2023 AEW Revolution Results

LIVE 2023 AEW Revolution Results

2023 AEW Revolution Results – Jim Ross’ theme hits in the background, as “Good Ole’ J.R.” taking his seat on commentary for the main card, which is coming up now.

We are live from the Chase Center in San Francisco, California, as Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for our first match of the night. Ricky Starks is next!

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Starks
The Jericho Appreciation Society is banned from ringside

The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one.

The two men waste no time brawling inside the ring to start the match, with Ricky Starks coming out on top as he sends Chris Jericho to the outside and then dives out to the ring to continue the attack. However, when they get back inside the ring Jericho turns things around with a heavy Irish whip and then hits him across the neck. Jericho misses with the Lionsault, but he does manage to drape Starks onto the top rope impacting his injured ribs.

Jericho slams Starks into the barricade repeatedly as he then stomps away on him back inside the ring, attacking the ribs again by dropping him down onto his knee. He continues the attack outside the ring again with shots to Starks’ ribs, but Starks turns things around with a big DDT which gets a near fall. Jericho fires abck with some chops and he then looks for the Codebreaker but Starks catches him and hits a powerbomb of his own.

Starks aims for his own finisher but it is reversed and they both hit the ropes as Starks aims for a Spear, only to be caught mid-move with a Codebreaker, but Starks kicks out! Both men then trade slaps, and Starks then tries to throw Jericho out of the ring. However, he stays on the apron and runs up to the top turnbuckle, but Jericho misses with his high-risk move and Starks then connects with a Spear, and this time it is Jericho kicking out to keep the match alive. 

Starks hits a thrust kick to drop Jericho as he then looks for a Moonsault but Jericho rolls out of the way and then locks in the Walls Of Jericho. Starks counts and rolls into a single-leg crab, but Sammy Guevara then runs down the ramp only to be speared by Action Andretti. However, the distraction allows Jericho to use his bat, but as he aims for the Judas Effect Starks blocks the move. Starks then nails Jericho with a huge knee to the face, following it up with Roshambo.

Winner: Ricky Starks

No Holds Barred: Final Burial Match
Christian Cage vs. Jungle Boy

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry immediately goes after his rival as Christian Cage tries to escape away which leads to them brawling outside the ring. Cage decides he’s had enough and walks away into the fans but Perry chases him and the two men end up brawling on the stairs with Perry grabbing a fans drink to pout all over Cage’s head and they head back to the ringside area as he throws Cage back. 

The veteran then begins scrambling up the ramp but realizes he is heading toward the casket so goes back until Perry swipes his legs. The two of them end up brawling back to the ring where Perry nails a chop and then bites the head of Cage. Despite that, Cage regains control and ends up beating down on Cage with several punches as he drives his elbow into Perry’s head while Perry’s family are shown at ringside.

Cage then stands on Perry and pulls up the top rope, but as he aims for the traditional leap over the ropes for a slap, Perry avoids it and then dives out of the ring. He slams Cage into the steel stairs and bounces his head off them repeatedly. Cage is busted open but he trips Perry who slams onto the stairs himself while Cage gets the belt of Perry and begins whipping him all the way up the ramp. 

Cage opens up the casket and two chairs are inside, but Perry fights back only to be hit with a back body drop onto the dirt. Cage then aims for Killswitch onto the chair but he gets thrown off the stage instead as Perry then launches himself off to take him down again. Perry looks to hit him with a chair but he takes too long and Cage hits a low blow and then slams him onto the casket lid several times. Perry gets put in the cage but he blocks it when Cage tries to shut the lid and he fights his way out. 

However, as Perry tries to drag Cage, the veteran throws some dirt into his eyes and then hits Killswitch. Christian goes for a con-chair-to but Perry gets away and then swats the chair away with a shovel. He tries to choke Cage with it but he responds by putting his fingers in Perry’s eyes, however, the young star responds by taking Cage down, choking him with the shovel in Cage’s mouth. Perry then considers hitting a con-chair-to, and he nails it and places him into the casket, and slams the lid down. 

