Ring Of Honor Results (5/25)

Ring Of Honor Results (5/25)

Ring Of Honor Results (5/25), Results by F4wonline – Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, and Nigel McGuinness are on the call for this supersized edition of ROH on Honor Club, coming from the set at Universal Studios.

Mark Briscoe defeated JD Drake (w/Anthony Henry)

The WorkHorsemen continue to impress in singles matches. They have made themselves highlights of these Honor Club shows. This was a great singles match to start off this week’s show.

Briscoe started the match by opening himself up for a chop, which started a chop battle that Briscoe won before booting Drake into the corner. The announcers talk about Briscoe’s role as guest referee for the AEW Tag Team Title match at Double or Nothing as Drake threw Briscoe across the ring. Briscoe came back and sent Drake to the floor. Briscoe booted Drake off the apron before hitting a corkscrew senton to both Workhorsemen on the floor to a big reaction.

Back in the ring, both men traded slaps. A technical error shortly killed my feed here, but it came back quickly to Drake clubbering on Briscoe in the corner while talking trash to the crowd. Drake hit a Bossman Slam for a nearfall, following it with a bottom rope Vader Bomb for another nearfall. Drake brought Briscoe to the top rope, but Briscoe fought him down with chops before hitting a missile dropkick.

Briscoe chopped Drake into the corner before bringing him to the top rope. Drake blocked the Iconoclasm but ran into the Uranage from Briscoe for a nearfall. Briscoe called for the Jay Driller, but Henry interrupted him from the apron. Briscoe took Henry down with a baseball slide, but Drake took Briscoe down with a rebound forearm. Drake hit a moonsault in the ring, but Briscoe kicked out at two.

Drake went for the Jay Driller, but Briscoe fought out and hit a rolling DVD. Briscoe followed it with the Froggy Bow for the win. After shaking hands with Drake, Briscoe made sure to call out Samoa Joe to the camera.

– Backstage, Dasha was with Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal. Daniels says that while Samoa Joe and Zack Sabre Jr. think they’ve thrown a curveball, they’ve put themselves on the back foot against former World Tag Team Champions. Sydal said that he felt the titles pulling him closer, and he would get to one of them before long.

ROH World Title Proving Ground Match: Claudio Castagnoli defeated Serpentico

Castagnoli toyed with Serpentico in a test of strength, but Serpentico scored with a pair of headscissors. Castagnoli rolled to the floor, where Serpentico followed him with a dive. Serpentico hit a high crossbody in the ring for a nearfall. Castagnoli dumped Serpentico to the floor, where he sent Serpentico hard into the steps.

After gutwrenching Serpentico back into the ring, Castagnoli hammered Serpentico with short-arm clotheslines. Serpentico gave him the middle finger, so Castagnoli continued with the clotheslines before hitting a measured final clothesline for the win.

Kiera Hogan defeated Vertvixen

Vertvixen looked solid here. She’s got a good look, good offense, and the crowd took to her. Hope to see more of her. Hogan as Athena’s next victim is fine enough.

ROH Women’s Champion Athena made her way to the stage to watch this one. Vertvixen took Hogan down with a dropkick, but Hogan dropped her into the ropes and hit a hip attack. Hogan hit a step-up legdrop for a nearfall before noticing Athena on the ramp. Vertvixen hit a flatliner and transitioned into a Koji Clutch, with Hogan quickly reaching the ropes.

Vertvixen hit a springboard kick for a nearfall. Hogan came back with a running forearm and a sliding kick in the corner for a nearfall. Vertvixen sent Hogan into the corner and hit a Yakuza kick before hitting the Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Hogan fought out of a hold and hit a Saito suplex for the win. She made sure to stare down Athena during the cover.

Athena and Hogan shared words before Athena piefaced Hogan over the fallen Vertvixen and exited stage left.

Kyle Fletcher (w/ Mark Davis) defeated AR Fox

Kyle Fletcher is going to be a big deal, and after the news of Aussie Open signing with AEW, his time may be imminent. This was a great match.

