2/6 NXT Results

2/6 NXT Results

2/6 NXT Results – We are live from the WWE Performance Center in Florida, as Carmelo Hayes makes his way to the ring to start the show.

Hayes takes a seat in the center of the ring and the crowd is so unhappy we can’t hear half of what they are chanting. Hayes stands up and he says not yet.  He puts the chair down and leaves the ring.

– We take a look back at Vengeance Day.

– Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker show up in front of the announce table for their celebration.

Bron stops Baron from doing the introduction and he has Alicia Taylor do it. Baron does not appreciate Alicia calling them the Wolf Dogs.  He wants to know how much Bron paid Alicia.  He says they won the Cup and their names are on it forever.  Baron points out that his name is first.  He says they were dominant and no one can stop them, other than the top rope and he asks Bron how is his face. 

Bron says when you run 23 miles per hour, things happen.  Bron congratulates Baron and says Baron wouldn’t have made it over the top rope without his boost. Baron says that means they have a tag title match.  Bron says they are on the hunt.

Axiom and Nathan Frazer come out for their match. Baron and Bron join commentary.

Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Axiom and Enofe start things off and Enofe slaps away Axiom’s hand.  Enofe with a wrist lock and Axiom escapes.  Enofe with a waist lock and Enofe with a drop kick.  Axiom blocks a kick and Axiom with a kick and elbow.  Axiom with an arm drag and drop kick for a near fall.  Axiom with a reverse chin lock.  Blade knocks Axiom off the apron with a super kick.  Frazer knocks Enofe off the apron.  Frazer with a suicide dive onto Enofe while Blade hits a plancha onto Axiom.  Blade with a clothesline off the turnbuckles. 

We go to commercial.

We are back and Frazer kicks Enofe and Axiom tags in.  Axiom with a Northern Lariat and Frazer with a DDT to allow Axiom to get a near fall.  Axiom kicks Enofe and connects with a head butt to the midsection.  Enofe with a sunset flip but Axiom rolls through and he kicks Enofe to get a near fall.  Axiom with a sleeper.  Enofe gets to his feet and he escapes but Axiom with a clothesline.  Frazer tags in and he kicks Enofe.  Axiom with a German suplex and Frazer with a twisting suplex for a near fall.  Frazer with a rear chin lock.  Frazer with a back elbow for a near fall.  Frazer returns to the reverse chin lock.  Frazer keeps Enofe from making the tag and Frazer trips Enofe and hits a clothesline and a shooting star press for a near fall.  Axiom tags in and Frazer goes up top but Enofe hits the ropes and crotches Frazer.  Enofe with a springboard knee to Axiom and Blade tags in.  Blade drop kicks Frazer off the turnbuckles.  Blade with a forearm to Axiom and Frazer with a cross body but Blade holds on and rolls through for a fallaway slam.

Blade with a punch and clothesline.  Blade with a power bomb for a near fall.  Blade with a sit out power bomb for a near fall.  Enofe tags in and he goes up top and hits an elbow drop for a near fall.  Blade sends Frazer into the corner but Fazer with a faltliner into the turnbuckles.  Enofe with a knee to send Frazer to the floor.  Enofe goes up top and Axiom with a kick to stop him.  Frazer tags in and Axiom sets for Spanish Fly and hits it.  Frazer with a Phoenix Splash but Blade breaks up the cover.  All four men are down in the ring.  Axiom and Blade pair off while Enofe and Frazer throw punches at each other.  Axiom and Blade exchange chops.  Frazer and Axiom with forearms but Blade and Enofe fire back.  Blade and ENofe with kicks and then Axiom and Frazer with super kicks.  All four men go for clotheslines and all four go down.

Axiom punches Blade while Frazer chops Enofe.  Frazer and Axiom punch their opponents from the turnbuckles.  Blade and Enofe set for a double power bomb but Axiom and Frazer counter into guillotines.  Blade suplexes Axiom and Enofe does the same to Frazer.   Enofe sends Axiom’s boot into Frazer and then he hits a spinebuster on Axiom.  The referee finally decides to send someone to the apron and Blade and Enofe hit the TKO and neck breaker combination for a near fall.  Blade tags in and he goes up top while Enofe gets Frazer on his shoudlers.  Frazer escapes and hits a superplex followed by a Kiss of the Dragon for a near fall.  Axiom goes to the apron and he is tagged in.  Frazer goes up top and goes for a frog splash but Blade gets his feet up.  He does the same to Axiom.  Enofe tags in and they hit a double pump handle slam for a near fall when Frazer breaks up the cover.

Enofe and Blade go up top but Frazer sends Blade to the floor.  Enofe misses a splash.  Frazer with a Phoenix Splash and Axiom with Golden Ratio for the three count.

