Brock Lesnar Makes Cody Rhodes Pass Out At WWE Night Of Champions

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Brock Lesnar Makes Cody Rhodes Pass Out At WWE Night Of Champions – Brock Lesnar was able to defeat Cody Rhodes at WWE Night Of Champions after making him pass out in the Kimura Lock. Throughout the duration of the match, Lesnar locked in the submission on numerous occasions in hopes of making Rhodes submit, but that never came to fruition.

Cody’s storyline broken arm was a focal point of the match as he came to the ring wearing a titanium Exost cast. Cody used the cast to beat Lesnar around the ring and ringside area, but in the end it was the arm that cost him the match as he passed out in the second Kimura Lock.

The announcers focused on how Cody did not tap out to lose as he quickly passed out in the second Kimura.

Following Night Of Champions, both Lesnar and Rhodes hold one win over one another.

Fans can read a recap of the match below:

Rhodes sported a cast on his left hand for the match. Lesnar tried to get Rhodes’s arm to begin the match, btu Rhodes ducked him before rolling out of the ring. Lesnar chased Rhodes down before Rhodes got back in the ring and stomped him, but Lesnar hit shoulder blocks on Rhodes into the corner before hitting an Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Rhodes. Lesnar hit another Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Rhodes before hitting a Third on Rhodes. Rhodes attacked Lesnar with the cast repeatedly before catching him with a cast-assisted forearm strike before catching him outside with a Tope Suicida to the outside, where he also hit an Ax-Handle on Lesnar off the broadcast table. Back in the ring, Rhodes hit another Ax-Handle before hitting a Disaster Kick & a Cody Cutter on Lesnar for a near fall.

Rhodes hit the Crossroads on Lesnar before hitting a second. Rhodes went for the Trifecta of Crossroads, btu Lesnar reversed it by locking in the Kimura Lock. Rhodes tried to reverse it with a pin, but Lesnar got the hold while he had his weight all on Rhodes. Rhodes started to fade from the hold, but he was still in the match and was able to break the hold with a rope break. Lesnar got Cody for the F5, btu Rhodes reversed it with a Third Crossroads to get a pin, but Lesnar kicked out at two. Rhdoes bashed Lesnar’s head with the cast, but Lesnar got Cody up in a Fireman’s Carry before hitting the F5 on Rhodes to get the pin, but Rhdoes kicked out at two. Lesanr locked in the Kimura Lock again on Rhodes, with Rhodes passing out from the hold, giving Lesnar the win via referee stoppage.

Brock Lesnar Makes Cody Rhodes Pass Out

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