Fletcher and Davis came out with the IWGP Tag Team Titles that they had vacated this past Sunday. Ian Riccaboni explained that New Japan officials allowed Aussie Open to come out with the titles one last time before the new champions are crowned at Dominion.

Fox got the upper hand with an offensive flurry, ending with a clothesline in the corner and a skin-the-cat dropkick. Fletcher booted Fox from the apron before pulling him to the apron as well. Fletcher hit a side suplex on the apron, then followed it up with a bodyslam on the floor. Fletcher continued with the bodyslams in the ring, but Fox caught him with a spinning suplex.

Fox fired up, hitting the rolling cutter for a nearfall. Fox went to the top rope, but Fletcher moved out of the way and countered another cutter with a half-and-half suplex. Fletcher hit a Mafia Kick and a brainbuster for a nearfall. As the crowd chanted This Is Awesome, Fox caught Fletcher with an enzuigiri before booting him to the floor. Fox went to the top rope and hit a senton to Fletcher on the floor.

Back in the ring, Fox went to the top rope and hit the 450 for a nearfall. Fox brought Fletcher to the top rope, but Fletcher brought Fox down with a top rope bodyslam for a nearfall. Fletcher hit a running kick in the ropes before hitting a spinning Tombstone for the win.

Willow Nightingale defeated Hyan

The announcers put over Nightingale’s NJPW Strong Women’s Title win, noting that she beat Mercedes Mone to do it. Ian Riccaboni noted that Nightingale didn’t have the title with her as New Japan was getting the nameplate set on the title. I appreciate Riccaboni’s attempts to cover these continuity errors.

Nightingale was in firm control early on. Hyan ducked a body block in the corner before hitting elbows in the corner. Nightingale fought back, hitting an enzuigiri and the body block she intended earlier. Nightingale followed with a shotgun dropkick and a cannonball. Nightingale dropped the straps and hit the Babe With The Powerbomb for the win.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) (w/Maria Kanellis-Bennett) defeated Mack Attack (Ninja Mack & Willie Mack)

Mack Attack is the kind of experimental team I want to see on ROH. Two guys not doing much on their own coming together to make a fun little team. They made a good pair here against the veterans in the Kingdom.

Willie started out with Taven, hitting several armdrags to start. Bennett and Taven took control with quick tags and fast offense. Willie fought out of a double team and powered his way to a tag. Ninja ran wild with offense on both Kingdom members. Ninja went for a Sasuke Special, but Bennett caught him and hit a German suplex.

The Kingdom blitzed Ninja with tandem offense, but Willie made sure to break up the pin after a Taven frog splash. Ninja fought his way free and made a tag to Willie, who took both Kingdom members down with a double clothesline. Willie hit corner clotheslines and a cannonball to Bennett before dropping Taven with a Samoan Drop and standing moonsault. Ninja tagged in and hit a double handspring moonsault over the ropes to both Bennett and Taven.

Ninja and Willie hit a 3D but had some miscommunication on the legal man. The Kingdom was able to take advantage, as Bennett hit a rebound forearm to Willie on the floor. The Kingdom hit the Proton Pack to Ninja to score the win.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Dream Girl Ellie

Martinez took down Ellie with a boot after some trash talk. She stomped on Ellie before hitting a side suplex. Martinez hit Ellie with short-range knees before putting her away with the Brass City Stretch.

– Dasha was backstage with Mack Attack. They hyped themselves up, saying that despite the loss, they were here to stay.

Ashley D’Amboise defeated Danielle Kamela

Kamela took control, dumping D’Amboise into the corner and hitting boots to the gut. She hit a squisher before tying D’Amboise in the ropes and kicking her repeatedly. D’Amboise traded forearms with Kamela before hitting a neckbreaker. D’Amboise hit a powerslam for a nearfall.

