NXT Results (5/30)

NXT Results (5/30)

NXT Results (5/30) – After highlights of recent events between Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, Dolin makes her way to the ring Weaponized Steel Cage match. Jacy attacks Gigi during her entrance and Jacy sends Gigi into the cage and ring steps. Jacy sends Gigi into the cage again.  Jacy sends Gigi into another set of ring steps.  Jacy closes the cage door on Gigi a few times.

Gigi Dolin vs. Jacy Jayne in a Weaponized Cage Match

The referee starts the match since they have entered the cage.  Jacy gets a leather strap and whips Gigi with it.  Jacy geta a chair but Gigi hits Jacy with a trash can lid.  Jacy with a drop toe hold onto the chair and then she puts Gigi’s head in the chair opening and Jacy misses a boot.  Gigi with a cross body to Jacy in the chair.  Gigi sends Jacy into the cage head first a few times.  Gigi whips Jacy with the strap.  Gigi puts a trash can on Jacy’s head and connects with Kawada kicks.  Gigi puts the chair against Jacy’s midsection against the ropes and Gigi with a hesitation drop kick into the trash can for a near fall.  Gigi chokes Jacy with the strap.  Gigi gets a bat with a rose around it and she hits Jacy with it and rubs the thorns on Jacy.  Jacy with a spinebuster into the trash can.

Jacy sends Gigi into the cage a few times.  Jacy puts a chair in the turnbuckles.  Jacy tries for an Irish whip but Gigi stops short and connects with a back elbow and a round kick.  Gigi puts a trash can in the turnbuckles.  Gigi with a kick and Jacy with a clothesline and she gets a near fall.  Jacy picks up a chain and wraps it around her hand and she punches GIgi in the midsection with it a few times.  Jacy with another punch to the midsection with the chain.  Jacy chokes Gigi with the chain.  Gigi sends Jacy into the chair in the turnbuckles.  Gigi with punches, kicks, and knees followed by an STO for a near fall.  Gigi puts a bunch of chairs in the middle of the ring.  

Gigi goes for a half and half suplex but Jacy escapes and hits a neck breaker on the chairs for a near fall.  Jacy with a forearm and GIgi punches back.  Gigi with forearms but Jacy sends Gigi into the trash can in the corner followed by a boot to the head and a cannonball against the trash can.  Jacy gets a near fall.  Jacy sets up the table in the corner.  Jacy sets for a suplex through the table but Gigi blocks it.  Gigi and Jacy with punches.  Jacy blocks a suplex through the table.  Gigi with a punch and Jacy sends Gigi into the cage.  Jacy goes to the turnbuckles and she slams Gigi’s head into the cage.  Gigi with a head butt and it staggers Jacy on the top rope.  Gigi sends Jacy into the cage and choke slams Jacy off the turnbuckles through the table for the three count.

Winner:  Gigi Dolin

– We take a look back at Battleground with highlights.

– McKenzie Mitchell is with Wes Lee in the back and she brings up his ten successful title defenses. Wes says he is pumped about that.  He says he is also a bit sore.  He did not know how long he would be champion when he first won it. Rip and Jagger show up and tell him that the win meant nothing and they were sent to take care of things for Joe. Tyler Bate shows up and says if they want a fight, they will have to go through him too.  Tyler says it was friendly competition at Battleground and they are still mates.

We go to commercial.

– We are back with Tony D’Angelo’s booking from last week.

– We see Gallus in the back and Wolfgang says the Creeds were tough but chalk one up for them.  Joe says Gallus can’t be beat.  They wonder who is next and Mark says he would have thought Stacks and Tony but Tony’s hands are tied up. Channing shows up and he says that he knew they set up Tony. Gallus denies it and then Channing takes a swing at Gallus and Gallus work over Channing until officials show up, but they resume the attack.  They are asked to leave the building.

– NXT Men’s Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams make their way to the ring.

Trick says that they went to Melo’s home town and he left Battleground as the champion. Carmelo says he did that.  Battleground was a battle.  He wants to paint the picture.  He says his juices were going crazy.  It was Bron versus thousands.  He got speared and was still alive.  He hit Nothing But Net… and Still.  You have to take shots to make shots.  He says he never misses.  Hayes says Battleground was another brick laid down on the Melo Dynasty.

Noam Dar interrupts with the LEGEND-DARy faction of Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Lash Legend, and Jakara Jackson.

He says that Melo was able to escape his home town as champion.  Dar says Hayes wasn’t the only one to retain his championship.  He successfully defended the Heritaga Cup, the most prestigious title in NXT.  You managed to barely beat Bron while he beat Dragon Lee twice.

