AEW Rampage Results (5/5) – Firm Deletion Match

Matt Hardy Details Tonight's Firm Deletion Match

AEW Rampage Results (5/5) – Firm Deletion Match – Taped in Baltimore, Maryland. Jim Ross, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone were on commentary. 

Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) & El Hijo del Vikingo (w/ Alex Abrahantes) defeated Powerhouse Hobbs, QT Marshall & Aaron Solo (w/ Harley Cameron) (12:23)

This match stemmed from the Trios Battle Royal from Dynamite Wednesday. Nice to see something set up on Dynamite and followed through on Rampage. Marshall started with Vikingo and got schooled. Vikingo hit an implosion hurricanrana and a Phoenix Splash for a near fall. Tags were made to Rey Fenix and Aaron Solo. Solo couldn’t keep up with Fenix and tagged in Powerhouse Hobbs. Penta got the tag and matched power for a bit with Hobbs, but cut off with a clothesline. Vikingo dove onto Hobbs and right into a powerbomb. Hobbs with a delayed vertical suplex on Penta, then tossed him to the floor.

Marshall dropped to the floor and sent Penta into the steel ringpost. Marshall pulled a table out from under the ring and the show went to a split-screen break. 

Back from break, Penta hit slingblades on Marshall and Solo. Fenix hit Hobbs with a rope-running punt kick. Vikingo and the Lucha Bros took out Marshall’s crew with triple topes to the floor.

Back in the ring, Vikingo hit a shooting star press on Solo, and the Lucha Bros followed up with the wheelbarrow double team into a splash for a near fall. Solo tried a comeback, but Vikingo took him down with a uranage. Penta hit a springboard Canadian Destroyer on Marshall and Fenix took out Hobbs with a cutter.

Marshall caught Fenix with a pop-up forearm, and Solo came off the top with a double stomp for a near fall. Fenix caught Solo with a superkick, but Marshall cut off Vikingo on the top rope. Vikingo hit him with a Canadian Destroyer on the ring apron. Vikingo then gave Solo a German suplex out of an electric chair. On the floor, Hobbs started choking out Alex Abrahantes. The Lucha Bros finished off Solo with the Fear Factor.

Hobbs went from something special to just another guy thanks to getting paired with Marshall’s  group. They are less than the sum of their parts. 

– There was a tease of controversial comments from MJF after his loss on Wednesday, but it was just him angry backstage and demanding his belt. That’s still the closest he’s come to working Rampage.  

– Lexi Nair interviewed Chris Jericho at his locker room. Jericho will not work Rampage tonight because he needs some “insurances” that he will be safe from another attack from Adam Cole. He doesn’t want to work in the same building as Cole which sounds a lot like the actual problems AEW’s having with some of their other performers. 

TBS Champion Jade Cargill (w/ Leila Grey) defeated Gia Scott (0:35)

Pump kick and Jaded and it’s over. Jade is 57-0. 

– Lexi Nair’s interview with Mark Briscoe is interrupted by Jeff Jarrett’s crew, looking for more insights on FTR from Briscoe. FTR will respond to Jarrett’s challenge this Wednesday on Dynamite. 

Mark Briscoe vs. Preston Vance (w/ Jose the Assistant) 

Mark Briscoe’s kids were at ringside, and Vance grabbed their signs and tore them apart. Briscoe brawled with Vance around the ring and sent him headfirst into the ringpost. Briscoe went for a moonsault onto the floor, but Vance dodged it and Briscoe hit the floor. Vance tossed Briscoes into the barricades around ringside. 

After a split-screen break, Vance locked Briscoe in the full nelson. Briscoe kicked off the turnbuckles into a pin for a near fall. Brisco and Vance exchanged forearms. Briscoe floored Vance with a clothesline. Briscoe countered Vance’s discus lariat with an ugly flatliner for a near fall. Briscoe went for the Jay Driller, but Vance escaped and hit the discus clothesline. Vance dropped to the floor for a chair, but opted not to use it so that was pointless. Vance hit a spear for a near fall. Jose tried to slide Vance the chair, which distracted the ref and allowed Vance to hit a low blow.

Briscoe backdropped Vance to the floor, then used the chair as a springboard for a tope. Back in the ring, Vance countered the discus lariat and hit the Jay Driller for the pin. I love Mark, but this was just a match.

After the match, Briscoe’s family came into the ring to celebrate with Mark.

– Lexi Nair’s interview with Dustin Rhodes was interrupted when the Mogul Embassy blindsided him. Keith Lee ran them off. Seems like this feud is building to the Dynamite in Austin, Texas on May 17th. 

New for Dynamite Wednesday:

  • Anna Jay v. Julia Hart in a No Holds Barred match.
  • ROH Tag Champion Rey Fenix v. ROH World Champion Claudio Castignoli in a match where the winner will get a shot at the other man’s championship.
  • The House of Black v. The Best Friends & Bandido in a House Rules Trios Title match. 

Ethan Page, Big Bill, Stokley Hathaway and Lee Moriarty v. The Hardy Boys, Hook & Isiah Kassidy in The Firm Deletion Match

The Firm showed up at the Hardy Compound and busted up Hardy’s mailbox. They were greeted by the drone, who deemed them “rude AF.” It went frond daylight to night, and Hardy’s team shot fireworks at the Firm. Then the brawl started in the dark. Kassidy and Jeff Hardy double-teamed Big Bill. Bill chokeslammed Isiah Kassidy into a tree.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, Hardy gave Page a vertical suplex, but Page countered a Twist of Fate with a double leg takedown, then broke a tree branch over Matt’s back for a near fall. Back to Jeff and Big Bill, and Jeff choked Bill out with a stick. Bill’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.

In another part of the compound, Matt Hardy’s kids tried to run over Stokely Hathaway with a motorized big wheel. Hardy and Page made their way into the warehouse with the ring, and the show went to a split screen break. 

In the ring, Hardy hit the Twist of Fate for the near fall. Stokley Hathaway in the house, Stokely Hathway was jumped by Hardy’s kids. Now we’re outside, where Bill has doused the Hardys with gasoline and is threatening to set them on fire.  Isaiah Kassidy reemerged as “Brother Zay” on the top of the warehouse/garage, and dove  onto everybody. Maxell hit some moves on Hathaway in the ring before Hardy’s wife put the kids to bed. “Brother Zay” put Bill through a table.

Back in the warehouse, Ethan Page is left in a 4-on-1. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate, and Jeff came off the top with a swanton bomb. Referee Caprice Coleman(???) counted the pinfall. After the match, Hardy walked off into the night. The Hardy team celebrated by lighting a giant Hardy cross symbol on fire. 

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AEW Rampage Results (5/5) – Firm Deletion Match

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