Winner: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

AEW World Trios Title Match
The House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, Buddy Matthews) vs. The Elite (IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson) (c)

The video package runs for our next match of the evening, which will be our first championship contest of the evening, as the AEW Trios Championships will be on-the-line.

The theme for The House of Black hits. The trio make their way to the ring in wild masks accompanied by Julia Hart. They settle in the ring and remove the masks. Now the lights come back on and the familiar sounds of the entrance theme song for The Elite hits. The crowd pops as “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks make their way down to the ring for their latest AEW Trios Championship defense.

Don Callis joins the trio of Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on the call for this one. The bell sounds as fans chant “Elite! Elite! Elite”.

Buddy Matthews instantly starts working the arm of Kenny Omega, and the two men go back and forth with several exchanges until they face off. Malakai Black then tags himself in and he catches Omega with a strike straight away, but as he goes for another kick Omega is quick to block it and hit an arm drag, but Black then takes Omega down to the mat and continues working the arm with a submission. 

Both men then tease their finishers with Omega backing off and falling to avoid Black’s as the House Of Black leader then hits his trademark sit, and Matt Jackson tags in and wants Brody King so the big man tags in. Matt then teases tagging out but Nick doesn’t want it. He does tag in eventually though but their double team doesn’t work as King hits a double shoulder tackle. The House Of Black then tease diving out of the ring but The Elite get back in and they all brawl.

Nick Jackson dives over the top rope and plants Matthews to the mat while his brother then dives with a crossbody to Black and Matthews, yet in the ring, Omega hits a hurricanrana to King, and he follows it by diving over the top rope to wipe out everyone. The brawl then continues outside the ring as King puts Omega on a chair and then hits a running crossbody that crushes him into the barricade. 

Back in the ring, King nails several chops to Nick as Matthews tags in only to be nailed with a kick. He tags King back in but Nick has no partners waiting and that allows King to launch him across the ring. He avoids the bigger man and brings Omega in who hits a crossbody and then takes out Matthews and Black. He aims for a discus clothesline but King doesn’t react only for Omega to dive over him and plant King to the mat as he drops down. 

Matthews then hits a shotgun dropkick and Omega’s impact knocks down The Young Bucks. The House Of Black then look to all run and take Omega out, but The Bucks hit superkicks on the apron while Omega avoids King’s collision. However, he then levels Omega with a short-arm lariat. Nick then comes in and sends King into Matthews, but Black deals with him and then nails Omega with a jumping knee strike. He locks in a knee bar but Matt Jackson nails an Elbow Drop to break it up as the brothers then hit stereo superkicks to take out Omega as Matt hits Matthews with one and then sliced bread off Black’s chest. 

Black and Omega then trade strikes, while Julia Hart distracts The Young Bucks for a moment but they fight back as Oemga hits King with a V-Trigger. But he turns around to several kicks from Black until Omega hits a couple of snap dragon suplexes. Hart gets on the apron again to distract Omega and while he doesn’t want to hit her, the fight continues and he accidentally knees her in the face. 

However, he turns around to Black Mass, but Nick Jackson breaks up the pinfall. However, they’re able to hit Dante’s Inferno, only for Matt to save the match, and that leads to King diving out of the ring to nail the tag team. Inside the ring, House Of Black surrounds Omega, but they take too long as the Bucks pull King and Matthews out, and they then nail superkicks to everyone. BTE Trigger is hit to Black, but Matthews manages to make the save only to be rocked by Nick Jackson. The Young Bucks aim for a Meltzer Driver but Matthews catches Nick with a huge knee strike and Matt is then dropped with Dante’s Inferno!

Winners and NEW AEW Trios Champions: The House Of Black

Triple Threat for the AEW Women’s World Title
Saraya vs. Ruby Soho vs. Jamie Hayter (c)

The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one.