Kamela slipped out of D’Amboise’s grasp and hit a facebuster for a nearfall. Kamela hit another neckbreaker for a nearfall. D’Amboise fought off Kamela and hit a Burning Hammer for a nearfall. Not exactly as effective as Kenta Kobashi. D’Amboise followed up with a Uranage for the win.

Rocky Romero defeated Titus Alexander

Titus Alexander has gotten a lot of buzz on the west coast independent scene, so I made sure to watch him closely. His offense was impressive, and his selling was very good as well. He’s one to keep an eye on.

Alexander mocked Romero after a basement dropkick, then cut off the Forever clotheslines with a standing dropkick. Romero got the upper hand with a tornado DDT off the ropes. Romero landed kicks to the arm, then baited Alexander to the floor before hitting a dive. Romero hit the running Sliced Bread for a nearfall.

Alexander avoided a corner charge and hit a set of evasive kicks before landing a brainbuster for a nearfall. Alexander avoided another corner charge, but Romero caught Alexander with an enzuigiri. Romero pulled Alexander off the top rope and locked on the Diablo Armbar for the win.

Stu Grayson & The Righteous (Dutch & Vincent) defeated LSG, Marcus Kross & Vary Morales

A bit of a surprising turn here as Grayson worked well with the Righteous. This is a neat little undercard feud here with the Dark Order.

Grayson started quickly with Morales, hitting an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Morales made a quick tag to Kross, but Grayson got control of him. Dutch and Grayson hit a successful tag team combination to Grayson’s surprise. Vincent and Grayson hit another combo to Vincent’s delight.

LSG tagged in and got some offense in, but Grayson took down both LSG and Kross. Dark Order made their way to the stage as Dutch hit a Bossman Slam on Morales. Dutch and Vincent hit Autumn Sunshine on Kross before Vincent tagged in Grayson to finish the job. Grayson hit Nightfall for the win.

– Dasha was backstage with Zack Sabre Jr. & Samoa Joe. They were tense toward each other, with Sabre noting that he came to ROH to make his NJPW World TV Title the premier TV Title in wrestling. Samoa Joe said that like all of his other partners, he would have Sabre’s back tonight. I think that was sarcasm.

Shane Taylor (w/Anthony Henry & JD Drake) defeated Tracy Williams (w/Rhett Titus)

Williams and Taylor traded blows, with Taylor winning the exchange. Williams caught Taylor in an armbar over the ropes, but Taylor responded with a barge attack in the ring before dropping him with a forearm. Williams tried to catch Taylor with an armbar in the ring, but Taylor hit a side suplex out of it. Williams hit a set of strikes before dropping Taylor with a jumping DDT off the ropes for a nearfall.

Williams went to the top rope, and after fighting off an intervening Taylor, hit a frog splash for a nearfall. Williams almost had Taylor up for a piledriver, but Taylor hit a back body drop. Taylor hit a headbutt and a uranage before hitting a standing splash for a nearfall. Taylor dropped Williams with a heavy forearm before hitting the Package Piledriver for the win.

ROH Women’s World Title Proving Ground Match: Athena defeated Promise Braxton

Braxton kept up with Athena early on, but after a stalemate, Athena caught Braxton with a high kick. Athena hit a big forearm. Braxton caught Athena in an octopus hold, but Athena got out. Athena hit a gourdbuster and a superkick for a nearfall that came after some bragging.

Braxton ducked a corner charge and fired up, hitting double knees to the back of Athena for a nearfall. Athena caught Braxton with a rana into the turnbuckles, then hit a corkscrew splash over the ropes for a nearfall. Braxton hit a pair of forearms, but Athena caught her with a big shot that knocked Braxton silly. Athena locked on a Cobra Clutch for the submission win.

After the match, Athena went to do more damage to Braxton before Kiera Hogan made the save. She dropped Athena face-first on the title as was Athena’s trademark before standing tall with the title.