Trick says they don’t have time to talk about how all four of you cheated to beat Dragon Lee. Trick says it is a no no to interrupt them. Hayes says there are levels to this game.  That trophy puts you on a high level, but this title puts me on the highest level.  You can’t beat me once.

Dar stops Trick from saying his catchphrase and Dar says the adults are talking.  Dar says that almost sounds like a challenge.  That would be the biggest mistake of your life.  Step up to me and put the NXT Title on the line tonight. Trick slows things down and he says he knows that Dar is trying to take advantage of Melo because of Battleground.

Dar says that is obviously what he is trying to do.  Dar says Hayes is doing what Lash told him to do.  You are counting your minutes because you cannot do it night after night at the highest level.  Dar asks Lash what it is she was talking about and Lash says it is Load Management. Carmelo says if Dar wants a title match, he is getting it tonight.

– We go to the Women’s locker room and Cora complains about her loss to Lyra and she says she would be the Women’s Champion.  She says the only person who should be celebrating tonight is here but everyone has screwed over Cora. Ivy Nile shows up and tells Cora to shut up. Cora tells Ivy not to come to her because her boys lost on Sunday and Ava took care of her. Ivy wants to know where was Cora on Sunday.

We go to commercial.

– We see Axiom watching something on his phone and Reggie shows up to say hello.  Reggie says he means no harm and Axiom wants to know what Reggie wants.  Reggie says people called him Scrypts when he was growing up.  Reggie says he appreciates what Axiom did for him.  Reggie says taking off the mask opened his eyes.  He says he couldn’t sit back and watch what Dabba-Kato did to Axiom.

Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler vs. Tyler Bate and Wes Lee

Jagger and Bate start things off and Reid with a wrist lock.  Bate with a reveral and he tosses Reid to the mat.  Reid backs Bate into the corner and Rip tags in and he connects with a punch.  Bate with a knee lift in the corner and a corkscrew back elbow off the turnbuckles.  Wes tags in and he hits a slingshot sunset flip for a near fall.  Wes with a handstand head scissors and a head scissors take down.  Bate tags in and hits a double sledge off the turnbuckles.  Wes tags in and Rip sends Bate into Lee on the turnbuckles to crotch him.  Reid tags in and Bate with a kick to Reid and Lee with a head scissors and arm drag take down.  Lee and Bate with stereo drop kicks.

We see Mustafa Ali in the crowd and nothing happens in the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Reid with a reverse chin lock on Bate and Ali is with Booker and Vic.  Rip tags in and they go for a double suplex but Bate with knees to escape.  Bate with a double rana.  Rip with a forearm and Jagger is kicked away by Bate.  Lee tags in and hits forearms on Rip and Jagger.  Wes with kicks to both men and he snap mares Rip and hits a drop kick to the back.  Lee with a victory roll and then he propels himself to Rip for a DDT.  Wes with kicks and punches to Jagger and a double stomp to the back.  Wes goes for the Cardiac Kick but misses.  Rip with a kick and Jagger tags in.  Rip takes care of Bate.  Wes with punches and chops to Rip and Jagger.  Wes with a double Cardiac Kick and Bate tags in and they both go up top and hit Spiral Taps.  Lee with a flip dive to Rip.  Tyler with Tyler Driver 97 on Jagger for the three count.

Winners:  Tyler Bate and Wes Lee

After the match, Ivy attacks Ava and the Creeds hold her back.  All six people start to fight as officials try to get them to the bacck. Joe Gacy attacks Wes and Tyler from behind. Ali comes in the ring and goes after Gacy and sends him to the floor. Ali raises Tyler and Wes’ hands.  

– NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton walks in the back as we go to commercial.

– We are back with the footage from the Chase University lesson that forced Thea Hail to cry and leave the lecture.

– We go to the latest lesson and they are in the ring and the camera focuses on Thea and Duke talking about what happened.  Duke says he will give her a pass.  Thea says she never wants to feel the way that they made her feel.  She says she is not weak.  She tells Duke to let her go. Duke tells her to give them hell. Charlie points out that Thea has entered the ring and he tells Thea there is no crying.

– The ring is full of photos of the new NXT Women’s Champion as Tiffany Stratton makes her way to the ring.

Tiffany asks the people who are not surprised that she is the Women’s Champion to raise their hands.  She is now on the tippy top of NXT.  She talks about future Hall of Famers who have held the title.  Tonight, she will show what it means to be a true champion.  She says when she thinks about a champion, it is her.  Nobody in that locker room can do what she does.  When she looks in the mirror, she is the epitome of a WWE Superstar.

Tiffany asks the Women’s locker room to come out to recognize her as the champion.

