5/13 WWE RAW Results

5/13 WWE RAW Results

5/13 WWE RAW Results – We are live from the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC, as Drew McIntyre enters the arena and he makes his way to the ring.

The crowd is confused as they chant for CM Punk and Drew says if they were in Atlanta or Charlotte, Punk might be here, but they are in Greenville and Punk only plays the big towns.  Drew says the greatest trick CM Punk ever did was looking like he was on drugs while never doing any.  He keeps breaking your trust.  You keep taking him back and it is like an abusive relationship.  Drew says he doesn’t understand why people buy the crap he is saying.  He says he doesn’t like talking to stupid people and if you are a CM Punk fan, you are stupid.

Drew says Punk called him out when he knew he had left.  He suggests that Punk has a stooge and mentions Pearce.  Drew mentions the week before with the sky box.  Drew says that Jey lost another title match and his reward was Drew’s spot in King of the Ring.  Drew says his priority is the championship and he mentions the paper champion, Damian Priest.  Drew says that Priest acts like a big man walking in the back…

Damian Priest makes his way to the ring.

Priest says Drew has some serious issues.  Since you can’t shut that hole in your face, why not do something different and say something to someone’s face.

Drew says he would say something to Punk but he isn’t here.  Drew says he knows that Priest worked his arse off and deserves all the success in the world, but he doesn’t deserve to be champion.  Drew says his neighbor Dave has a great story, but he shouldn’t be champion.  Drew says the championship needs a man to hold the title and the title needs Drew McIntyre.  Drew says Priest couldn’t beat him one on one so he needed the briefcase.

Priest says Drew is delusional and he blames everyone for his loss.  You chose this life.

Drew says he has been doing this since he was 21.

Priest tells Drew to look at himself in the mirror and blame that asshole.  Pfiest says he wanted to cashi in on Seth and then they could have gone to war at Wrestlemania.  You stopped him multiple times and that was your fault.  Priest says Drew talked about waiting until he beat Seth and then cash in.  That is on you  At Wrestlemania, all you had to do was leave but you saw Punk and you made Punk more important than yourself and this championship.  You made Punk more important than your wife.  You got your ass whipped by a one armed man.  

Your elbow is going to heal and you are going to be cleared.  You want a title match, you got it.  He tells Drew that he can call him a paper champion, but you will eat those words.

– We go to the Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment when Damage CTRL showed up behind Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler.  Shayna pushed Iyo and they were separated.

WWE Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal: IYO SKY vs. Shayna Baszler

Shayna attacks Iyo from behind before the match starts.  Shayna sends Iyo into the apron and Shayna has to be held back.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.

The match is joined in progress and Iyo lands on her feet on a back drop and she kicks Shayna and hits a drop kick.  Iyo misses a drop kick and goes through the ropes.  Iyo blocks a kick and sends Shayna face first to the apron.  Shayna dropped Iyo’s arm on the top rope.  Shayna with a double wrist lock on the turnbuckles and she lifts Iyo.  Shayna sends Iyo into the ringside barrier and apron.  Shayna sends Iyo back into the ring.  They return to the floor and Shayna kicks Iyo and then puts her arm in the ring frame and kicks it.   They return to the ring and Shayna gets a near fall.  Shayna ties to stomp the elbow and Iyo moves out of the way.  Iyo with forearms and Iyo with a head scissors.  Iyo with a round kick to the head.  Iyo with a hammer lock into a waist lock but Shayna with Sole Food to the arm.  Shayna with a knee to Iyo on the turnbuckles.

Shayna sets for a gutwrench superplex but Iyo blocks it and Iyo lands on her feet and Shayna is caught on the turnbuckles.  Shayna falls to the floor and Iyo wtih an Asai Moonsault onto Shayna.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.