Winners:  Nathan Frazer and Axiom

After the match, Bron and Baron attack Frazer and Axiom and they send Frazer and Axiom to the floor.

Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo make their way to the ring with Adrianna Rizzo. Baron wants to face Tony and Channing next week and Channing says that is fine.

– We see Ilja Dragunov in the Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment.  Kelly asks Ilja about what happened and Ilja says he wants answers from Carmelo.

We go to commercial.

– We are back and NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov makes his way to the ring.

Ilja says on Sunday night we went to war.  He says he does not just respect Trick, he likes him.  He says he could not let Trick slay the Mad Dragon.  At Vengeance Day, Trick gave him everything he had.  If there is a man to beat him, Trick would be a worthy champion.  Ilja says it is his duty to call out one person . . . Carmelo Hayes.

You have been attacking him with false accusations over the last couple months.  Now we can all see your true colors.  You are a snake and you couldn’t see your friend reach new heights.  He tells Hayes to come out.  The crowd gave it to you verbally, but Ilja says he will break Hayes.  He calls him a traitorous Son of a Bitch.  He asks Hayes if he can look him face to face or does he have to attack him from behind.  Ilja says if Hayes doesn’t come out, he will find Hayes.

Dijak tells Ilja he can stay right here.  He wants to know why Ilja is so obsessed with Trick and Melo.  You should be because you are the NXT Champion.  He says he saw what Ilja did on Sunday and he says Ilja probably saw what he did to Joe Gacy. 

Ilja says tonight is not the night for Dijak to do this.

Dijak says Ilja is feeling a little regular tonight with the broken nose.  There is nothing you can do.  Dijak says he knows what it takes to beat Joe Gacy and beat someone who thinks they are unbreakable.

Ilja advises Dijak to get out of his way because his business tonight is with Melo.  When their paths cross again, you will suffer like you never suffered before.  You will find out why he is Un-Bes-

Dijak punches Ilja and Ilja punches back.  Security comes out to separate them and it works as well as usual.

– We see Thea Hail and Jacy Jane signing copies of “The Ladies of Chase U” calendar that saved Chase University from the financial issues that Andre Chase’s gambling put them in. As they continue to talk, Thea asks Jacy for advice about Riley Osborne and Valentine’s Day after he asked her to be his Valentine.

We go to commercial.

– Von Wagner says all of that training and he lost.  Stone says he was pissed at how MetaFour talked to his kids.  Von says Stone’s kids are the best.    Von says he isn’t done with Oro.  Stone’s kids want him to wrestle and they chant tag team.  Stone says he will do it one time.

Lexis King vs. Riley Osborne

Riley looks into the crowd and he does not see Thea in her seat.

They lock up and King with a head butt.  Riley with a punch and double leg take down followed by punches.  King iwth a side head lock and punch.  King with a chop and Irish whip but Riley floats over and he gives King a back body drop.  Riley with chops.  Riley with a drop kick that sends King to the floor.  Riley with a Fosbury Flop onto King.  Riley sends King back into the ring and King goes to the apron.  Riley goes to the apron when King moves.  Riley blocks a kick and he kicks King.  King with a kick and he sends Riley off the apron into the announce table.  King sends Riley into the apron and King with a slingshot double stomp.  King with a Northern Lariat and he gets a near fall.  King with a seated abdominal stretch.  Riley escapes and he hits a flying clothesline.  Riley with another clothesline.  Riley with a rollup for a near fall.  Riley with a slam and he hits a leg lariat and gets a near fall.

Riley goes up top and he sees that Thea still hasn’t taken her seat.  King with a super kick to the leg to stop RIley on the turnbuckles.  King with a hanging Coronation for the three count.

Winner:  Lexis King

– Carmelo walks in the Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment as we go to commercial.

– Kelani Jordan says she isn’t standing on business, she is stomping on it.  She says she has faced adversity in the past.  She is not afraid of any competition.  She says she refuses to settle for anything less because she will get what is hers.

Kiana James and Izzi Dame enter the locker room and they tell everyone else to move. Kiana says being happy to be here doesn’t cut it. Brinley Reece enters and she says she was so impressed with Kelani. Izzi asks Kiana if she is thirsty and Izzi tells Brinley to give Kiana her drink. Kiana takes it and she says she doesn’t like coffee so she pours it out.

– Carmelo Hayes is back in the ring as if it is an hour ago, but the lights are down in the building.

Carmelo says the villain is always the villain when the hero is telling the story.  Why is it that nobody wants to hear his side?  Trick, he is not jealous of your success.  Hayes says he let Trick succeed and achieve the highest of highs and make your parents proud.  When you came close, he had to be the one to take it away so he could remind Trick of his place.  To remind Trick what happens when you cross Melo and bite the hand that feeds you.  You crossed him first.  You said you were going to go after the North American title while Hayes would go for the world title.  Then the people got in your head to make you think that you were on the same level. 

