6/7 AEW Dynamite Results – Colorado Springs, CO

6/7 AEW Dynamite Results

6/7 AEW Dynamite Results – The usual “Light the fuse …” theme song and accompanying intro video airs to get us started on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite on TBS from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

AEW International Championship
Orange Cassidy (C) vs. Shane “Swerve” Strickland

We see Cassidy do a lot of his comedy spots early on, but then Swerve starts to take over. Swerve works the ribs of the champ early on.

The action spills out to the floor where we see Cassidy hit a hurricanrana after being hoisted on Swerve’s shoulders. He sends him into the barricade. Back in the ring, they continue to duke it out. They both head to the top-rope again but this time they both crash down backwards.

After the two splash on the floor on opposing corners of the ringside area, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break, we see Swerve kicking the crap out of Cassidy, but then Cassidy starts to fight back.

Strickland looks for a cool rolling suplex spot, but Cassidy counters and hits Stun-dog Millionaire. He hits another spot after that and both guys are down recovering. Swerve gets up first and starts hitting Solo-style Samoan Spikes, but as uppercuts.

Cassidy starts to fight back with his wimpy punches but Swerve just shakes his head. Cassidy turns up the energy about 1,000 notches and starts to once again put together a hot offensive streak. Strickland hits a death valley driver on Cassidy off the top-rope onto the hard part of the ring apron to slow him down.

The “Freshly Squeezed” one runs the length of the apron, while standing outside the ropes, and hits a wild tornado DDT on Swerve way down to the floor down below. Scary stuff. Back in the ring, he hits another big near finisher for a close pin attempt.

Orange sets Swerve up for the Orange Punch but Swerve avoids it. Prince Nana jumps on the ring apron to try and provide a distraction, but Cassidy moves and Swerve takes him out. Orange follows that up with an Orange Punch on Swerve, but Swerve kicks out of the follow-up pin attempt.

A “This is Awesome” chant spreads throughout the arena. Cassidy runs and dives through the ropes onto Swerve on the floor, again looking for a tornado DDT, but Swerve counters it and Donkey Kong’s the champ off the floor. Ouch. The fans respond with an “AEW! AEW!” chant.

Back in the ring, Swerve looks for his kick-finisher but Cassidy avoids it. Swerve ends up tripping Cassidy down and landing the kick. He leaps to the top-rope and comes off with the double foot stomp. He goes for the cover but somehow Cassidy kicks out.

The two engage in a back-and-forth pin attempt, reversal sequence, which ends with Cassidy holding onto Swerve’s tights long enough, despite a bum paw, that he scores the three-count. With the win, Cassidy retains the AEW International Championship with his 24th straight defense.

Winner and STILL AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

Once the match wraps up, we see the rest of The Mogul Embassy run down from the back. The group starts stomping out Cassidy until the lights in the building go out.

When they come back on, we see The Mogul Embassy has fleed the scene, as Sting and Darby Allin arrive and run them off, making the save for the AEW International Champion and proving they have his back once again.

Bryan Danielson Addresses Kazuchika Okada

After a video package hyping our main event featuring Ricky Starks vs. Jay White, with Juice Robinson and FTR banned from ringside, we head back in the arena where the theme song for “The American Dragon” hits.

On that note, out comes the Blackpool Combat Club’s Bryan Danielson. As he makes his way out, a video package for Danielson vs. Kazuchika Okada at AEW & NJPW: The Forbidden Door 2 airs.

Blackpool Combat Club vs. CHAOS

Danielson settles in on special guest commentary alongside Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz. He takes exception to Okada being called a once in a lifetime performer. He says he’s the true once in a lifetime performer.

Excalibur hypes the Blackpool Combat Club versus CHAOS match coming up next and then we head to a pre-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we hear the familiar sounds of the Best Friends theme song. Out comes Trent Baretta and Chuck Taylor along with their CHAOS partner, Rocky Romero. The trio heads to the ring and settles inside.

Now “Wild Thing” plays and the Blackpool Combat Club trio of Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta emerge through the crowd. They begin making their way out to the ring for our next match of the evening.

As soon as the BCC guys jump the guard rail, the fight is on. They throw a chair right into Mox’s face, Sabu-style. We see a couple of big leaps off the top rope and out to the floor. In the ring, the bell finally sounds to get this one officially off-and-running.

The BCC start to fight back, but once again CHAOS takes over. They knock the three guys out to the floor and then take turns hitting dives. Back in the ring, the trio decides that it is important to give the people what they want. Some say they’ve GOTTA. So, they do.

After the big three-way hug, the BCC guys blast them from behind and start to take over on offense. Wheeler Yuta and Chuck Taylor settle in the ring as the legal two men, with Yuta dominating the action as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

We settle back in from the break and we see Taylor fighting back and taking over, blasting Yuta with a big kick. Trent and Mox each tag in, but it is Trent who takes the hot tag and starts beating down “The Purveyor of Violence.”

