NWA 312 Results

NWA 312 Results

NWA 312 Results – The National Wrestling Alliance presented NWA 312 pay-per-view on Friday, April 7, 2023, from Studio One in Highland Park, Chicago, IL. Here are the results:


  • Natalia Markova def. Labrava Escobar (with CJ)
    • CJ interferes and nearly helps Escobar steal the win at one point, but Markova still emerges victorious.
  • NWA United States Tag Team Championship: Country Gentlemen (c) def. SVGS (Jax Dane and Blake Troop)
    • Chris Silvio interferes, but he gets ejected. His removal distracted the SVGS, and the champions capitalize by clinching the three count with a schoolboy pin.
  • In an interview, Kenzie Paige looks forward to her title match against Max The Impaler.
  • Hair vs. Mask Strap Match: Gaagz The Gymp (with Judais and Father James Mitchell) def. Sal The Pal
    • After the match, Gaagz The Gymp starts to shave Sal’s head. Judais gets mad at them, prompting Sal and Gaagz to walk out on him.
  • In an interview, Bully Ray hypes up his match with Thom Latimer and noted that he has a lot of potential, but he knows Thom’s biggest weakness is himself.
  • NWA Crockett Cup is announced for June 3 and 4.
  • Mike Knox and Trevor Murdoch def. Daisy Kill and Talos.

Main Show

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Cyon (c) (with Austin Idol) vs. EC3 (with BLK Jeez)

EC3 and Cyon feel each other out early on. The match is a stalemate in the early stages. EC3 overpowers Cyon and takes control. Cyon rallies and hits a Death Valley driver for a two count. EC3 sends Cyon to the outside. Cyon and EC3 trade blows. EC3 seemingly hurts his leg on a leapfrog, but he lures Cyon in and takes him down. He locks in a Crossface of sorts and makes Cyon tap out to win the title.

Winner and new NWA National Heavyweight Champion: EC3

In a interview, Father James Mitchell says he is washing his hands of Gaagz The Gymp and Sal The Pal, but their time will come. He hypes up the NWA Women’s TV Championship match and expresses his confidence that Max The Impaler will emerge victorious.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: Missa Kate and Madi Wrenkowski (c) vs. Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Roxy)

The champions take control early on, forcing the challengers to regroup. Madi and Kate double-team Roxy and control the action. A cheap shot from Envy helps Roxy gain the upper hand. Pretty Empowered isolates Madi, as Envy drills her with a kick. They hit a double suplex and continue to maintain the advantage. Double knees from Envy earn her a two count. Madi rallies, and the match breaks down. Kate and Roxy are left in the ring, and Kate scores the win with a kick.

Winners and still NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions: Missa Kate and Madi Wrenkowski

Kratos vs. Yabo the Clown

Kratos overpowers Yabo early on. Yabo tries to rally, but Kratos continues to dominate. Yabo persevered and gained the upper hand. he stunned Kratos with a dropkick and kept him off-balance with a flurry of offense. Kratos hits a spinning slam for a two count. Kratos slams Yabo head-first to the mat for the win.

Winner: Kratos

Bob Luce Memorial Battle Royal For Future NWA National Title Match: Thrillbilly Silas Mason won by last eliminating Odinson.

The broadcast team notes that Silas will challenge for the title at NWA Crockett Cup.

NWA Women’s TV Championship: Kenzie Paige vs. Max The Impaler

Max and Kenzie feel each other out early on. Max easily overpowers Paige and controls the action. Paige tries to rally, but Max overwhelms her. Samantha Starr tries to get involved, but Max attacks her. Kylie Paige, Kenzie’s sister, tries to interfere, and she doesn’t fare any better. Paige hits a cutter onto a chair while the referee isn’t looking for the win.

Winner and new NWA Women’s TV Champion: Kenzie Paige

In an interview, La Rosa Negra hypes up her title match later in the show.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship: Kerry Morton (c) (with Ricky Morton) vs. Joe Alonzo (with Jamie Stanley)

Morton and Alonzo start the bout with a feeling-out process. Alonzo dodges the Kiss it Goodbye. Morton gets sent to the outside, and Stanley interferes. Alonzo talks some trash to Ricky at ringside. Alonzo sends Kerry into the turnbuckle multiple times. Kerry perseveres and gets a two count with a suset flip. He hits an atomic drop and sends Alonzo to the outside. They fight at ringside. Back in the ring, Morton gets a two count with a stiff shot to the face. Stanley distracts Kerry, and Alonzo blasts him with a dropkick. Ricky Morton attacks Stanley to take him out of the equation. Alonzo catches Morton with a superkick and gets a near fall. Morton gets the win with the Showstopper.

Winner and still NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion: Kerry Morton

Alonzo refuses a handshake and flips off Ricky Morton after the bell.

Thom Latimer vs. Bully Ray

Latimer and Ray battle for positioning early on. They keep going back and forth, and Ray goes to the outside to collect himself, He gets Latimer’s NWA World Television Championship, and the veteran dares Latimer to hit him with it. [Note: the FITE feed glitched, so the end of the match was unclear.] The referee calls for the bell, and it’s announced that Ray is the winner via disqualification.

Winner via disqualification: Bully Ray

[Note: The FITE stream continued to repeatedly glitch during the tag team title match]

NWA World Tag Team ChampionLa Rebelion (c) def. Magnum Muscle (Dak Draper & Mims)

  • Blunt Force Trauma (Damage and Carnage) attacked both teams during the bout.

In an interview, Chris Adonis discusses his main event match against Tyrus.

NWA World Women’s ChampionshipKamille (c) vs. La Rosa Negra

Rosa holds her own with Kamille early on. The champion overpowers her and drops the challenger with a backbreaker. Kamille gets a two count with a thunderous slam. Negra slams Kamille into the corner and gets a two count with a clothesline. She hits a diving back elbow for another two count. Kamille drops Rosa with a spinning neckbreaker. Kamille traps Rosa in the torture wrack and slams her for a two count. Rosa rallies and hits a frog splash, but Kamille reaches the ropes to break up the pin. Kamille clinches the win with a Spear.

Winner and still NWA World Women’s ChampionKamille

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Tyrus (c) vs. Chris Adonis

Tyrus and Adonis square off. The champion evades an early Master Lock attempt. Adonis uses his quickness to take control and he takes Tyrus down. He targets Tyrus’ leg and locks him in a Figure-Four. Tyrus escapes and gets some breathing room with a slam. The champion grounds Adonis and locks in a modified Camel Clutch. Tyrus dominates for a minute, but Adonis rallies and goes for the Master Lock, but the champion evades it again. Adonis hits a diving axe-hammer, but Tyrus reaches the ropes. Tyrus takes control again with a slam. Adonis catches Tyrus with a big boot and floors him with a scoop slam. Adonis locks in the Master Lock and takes Tyrus to the mat. Tyrus is seemingly on the verge of passing out, but he leans back and puts his weight on Adonis, prompting the referee to count the pin, as Adonis’ shoulders are down.

Winner and still NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Tyrus

Tyrus extends his hand after the bell, but Adonis refuses the offer.

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NWA 312 Results

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