We are back and Iyo with a rollup for a near fall.  Iyo with forearms and punches.  Iyo is sent to the apron and Iyo drops the leg on the middle rope.  Iyo sets for a springboard drop kick and hits it.  Iyo with a running double knee strike to the back and she gets a near fall.  Iyo goes up top and goes for a moonsault but Shayna gets her feet up but Iyo anticipates it and Iyo with a rollup and bridge but Shayna counters with a Kirifuta Clutch and Iyo floats over into a crossface.  Shayna gets to her feet and she hits a back breaker and a knee to the head for a near fall.  Shayna waits for Iyo to get up and Iyo blocks a knee and hits a dragon screw.

Iyo with a running double knee strike in the corner and she goes up top for a moonsault and hits it for the three count.

Winner:  Iyo Sky (advances to face winner of Lyra Valkyria versus Zoey Stark)

Jackie Redmond is in the ring with Iyo and she asks for comments about next week’s match. Iyo gets on the mic and speaks in Japanese and mentions becoming champion.


We go to CLUBHOUSE and Carlito is there with Dom and Priest enters. Dom says it is time for them to work togeher. Carlito says they all feel Rey is a selfish bastard.  No one knows more than Dom.  He says Rhea is out and Dom is injured.  Carlito says they can all benefit from this relationship. Priest says that sounds good and if the boys want to work with you that is fine.  Priest says that Carlito is not welcome here. Carlito asks if Priest doesn’t trust him and he says stubborn minds can be changed and maybe they can become amigos.

– Gunther paces in the back. 5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.


Chad Gable is in the back with Alpha Academy and he talks about Maxxine’s weekend.  She blew an opportunity in Queen of the Ring.  Chad says Otis will face Bronson Reed while Tozawa . . . Chad says Otis will face Sami Zayn to soften up his number one guy.  He tells Otis he does not want to see any hip shaking.  He wants to see Otis serious.  Chad tells Tozawa he has a big opportunty against Bronson Reed and he better not blow it.  If you do that dance…

Ivy asks Maxxine why didn’t she mention the match because she would have helped.  Maxxine says Chad doesn’t want them to train outside the academy. Chad tells Ivy she has potential and don’t spend time with Taylor not that Swift.


Cathy is with Kofi and Xavier to talk to Kofi about his match. Kofi says he is familiar with doing the unbelievable but tonight is about payback for what he did to Xavier.  Last night, Kofi was reminded that there is no room for fear, self doubt, or failure in the ring.  He knows how much King of the Ring means for Woods. Xavier says King of the Ring brings honor.  Woods says he cannot defend that honor this year.  He knows someone who can beat the hell out of Gunther tonight… Kofi Kingston.  

– Samantha Irvin introduces Lillian Garcia and she asks Lillian to help her with the next match’s introduction.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.


R Truth says he has a great plan for the tag titles. Miz shows up and says to talk to him before making a title match. Pearce says they will determine their opponents. Kiana James enters and she says they talked on the phone and she says she is looking forward to being on Raw and being the one percent. Pearce tells Kiana not to hesitate to call him. She says she adjiudicates and Truth is confused.

WWE King of the Ring Quarterfinal: Gunther vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi with a drop kick before the bell rings followed by a suicide dive.  Kofi sends Gunther into the ringside barrier and slams the leg into the apron.  Kofi kicks the knee.  Kofi with a forearm and Gunther with a chop.  Kofi avoids the steps on an Irish whip and he hits a cross body off the apron.  Kofi slams the leg into the apron and then into the ring post.  Kofi wraps the leg in the ropes and Kofi with a drop kick to the leg.

The referee starts the match and Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise.  Kofi lands on his feet on a German suplex and Kofi with a kick to the leg.  Kofi goes up top and hits a leg drop for a near fall.   Gunther rolls to the floor and he catches Kofi on a plancha.  Gunther sends Kofi into the apron and ring post followed by a back drop driver onto the corner of the ringside barrier.  Gunther with a back drop driver onto the announce table.  Gunther returns to the ring to stop the count.  Gunther with a Boston Crab on the announce table.  Gunther releases the hold and then he applies a single leg crab.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.