Mox catches Trent ducking and blasts him with a kick to the grill. Romero hits a cross body off the top on Mox and then everyone from both teams start filtering into the ring for a spot fest. Moments later, Mox gets a bulldog choke and switches to a rear naked choke for the win.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

The Elite Issues Challenge To Blackpool Combat Club

We shoot backstage after the match and we see “Hangman” Adam Page and The Young Bucks. They address the Blackpool Combat Club. They extend a challenge to the trio of Mox, Claudio and Yuta for next week’s show. We return in the arena and Danielson accepts the challenge on behalf of the BCC on commentary.

AEW World Champion MJF Confronted By Adam Cole

After we see a cool video package hyping Kenny Omega vs. Will Ospreay for AEW & NJPW: The Forbidden Door 2, we return live and the familiar sounds of MJF’s theme hits the house speakers in Colorado Springs.

Out comes “The Devil” Maxwell Jacob Friedman to a mixed bag reaction. The AEW World Champion makes his way to the ring and tells the guys in the truck to cut his music. He mocks the fans in Colorado for being stoners.

The fans chant “You suck!” at MJF. He responds, “Colorado … your mom’s swallow! No one is on the level of ‘The Devil!'” Before he can say anything else, we hear “You know it’s all about the boom!”

With that said, out comes Adam Cole to a huge pop from the Colorado crowd. He heads to the ring but before he can do his “BOOM! Adam Cole BAY-BAY!” routine with the crowd, MJF demands his music be cut off. The fans chant “Piece of sh*t” at him.

MJF then tells Adam Cole it’s good to have some actual real competition around here. He tells Cole he’s actually a fan of his. He tells him after CM Punk he wasn’t sure he’d like anyone, but then mentions seeing Cole in Ring of Honor. He says ROH sucks but Cole was good.

He talks about seeing him capture gold in CZW. He says he went down to Florida and shocked the system. He calls him Shawn Michaels hand-picked guy and the greatest world champion in the history of that company. “And that my friend, is undisputed.” He compliments himself on his clever word play.

Friedman says he followed the same path and captured gold in CZW. He says he became the hottest free agent like Cole was. He says he knew eventually Cole would make the jump and they’d have the rivalry to end all rivalries. He says but then “this guy showed up.”

The AEW Champion keeps going on and on about how Cole has slipped in years and mocks him for letting Britt Baker walk out of the house everyday with Cole’s balls in her purse. He criticizes him for having the body of a champion but now he’s so frail he makes crack whores jealous.

He says he read a rumor that he made the jump to this company because a certain guy named Vince McMahon didn’t view Adam Cole as a top talent. MJF says Vince by name and even says, “Big fan, by the way.” MJF says when he heard that he thought Vince lost his marbles but now that he’s standing with him in the ring, he thinks Vince was right.

Cole asks if that’s really the best MJF has. He says MJF is coming off like a toxic social media troll. He says he’s going to let the Britt Baker stuff go because he’s sure she can kick his ass. He mocks MJF for his fiancee’ leaving him. He says MJF is world class. A world class douchebag. The fans begin chanting it.

He tells MJF to get real. He says he can’t touch him. He brings up the body comments and challenges MJF to piss in a couple of cups and see who’s natural. He says, “Oh, you don’t wanna do that, I thought so.” He says he appreciates MJF has studied his career but tells him they’re nothing alike. He says those in the AEW locker room respect him.

Adam says no one in the AEW locker room respects him. He says they think he’s jealous, selfish, lazy and does the least amount possible to be champion and get his paychecks. The fans chant “No respect!” at him. MJF says, “Oh you guys don’t respect me … let me cry in my money about it.”

MJF says that’s a lot of tough talk coming from Keith Lee’s manager. Cole says if MJF was a real champion he’d tell him to shut his mouth and fight him, but he won’t because he’s a coward. Fans start chanting “coward” at him. He says MJF won’t fight him because he’s better than him — and they know it.

Friedman loses his cool, turns red and yells in Cole’s face that he’ll beat his ass. Cole says, “That a boy, champ. Looks like we got ourselves a match.” He finishes by doing the “Adam Cole — BAY BAY!” routine that MJF robbed fans of at the start of this segment. Awesome, awesome stuff here.

The Hardy Boys Own Ethan Page’s Contract

We shoot backstage and we see The Hardy Boys and Isiah Kassidy. Matt brings in “All Ego” Ethan Page. Jeff tells him he needs to use his ego for good. They make him apologize to Isiah Kassidy for what he and his cronies did to him. They tell him they’re gonna make him a better man.

Texas Tornado Match
HOOK & Jungle Boy vs. Dralistico & Preston Vance

All four guys end up in the ring and the bell sounds to officially get this one off-and-running. Vance grabs a giant chain but ends up getting beat up by HOOK in the crowd. Back in the ring, we see Jungle Boy beating down Dralistico.

He starts tearing at the mask of the LFI member. We see Vance blast HOOK from behind in the crowd and then we head into a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see HOOK leap off the guard rail with the giant chain wrapped around his hand.

HOOK badly opens up Vance, who is immediately bleeding extremely profusely. Like real bad. Two tables were set up during the break. We see LFI try and slam HOOK through them but HOOK fights back and dumps Dralistico on his head in a scary spot.