You went behind his back and went after something that belonged to him.  That is when he knew he had to do what he had to do.  The million dollar question . . . did he attack Trick Williams?

You’re damn right I did and he says he would do it again if he crosses him . . .

Trick Williams’ music plays and the crowd goes crazy but it was Hayes playing with them.  He says he can’t get nothing past you guys.  Trick ain’t coming back.  He is in the hospital next to Booker T. 

Hayes says he has always been this way.  Him and Trick are not the same.  You got so caught up in the headlines to put your boy on the sidelines.  Nothing on this brand gets run until it is ran past him.  Hayes tells Trick you wanted to be like him so bad, you dressed like him and did everything that he did.  You are just a trick. 

This was never a collaboration.  You were his hype man.  That is all it is and that is all you will ever be.

– We see a graphic of man having three faces, one the world sees, one his family sees, and the real one no one sees but reflects the evil he truly possesses.

– We take a look at the brawl between Roxanne Perez and Lola Vice in the back.

We go to commercial.

– We are back with a video of Oba Femi. 

– Riley Osborne walks int he back and Thea and Jacy are in the back.  Thea asks how it went.  Riley says they lost.  Thea says she had some grown ass woman stuff to do.  Riley asks Thea about next week and Thea and Riley are both awkwardly excited. Jacy tells Thea ‘this’ needs to stop.  She tells Thea she will give her advice about her date for next week.

Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice

Lola misses a round kick and Perez with a Thesz Press.  Lola goes to the floor and Perez with a suicide dive.  Perez sends Vice into the apron and then Perez goes up top and hits a cross body for a near fall.  Perez with forearms but Lola avoids the side Russian leg sweep.  Lola with Speedball kicks.  Lola with the shimmy before hitting a running hip into the corner for a near fall.  Lola with an axe kick to the back and she chokes Perez in the ropes.  The referee warns Lola and Perez with elbows and forearms.  Perez with a knee and an uppercut.  Perez goes to the turnbuckles for punches.  Perez gets a near fall.  Perez with a kick to the head and she goes to the turnbuckles.  Lola with a kick that knocks Perez off the turnbuckles to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lola with a reverse chin lock.  Perez with a punch but Lola holds on to the head lock.  Lola with a forearm and a knee to the midsection.  Perez with a rollup for a near fall.  Perez with forearms and punches and then it is windmill time.  Perez with a running forearm and a running double sledge.  Perez with a drop kick.  Perez with an uppercut int he corner followed by a side Russian leg sweep.  Perez with a double jump moonsault for a near fall.  Perez goes for a crossface but Lola counters with a rollup.  Perez with a sit out gourdbuster for a near fall.  Lola counters an uppercut with a rear naked choke.  Perez tries to counter and get a cover but Lola holds on.  Perez gets to her feet and she backs Lola into the turnbuckles to escape.  Perez with an inside cradle for a near fall followed by a back heel kick.  Lola sends Perez into the ropes when Perez tries for Pop Rox.  Lola with a back fist and Tatum Paxley gets on the apron.  Lola with a back heel kick to Tatum to knock her off the apron. Perez with Pop Rox for the three count.

Winner:  Roxanne Perez

– Kelly asks Jakara and Lash about their match. Lash says no one is worried about Wren.  Jakara says Lash will finish her career before it starts. Kelly asks Noam about the challenge made by Stone and Wagner. Noam says they are the dream team and they will put their dream to an end. Drew Gulak asks why would they accept the challenge as he arrives with Dempsey, Kemp, and Borne.

We go to commercial.

Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson vs. Wren Sinclair & Fallon Henley

Lash and Fallon start things off and Fallon pushes Lash but Lash with a forearm.  Fallon with a sleeper but Lash backs Fallon into the corner.  Wren tags in and Fallon with a forearm.  Lash catches Wren on a cross body and Fallon helps Lash to the mat so Wren can get a near fall.  Lash with a bear hug and she runs Wren into the turnbuckles.  Jakara tags in and she connects with forearms and punches followed by a chop.  Jackson sends Wren into the mat and she knocks Fallon off the apron.  Wren with a rollup for a near fall.  Lash makes the tag and she blocks a kick and connects with a forearm.  Jakara with a leap frog seated splash to Wren.  Lash sends Wren to the mat and follows with a splash for a near fall.  Jakara tags in and Lash with forearms in the ropes followed by a boot to the head by Jakara for a near fall.