Dralistico (w/Jose The Assistant) defeated Tony Deppen

I’ve been hard on Dralistico ever since he came into the AEW system, but this was his best performance to date.

Deppen literally kick-started this match, booting Dralistico to the floor and hitting a dive. Dralistico sent Deppen into the post before taking Deppen around ringside and doing damage with the barricade and the steps. Dralistico hit a springboard senton but pulled Deppen up on the cover. Dralistico booted Deppen in the corner before hitting a running superkick.

Dralistico went for a powerbomb, but Deppen slid out and hit a pump kick. Deppen avoided Dralistico on a charge and hit a twisting springboard gainer to the floor. Deppen hit a double stomp back in the ring for a nearfall. They traded chops before transitioning to palm strikes and forearms. Dralistico caught Deppen with a hurricane kick, but Deppen came back with a pair of German suplexes. Dralistico hit a German of his own before hitting a superkick and a poisonrana.

Deppen got some offense in, but Dralistico tied him up on the ropes and hit a hurricanrana. Dralistico hit La Mistica and got the submission win.

– Dasha was backstage with Nick Comoroto. He didn’t understand the hype around Blake Christian, calling him All Generic. He said that no one looked like him, and that would be the difference tonight in their match. He told ROH fans not to “simp for these wimps.”

Skye Blue defeated Miranda Alize

After a ringside chase, Alize cut off Blue with a low dropkick and a DDT for a nearfall. Alize hit a facewash and a corner dropkick before hitting a butterfly suplex for a nearfall. Blue cut off Alize with an elbow before scoring a nearfall with a kick to the head. Alize hit a throwing suplex for a nearfall. Alize locked on the Miranda Rights crossface, but Blue turned it into a pinfall to get out of it. Blue avoided a corner charge and rolled Alize up for the win.

– Lexy Nair was backstage with Athena, asking her how it felt to get a taste of her own medicine. Athena said that Kiera Hogan would get her title match next week before freaking out on some nearby barricades.

Darius Martin & Action Andretti defeated Cole Karter & Zack Clayton

Clayton and Andretti started off, with Andretti using his speed to take Clayton down. He hit a corkscrew splash for a nearfall before tagging Martin. Clayton cut off Martin with a clothesline before tagging in Karter. Martin got back in control with a dropkick. Martin and Andretti pinballed Karter before Andretti hit a tornado splash for a nearfall.

Andretti lost his footing on a springboard, allowing Karter to shove him to the floor. Clayton brought him back in with an outside-in suplex. Andretti dropped Clayton with a superkick before tagging in Martin who ran wild on both men. Martin hit a facebuster for a nearfall before running into a Clayton powerslam. Karter hit a frog splash for a nearfall that Andretti cut off. Martin helped Andretti hit a tornado DDT on Clayton. Martin and Andretti then hit a pendulum slam on Karter for the win.

Blake Christian defeated Nick Comoroto

While I’m not a huge fan of Comoroto’s new character, he looked good here as the big foil to Christian’s speed offense.

Comoroto flung his sucker at Christian to start, baiting Christian into a charge. Christian avoided a corner charge by backflipping to the floor. Christian led a chase on the floor that led to Comoroto running into the stairs. Christian hit a dive to the floor and followed it with a senton in the ring. Christian went for another dive, but Comoroto caught him and threw him into the post.

Comoroto flung Christian across the ring with a suplex for a nearfall. Comoroto controlled Christian, chopping Christian down as he tried to fight back. Christian hit an enzuigiri before ducking a corner charge to get things level. Christian low-bridged Comoroto to the floor before following him with a dive. Christian hit a double stomp to Comoroto’s back before hitting a frog splash for a nearfall.

Comoroto hit Christian with a spinebuster, but Christian caught Comoroto in an inside cradle for a nearfall. Comoroto hit Christian with a reverse Attitude Adjustment for a nearfall. Christian pulled a steel chair out from under the ring. Comoroto grabbed him, but Christian threw the chair into the ring. Comoroto went for the chair, but Christian caught him with a flash pin for the win.