We are back and Kofi with kicks to the leg.  Gunther with a chop.  Gunther with a boot to the back.  Gunther with a hard Irish whip.  Kofi with chops and forearms.  Kofi with a series of kick.  Gunther with a slam.  Gunther with a figure four to the leg and he applies a bow and arrow.  Kofi escapes with a lateral press for a near fall.  Gunther with a boot to the head.  Gunther with kicks to the leg and Kofi with kicks tot he leg.  Gunther with a chop.  Kofi with a jaw breaker and Gunther with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker.  Gunther with an elbow drop to the back and Gunther goes up top and misses an elbow drop when Kofi moves.  

Kofi with more kicks to the back of the leg and Gunther with a forearm.  Kofi blocks a short arm clothesline but Gunther blocks SOS.  Gunther tries for a slam but Kofi escapes.  Kofi goes up top and hits a cross body.  Gunther with a double leg take down and a Boston Crab.  Kofi kicks Gunther to the head to escape.  Kofi with SOS for a near fall.  Kofi goes up top and Gunther moves.  Kofi lands on his feet and Gunther with a drop kick tot eh back.  Gunther with a short arm clothesline for a near fall.  Gunther puts Kofi in a bow and arrow around the ring post.  Gunther gets Kofi up for a power bomb but Kofi counters with a rana to send Gunther into the ring post.  Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on the floor and the referee starts his count and Gunther barely beats the ten count.

Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise and he misses when Gunther moves.  Gunther with a power bomb and he turns it into a Boston Crab.  Kofi taps out.

Winner:  Gunther (advances to face winner of Jey Uso versus Ilja Dragunov)

– We take a look at Liv Morgan getting her title match against Becky at King and Queen of the Ring.


Jackie is with Lyra Valkyria and she asks Lyra about her debut. Lyra says it was a perfect way to kickstart her rise to the top of Raw.  Damage CTRL better get used to seeing her on Mondays.  If Becky needs any Irish back up, she is there. Becky shows up and thanks Lyra. Jackie asks about Lyra’s match against Zoey. Liv Morgan shows up and she congratulates Lyra for being on Raw.  Liv asks Lyra if Becky has always been a bitch. Lyra tells Liv to ask her and Becky shows up behind her. Becky punches Liv and she says doesn’t fear a face to face fight.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.

– We are back and Kofi Kingston limps in the back and Karrion Kross tells Kofi that was a tough loss, but there is plenty of time to turn it around. Xavier shows up with a bag of ice and he asks Kross what did he want.

Bronson Reed vs. Akira Tozawa

Reed misses a splash and Tozawa with punches.  Tozawa kicks Reed and he avoids a body block.  Tozawa with a drop kick and he misses a round kick.  Tozawa with a spinning heel kick.  Tozawa goes up top and hits a missile drop kick.  The shirt comes off and he goes up top again.  Reed catches Tozawa on a senton and Reed with a Death Valley Driver and Tsunami for the three count.

Winner:  Bronson Reed

After the match, Chad berates Tozawa.


Kaiser and Gunther walk in the back and Cathy ambushes him. Kaiser asks what is going on by asking questions after his win. Cathy asks about Gunther’s history with Ilja Dragunov and Jey Uso.  She asks about what Kaiser did to Sheamus. Kaiser says that Gunther is the most successfful Intercontinental Champion.  He does not have to prove anything to anyone.  Kaiser says if anyone out there believes that Sheamus lost that match because of him, the guy must be delusional.  Sheamus has had a legendary career, but one thing he never achieved was beating Gunther.  It never happened and is never going to happen.  Sheamus should be standing next to him thanking him because Kaiser saved Sheamus last week.  Kaiser says he will expose Sheamus to the whole world.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.


We are back and Jackie is with Adam Pearce to talk about the tag titles. Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne enter and they thank Adam for this opportunity on Raw to show what they can do. Adam welcomes them to Raw. Adam says the Tag Division has a new look.  There will be a Fatal Four Way Match.  The New Catch Republic will face AOP, The Creeds, and The Judgment Day.

