Booker T Offers Advice To Lexis King

Booker T Offers Advice To Lexis King

Booker T Offers Advice To Lexis King – Booker T gave his thoughts on various topics on his latest Hall Of Fame podcast. During it, the WWE Hall Of Famer talked about his belief that WWE NXT Lexis King needs to make minor changes to his look in WWE NXT.

“He needs to lose 8 pounds. I need Lexis King to lose 8 pounds. It’s just because television makes him look a little bit bigger. You know, television makes him look a little bit bigger in the wrong areas. I’ll work with them on that. Make sure you get your jackets tapered, stuff like that. You know, it’s little bitty things and that’s just me looking at it from an entertainment perspective. And one thing about wrestling is it’s like an eye-catching business. You see things that are out of place when it’s a wrestler walking down the aisle, you know, especially these days, just because the fans are so smart, at least they want to be smart. They want to be able to pick out every little flaw that you have. So you have to be on point when you’re working in front of people. He is going to be alright. He’ll get there. You know he’ll get there. He’s going to hear this. And he’s going to say, ‘Man said I needed to lose 8 pounds.’ And not too many people will tell him that. Not too many people are going to say, ‘Hey man, you need to lose 8 pounds because it’s a sink or swim type of business.’ If you fail, you just fail. Man, that’s on you. Not too many people are going to tell you your weaknesses just because it’s not their business. There’s a lot of times they don’t care. Especially like just say, for instance, with one of the girls these days. If you go up to one of the girls and say, ‘Hey, you need to lose 6 to 8 pounds.’ Now your body is shaming them. Opposed to trying to help him. Damn it! It’s official. Y’all need to lose 6 to 8 pounds out there. Okay. Saying no names. These are the shocking revelations. And this is true. All right. Some of the girls. Some of the guys. Don’t think about if you ain’t looking in the mirror judging yourself. You got a problem?”

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