WWE RAW Results (5/29) Albany, NY

WWE RAW Results (5/30)

WWE RAW Results (5/29) – After some highlights from Night of Champions, we are live from the MVP Arena in Albany, NY, where Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Pyro goes off on the stage and streamers fall from the ceiling.

Seth welcomes us to Monday Night Rollins, and says he’s a visionary, a revolutionary… He’s interrupted by loud “You deserve it” chants. …and I am World Heavyweight Champion. There are a lot of lows and highs on the road to this point.  Seth says it feels right.  He says he does not want to talk about the past, he wants to talk about the future.  Raw has a champion who wants to be here and a champion who is here, and a champion who is ready for a fight.

Seth says he is ready for a fight and he wants a fight.  He wants all of the fights.  It does not matter who you are or where you come from, the result will always be the same.  Me standing in the ring with the World title around his waist and the world singing his song.  

The crowd hums Seth’s entrance music.

AJ Styles interrupts with his music and he makes his way to the ring, even though he is a member of the Smackdown roster.

Seth pulls down his sunglasses to look at AJ and then the man who Seth beat gets a mic.

AJ says he knows he is on Smackdown, but he couldn’t resist coming to Raw to say… congratulations.  AJ says he gave Seth everything he had.  It was like Seth knew what he was going to do before he did it.  The fans say ‘You deserve it” and AJ says Seth doesn’t deserve anything.  AJ says you earned the right to be World Champion.

Seth tells AJ he is not too good at these things, but after the beating he gave AJ at Night of Champions, he says that AJ has earned ‘this’ and he offers his hand to AJ and they shake hands.

The music for The Judgment Day plays and they make their way to the ring.

Finn Balor acts like he is going to be sick and he asks if they also feel sick.  Whatver this is makes him want to puke. Priest says he is feeling nauseous.  He thinks they should make this positive. Rhea says they run Raw. Priest says Rhea is right, but after watching the Bloodline implode on Saturday, without a shadow of a doubt, they run the entire WWE. Finn says they beat the Undisputed Tag Team Champions, something Roman Reigns couldn’t do.  

Rhea says from THE Champion to just another one, he tells Seth not to get too comfortable with that title because it is inevitable that one of them will take the title from him. Finn says it could be Priest and Priest says it could be Finn.  Rhea says it could be his Dom Dom. AJ and Seth laugh at that idea. Dom tells AJ that he beat him. 

Finn says they saw them beat each other half to death at Night of Champions… Dom says they are going to finish the job tonight. AJ says that sounds like they were being challenged. Seth says they accept the challenge.  Any two of you versus the two of us in the Main Event.

– Ricochet makes his way to the ring for the first WWE Money In the Bank qualifier match against The Miz. But firs, we go to commercial.


Adam Pearce is on the phone and the match can happen even if it ruins the idea of a brand split.  Adam has to go so he can tell Seth and AJ the match is on. Adam says they are working on the red tape because AJ is on Smackdown.  Seth wants the match to be made and then AJ says he doesn’t want Seth to speak for him.  AJ says he has his gear when Pearce asks him.  AJ tells Seth to change his pants since they are ripped. They walk away and Adam says the match is on.

Money In the Bank Qualifying Match
The Miz vs. Ricochet

Ricochet goes for a handspring move but Miz catches him.  Ricochet with an arm drag and Miz with a drop kick.  He misses a running boot and Ricochet with an enzuigiri to send Miz to the floor.  Ricochet teases a dive to the floor but lands on the apron when Miz moves.  Ricochet kicks Miz and hits a moonsault off the ring post.  Miz with a head scissors and a round kick to the head.  Ricochet goes to the floor and Miz follows.  Miz sends Ricochet’s head into the announce table a few times.  He pushes Ricochet on the other side of the announce table.  Miz goes up top and hits a double sledge and gets a near fall.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ricochet sets for a springboard double stomp but Miz moves.  Miz with a springboard cross body for a near fall.  Miz kicks Ricochet many times.  Ricochet with kicks and a knee.  Ricochet with a running shoulder to the midsection and a kick to the back of the head.  Ricochet goes for a springboard move but Miz catches him.  Ricochet sets Miz into the turnbuckles but Miz does the same.  Miz puts Ricochet in the turnbuckles and hits a Codebreaker followed by a DDT for a near fall.  Miz sets for the Skull Crushing Finale but Ricochet with a victory roll for a near fall.  Ricochet with a knee and an Asai DDT.  Ricochet goes up top for the shooting star press and he hits it for the three count.