Jamie Hayter wastes no time taking control, but Saraya then pulls her out of the ring and launches her into the stairs and the barricade before dumping her out over to the fans. However, Ruby Soho comes back into things with a dropkick from the ring apron and she then throws Saraya out of the ringside area as well with Soho diving from the barricade to hit both of them. 

Soho gets both women on the barricade, chopping them repeatedly until they reverse and drop her face-first onto the barricade. Saraya continues the attack inside the ring, stomping away on the champion in the corner, but as they get to the ring apron Hayter drops Saraya onto the apron. She gets back into the ring only to be attacked by Soho who dives at her from the top rope, but the champion gets control back. 

She sets each woman in the corner and charges into each before hitting a double clothesline. Saraya manages to drop the champion but she is then suplexed by Soho, only for Hayter to nail the hate breaker on Soho. Saraya then slaps both women but they work together to brawl at her only for Soho to spike the champion to the mat, but she kicks out. Soho then heads to the top turnbuckle and the superplex from Hayter is combined with a powerbomb from Saraya. She then locks in a submission to Soho but Hayter nails a clothesline to her. 

Saraya responds by driving Hayter to the mat only for Britt Baker to punch her as she falls into Destination Unknown from Soho, but Hayter breaks up that pinfall effort. Hayter then rocks Saraya with a clothesline while she and Soho then go back and forth with pinfall attempts until she keeps her down for the win. 

Winner: Jamie Hayter

As soon as the bell rings Toni Storm jumps Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter as they beat down the originals. However, Soho finally chooses a side and she teams with the originals, sending them out of the ring. She gets respect from the champion but then she turns and Soho takes both women down. Storm attacks a cameraman and smashes the camera while Soho spray paints the women and officially joins Saraya’s group.

Texas Death Match
Jon Moxley vs. Adam Page

Zero time is wasted at the start as Adam Page begins brawling with Jon Moxley and when they get into the ring they start unloading chops on each other. Moxley heads out of the ring and grabs some barbed wire, but Page overpowers him and he drives it into the head of Moxley before nailing a big boot. However, Moxley responds by wrapping wire around his hand to punch him as he then pulls out a fork and he traps Page into a triangle as he hammers down with the fork to bust him open. 

Moxley then pulls out a chair wrapped in barbed wire and places it into the corner, and Page ends up running into it head-first. Moxley then places Page onto the chair and locks in a single-leg crab while Page is stuck on the barbed wire. Moxley then slams the chair onto Page’s back while setting two chairs upright back to back with barbed wire placed around it, but it’s Moxley who gets slammed onto them via a powerbomb. 

Page then wraps himself up in barbed wire and hits a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to Moxley on the outside. Page then props up a table covered in barbed wire on a chair outside the ring, but as Page goes back in to get his opponent he gets caught with a cutter. Moxley then pulls out two bricks and places Page’s hand between them as he stomps down to shatter the hand. 

Moxley pulls out a chain next, hitting Page with a Piledriver down onto it as he follows up by wrapping the chain around his leg but Page bites Mox’s hand. He goes outside and sets up a bridge using the barbed wire board between chairs, but Page then hits a lariat and then a rolling forearm with the wire wrapped around. Page hits a fallaway slam which sends Moxley onto the barbed wire chair, and then he hits him with a Deadeye onto it for further impact.

Page continues the attack outside the ring by launching himself over the top rope which sends Moxley crashing into the barbed wire board. He unpicks himself just in time to beat the 10 count, but Moxley then knocks Page as he attempts a top rope move. He uses some barbed wire to drag up the back of Page, and the Cowboy then gets pushed off the top rope as he crashes into the barbed wire bridge outside the ring.

Page beats the 10 count but then gets leveled with the King Kong lariat, and the two men then start brawling as Page lands a lariat of his own. He aims for the Buckshot but that is reversed into the Death Rider and Moxley then stomps Page head-first into a cinder block. Page gets himself up again but is immediately put into a rear naked choke only for Page to hit another lariat. He stacks the bricks on their sides, but Moxley hits a low blow to get out of the situation only for Page to hit him in the head with a brick. 

