IMPACT Rebellion 2023 Results

IMPACT! Rebellion 2023 Results

Here are results for IMPACT Rebellion 2023 from the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Rhino & Heath Miller vs. Mahabali Shera & Champagne Singh

Singh and Miller started out.  Singh tried to bribe him to skip the match, then decked him.  Miller made a comeback and tagged Rhino.  Big ECW chant for him.  Shera worked him over but Rhino came back and shoulderblocked him in the corner.  Rhino went for the Gore but Singh tripped him.  Shera choked him against the ropes.   Rhino was worked over but drilled him with a clothesline and went to make the tag, but Shera knocked Miller off the apron before it could happen.

Shera and Singh tagged in and out working over Rhino but Miller made the hot tah an cleaned house.  He rolled up Singh but Shera pulled him off before there could be a three count.  When Miller protested, Singh schoolboyed him and used the ropes for leverage for the pin.

Winners: Shera and Singh

Rhino Gored Singh after the match to get a pop.

– They aired a video package on the KUSHIDA vs. Steve Maclin match.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions The Coven vs. The Death Dollz

KiLynn King and Jessika started and fired back and forth.  The Death Dollz trapped her in the corner and drilled her backwards into the buckles.   Rosemary worked over King but was cut off and the champions tagged in and out, keeping her on the defensive.  King nailed a big Beel toss across the ring.  Rosemary finally cut off Wilde and nailed an exploder suplex.  She made the hot tag to Jessika who cleaned house on King.  She grabbed Wilde and slammed her down atop of King, then hit a splash on King for a two count.    There were a series of good near falls.  Wilde nailed a back suplex.  Wilde drilled her and scored the pin with The Witch’s Rant.

Winners and still Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions: The Coven

– They aired a video feature on the Knockouts title picture.

IMPACT Rebellion 2023 Results

Ultimate X – Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions Ace Austin & Chris Bey vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

They began brawling at the bell with The Guns having the early advantage.   Austin and Bey worked over Shelley but didn’t realize Sabin was trying to climb up to grab the belts.  He was stopped.  The Champs hit double stereo dives to the floor.   The Guns worked over Bey’s knees and then caught Austin in the corner.  He fought off Shelley and tried to make his way across the wires, only to be pulled down to the ring.

Everyone battled,  Austin and Sabin scaled one of the metal structures towards the wires but took each other out.  Shelley took out Bey’s leg with a Dragon Screw Legwhip then cinched in a figure four.  Shelley and Austin battled in a corner as Bey recovered.  Bullet Club nailed a double clothesline in Sabin but Shelley nailed them with one of his own.  The Guns set up the Champions for a double Shelley submission, allowing Sabin to try and make it to the titles.  Austin escaped and pulled him down.

Sabin exploded with offensive maneuevers.  Bey’s knee seemed to slip while being whipped but he recovered and nailed a leaping DDT on Shelley so it may have been a fake out.  Bey dove and wiped out Sabin with a great moonsault to the floor.  Bey went to the top but Shelley nailed a jawbreaker off the ropes and hit a missile dropkick.  He sent Austin to the floor but he recovered and nailed a big Fosberry Flop to the outside on The Guns.  Really spectacular looking sequence.

Everyone battled.    The Guns drilled Bey with a double kick.  Austin climbed across the ropes but the Guns beat him until he fell.  They nailed a dropkick to his face.  

It led to all four making their way across the cables and battling near the center, where the belts were hanging.  They all crashed down.  Bey nailed the Art of Finesse on Shelley, followed by Austin hitting the Fold.  Bey was lifted up to the cables.  Sabin battled over but Bey retrieved both belts before he could be stopped.

Winners: Ace Austin & Chris Bey

– Steve Maclin said it sucked to be in Canada and that it sucks focusing on Josh Alexander for a year to see him get injured.  He said that everyone forgets that where he’s come from and ran down where he was stationed in the Middle East.    He promised to win the title.  It was a good promo.

The Design vs. Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry & Dirty Dango & Santino Marella

Hendry did his usual good promo building up that Marella was returning to PPV for the first time in nine years.  They showed Marella’s young son at ringside.