Winner:  Ricochet

– We take a look at what happened at the end of Trish Stratus’ match against Becky Lynch. Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Trish shows the ‘Thank You Trish’ on the back of her gear.  She says that to hear that from you, it means… absolutely nothing.  She says she does not care what you say.  Trish says she hates to say I told you so but I told you so.  I said I would go to Night of Champions and beat Becky Lynch.  What did I do?  I beat Becky.  You shouldn’t be surprised because this is what you do when you are the Greatest of All Time.  It is what you do when you are number one.  It is what you do when you are IT.  

Now Becky can go back into her dark hole and go through her stuff.  It is time to let the real superstars have their shot at the big time.  Like the Superstar who had her back at Night of Champions.  Trish says she didn’t need the help but this person asked to help.  Trish says this is a person who reminds Trish of herself.  

Trish brings out Zoey Stark.

Zoey says she came to the WWE to be the best and to make a statement.  Who better to learn from then the OG herself?  She could have taken the long, hard, difficult road that Becky Lynch did or she could be smart and be led by Trish Stratus.  Trish is so giving and so humble.  She is so kind.  Zoey says now that she has the floor, she wants to say one thing . . . Thank you Trish.  Zoey asks Trish what is on her face.

Trish says if Becky shows up and messes with her perfect face, she will have Zoey tell Becky what is up.

Becky Lynch’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Becky asks Zoey if she is going to show her what is up.  She says since she is still in her gear and Trish is in her gear, why not finish their match right now.

Zoey goes after Becky and Becky with a punch and she sends Zoey into the ringside barrier.  

Becky gets in the ring and hits a flying forearm and she kicks Zoey off the apron.  Becky with a double leg take down and she punches Becky.  Zoey with a forearm to the back of the head followed by a sliding boot to the head.  Becky fights off Zoey and Trish for a moment but Zoey and Trish with kicks and punches.  Zoey with Z360 to Becky.  Trish with a punch to Becky.  

Zoey takes off her Thank You Trish shirt and they try to put it on Becky.

– Veer and Sanga walk in the back with Jinder Mahal behind them.

We go to commercial.

Veer and Sanga vs. Javier Bernal and Guy in Pants

Veer hits their opponents from behind and then hits Bernal from behind.  Veer with a splash into the corner followed by a kicck.  Sanga tags in and he hits a running boot to the head while Bernal hangs in the ropes.  Bernal is forced to make the tag and he is brought into the ring.  Sanga choke slams Bernal onto his partner.  Veer tags in and they hit the elbow and side slam combination for the three count.

Winners:  Veer and Sanga

– Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens walk in the back as we go to commercial.

– We are back with a look at what happened with the Bloodline on Saturday in Saudi Arabia.

In the Arena:

The Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn make their way to the ring.

Sami says they are feeling pretty good tonight because at Night of Champions they won.  Not only did they successfully defend their titles, they WON.  They did what they said they would do.  They watched the Bloodline crumble. It was the worst day of Roman’s life and he got exactly what he deserved.  Roman, you might be the greatest of all time and you might hold the title for another 1000 days and main event the next five Wrestlemanis, but when you look at their faces, you will know that they won.

Imperium’s music plays and they make their way to the stage.

Kaiser says that was an impressive victory, but was it the most impressive victory of the night?  It was not more impressive than the man who extended his record standing Intercontinental Championship ring.  He means Gunther.

Kevin asks why are they here.  Kevin says he said their name and they came to the ring.  Kevin says they broke the rule.  They have to wait for their name to be called.  He asks if they are psychos.

Sami tries to calm down Kevin.  Sami says there is an unwritten rule that they don’t have the right to come out since they didn’t say your name. You have a match against Alpha Academy tonight and you don’t want to step to them again after what happened last time.

Kaiser asks if you want to talk about embarrassment.  Matt Riddle is an embarrassment.  You holding the titles in an embarrassment.  You are not worthy to stand on the mat, or hold the championships, or to represent Raw.

Kevin asks Sami since they always hear from Slender Man and the one with the ears, but he wants to hear from the bald one.  Sami says he wants to hear from Baldy.

Kaiser says no one disrespects them.

We hear a record length Shoooosh from Chad Gable as he is joined by Maxxine Dupri and Otis.  He says it is time for Imperium to learn a lesson or two from the revamped Alpha Academy.  He asks if Kevin and Sami are okay with them handing out lessons again.