Diamante defeated Trish Adora

Adora caught Diamante trying to cheap-shot her on a rope break and tied her up in a submission. Diamante fought out and sent her to the apron before hitting a neckbreaker in the ropes. Diamante hit a dropkick to Adora sending her to the floor. The women traded chops before Diamante hit an overhead throw, sending Adora to the corner. She hit a basement dropkick for a nearfall.

More forearm trading before Adora threw Diamante to the mat with an arm wringer. Adora hit a spinning fisherman’s suplex for a nearfall. Adora went for the Lariat Tubman, but Diamante hit a neckbreaker. Diamante locked Adora in a Cobra Clutch style submission for the win.

Penta El Zero Miedo (w/Alex Abrahantes) defeated Slim J (w/Ari Daivari, Jeeves Kay & Sonny Kiss)

These jokers think they’re slick, saving the Trustbusters for the semi-main event of this extra-long show just for me. Jokes aside, Slim J is a quality wrestler, and he had a solid match with Penta here.

Penta cut off Slim J on a transition, booting him while he was upside down. Penta went for a dive, but Slim J cut him off with a forearm. Slim J dumped Penta to the floor, allowing the rest of the Trustbusters to lay the boots in while he took the referee. Slim J hit the springboard reverse DDT for a nearfall.

Penta hit a pair of superkicks and a pair of Slingblades for a nearfall. Slim J fought out of the Fear Factor and hit the running Dudley Dog for a nearfall. Slim J went for punches in the corner, but Penta kicked his leg out and hit a double stomp to the chest for a nearfall. Slim J took advantage of a slight Trustbuster distraction to hit a wheelbarrow flatliner and a leaping reverse DDT for a nearfall. Penta cut off another Slim J springboard and hit the Fear Factor for the win.

Samoa Joe & Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal

This wasn’t much until the hot tag, after which this became a very fun flurry of a main event. It’s a shame that Daniels and Sydal lost because this match made me desperately want to see Sydal vs. Sabre.

Sabre started off with Sydal, who was able to match Sabre’s technical ability and hit a leg lariat. Daniels and Joe tagged in, with Joe’s tagging coming to his partner’s surprise. Daniels caught Joe with a flash pin for a nearfall, leading to Daniels and Sydal hitting a tag team combo. Joe quickly tagged back out to Sabre, but Daniels and Sydal hit him with a combination to keep control.

Sabre caught Daniels with a pair of boots before Joe booted Daniels in the ropes. Joe hammered Daniels with punches before hitting the corner enzuigiri. Sabre tagged in and stretched Daniels for a minute before tagging Joe back in. The two television champs showed off to each other, beating on Daniels in different ways. Daniels dumped Sabre into Joe and got a flash pin, but Sabre kicked out and tagged Joe in calmly. Joe hit a powerslam for a nearfall.

More quick tags, and more beating on Daniels. Daniels finally fought out, hitting an STO on Joe before tagging Sydal. Sydal ran wild with kicks on Joe, hitting a meteora for a nearfall that Sabre broke up with a neck crank. Sabre tagged in and went to work with uppercuts. Sydal turned a running uppercut into a backslide for a nearfall, then got another flash pin for a nearfall. Sydal hit La Mistica on Sabre, with Daniels catching Joe in a Koji Clutch, but Sabre got to the ropes.

Sabre met Sydal on the top rope and put him in a double wristlock. Daniels pulled Sabre out and they hit a Doomsday-style Meteora for a nearfall. Sabre countered a Daniels move and tagged out to Joe, who laid out Daniels with a lariat. Sydal took Joe out with a jumping knee, but Sabre caught Sydal and neck cranked him. Daniels hit Angel’s Wings on Sabre, but Joe hit the uranage in the corner and locked on the Coquina Clutch for the win. After the match, everyone shook hands, including the TV champions.

Ring Of Honor Results (5/25)

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