Marella and Callihan started.   Marella nailed karate takedowns on everyone.    Hendry tagged in and was worked over.  He fought back and Dango tagged in, cleaning hoiuse.  He nailed a big legdrop on Callihan.  Kon took over on Dango and drilled him with a series of back elbows in the corner.  The Design kept tagging in and working him over.  Dango finally drilled Deaner and made the hot tag to Santino, who unloaded with strikes and a takedown.  Big Kon nailed him from behind.  Everyone battled in the ring.  Hendry nailed a double Fall Away Slam on Deaner and Angels.  Dango took out several Design members with a dive.  It came down to Callihan about to hit Marella with a bat but instead he turned on Deaner and drilled him.  That received a big pop and Deaner was great selling this.  Callihan walked out.    The crowd called for The Cobra, which Marella pulled out and nailed Deaner with it but there was no referee.  One finally hit the ring and scored the pin.

Winners: Joe Hendry & Dirty Dango & Santino Marella

– They intervirewed Team Tommy Dreamer.  Dreamer talked about his mother having a serious stroke this past week.  He said that she always told him to move forward and not waste away.  He asked for thoughts and prayers.  His mom’s eyes opened and he told her he loved her but she’s still unresponsive.  He said he’s trying to fight and move forward despite Impact Wrestling offering to let him take time off.  He said after tonight, he’s going away.  He said Kazarian just went through this with his family, which is true as Kazarian recently lost his father.  He said the remainder of his team are people who left their families to pursue pro wrestling.  He thanked everyone for supporting him and began crying as he walked off.  Everything Dreamer said was 100% true, not storyline, including Impact offering to let him skip this weekend to be with his mother.  We wish him the best.

Last Rites Match: Eddie Edwards vs. PCO

Alisha came out with Eddie and went to the back.  They brawled all over the ring and ringside.  PCO was worked over in the ring but kept fighting back.  Eddie kicked away a PCO charge but was again slammed.  PCO nailed a legdrop to the back of the neck.  He nailed a swanton off the ropes onto Edwards, who was draped on the apron outside.  They are now calling it the DeAnimator.  Someone is a Reanimator fan!  PCO attempted to place Edwards inside a coffin but was smashed into it, ‘dislocating’ his shoulder.  Edwards nailed him with a Tiger Driver for a two count.  PCO used the ring post to smash his shoulder back into place.  Think Riggs in Lethal Weapon.

PCO took off his ring gear and challenged Edwards to bring it.  They chopped each other back and forth.  Edwards nailed a Bucklebomb but PCO fired back up.  The crowd chanted for PCO, who nailed a reverse DDT.  PCO nailed a moonsault.  PCO dragged hm to the outside and chokeslammed him onto the edge of the rampway leading to the ring.  PCO slammed him into the coffin over and over.  Edwards fought back and PCO was knocked off the ramp the floor, which looked brutal.  Edwards opened the coffin and tried to place PCO inside.  They battled back towards the entrance stage.

Edwards nailed PCO with a Singapor Cane and gave him a Dragon suplex on the ramp.  PCO was drilled with the Boston Knee Party into the casket.   PCO was placed into the casket but fought his way back out.  Alisha Edwards ran out and nailed him with a shovel to no effect.  Eddie went to superkick PCO but hit his wife instead.  PCO nailed him with the shovel and chokeslammed him into the casket, then closed it.

Winner: PCO

– They went to an interview with X-Division Champ Trey Miguel but had technical issues.  They went to a video feature on the bout.

Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship
Trey Miguel vs. Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham

They showed all of Anthem’s top executives at ringside.  I predict they won’t be catching any dives tonight.

Lots of good, athletic, fast-paced action early on.  Bailey and Gresham battled but then double-teamed Trey, only to turn back into their own battle again.  Gresham nailed a nice dropkick and a series of German suplexes on Trey before hitting a Michinoku Driver for a two count.  Gresham went for a move but Speedball slipped off and nailed a Poisonrana, driving him head-first into the mat.   Trey and Bailey were sent to the floor.  They fought back to the apron but Trey went back to the floor, realizing Gresham was going for a move.  Bailey avoided and Gresham dove on Miguel.  Bailey hit a big moonault to the floor.  Trey came back with a leaping springboard cutter on Gresham.