Jackie asks Adam about why Bron wasn’t in the King of the Ring Tournament. Adam says Bron has unlimited talent and he has other top talent.  Bron deserves it but he has to… Bron enters the room and he tells Adam his opponents would have been in the deep end with him.  He would have pulled them under and made them drown.  He says he should have been in the damn tournament and he leaves.

WWE Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal: Lyra Valkyria vs. Zoey Stark

They lock up and Lyra backs Zoey into the corner and Zoey pushes Lyra on the break.  Lyra avoids a clothesline and Lyra with a head lock.  Lyra floats over Zoey and gives her an arm drag.  Lyra with a back elbow off the turnbuckles and an arm drag.  Zoey pie faces Lyra.  Lyra with a head scissors to send Zoey to the floro.  Lyra goes to the apron when Zoey moves and Lyra has a kick blocked.  Lyra misses a move off the apron and she favors her knee.  Zoey with a clothesline.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.

We ae back and Zoey gets a near fall after a springboard drop kick.  Zoey with a cravate.  Zoey with kicks to Lyra and she misses a boot to the head.  Lyra gets a near fall.  Lyra with punches.  Lyra with a back heel kick and shoulder followed by more kicks.  Lyra with a drop kick through the ropes and she goes up top and hits a cross body.  Lyra with a tornado DDT for a near fall.  Lyra gets Zoey up and Zoey gets to her feet and applies a waist lock.  Lyra with a standing switch and Zoey wtih a back elbow.  Zoey misses a round kick and Lyra misses an enzuigiri.  Zoey with a thrust kick and blockbuster for a near fall.  

Zoey goes up top and misses a move when Lyra moves.  Lyra with a spinning heel kick and Zoey blocks a tornado DDT.  Zoey suplexes Lyra into the turnbuckles and Zoey gets a near fall.  Zoey pie faces Lyra and yells at her.  Zoey slaps Lyra and Lyra slaps back.  Zoey with a super kick and Lyra blocks Z360.  Lyra with Night Wing for the three count.

Winner:  Lyra Valkyria (advances to face Iyo Sky)

After the match, Jackie is with Lyra to ask her about advancing to the semifinals and if she has a message for Iyo. Lyra says she says something in Gaellic and she says she will explain what it means in the future.


Jey Uso is in the back and he says Drew couldn’t cut it so they put him in the tournament.  Last week Finn Balor got the yeetdown.  You are going to get this work tonight Ilja and then next week Gunther.  Jey says he will become the new King of the Ring.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.

Sami Zayn vs. Otis

Sami with chops and forearms in the corner but Otis with windmill forearms.  Otis with a back fist.  Otis with a splash into the corner.  Otis is told not to do the caterpillar but Chad yells at him.  Otis does the caterpillar and hits the elbow drop.  Chad gets on the apron and yells at Otis.  He tells Otis to get on the turnbuckles for the Vader Bomb but Sami moves.  Sami with a Helluva Kick for the three count.

Winner:  Sami Zayn

After the match, Chad yells at Otis and Sami returns to the ring and hits an exploder into the turnbuckles.  Chad avoids a Helluva Kick.

Otis helps Chad but Chad tells Otis it is his fault and he slaps Otis. Otis has a confused look on his face and he follows Chad to the back.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.


Braun Strowman wishes the Creeds luck.  He says they have a big future. JD McDonagh says he is here on THE Judgment Day business.  He says they don’t appreciate Braun sticking his nose in their business and he says Braun has been warned. Braun shows no fear and he tells the Creeds to kick some ass.

Becky Lynch vs. Dakota Kai

They push each other and then Becky kicks Kai in the corner.  Becky blocks a kick and connects with an elbow.  Becky sends Kai into the turnbuckles.  Kai goes to the floor and Becky with a baseball slide and a forearm off the apron.  Becky sends Kai into the apron a few times.  Kai misses a shoulder and Becky wit ha kick.  Becky kicks Iyo off the apron.  Kairi distracts the referee and Kai with a kick.  Kai sends Becky off the turnbuckles.  Kai chokes Becky in the ropes.  Kai sends Becky into the turnbuckles many times but Becky returns the favor.  Becky with an Irish whip but Becky misses a shoulder and Kai with a kick.  Kai with a reverse chin lock.  Becky with an enzuigiri and Becky misses a forearm into the corner. 