Moxley hangs the chains around himself, but he then gets dropped with the Buckshot Lariat, and Page then clotheslines him over the top rope but grabs the chain to choke him as Moxley submits.

Winner: “Hangman” Adam Page

AEW TNT Title Match
Wardlow vs. ROH World Television Champion Samoa Joe (c)

It’s time for our next match of the evening. The video package airs to tell the story leading up to tonight’s TNT Championship showdown between current, reigning title-holder Samoa Joe and former champ Wardlow.

Wardlow takes the fight to Samoa Joe immediately, brawling to the point where they head outside the ring as Wardlow launches the champion into the ring apron. However, as he tries to get back into the ring Joe hangs him up on the top rope and then launches himself outside the ring with an elbow suicida. However, while Joe takes control that is changed when Wardlow connects with a whisper in the wind. 

He then drives his shoulder into Joe repeatedly in the corner, following up with a snap suplex. Wardlow connects with a big chop, but Joe then targets the leg of Wardlow, chopping the big man down as he follows up with a series of punches and elbow strikes in the corner of the ring before slamming him down with a urinagi. Wardlow trades punches back with Joe, but a huge strike to the leg drops the challenger down. 

Wardlow manages to hit a spine buster and follows it with a senton, but Joe manages to kick out. The champion then locks in a rear naked choke, dropping his former tag team partner to the mat as he begins to fade away, but he manages to get to the bottom rope in time. Joe aims for a Muscle Buster but Wardlow blocks it and he then carries Joe from that corner and hits a powerbomb only for Joe to fire back with a massive lariat. 

Joe aims for a Powerbomb Symphony but Wardlow headbutts him and then sets in the rear naked choke himself, and Joe ends up fading out and is unable to respond as the official tries his arm three times with Powerhouse Hobbs watching on. 

Winner and NEW TNT Champion: Wardlow

Fatal 4 Way for the AEW World Tag Team Titles
The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens, Max Caster) vs. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal vs. Danhausen and AEW All-Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy vs. The Gunns (Austin Gunn, Colten Gunn) (c)

The video package for our next match of the evening, which will see the AEW Tag-Team Championships on-the-line, airs. After it wraps up, we head back down to “The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts for the ring introductions.

First out is the team of Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. Out next is Orange Cassidy and Danhausen to a nice pop. From there, the former champs The Acclaimed make their way out and Max Caster does his usual freestyle rhyming as they head to the ring.

AEW World Tag-Team Champions The Gunns (Austin and Colten Gunn) also come out and we’re about to get this four-way title tilt off-and-running. The bell sounds and here we go.

Orange Cassidy mocks Jeff Jarrett’s typical pose and then nails him with a dropkick while he ends up sending all the heels across the ring by flipping them with his back. Danhausen tags in and hits several lariats to Jay Lethal and he then ends up taking Lethal down again with a Northern Lights suplex, but Jarrett gets involved to cause a distraction as Colten Gunn then tags in. 

Colten hits Danhausen with a dropkick as Austin Gunn then comes in and misses wildly with a clothesline so Cassidy tags in and sends both men into the turnbuckles. Austin is dropped with a DDT while Cassidy dives out to hit Colten but as he looks for Orange Punch, Austin tags in Lethal who hits the Lethal Combination. Max Caster comes in and slams down Lethal as The Acclaimed end up hitting Scissor Me Timbers on Sonjay Dutt. However, as they pose in the ring the champions come in and jump them which allows Lethal to regain control.

The Gunns get involved and they end up taking control with a series of combination moves, and Lethal and Jarrett help the champions.Anthony Bowens manages to push Lethal into Jarrett when he’s on the top turnbuckle and then he can tag Caster in who carges to take down Lethal. Caster gets Jarrett on his shoulders but ends up being superkicked, however The Gunns then turn on them and jump them from behind. 

