Backstage Talk After Tony Khan Compares WWE to Harvey Weinstein

Backstage Talk After Tony Khan Compares WWE to Harvey Weinstein

Backstage Talk After Tony Khan Compares WWE to Harvey Weinstein – Tony Khan’s recent comparison of WWE to “the Harvey Weinstein of pro wrestling” stirred up reactions internally within both AEW and WWE. Bryan Alvarez shared insights on Wrestling Observer Radio about the responses he heard from individuals in both companies.

While some fans celebrated Khan’s bold statement, others found it unnecessary. Alvarez noted that individuals in both AEW and WWE had mixed reactions. Some in AEW also found Khan’s remarks to be unreasonable. There’s a sentiment that painting WWE as entirely villainous isn’t accurate, as not everyone in the company is implicated in any wrongdoing. Additionally, while WWE is facing legal challenges, it’s important to recognize that the vast majority of its employees are not involved in such issues.

Alvarez emphasized that the truth lies somewhere in the middle, neither absolving WWE entirely nor demonizing the entire company. He highlighted the complexity of the situation, acknowledging that while Vince McMahon may have had issues, not everyone in WWE is culpable. The general sentiment is that broad-brush accusations against the entire company aren’t fair.

Overall, while Khan’s comment sparked controversy, it’s seen as part of the ongoing back-and-forth between AEW and WWE, where both companies have been known to take shots at each other over the years.

“And listen, I talked to people in both companies. I will say this about what he said because I know, like, a lot of fans heard the Harvey Weinstein line, and they were like, somewhere celebratory, like, it was the greatest thing ever. And some of them were like, ‘Oh, my God, like, why did he do it?’ And I can tell you from talking to people in AEW and, obviously, the WWE people thought it was ridiculous that he said it. I heard people in AEW saying the same thing. And yeah, and a lot of it, and I think one of the things is that there’s this thing about how well you either believe that Vince is the only one that was bad. Or, like, the entire company is horrible. And the reality is neither. Okay, the reality the reality is neither. It is not either. Vince is the one bad guy, and now he’s gone. And the reality also is it’s not the entire company. And people say, ‘Well, you know, she, WWE is also being sued.’ Well, they are dependent, they are but you know, when you’re when you’re talking, especially to the wrestlers, I mean, the vast majority of the people in that company, the vast majority, have nothing to do with this. Okay? And you know, when people in WWE, and when people in AEW, who have a lot of friends in WWE, see Tony accusing the entire company, the entire company is evil. We are battling an evil company. A lot of people take exception to that. And, you know, the truth is in the middle. It is not all Vince. And it is certainly not the entire company. So I think that was one of the things that people got very upset about with the comment. But at the end of the day, it’s like, he made a comment, WWE, they’ve been, you know, taking shots at AEW for five years. Now. If he wants to take a shot back, he could take a shot. They both take shots back and forth.”

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Backstage Talk After Tony Khan Compares WWE to Harvey Weinstein

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