Kai misses a Yakuza kick.  Becky with a springboad kick.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.

We are back and Kai gets Becky up but Becky gets to her feet and she gets a near fall after an O’Connor Roll.  Kai gets a near fall.  Kai with a kick and a springboard boot to the back for a near fall.  Kai runs into a kick and Kai with a punch.  Kai with a forearm.  Kai with a back elbow.  Kai with a shoulder on the apron but she misses a springboard kick.  Becky wtih a leg drop to Kai while she hangs in the ropes and Becky gets a near fall.  Kai avoids the uranage and Kai with a running boot to the head for a near fall.  Kai goes up top and Becky stops her.  Kai with punches and Becky sets for a superplex and she hits.  Becky with a cross arm breaker and Kai counters with a rollup for a near fall.

They exchange near falls.  Becky with DisArmHer and Kairi and Iyo attack Becky.

Winner:  Becky Lynch (by disqualification)

After the mathc, Iyo and Kairi continue the attack. Lyra makes her way to the ring and goes after Iyo and Kairi.  Becky with a clothesline to Iyo. Liv Morgan comes from the crowd and attacks Becky and sends her shoulder first into the ring post.


Jackie is with Ilja Dragunov and she asks him about facing Jey Uso. Ilja says some people say it is a dream or destiny to be here and be in this spot and feel moments like this.  Ilja says that is not enough for him.  He says he is here to make an impact night in and night out.  He vows to be the Tsar of the Ring.  He took his opportunity last week and he will do the same to Jey Uso tonight.  He says he knows that Jey is ready for a battle, but what is on the other side of the ring is another animal.  One that only a few has beaten.  He is a different kind of dragon.  He beat Gunther.  He has a long history with Gunther.  One thing is for sure.  it is not over. Gunther shows up behind Ilja and he smirks at Ilja before walking away.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.

The Authors of Pain vs. The Creed Brothers vs. Judgment Day’s Finn Balor & JD McDonaugh vs. New Catch Republic in a Number One Contender Match

Finn and Bate start things off and Balor with a kick and punches.  JD tags in and he kicks Bate.  JD with a snap mare and a single leg take down and a boot to the midsection.  Bate with a head scissors and he walks on his hands to his corner and tags in Dunne and hits a head scissors.  They hit a double back elbow and Dunne works on the fingers.  Dunne with a boot to the elbow.  Dunne with a wrist lock and JD with a forearm.  Julius and Brutus come ina nd they pass JD with knees to the midsection.  JD kicks Brutus and Julius and Akam hits JD from behind and then Rezar with a choke slam to Dunne and Akam slams Bate onto Dunne.  Akam and Rezar give JD a double hip toss onto everyone on the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Finn punches Brutus.  JD tags in and he kicks Brutus.  Finn tags in and they go after Dunne and Bate and knock them off the apron.  Brutus with a double clothesline and he tries to get to his corner.  Julius tags in and he hits an overhead belly-to-belly on Finn and then JD.  Julius drop kicks Akam off the apron and he knocks Rezar off the apron.  Finn and JD stop Julius but Julius with a double Northern Lights suplex.  Juiius with a shooting star press for a near fall.  Julius sends JD over the top rope and Finn with a rollup on Julius for a near fall.  Finn with sling blade and a drop kick.  Finn goes up top and Tyler and Pete stop them.  They go to the turnbuckles and Dunne with a moonsault onto Akam and Bate with one to Rezar.  Julius with a superplex to Finn for a near fall.  They get Finn up for Brutus Ball but JD stops them.