Kevin and Sami ask Chad to say the thing.  He wants him to say the word that Chad says funny. Chad throws out a Thank You and Kevin and Sami tell him you’re welcome.

We go to commercial.

– We are back with a video package for Katana Chance and Kayden Carter where they talk about their friendship.

Imperium vs. Alpha Academy

Chad and Kaiser start things off and they lock up.  Kaiser with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Chad with a waist lock and a side head lock take down.  Kaiser with a head scissors and Chad escapes.  Kaiser with a side head lock and Gable with a head scissors.  Gable with a rollup for a near fall.  Kaiser backs Chad into the corner and punches him on the break.  Kaiser with an elbow and Chad blocks a hip toss and he hip tosses Kaiser.  Chad with a head scissors to Vinci and a head scissors and arm drag take down to both men.  Chad with a monkey flip.  

Valhalla shows up at ringside and misses Maxxine but Maxxine kicks Valhalla. Valhalla chases Maxxine to the back.

Kaiser with forearms and he sends Chad into the turnbuckles.  Vinci tags in and they hit a double drop kick in the corner.  Vinci sends Gable into the corner and connects with forearms and chops.  Vinci slams Gable into the ropes and he tags in Kaiser.  Kaiser with a punch in the corner and he runs into a boot.  Gable with an elbow to Vinci but Kaiser stops him and Gable with an arm drag.  Gable kicks Kaiser to the floor and Vinci tries to throw Gable to the floor but Gable sends Vinci to the floor.

Otis tags in and hits a series of clotheslines.  Otis catches Vinci and hits a World’s Strongest Slam.  Otis with a splash to Kaiser and he falls in the corner.  Otis removes the shirt and it is time for a Caterpillar.  Vinci breaks up the cover.  Gable with a waist lock on Kaiser and Otis goes to the floor when Vinci pulls the ropes.  Vinci with a spinebuster and an Imperium Bomb for the three count.

Winners: Imperium


Raquel and Shotzi are in the back with Cathey and she asks if they have enough chemistry to win tonight. Bayley and Iyo show up and say that Raquel would take whoever she found first as her partner.  Bayley says they are dedicating their victory to Dakota. Raquel says they were able to beat Bayley and Iyo on Smackdown.  Raquel points out that Bayley has not won gold since Damage CTRL was formed.  When you lose, look in the mirror.

We go to commercial.

– We are back and Candice LeRae talks about the fairy wings and she says that she believes in fairy tales and the magic that it has brought to her life.

Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez vs. Bayley and Iyo Sky vs. Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey vs. Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Chelsea and Raquel start things off and Chelsea decides to tag in Bayley.  Raquel with a shoulder tackle and Iyo tags in and Raquel blocks an Octopus.  Iyo avoids Raquel and lands on her feet and hits a drop kick.  Iyo with a palm strike and forearms.  Bayley tags in and she punches Raquel.  Raquel blocks an Irish whip and Raquel catches Bayley when she tries to float over.  Bayley with a waist lock and Raquel with a standing switch and a waist lock take down.  Bayley tags in Chelsea and Raquel with a power slam to Bayley.  Raquel brings Chelsea into the ring and then Ronda and Shayna refuse to make the tag.  Raquel sends Chelsea into Shayna and then shs stops Sonya.  Shotzi tags in and hits a suicide dive.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ronda with a knee in the corner and Shayna tags in while Ronda has Shotzi in a cross arm breaker in the ropes.  Shayna with a wrist lock take down and she sets to stomp on the elbow and does it.  Shayna with an Irish whip and Shotzi with a kick.  Ronda keeps Shotzi from making the tag.  Shotzi with a neck breaker on Shayna and they are down.  Raquel kicks Iyo on the apron and then she kicks Bayley away.  Raquel tags in and clotheslines Shayna and knocks Chelsea and Sonya off the apron.  Raquel with a clothesline and fallaway slams to Shayna.  Ronda makes the tag.  Ronda with punches but Raquel pushes her away.  Raquel with a clothesline and she gets Ronda up for a Tejana Bomb but Shayna stops her.  Raquel with a Tejana Bomb on Shayna.  Ronda tries for a crross arm breaker and Bayley with an elbow drop to break up the hold.  