They can’t celebrate though as Satnam Singh come sin and takes them down, Danhausen, Cassidy, and Billy Gunn to take him down. But Billy Gunn is jumped by his sons which leads to The Acclaimed firing up as Bowens hits the Arrival and then Caster nails the Mic Drop but Colten makes the save. Jarrett then ends up with the guitar but Caster fights it off him but Aubrey Edwards takes it off him. 

That allows Lethal to nail him with the Golden Globe and Jarrett follows it by hitting the Stroke, yet Caster kicks out! Aubrey Edwards and Jarrett then argue and she pushes him so Austin Gunn tags in. However, so does Danhausen and they end up hitting him with a double team move to retain. 

Winners and STILL AEW Tag-Team Champions: The Gunns

After the match, FTR hits the ring and takes out The Gunns and stand tall in the ring. The commentators put over their return as the fans go nuts, by pointing out that Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler are back and noting that they have the AEW World Tag-Team Championships in their sights.

60-Minute Iron Man Match for the AEW World Title
Bryan Danielson vs. MJF (c)

The entrance theme for Bryan Danielson hits and out comes “The American Dragon” for our main event of the night.

We hear the fans go bonkers as the title challenger makes his way out and settles inside the squared circle for this hour-long Broadway battle between MJF and the Blackpool Combat Club member.

The lights go out and when they come back on they are red and dark. Out comes a band dressed in all black and lining up in aesthetic fashion at the top of the entrance stage. They play some music and then the reigning and defending champion makes his way out and heads to the ring.

Bryan Danielson has his shoulder and ribs taped up and stands in one corner of the ring as “The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts handles the formal pre-match ring introductions for this championship contest.

“The American Dragon” gets a nice reception from the fans when introduced in the ring. Now the champ gets his pre-match formal ring intro by Justin Roberts. All that’s left now is for the bell to ring again and get this headline attraction off-and-running.

Now we hear the bell and this AEW World Championship 60-Minute Iron Man main event match-up is now underway here at AEW Revolution 2023. We hear the noise in the building pick up considerably as MJF and Bryan Danielson get ready to get this fight underway.

Slow action from these two here in the early going, as both men are clearly aware that they must pace themselves if they want to stay strong throughout the sixty minutes allotted for this high stakes showdown.

Bryan Danielson takes control early on with a bow and arrow submission, but MJF responds well and the two men go back and forth with an exchange that gets them a standing ovation. MJF then offers a handshake but that doesn’t happen so he heads out to the fans and throws trash at them and then gets some drink and throws it over a child. He then heads back into the ring but Danielson regains control, stomping his legs down to the mat. 

MJF gets caught with several strikes in the corner, but he yanks Danielson by his gear to slam him head-first to the turnbuckle, but Danielson responds well with a couple of big back body drops. However, MJF begins focusing on the injured shoulder of Danielson, launching him into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Danielson tries to fight back by diving outside the ring, but MJF sidesteps him and Danielson goes straight into the barricade. 

The two then head to the top turnbuckle as Danielson hits a sunset flip powerbomb which he follows with his running dropkicks in the corner, but MJF responds by stomping down on Danielson’s arm when he holds the top rope. MJF then hits a powerbomb onto his knee, but as he aims for a moonsault to the outside Danielson avoids it which buckles MJF’s knee. Back inside the ring, MJF regains control by slamming Danielson down to the mat neck-first but he can kick out. 

The two then trade pinfall attempts, but neither man picks up a fall and then they nail each other with lariats. When they do get up, Danielson connects with the Busaiku Knee, picking up the first fall. 

MJF 0 – 1 Bryan Danielson

Danielson then looks for another immediately, but MJF just collapses only to then hit a low blow, which allows Danielson to get a fall. MJF then pins Danielson coming off the low blow, and he then goes again to pin Danielson immediately and gets another fall straight away. 