Akam and Rezar sets for Super Collider on Finn and JD and hit power bombs.  Dunne and Bate with enzuigiris to Akam and forearms to Rezar. Akam sends Dunne and Bate over the top rope.  Brutus with a T-Bone suplex to Akam.  Brutus goes up top for a Brutus Ball to the floor but Bate makes the tag before Brutus flies.  Bate with a rebound clothesline to Akam and he gets Akam up for an airplane spin and a Michinoku Driver.  Finn with a rollup for a near fall on Bate.  Bate kicks Finn and Dunne tags in.  They set for a double Power bomb and JD makes the save.  Bate with a suicide dive on JD.  Dunne punches JD.

Carlito hits Dunne and hits a lungblower on the announce table.  JD sends Bate into the announce table.  Finn with Coup de Grace for the three count.

Winners:  JD McDonagh and Finn Balor

– Next week, Sami Zayn faces Chad Gable in a non-title match.  Lyra Valkyria faces Iyo Sky in the Raw finals.  Gunther faces the winner of Ilja Dragunov versus Jey Uso.


We see Ilja Dragunov in LOCKER ROOM and Ricochet shows up to show is respect for last week.  He says the result will be different the next time they meet.  Ricochet tells Ilja to win that crown.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.


We are back and Priest asks Dom if him and Rhea are good. Finn and JD arrive with Carlito over their victory. Carlito says he knows he isn’t wanted in here and he starts to leave but Priest stops him and tells him that what happened out there was cool.  He asks Carlito if he is going to take care of Rey because while they will have his back, they don’t run with cowards.

WWE King of the Ring Quarterfinal: Jey Uso vs. Ilja Dragunov

They lock up and Ilja with a clean break but he misses a back fist.  Ilja with a chop and a second one.  Jey has a kick blocked and Jey misses the dragon whip.  Ilja with a chop.  Ilja with a running knee into the corner and he goes to the turnbuckles for a knee drop.  Ilja goes up top again and Jey with a punch to knock Ilja off the turnbuckles to the floor.  Jey with a suicide dive to send Ilja into the announce table.  Jey gets Ilja on his shoulders but Ilja gets to his feet and he hits an enzuigiri.  Ilja breaks the count and he adjusts the announce table.  Ilja with a chop and he puts Jey on the table.  Ilja goes to the ringside barrier for H Bomb onto the table but he misses.

Jey with a running tackle onto the announce table.

5/13 WWE RAW Results continue after a commercial.

We are back and Ilja with an abdominal stretch.  Jey rakes the eyes to try to get out of the hold but Ilja holds on.  Jey with a hip toss.  Jey with a punch that staggers Ilja and Ilja fires back.  They go back and forth with Ilja using chops and forearms.  Jey with punches and a handful of spit punch.  Jey has a kick blocked but Jey hits a dragon whip.  Jey runs into a boot from Ilja.  Ilja stands over Jey for a German suplex.  Ilja holds on and hits a second one.  Ilja holds on Jey escapes.  Jey with a thrust kick and uppercut but Ilja with an enzuigiri.  Ilja with Konstantin Special for a near fall.

Ilja with chops in the corner.  Ilja wtih a face wash in the corner and he goes for a running boot and connects.  Ilja with a waist lock and Jey with a standing swith.  Jey with a super kick to block Konstantin Special.  Jey with super kicks for a near fall. Jey backs into the corner and runs into a knee and a running knee from Ilja.  Ilja sets for a power bomb and hits it.  Ilja sets for H Bomb and hits it for a near fall.  Ilja sets for Torpedo Moscow and Jey with a spear.  Jey goes up top and hits a frog splash for 

Winner:  Jey Uso (advances to face Gunther)

After the match, Gunther comes to the ring and Jey has some words for him.

We go to credits.

–– Here is what’s in store for the show ––

  • Spoiler News and Notes for 5/13 WWE RAW
  • WWE King of the Ring Quarterfinal: Jey Uso vs. Ilja Dragunov
  • WWE King of the Ring Quarterfinal: Gunther vs. Kofi Kingston
  • WWE Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal: Lyra Valkyria vs. Zoey Stark
  • WWE Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal: IYO SKY vs. Shayna Baszler
  • Becky Lynch vs. Dakota Kai

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5/13 WWE RAW Results

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