Chelsea tags in and she sends Ronda into the ring post.  Sonya tags in and Chelsea with an Unprettier and Sonya with a knee for a near fall.   Sonya tags Chelsea back in and Chelsea goes up and Iyo makes the tag.  Iyo with a springboard drop kick to Chelsea and Sonya.  Iyo with a Shotei to Raquel and a running double knee strike for a near fall.  Shotzi sends Bayley to the floor and then Shotzi with a suicide dive onto Bayley.  Shotzi tags in and she floats over Iyo.  Shotzi gets Iyo up for a TKO facebuster and a tiger suplex.  Iyo with a flapjack and Iyo goes to the turnbuckles for a moonsault but Ronda tags in and Iyo punches Ronda.  Iyo with a superplex to Ronda that turns into a tower of doom.  Shotzi goes up top for a back senton but Shayna stops Shotzi.  Shotzi sends Shayna to the floor.  Shotzi goes for a back senton and Ronda catches her in a cross arm breaker and Shotzi taps out.

Winners and NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions:  Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey

Seth and AJ are in the locker room as they discuss strategy for their match later tonight.

– We go to commercial.

JD McDonagh vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph with punches as the bell rings and he follows with a splash and punches.  Dolph misses a splash into the corner and JD drops Dolph on the top rope.  JD with a brainbuster and he sends Dolph to the floor.  JD pushess Dolph onto the announce table and into Kevin.  JD sends Dolph into the ring steps.  The referee makes the ten count.

Double Count Out

After the match, JD tosses the top of the ring steps aside and he puts Dolph on the steps and puts his knee on the side of Dolph’s head and then stomps on the head.  JD stands on Dolph’s head while the referee tries to get JD to stop.

– Cody Rhodes walks in the back as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring and he asks Albany what do they want to talk about.

Cody mentions that due to referee stoppage, he lost his match against Brock Lesnar.  He was told that he was foolish to wrestle Brock with one hand and that he was crazy not to tap out.  He says he was in pain, but he did not tap out because that is not the man he wants to be.  Years ago, he would have tapped out.  He wanted to live to fight another day.  Some times a second chance does not present itself.  There was a popular superstar who would say ‘Never Give Up’.  It hurts like hell to be in a kimura for more than three minutes.  Cody says he has a question for Brock.  He says he is looking in the camera because you are not here tonight.  Cody says he figures Brock is on his annual vacation.  

Cody asks Brock if he is satisfied that he got a victory.  We each have a victory.  Consider this an open challenge.  Cody says he hopes Brock has a means wherever he is so Brock will know wherever he is going to be.  Cody says if he is standing in a ring, he is waiting for fight Brock.  

Cody says he makes it the last time he rattles off all of Brock’s accomplishments.  Brock is an elite amateur wrestler who won the NCAA championship.  He is a great MMA Fighter.  He is beast enough to break his arm, but not man enough to make him tap out.  If you don’t accept the challenge, we can add that you are afraid of Cody Rhodes.


Cathy Kelley is in the back with Matt Riddle. She asks Matt about his qualifying match for Money in the Bank.  Matt asks what will happen when he wins Money in the Bank and he gets to cash in on Roman or Seth.

Gunther shows up and he wishes Riddle luck on his opportunity.  He says he wants Riddle to win Money in the Bank and cash in on him.  He wants to beat and humiliate Riddle because that is fun for him.  He wishes Riddle all the best.

– Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.


We go to Cathy in the back as she approaches the new Women’s Tag Team Champions. Ronda says for ten years they have been discounted and told what they aren’t what they want.  They don’t care about the people.  Shayna says they went through everyone and are the champioins.  Ronda says they don’t care about the people and they are here to prove that they are the best.

Money In the Bank Qualifying Match
Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bronson Reed

Reed runs Nakamura into the turnbuckles and connects with head butts.  Reed with a slam.  Nakamura rolls to the floor and Reed follows but Nakamura gets back into the ring and he tells Reed ‘The Thing’.  Nakamura with punches to the midsection and Reed tells Nakamura to bring it.  Reed with a body block and an elbow drop and a rolling senton.  Reed with a head butt.  Reed with a hard Irish whip.  Reed gets Nakamura on his shoulders but Nakamura escapes with elbows.  Nakamura with an enzuigiri.  Nakamura puts Reed in the ropes and tries for the sliding German but Reed stays in the ropes.  Reed kicks Nakamaura and Nakamura with a kick to trip Reed followed by a running knee to the head and a knee drop off the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Reed with a series of forearms.  Nakamura floats over into a cross arm breaker but Reed with a rollup for a near fall.  Reed with a clothesline and he gets a near fall.  Reed sets for a power bomb but Nakamura escapes and misses a back heel kick but connects the second time.  Nakamura sets for a sliding German and hits it this time.  Nakamura charges at Reed and Reed with a Samoan drop and a back senton.  Reed goes to the turnbuckles for a Tsunami but Nakamura gets up and kicks Reed in the leg.  Nakamura with a running knee on the turnbuckles.  Nakamura comes off the turnbuckles into a super kick and a power slam by Reed.  Reed goes up top and misses Tsunami.  Nakamura with a running knee to the back of the head.  Nakamura sets for Kinshasa but Reed rolls to the apron and falls to the floor.

