  The crowd was electric and if he had one more match, that would be it.  He says this is still the House that AJ Styles Built.  AJ says he called Cody out here to hand him the keys.

Cody starts to well up.

Cody says they have only exchanged one text message and it was after their match at Backlash.  He asked if AJ was okay and AJ said he was okay ‘little bro’.  Cody says he could say a lot about the announcement but he could say that for everyone, thank you very much, AJ Styles.

They shake hands and hug.

AJ waves to the crowd and then Cody raises his hand.  

AJ gives Cody a clothesline and he takes off his jacket and he punches Cody.  AJ sends Cody to the floor and he follows.  AJ sends Cody into the ring steps.  AJ pushes the top part of the steps away and he gets Cody up while Karl and Luke block any assistance.

AJ with a Styles Clash off the ring steps as we go to credits!

–– Here is what’s in store for tonight’s show ––

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5/31 WWE SmackDown Results

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