Gresham was locked in a figure four.   Miguel nailed a Meteora and pinned Gresham while was still interlocked in the figure four.  Gresham eliminated.

Speedball and Miguel battled back and forth.  Miguel locked Bailey in the figure four and tried to chop away at him but Bailey pulled him to the ropes and forced a break.  Bailey, now limping, faced off with Trey as they exchanged chops.   Bailey looked great with some offensive maneuvers and scored several two counts.  Lots of kicks and strikes.  Bailey nailed the Tornado Kick and went for Ultimate Weapon but Miguel avoided it.  Bailey rolled through but was sent to the floor.  Trey went for a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor but Bailey nailed him with a double knee strike.

Bailey missed Ultimate Weapon off the top, hurting his knee again.  They scrambled for a series of near falls but Miguel hooked the tights and scored the three count.

Winner: Trey Miguel

Team Tommy Dreamer vs. Team Bully Ray

They are effectively doing Wargames entrances and rules, without a steel cage.

Moose and Kazarian are starting.  Kazarian attacked him with a trash can.  Moose fought back but was sent to the floor, where Kazarian did a leap into a rana to the floor.  They battled on the floor with Kaz sending Moose into the ring post face-first.

The second man out for Team Bully is Brian Myers.  He and Moose worked over Kazarian and pulled out a table.  They set Kaz up for a double suplex out of the ring through the table but Gujjar was the second man out for Team Dreamer.  He cleaned house and hit a flapjack on Myers.  Kaz tossed him a cheese grater and he used it on Myers’ face.    Kaz nailed Moose with a trash can lid.

The next man out for Team Bully was Kenny King, who hit the ring with a trash can lid of his own and began battling with Gujjar.  He had a nice exchange with Gujjar and wiped him out with kicks,  then did the same with Kaz.  Moose drilled Gujjar with a bottle of water.  King bridged a table between the ring and the guard rail.  The first woman to enter the fray was Dreamer’s Killer Kelly.  She went right after King and used a staple gun on him.  Myers and Moose received the same.  Moose got it in the nads!  Kelly then stapled herself.  Toronto chanted, “You sick f***.”

Next out for Team Bully is Masha Slamovich.  Everyone battled on the floor.  Masha dove off the top with a chair, taking everyone out.  The next person out for Team Dreamer was Yuya Uemura.  He went right after Myers and nailed him with right hands and a dropkick.    Team Dreamer controlled the ring and kept Team Bully from returning inside.  The idea was they were keeping Bully’s team out, leaving him with a 4 on 1 disadvantage. 

Bully’s time to enter came and he brought a table to the ring with him.  When he stopped on the ramp, it distracted Team Dreamer, allowing the others to attack from behind.  They were beaten down and Kelly was left in the ring.  Bully menaced her but Dreamer was the last man out, attacking everyone with a Singapore Cane.  Dreamer was left in the ring with Bully, who was holding Killer Kelly hostage.  She bit him to get Bully to release the hold and Dreamer went to work with Cane shots.  

Everyone battled.  Masha and Kelly battled with chairs.  There was a big multi-person submission,  Kelly hit a DVDR through a chair on Masha.  Kelly went to do a dive but Bully grabbed her and tossed her to the floor atop of several of the combatants.  Dreamer and Bully battled.  Moose accidentally speared Bully. Gujjar nailed the Gargoyle Spear on Brian.  Killer Kelly locked on the Killer Klutch on King but Masha nailed a backfist and hit the Snowplow on Kelly for a two count.  Masha drilled Kaz and hit the backfist on him.  Dreamer piledrove Masha but the Good Hands hit the ring and attacked him.

They set up a ladder and grabbed Killer Kelly but she fought her way out.  Kazarian nailed a cutter on John Skyler, sending him through two tables at ringside.  Bully nailed Dreamer with a low blow and teased putting him through a table.  He set up the ladder and told the referees to hold the ladder.  They all refused.  He grabbed one of them and all the referees began battering Bully.  Dreamer nailed the Spicoli Driver for a two count.

Dreamer set Bully up on the table.  He looked at the ladder and all the referees were happy to hold the ladder for him.  Dreamer hit the Superfly Splash through the table and pinned Bully.

Winners: Team Dreamer

– Nick Aldis was introduced as the guest commentator for the World title match.