The referee starts his ccount and Nakamura goes for Reed.  Nakamura comes off the ring steps with a boot to the head.  The referee starts his count and Reed rolls back in at nine.  Nakamura with Kinshasa for the three count.

Winner:  Shinsuke Nakamura


Byron stops to talk to The Judgment Day and he congratulates Rhea on her victory on Saturday. Rhea says she didn’t beat Natalya, she destroyed her.  That is why she isn’t here.  Natalya should know better than to be distracted in a match like she was. Byron asks who will be facing Seth and AJ. Finn says if he told Byron, he would have to… Damian says they have things to do and he tells Byron to do his job somewhere else.

We go to commercial.

– Next week, Becky Lynch faces Sonya Deville in a qualifying match.  Natalya faces Zoey Stark in another qualifying match.

– AJ Styles and Seth Rollins make their way to the ring as we go to another commercial.

AJ Styles and Seth Rollins vs. Damian Priest and Finn Balor

Finn comes from behind and hits Rollins as Dom goes to the floor.  Finn with shoulders in the corner.  Seth avoids Finn and Priest and he poses with Rhea but they are shocked to see what happened.  Seth with chops to Priest and Priest with a punch.  Seth comes off the turnbuckles and Priest with a punch.  Priest with a forearm and kicks in the corner.  Priest with a forearm and a back elbow.  Priest gets a near fall.  

Priest with an arm bar and he goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Rollins lands on his feet and he kicks Priest away.  Balor and AJ tag in and AJ with a sliding forearm and he gets Balor up but Balor escapes.  AJ with an STO back breaker and then he kicks Priest in the leg.  Rollins with a Harley Race knee to Rollins.  Balor with sling blade.  AJ is pulled off the apron by Dom and AJ grabs Dom.  Priest with a running shoulder tackle that sends AJ over the announce table.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Priest keeps AJ from making the tag.  Priest with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot.  AJ with kicks to Balor and Priest.  Priest with a punch and he sends AJ to the floor.  Rhea holds AJ and Seth stops Dom from hitting AJ.  The referee sends Rhea and Dom to the back.

AJ with a rollup on Priest for a near fall. AJ with a Pele kick and both men are down. Seth and Finn tag in and Seth with a series of kicks followed by a flatliner into the turnbuckles. Seth with a knee off the apron to Priest and then he hits a springboard knee to the temple for a near fall on Balor. Finn begs for mercy and Seth runs Finn into the corner and sets for a buckle bomb but Finn counters into an inside cradle for a near fall. Finn with a reverse DDT for a near fall. Priest tags in and he knocks AJ off the apron with a forearm. Priest sets for South of Heaven but Rollins flips to his feet and he hits a rolling elbow. Priest with a clothesline for a near fall.

Priest goes up top but Seth stops him.  Balor makes the blind tag as Rollins hits the superplex.  Rollins goes for the Falcon Arrow but Priest counters with a Broken Arrow.  Finn misses Coup de Grace and Seth with a super kick.  Both men are down.  AJ and Priest tag in and AJ with strikes and an enzuigiri.  AJ gets Priest up for an Ushigoroshi.  AJ is sent to the apron and connects with a forearm.  AJ with a sliding knee to Balor on the apron followed by a suicide dive from Rollins.  Priest moves on a Phenomenal Forearm attempt and Priest with a Razor’s Edge and a cover that is broken up by Rollins with Black Out.  Rollins makes the tag and he hits Black Out for the three count.

Winners:  AJ Styles and Seth Rollins

We go to credits.

–– WWE has announced the following card for tonight ––

  • WWE Night of Champions fallout
  • New WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins will appear for a Championship Celebration
  • Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler vs. Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez vs. Bayley and IYO SKY vs. Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville for the vacant WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles
  • The first WWE Money In the Bank qualifiers will be held with Bronson Reed vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and The Miz vs. Ricochet
  • Spoilers For 5/29 WWE RAW

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WWE RAW Results (5/30)

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