Wren is sent into the corner and Jakara with kicks.  Lash tags in and sends Wren into the corner.  Jakara tags back in and she kicks Wren and gets a near fall.  Jakara stretches Wren.  Jakara with a knee to the midsection and she gets a near fall.  Wren with a rollup for a near fall.  Fallon tags in and she hits a clothesline and back elbow.  Fallon with a forearm to Jackson and a bulldog to Lash that also takes Jakara down with a kick.  Fallon with a hair take down for a near fall.  Lash tries to pull Jakara to the floor but Fallon holds on.  Lash pulls Fallon into the ropes and Jakara with a drop kick.  Wren tags in and Lash does too and hits a power bomb for the three count.

Winners:  Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson

– Josh Briigs is talking to Dion Lennox and he talks about Dragon Lee.  Brooks shows up and he talks about Fallon and how she is doing it on her own. Brooks says he is struggling without Josh and Fallon.  He needs them.  Josh asks if being sad is going to help him.  He isn’t a kid.  Learn from Fallon and him.  Stand on your own two feet.  There are people in the PC who are waiting to take your spot.  You let it happen or grow some balls.

We go to commercial.

– We are back and Jaida Parker is with Ava and she wants Rizzo next week. Ava says if she wants the match, everyone has to be banned from ringside.

Ridge Holland shows up and he says Gallus tried to break his leg last week.  He wants to face Gallus. Ava says it isn’t fair to Ridge to give him Gallus.  She will let him have a series of singles matches but if he loses, it is over.

– In addition to the Tag Title Match, next week Noam Dar and Oro Mensah will face Von Wagner and Robert Stone and Brinley Reece faces Kiana James.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Dijak in a Non Title Match

Ilja with forearms but Dijak fires back with forearms of his own.  Ilja kicks and chops Dijak.  Dijak misses a punch and Ilja with a German suplex and he holds on for a second one.  Ilja goes for another one but Dijak blocks it and connects with elbows.  Dijak with a punch to the nose.  Dijak with a boot to the head.  Dijak with an elbow to the back followed by a chop.  DIjak sends Ilja into the turnbuckles and rubs his nose in the turnbuckle pad.  Ilja avoids being sent into the turnbuckle and Ilja with chops.  Ilja with a spinning chop.  Ilja with a knee into the corner and he hits a knee drop off the turnbuckles.  Ilja goes up top again and Dijak moves as Ilja comes off the turnbuckles.  Ilja with a kick in the corner and he sends Dijak to the mat.  Ilja goes up top again and Dijak crotches Ilja.  Dijak with a super kick to send Ilja off the turnbuckles to the floor. 

Dijak follows and connects with a forearm to the back. Ilja backs Dijak into the apron. Dijak goes under the ring and he does not like what he ses under the ring. Ilja with a forearm but Dijak with a punch to the nose. Dijak with an elbow drop for a near fall. Dijak with a forearm and a kick. Dijak with boots to the head. Dijak with back elbows in the corner. Dijak with a front face lock and a release suplex for a near fall. Ilja with chops but Dijak with a knee to the back. Ilja with boots to the midsection and then he applies a rear chin lock. Ilja with a head butt to escape the hold. Ilja with forearms and Dijak with a foerarm of his own. Dijak sends Ilja face first into the mat and then he goes for Feast Your Eyes but Ilja blocks it. Dijak with a forearm and Ilja with a boot to the head. Dijak with a super kick and Ilja with a jumping kick. Dijak with a cyclone kick and Ilja bounces off the ropes. Ilja with a kick to the temple. Ilja tries to get Dijak up.

Ilja sets for a running Death Valley Driver and Dijak pulls at the nose but Ilja is able to hit the Death Valley Driver into the turnbuckles.  Ilja goes up top and hits a back senton for a near fall.  Ilja with a kick to the back and he puts Dijak in the corner for a face wash.  Ilja with a running boot to the head.  Ilja with chops to Dijak in the corner.  Dijak grabs Ilja by the throat and Ilja with more chops.  Dijak wit a knee and Final Justice for a near fall.  Dijak with slaps to the midsection.  Dijak grabs Ilja by the throat and Ilja with head butts.  Ilja with a spinning chop and back fists.  Ilja goes for Konstantin special but Dijak counters with a clothesline.

DIjak goes to the apron and he hits a springboard elbow drop.  Ilja with a running knee to the head and both men are down.  Dijak rolls to the apron and he pulls the ring skirt but Joe Gacy hits Dijak in the head with a boxing glove on a stick.  Ilja with H Bomb for the three count.

Winner:  Ilja Dragunov

After the match, Ilja celebrates in the ring and Hayes clips Ilja.

Hayes picks up the title belt and he hits Ilja in the head with it.

We go to credits.

–– Here is the announced card for tonight ––

  • Spoiler News and Notes for 2/6 NXT
  • Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin celebrate winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament.
  • Lexis King vs. Riley Osborne.
  • Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade.
  • Carmelo Hayes to explain his actions.
  • Lola Vice vs. Roxanne Perez.
  • Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson vs. Wren Sinclair & Fallon Henley.

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2/6 NXT Results

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