Ricky Starks Says The Idea Of Pillars Makes Everyone Else Seem Unimportant

Ricky Starks Says The Idea Of Pillars Makes Everyone Else Seem Unimportant

Ricky Starks Says The Idea Of Pillars Makes Everyone Else Seem Unimportant – For the duration of AEW’s existence, MJF, Darby Allin, MJF, and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry have been viewed as the Four Pillars, as they were set up to be the company’s brightest stars from the start.

Their AEW careers up to this point have produced a range of success; MJF is the reigning AEW World Champion, and both Guevara and Allin are multi-time TNT Champions, while Perry has held the tag team titles. The four men recently competed in a high-profile world title match at AEW Double or Nothing.

Meanwhile, AEW also has a number of young stars, including Ricky Starks, who are on the periphery of the “pillars” conversation, given their own impressive potential.

Speaking on The Corner Podcast, the conversation about AEW’s Four Pillars came up in the conversation, and it was noted that Starks is arguably a part of the group, though he is often overlooked. The former FTW Champion responded by describing how he hates the idea of pillars because it makes it seem like nobody else matters. He also stated that the term is a box, as he can be a foundation, a roof, and more.

“I actually hate the idea of pillars. I loathe the idea of a pillar because one, it’s a full gimmick, and it came from one guy who, there’s nothing behind it. To say that these four dudes are the pillars of the company, you know what you’re doing by saying that? F everybody else who did anything. Those people don’t matter. It’s these three guys that we’ve deemed, ‘I have bestowed this sacred title upon thee, and I want you to go forth and do with it.’ No, I don’t believe in that. It’s a very sweet gesture to say Ricky should be considered a fifth pillar. Baby, I don’t need to be a pillar, okay? I can be a foundation. I can be the roof. I can be the person outside maintaining the lawn. I don’t need none of that. To me, that’s a box within itself. Four pillars, you got me, ‘What? Four pillars? Four pillars of what? Name one coliseum that you know that’s famous. I bet you couldn’t even do that,” Starks said.

Starks continued by questioning the numbers the Four Pillars do, including TV ratings and the money they make. He stated that he doesn’t like the conversation about pillars, and he doesn’t want to be part of it. Starks also noted that he tells MJF to his face that he doesn’t know anything about All Japan Pro Wrestling, where the “Pillars” term first came to prominence, and he offered to use ChatGPT to help the champion come up with a catchphrase.

“So to say that these four guys are the ones that are gonna make and break, let’s see the numbers. Y’all wanna talk about ratings? Let’s see the ratings for y’all four. Let’s see how much money y’all making. If y’all want to keep bringing up all this bullshit, let’s see it, pen to paper. How are their ‘quarterly hours’ doing when y’all are on TV? Let’s see it. I want to see it. The Four Pillars, hell yeah. My paycheck is signed by those four dudes? Hell yeah, let me see. I don’t even like the conversation. I don’t even want to be included. Keep me away from that. I don’t want that. I don’t want to be considered a pillar. This ain’t All Japan. You don’t know shit about All Japan, I bet. I tell Max to his face, ‘You don’t know nothing about All Japan. Come on.’ You just want a slogan and a T-shirt. I can give you that. I can go to ChatGPT right now and get that AI to set us up with something,” Starks said.

Ricky Starks Says The Idea Of Pillars Makes Everyone Else Seem Unimportant

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