Damian Priest Says On Dominik Mysterio “He Helped Us Just As Much As We’ve Helped Him”

Damian Priest Says On Dominik Mysterio "He Helped Us Just As Much As We've Helped Him"

Damian Priest Talks Dominik Mysterio – Damian Priest was interviewed on today’s “After The Bell.” Before the main interview, Corey Graves talked about he and Carmella expecting a baby:

“It’s exciting news. I’m glad I can finally stop trying to hide it from everybody. It’s been a tough couple of weeks. Everyone asked, ‘Hey, where’s Carmella?’ ‘She’s great, she’s just not here, and I’m not allowed to tell you why.’ So the news is out. Everybody’s happy. Everybody’s healthy. It’s definitely an exciting break from the monotony of day to day life. Big things headed our way. I’m a blessed man. I’m a very, very grateful man. I’ve got a lovely wife. We’ve got an amazing group of kids who are excited to welcome a new addition. So thank you. Thank you to everybody. My social media has literally not stopped. I’ve been able to scroll non-stop for like three days now without seeing the same thing twice. Just kind of waiting until the storm blows by before I drop an official thank you to everybody who has left us well wishes or messages or DM’ or text messages. I honestly could never reply to all of the wonderful messages I’ve gotten if I spent the rest of my life doing so. So I’ll just hit you all with one big blanket, thank you.”

Damian Priest on if he feels his match with Big Bunny this Saturday at Backlash is the biggest match of his career:

“Yeah, it’s the biggest, like, high-profile match of my career. Obviously, you’re talking about not just performing for WWE fans. It’s crazy the amount of attention that’s on this match. It has to be the biggest match because of that reason alone.”

On what Dominik has meant to The Judgment Day:

“We’re all so different, like, completely, which is crazy, but it works. Dom was in his dad’s shadow when they were together. When he first joined The Judgment Day, he was in a shadow. He’s not anymore. He’s his own star on his own where he doesn’t need anybody’s help. He brings a whole different level of heat for sure. His style, his demeanor, it gives us the opportunity to feed off of something that’s different and create something special. He’s helped us just as much as we’ve helped him. He’s very important to The Judgment Day. I don’t know what The Judgment Day is like without him now. Without Dom, I say we’re not as strong. I don’t think we’re as popular. I think he’s definitely helped a lot and he’s grown as a performer. He’s grown as a person. I say this all the time, and I guess it could go like, ‘Yeah, he’s supposed to say that’, but we really are like a family now. I mean, we talk all the time. I’m here in PR waiting for him to get here so we can hang out. That’s the way we are now. As a friend, a brother, as a co worker, I am extremely proud of him. It’s cool to be there. I have the best seat in the house to watch him do his thing and it’s special. I love it.”

If he thinks Bad Bunny knows the magnitude of this match:

“I’m not sure if he understands it. He can’t or else he would not have made the decision that he made. I really believe that he looks at himself in the mirror and he’s not thinking about what’s going to happen. He’s thinking about the idea of this. It sounds cool. It sounds awesome. I get to show off in front of my fans. Everybody’s gonna be so happy. I get to perform in front of my family. No. He’s not looking at what’s going to happen. What’s gonna happen is, he’s gonna get into the ring and I’m gonna beat the living hell out of him and I’m not going to feel bad. If anything, I’m probably going to come at him harder than I would another superstar just out of spite. I said this before that I am not going to his concerts, getting on stage, grabbing the mic, and starting to sing his songs, but yet he thinks he could get in the ring and fight like I do. You’re crazy. You’re crazy if you think that’s just going to fly and it’s gonna be okay. He’s crazy to think that just because we were cool that maybe I’m not going to hurt him as bad. He’s not walking out of the arena. He is not walking out.”

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