Trinity On Her Impact Debut, Being Gone From Wrestling, More

Trinity On Her Impact Debut, Being Gone From Wrestling, More

Trinity On Her Impact Debut, Being Gon From Wrestling, More – Denise Salcedo spoke with Trinity about the time she spent away from wrestling, her friendship with Mone, and how she’s feeling embarking on this new journey.

Making Her Impact debut 

Trinity hasn’t been seen on wrestling television since May 2022. She explained that all the speculation about her future made the debut “nerve racking,” but that it also felt good to be a in a “new good home.” 

However, she will never forget what she called her first home: WWE.

“WWE will always be my first home. My family is still there. My friends are still there. They are still my girls over there in that locker room, but I’m really looking forward to this space in this chapter, in this experience with Impact. I already I feel so welcomed and at home,” she said. “That’s been really cool. I just got so much love and support there. I know I’m going to be okay.” 

She went on to say that joining Impact is only going to make her better at what she does. 

“I think this is going to allow me to become even better at what I do at wrestling and just the just the connections already that I have made with people. There’s so much support that I have that I know I’m on the I’m on the right path. This is this is going to be a good experience: not just for me, but I just think for for women, women in wrestling period.

Being gone from wrestling

While we did see her walk in a fashion show and attend several movie premieres in Hollywood with Mone, she explained what a tough time it was for her to be away from wrestling. 

“Initially, it was tough, really tough. You know, just feeling like my whole world, everything…it all kind of just being cut off, that was tough.”

She explained how she had to reflect on her life and see what the next chapter would look like. 

“I asked myself, ‘What do I want in this next season of my life? What have I been missing? What led me or what made me feel this way? What is it going to take for me to to feel better?’ Being in a happier place and also to feel fulfilled, not just make money, not just be on TV, not just, you know, have this the fame and all that, but like really be fulfilled.”

Because to me, if you’re not happy having doing all these things, then that doesn’t work for me. So just finding balance in my life and really tapping into to myself and what Trinity needs, what we want in this next this next phase. And it took me a little time to figure out if I still wanted to wrestle, because….the whole situation was just a lot.”

But once I had the time away and realize how much I missed it and how much the fans that were still supporting me, yeah. That was it. It was easy to make that decision to give it give it one more go.”

Wanting to have fun

She is stepping into a new environment with with Impact so I was curious if she felt any pressure to prove herself. 

“Absolutely. I think there’s always a pressure when you’re in the ring wrestling. You take a risk every time you step into that ring. You just never know what could go wrong or if something’s going to go wrong, with what we do. And just the pressure of just being in a new company, in a new place and being able to pretty much just start all over and do well here and grow here and just showcase more of me.”

That’s pressure in itself. But I just want to make sure I have nonstop fun this time. I don’t feel like I have to, like, prove anything because I’ve had a great career in WWE. I really have. And I’m thankful for all of that and what I have done there and what they have been able to allow me to have there. I just I really just want to continue to grow and just have fun. I think that will happen organically. There’s not anything I got to prove and show and I don’t feel that way.”

“I just want to prove to myself that I can still go and that I can continue on with this wrestling career because I love it and I just want to have fun while I’m doing it. And I feel that right now with all that’s going on in the world of wrestling, women’s wrestling, I feel that it’s the place where I could be most useful.”

Intergender wrestling

Impact is known for not shying away from intergender wrestling and it turns out that is something she is interested in. 

“I would love to get into some intergender matches. I know they have those matches. I’m excited for all of the possibilities.”

Friendship with Mercedes Mone

Both Trinity and Mone walked out of WWE together and appeared at many social events together. She explained the bond they both share with one another. 

“That’s something that she and I both really bond over is just our dreams. We have kind of always had that and done that and talked about doing just all these things. Like, she wanted to have this dream of Japan and I had this dream of doing Broadway. But now we are like, ‘Okay. If we’re going to do it, now’s the time to do it.”

And just being able to support each other in that way, it’s been like the greatest, greatest gift to me, being able to go through it with my sister and also just sitting back watching her accomplish this dream, going all the way to Japan and being a success, it inspired me. It motivated me.”

Everyone is just watching us in real time live out these these dreams and try different things and explore different things and then find ourselves in a whole new way. We pretty much came into this wrestling business as kids almost. I was 21. I’m older now. So, the things you want and the things that you value change as you evolve through life.”

“I think that’s just where we where we are right now. And yeah, the last year has been life changing. I think it’s been good. And in the end, it was going to make us all stronger and better. She and I both I love that.”

 Trinity made her promotion debut during tonight’s Impact on AXS.

Trinity On Her Impact Debut, Being Gone From Wrestling, More

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