No one comes out and Tiffany says it appears that no one wants to know who her next challenger is.  Tiffany asks the people and she says she doesn’t care what they think.

The women make their way around the ring and she says she cannot think of who her next opponent is because she will be champion for a long time.  She says no one can compete with her.  Tiffany says she had a Tiffany Epiphany on the way back from Battleground.  Why not give everyone a shot at her title.  There will be a Battle Royal next week to determine her next opponent.

Tiffany says for as long as she wants, it is TiffyTime. Batloons and confetti come from the ceiling.

Thea Hail comes in the ring and punches Tiffany.  Lyra Valkyria with a drop kick through the ropes to Tiffany as they all get in the ring.

– Trick is on the phone and he tells someone to keep the hot tub ready. Lash, Jakara, and Oro show up and they say that Noam is going to win. Trick says that TrickMelo don’t miss.  He says they can leave. Oro says that Trick should understand that Melo should take the night off. Trick says he watched Oro in Dar’s corner.  He says that Ms. Jackson is a distracction.  Trick says he is watching all of them.

We go to commercial.

– Dani Palmer is in the ring and she says she cannot leave this ring until she finds out who the attacker is who is going through this division.  You attacked her and her best friend Sol and she is out for a year.  She says she is not leaving until she shows her face.

We see video footage of the attacks on the women of NXT.

Dani is attacked from behind and hit with a Falcon Arrow and she is revealed to be Blair Davenport.  

– Eddy Thorpe talks to Malik and Edris iin the back and Eddy says he wishes he could have a few things bacck.  Malik says you learn more after a loss. Damon Kemp shows up and he says he was impressed by Eddy’s work but he can’t win without cheating.  Thorpe is held back by Edris and Malik.

– Next week, Eddy Thorpe faces Damon Kemp.

Joe Gacy vs. Channing Lorenzo

Channing drop kicks Joe and he follows with punches.  Lorenzo with a side head lock and knees.  Lorenzo with a fist drop for a near fall.  Joe with a hip toss and punches.  Joe with a hard Irish whip.  Joe with an elbow drop for a near fall.  Joe with more punches.  Joe with a hip toss.  Joe kicks Channing and Channing punches bac.  The referee checks on Joe and Channing gets a near fall.  Joe with a slam and he is sent to the apron.  Channing drop kicks Joe off the apron.  Channing punches Joe on the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Channing leans back in a body scissors to get a near fall.  We see footage of Joe sending Channing back first into the ring post.  Channing tries for a sharpshooter but Joe kicks him away.  Joe drops Channing on the top rope.  Joe with a belly-to-back drop for a near fall.  Channing with punches and a running forearm.  Channing with a DDT.  Channing with forearms and a flying back elbow.  Channing with a running uppercut into the corner.  Channing with a neck breaker for a near fall.  Channing goes up top and Joe stops him and hits a superplex for a near fall.   Channing with an irish whip and a back body drop.  Channing with a flying clothesline that sends him and Joe over the top rope to the floor.

Channing with a running uppercut to Joe against the apron.  Channing goes for a flying shoulder but misses and hits the ring steps.  Joe with a Glasgow Sendoff and All the Best for the Bells for the three count.

Winner:  Joe Coffey

– We go to Von Wagner and Robert Stone and Robert asks Von if he wants to be suspended or fired.  Von says Luca has been running his mouth for the last few weeks and he just shut it.  Stone says that Von has some serious anger management issues and he needs to talk to a therapist.  Von wants to know what that will do.  He doesn’t want to give them his money.  Stone says he will pay for it.  Von says he will think about it.

– We take a look at Battleground with a video feature for Ilja Dragunov.  We see him on the phone with his wife.  He asks if it is the pain that keeps searching for him or does he search for pain?  Maybe he is the pain.  In the end it doesn’t matter because the world shall know pain.  We see Ilja in the hallway psyching himself up.  Ilja says tonight shall know pain.

Ilja Dragunov will be on NXT next week.

We go to commercial.

Cora Jade vs. Ivy Nile

They lock up and Cora claims that Ivy cheated and Cora with a head butt and side head lock.  Cora blocks a hip toss and Ivy does the same and connects with a clothesline.  Ivy with a take down and she gets a near fall.  Ivy works on the arm with a wrist lock and arm wringer.  Ivy gets Cora up but Cora with an elbow and she pulls Ivy to the mat by the hair.  Cora with a running back elbow to Ivy’s back against the ropes for a near fall.  Cora kicks Ivy and then sends her face first to the mat.  Cora sends Ivy to the apron and then connects with an elbow.  Cora with a chop and drop kick.  Cora gets a near fall.  Cora with a reverse chin lock.  Ivy with a rollup for a near fall.  Ivy with kicks to Cora.