KUSHIDA vs. Steve Maclin to crown a new Impact Wrestling Champion

They had a feeling out process early on.  KUSHIDA grabbed a side headlock and worked over Maclin on the mat.   Maclin gained control and nailed a backbreaker for a two count.  Maclin yanked him to the ring post and used it to wear away at his back.  They battled back and forth on the floor.  Maclin nailed an elbow drop off the apron to the floor.  He tossed KUSHIDA back into the ring for a two count.  He nailed a back suplex for another two count.

Maclin kept beating on his back and cinched in a rear chinlock.  KUSHIDA fought back and nailed a springboard elbow and a great dropkick to the face.  KUSHIDA locked on a hammerlock and went for pinfall but Maclin kicked out.  He nailed driver for another two count.  He went to the top but was drilled and tied to the tree of woe.  KUSHIDA  nailed him and dropkicked him through the ropes.

He nailed a leaping kick to Maclin’s face, then charged and nailed a running kick to his underarm.  He then attacked Maclin’s arm and went for the Hoverboard lock and tossed him.  KUSHIDA scored a two count but was kicked away during a charge.  He nailed a Bucklebomb and a sit-out powerbomb for a close two count.  They battled into the corner and to the top, where KUSHIDA tossed him off and locked him into the Hoverlock, but Maclin made it to the ropes.

Maclin pulled him out towards the floor and began beating him.  They battled to the floor where Maclin was slapped into the announcer’s tables.  Back in the ring, Maclin nailed KUSHIDA with the crosshairs and then the KIA, but KUSHIDA kicked up, the first man in Impact Wrestling to do so.  Maclin went to the top for a move but was caught in the Hoverboard Lock in the center.  Maclin fired away with crossarms to the face, smashing his way free.

Maclin elevated him but KUSHIDA grabbed the Hoverboard Lock again and rolled through.  He cinched it in even tighter but Maclin powered up and drilled him into the buckles.  He went for KIA but KUSHIDA grabbed the Hoverboard Lock again.  Maclin turned it into KIA and scored the pin.

Winner and new Impact Wrestling Champion, Steve Maclin

After the match, Maclin demanded Scott D’Amore come to the ring and present him with the title.  Scott did so and was shoved down.  Aldis hit the ring and faced down Maclin.

Knockouts Championship
Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo

They worked a feeling out process early with Purrazzo using her finesse to control Grace’s arm.  The story was Grace’s power vs. Purrazzo’s technical prowess.  Grace held her aloft for a delayed vertical suplex before dropping Purrazzo after a 20 count.    They fired back and forth with forearms and knee strikes.  Purrazzo used a Side Russian Legsweep.  She nailed a pump kick that sent Grace through the ropes to the entrance ramp.  Purrazzo went for the Queen’s Gambit but Grace went to backdrop her.  Purrazzo used the ropes to block it.  They battled on the ramp.  Grace was shoved off to the floor.  Purrazzo nailed a moonsault off the ramp to the floor.

Back in the ring, Grace backdropped her way out of the Queen’s Gambit.  They went back and forth until Grace was trapped in a Koji Clutch.  Grace turned it into a pinfall combination but Purrazzo kicked up.   They battled into the corner, where Grace nailed a vertebreaker for a two count.  Grace remained in control and went for the Grace Driver but Purrazzo escaped.  Grace missed a charge into the corner and was traken down.  Purrazzo went for a leg submission but Grace kept trying to kick her off.  Grace pulled her into a rear naked choke.

They battled back and forth and cracked heads.  They fought to their feet and battered each other with forearms and strikes.  Grace nailed an open palm strike but was caught with a pump kick.  Grace was caught in a Fujiwara armbar.  Grace fought her way out but was caught again.  Deonna cinched on the Venus Di Milo.    Grace battled to the ropes and draped her foot across it.  They fought to their feet, where Grace slammed Deonna with a spinebuster for another two count.

Grace followed up with a Grace Driver for a close two count but Purrazzo kicked out at the last second.  There were back and forth chants for the competitors.  Grace went for a superplex but Deonna battled back.    Deonna came back to nail the Queen’s Gambit for the pin.

Winner and new Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Grace and Purrazzo shook hands and embraced after the match as we go to credits.

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