Vance clotheslines HOOK down to the floor and then brings him back into the ring near the two tables. He has the chain wrapped around HOOK’s neck and is hanging him over the ring ropes. We see Jungle Boy blast Vance with a chair. HOOK then t-bone suplexes him through the two tables.

Jungle Boy hits a DDT on Dralistico onto the chair in the ring, but Jose The Assistant breaks up the pin attempt. HOOK chokes him out with Red Rum and Jungle Boy gets Dralistico in the Snare Trap for the win. Good match.

Winners: HOOK & Jungle Boy

Main Event Announced For Debut Of AEW Collision

We shoot to Tony Khan, who as advertised, will now announce the main event for the debut episode of AEW Collision on June 17, 2023 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Khan plugs the show airing every Saturday night for two hours from 8-10pm on TNT. He announces Jay White, Juice Robinson & Samoa Joe will take on FTR and CM Punk in Trios action.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Damon Ace

We return inside the arena and out comes Konosuke Takeshita and Don Callis to a ton of boos. Takeshita settles in the ring where his opponent is already standing. The commentators quickly mention his name, Damon Ace.

The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one. We see Takeshita immediately run over the local Colorado wrestler and finish him off with ease.

Once the match wraps up, we hear Don Callis get on the mic and the fans immediately give him the Dominik Mysterio treatment, booing him so loud you can barely hear a word he says. He vows to cut The Elite out of AEW. After the match, we head to another commercial break.

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita

Christian Cage Sends A Violent Message To Arn Anderson

After we return from the break, we see Alex Marvez standing outside the locker room of Christian Cage. We hear a bunch of yelling behind the door. He mentions Christian asked for this time. Cage approaches and sends a message to Arn Anderson. He then reveals behind the door that Luchasaurus has badly beaten down Arn’s son Brock Anderson.

TBS Women’s Championship
Kris Statlander (C) vs. Anna Jay

the bell sounds to get us officially off-and-running with our second title match of the evening. Statlander jumps off to an early offensive lead and then Anna tries avoiding her.

We see Anna roll out to the floor and hide behind “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard, who is wearing Puddy’s magic eight-ball colorful jacket. This allows Jay to take over on offense. The action resumes in the ring with Jay in control as we head to a commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Statlander once again dominating the action. Taya Valkyrie is shown watching on via a monitor backstage. Back in the ring, Menard provides another distraction, which allows Anna Jay to take back over.

Anna looks for the Queenslayer, but Statlander avoids it. Menard tries getting involved again but Statlander handles it this time. She turns around into the Queenslayer, which Anna successfully slaps on this time. Statlander fades but eventually slams her way out of it. She hits a spiked pile driver for the win.

Winner and STILL TBS Women’s Champion: Kris Statlander

– Excalibur speed-reads through four matches for this Friday’s AEW Rampage and four matches for next Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite.

– We see a quick interview segment with Toni Storm hyping her match on next week’s Dynamite against the winner of a four-way on Friday’s Rampage pitting Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Skye Blue vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. Nyla Rose.

After this, we head to another commercial break.

Ricky Starks vs. Jay White

When we return, the familiar sounds of Ricky Starks’ theme hits and out comes “Absolute” Ricky Starks to the ring for our main event of the evening.

He settles inside the squared circle and his entrance tune fades down. Now the theme for Jay White hits and out comes “Switchblade” Jay White by himself for this match, which as noted, will feature Juice Robinson and FTR banned from ringside.

Starks meets White at ringside and the fight gets off with a bang. Starks rolls White into the ring and the bell sounds to get our final match of the evening officially off-and-running.

We see some good back-and-forth action in the ring and then things spill out to the floor at ringside again, this time with “Switchblade” in the offensive driver’s seat. As he takes it to Starks, we head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return, we see the two duking it out in the middle of the ring. Starks hits a big spear and then goes for the Ro-Sham-Bo. He ends up knocking Paul Turner out in the process. Starks goes for the cover but notices the ref is down.

Starks heads over to check on the ref, but from behind, The Gunns hit the ring. Austin and Colten Gunn hit their double-team finisher on him and then White picks Starks up and connects with his Bladerunner finisher. The ref recovers and makes the pin and White wins the main event.

Winner: Jay White

After the match, Juice Robinson comes down to the ring from the back and gets in Starks’ face as he’s laid out. He and White taunt him and then pose to the crowd as this week’s show goes off the air on that note. Thanks for joining us!

–– AEW has announced the following card for tonight ––

  • Jay White vs. Ricky Starks
  • We will hear from AEW World Champion MJF
  • The Blackpool Combat Club (ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli, Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta) vs. CHAOS (Rocky Romero, Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta)
  • FTW Champion Hook and Jungle Boy vs. Dralistico and Preston Vance in a Texas Tornado match
  • AEW TBS Champion Kris Statlander defends against Anna Jay
  • AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy defends against Swerve Strickland
  • AEW President Tony Khan will announce the main event for the Collision premiere

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6/7 AEW Dynamite Results

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