Ivy with an Irish whip and a running thrust kick into the corner for a near fall.  Cora with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Cora with a snap mare using the hair.  Cora misses a springboard double stomp.  Ivy with a gutwrench slam but Ava grabs Ivy and Ivy with a Dragon Sleeper in the ropes.  Cora hits Ivy from behind and hits a DDT for the three count.

Winner:  Cora Jade

– Hank and Tank are in the back and they check on their injuries and they say they are fine.  Tank says last week’s match worked and they feel tighter.  Hank says there was a connection.  They both talk about things they like and they say the same thing.

Malik and Edris walk past and Tank talks about how they are tighter than ever after their match. Malik and Edris try to do the same thing and they are not in sync.  Edris says they are not fighting.

– Noam Dar walks in the back with Lash, Jakara, Oro, and the trophy.

– We see Carmelo and Trick walk in the back as we go to commercial.

– McKenzie is looking for Diamond Mine and she asks Ivy about her and Ava.  Ivy says if you want to be part of the game, step up next week.  Julius says they want The Dyad. Rip, Jagger, and Ava show up and they are separated by security.

Noam Dar vs Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Men’s Championship

They lock up and Dar with a wrist lock.  Hayes with a reversal and take down.  Dar backs Hayes into the ropes and misses a kick.  Hayes with a chop and side head lock.  Dar with a wrist lock into an arm bar.  Hayes with an arm drag into an arm bar.  Dar with a kick to the leg and then to the chest.  Hayes with a back elbow and a springboard clothesline.  Dar goes to the floor to regroup.  Hayes wants Dar to get back in the ring but Dar is busy talking to his entourage.  Hayes sends Dar into the corner and sends him into the turnbuckles.  Hayes with a chop and Dar goes to the apron.  Hayes with a slingshot suplex back into the ring.  Hayes with a suplex and float over for a near fall.  Dar with a kick to the knee.

Dar with punches.  Dar with shoulders in the corner and he works on the shoulder.  Hayes kicks Dar away and Hayes with an arm drag into an arm bar.  Hayes blocks an arm drag and holds on to the arm bar.  Hayes with an Irish whip and splash into the corner.  Hayes gets Dar in the ropes and hits Fade Away for a near fall.  Dar sends Hayes to the apron.  Hayes misses a clothesline from the apron and Dar with a leg sweep and drop kick that knocks Hayes off the apron.  They return to the ring and Dar gets a near fall.  Dar with a running elbow to the head and he gets a near fall.  Dar with a butterfly suplex for a near fall.  Hayes with punches and forearms.  Dar with a back elbow for a near fall.

Dar with knees and Hayes with a rollup for a near fall.  Dar with an uppercut and Hayes with La Mistica.  Hayes blocks a punch and punches Dar.  Hayes with clotheslines and a face buster.  Hayes with a clothesline and a super kick.  Hayes with a bicycle kick.  Dar misses a round kick and misses a back elbow.  Hayes with a slam for a near fall.  Lash and Jakara distract Hayes and then they get in Trick’s face.  Trick punches Oro when he tries to attack him from behind.  The referee sends Trick to the back.

Dar comes up from behind and Hayes with a rollup.  Dar with a back elbow for a near fall.  Dar with a knee bar.  Hayes rolls over and punches Dar.  Hayes with a crossface.  Dar gets to the ropes to force a break.  Dar kicks Hayes in the head.  Hayes with a punch and Dar with a forearm.  They go back and forth.  Hayes gets the advantage but Dar wit a kick and a forearm.  Dar with a back fist but Hayes with a suplex into a TKO.   Hayes goes up top and Oro crotches him while Jakara and Lash distract the referee.

Frazer and Lee come out and pull Oro off the apron.  Hayes with a cross body onto Dar and Oro.  Hayes goes up top and hits Nothing but Net for the three count.

Winner:  Carmelo Hayes

After the match, Baron Corbin attacks Hayes from behind and he sends Hayes into the ring and he punches Hayes.  Corbin with End of Days to Hayes and then he holds the NXT championship over his head.

We go to credits.

–– WWE has announced the following card for tonight ––

  • Battleground fallout and the build to Great American Bash
  • Gigi Dolin vs. Jacy Jayne in the Weaponized Steel Cage match will open the show
  • NXT women’s division mystery attacker will be revealed
  • NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes will speak on what’s next for him
  • New NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton will host a “Tiffybration” to kick off a new era for the women’s division

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NXT Results (5/30)

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