MJF 2-2 Bryan Danielson

The fight then spills to the outside with both men laying in heavy shots against each other, with Danielson then wrapping MJF’s leg around the ring post. Inside the ring Danielson locks in a leg submission as the two of them then slap each other for added pain. The fight continues outside the ring with MJF hitting an Elbow Drop to send Danielson crashing through the table, but he manages to make it back before the 10 count. MJF then takes Danielson back to the half-broken table and hits a piledriver to break the other section, hurting his knee at the same time. Back inside the ring, MJF plants Danielson back on the mat, securing a third fall. 

MJF 3-2 Bryan Danielson

MJF heads to ringside to take another drink, which he again splashes on the fans in the front row. The word on Twitter is that didn’t go over well the first time he did that in this match, with a young fan potentially being the victim of the first water bath given to the crowd.

Now we see MJF playing with his food, beating down Danielson in the ring and taunting him all-the-while. Mocking him for being the supposed best in the world and telling him that he “f*cking sucks.” He grabs Danielson by the face and taunts his kids watching at home, saying he told them this is what would happen.

Friedman blows his nose on Danielson and dares him to hit him with his best shot. Bryan then “fires away” (yes, musical pun intended) with a big slap that MJF responds to with a vicious head butt that drops “The American Dragon.”

We see the action spill out to the floor again, where this time MJF puts Danielson’s arm behind his head and tries to run him into the steel ring post, only for Danielson to reverse on him at the last moment. Danielson then runs the ring apron and connects with a knee on MJF to shift the offensive momentum back in his favor as the crowd goes wild.

Danielson heads to the top-rope and leaps, splashing onto MJF with a huge high spot that gets the crowd going even wilder. Back in the ring, we see MJF start to fight back into competitive form. He tries locking his Salt of the Earth submission-finisher on “The American Dragon” as we’re now under ten minutes remaining in this awesome match-up.

A diving head-butt from Danielson off the top-rope busts open MJF. He then locks him in the LeBelle Lock finisher for the submission. With the fall going Danielson’s way, the score is now tied up 3 to 3.

MJF 3-3 Bryan Danielson

Both guys try their LeBelle Lock and Salt of the Earth finishers back-and-forth but neither can secure it for a full fall.

The action continues and we see MJF connect with a nasty middle-rope pile-driver on Danielson. The fans chant “Fight Forever!” as MJF sells his knee and Danielson continues to spill blood from his dome all over the mat. We see Danielson finally secure his LeBelle Lock as the final ten seconds tick off the clock.

The countdown hits zero as MJF taps out, unfortunately for Danielson it’s too late.

Winner: Draw

However, we see Tony Schiavone getting some notes and he has something to say to Justin Roberts.

Roberts gets on the mic after the medical team checks on both guys and he announces via Tony Khan that this match will not be allowed to end via a draw.

With that in mind, Justin Roberts announces that this match will continue for one more fall under sudden death rules. The bell rings again, the medical team clears way and now a dejected MJF looks across the ring at Danielson as this match re-starts.

MJF (C) vs. Bryan Danielson
Sudden Death Rules

MJF pushes the official and he pushes him back which leads to a roll-up but MJF kicks out. He then grabs the official and low blows Danielson and then hits a roll-up himself but Danielson kicks out this time. The champion then grabs the title, but it is explained to him he can’t use it. He gets it taken off him and MJF brings out the diamond ring but Danielson avoids it with a poisonrana. He then nails the Busaiku Knee but MJF kicks out!

Danielson locks in another single-leg crab and MJF’s ring is taken from him by the official. He grabs the ropes but also taps at the same time so Danielson thinks he has won. Danielson then looks over the apron but he gets smashed in the head with the oxygen tank and then MJF locks in the Lebell Lock, and despite Danielson fighting against it, he eventually taps. 

Winner (and still AEW World Champion) MJF

We go to credits with both men recovering on the match.

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2023 AEW Revolution Results

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