Cody Rhodes Survives To Brock Lesnar At WWE Backlash

Cody Rhodes Survives To Brock Lesnar At WWE Backlash

Cody Rhodes Survives To Brock Lesnar At WWE Backlash – Cody Rhodes managed to defeat Brock Lesnar in the main event of WWE Backlash, pinning Lesnar as he had the kimura locked on.

Rhodes got the early jump on Brock, attacking him before the bell. Brock fought back and tossed Rhodes around the ring with his trademark suplex. Brock missed a charge into the corner and smacked his head onto an exposed turnbuckle, leaving him with a nasty cut between the eyes. Brock kicked out of two Cross Rhodes and Cody kicked out of an F5 before the finish.

Here is a full recap of the match from our live coverage:

Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes Cody Rhodes to a big pop. Rhodes paces the ring, then bows and kisses the mat. The music interrupts and out comes free agent Brock Lesnar to a pop. Lesnar bounces around and then slowly heads to the ring after the pyro goes off.

Lesnar poses at ringside but Cody nails a suicide dive. Cody unloads on Lesnar at ringside before the bell, hitting him with the top of the announce table. Cody grabs half of the steel ring steps, smashing Lesnar in the face three times. Cody with steel chair shots now.

The bell rings as they enter the ring. Cody attacks but Lesnar rams him into the corner. Cody with the drop-down right hand and a Disaster Kick, then a second Disaster Kick but Lesnar is still on his knees. Cody goes for a third Disaster Kick but Lesnar grabs him in mid-air with a big German suplex.

Cody hangs Lesnar up on the top rope and keeps the attack going. Cody flies off the top but Lesnar catches him in mid-air with a huge fall-away slam. Fans chant “Suplex City!” again. Lesnar smiles at the chant. Lesnar with another German suplex. Lesnar takes his time and hits another German, then yells out. Lesnar kicks Cody around. Lesnar with another German.

Lesnar keeps control and hits a snap suplex now, then another. Cody grabs the turnbuckle to hold on but he ends up exposing the steel as Lesnar launches him with another German. Lesnar sees the exposed steel, then stalks Cody again. Lesnar with a bear hug. Cody fights out with elbows but Lesnar launches him with a big belly-to-belly throw.

Lesnar laughs as some fans rally for Cody. Lesnar with corner thrusts now. Cody sends Lesnar into the exposed steel and Lesnar is bleeding now. Cody hits the Cody Cutter. Cody with a Disaster Kick. Lesnar’s face is bloody as Cody delivers punches and a kick. Cody wipes Lesnar’s blood on him. Cody nails another Cody Cutter. Cody with the Cross Rhodes but he holds it for another. Lesnar kicks out at 2.

Lesnar blocks a Cross Rhodes and hits a F5 in the middle of the ring but Cody kicks out just in time. Cody and Lesnar fight from their knees now. Lesnar applies the Kimura Lock and the referee checks on Cody. Cody leans forward in the submission, using Lesnar’s own weight against him to turn it into a pin from out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cody quickly exits the ring as his music hits. We get a replay of the finish. Lesnar can’t believe what just happened. Cody quickly walks straight to the back while Lesnar sits up on his knees and uses a towel to wipe the blood from his head. WWE Backlash goes off the air with a shot of Lesnar looking on from the ring.

Cody Rhodes Survives To Brock Lesnar At WWE Backlash

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