WWE SmackDown Results (2/17)

WWE SmackDown Results (2/17)

They showed an In Memory graphic for Jerry Jarrett. 

-A video package recapped The Usos’ angle from last week. 

-They showed the Elimination Chamber hanging above the ring. 

Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler defeated Natalya & Shotzi (12:09)

A fun opener with a hot crowd to start off SmackDown. The fans loved Natalya and hated Ronda Rousey, erupting in boos every time she got in the ring. Everyone worked hard, with Shotzi and Rousey pulling off a DDT on the apron. 

A video package highlighted all the injuries Rousey and Baszler inflicted. 

Natalya got a good reaction coming out. Rousey and Baszler got loud boos. 

Natalya grabbed a side headlock on Baszler at the bell. The fans erupted in boos when Baszler tagged in Rousey. The heels took over and isolated Shotzi on their side of the ring. 

Shotzi hit a vicious-looking tiger suplex into the cattle mutilation. Rousey broke free, but Shotzi recovered, hitting a suicide dive. Natalya rocked Baszler with a clothesline at ringside, allowing Shotzi to hit a flying crossbody onto the heels as they went to a break. 

The heels took over during the commercial. Baszler slowed the pace working over Shotzi’s arm. She sent Baszler to ringside, but Rousey got in her way. Shotzi gave Rousey a DDT on the apron in a crazy-looking spot, spiking Rousey on the top of her head. Natalya got the hot tag to a big pop. She caught Baszler with a running sit-out powerbomb for a two-count. 

Rousey made a blind tag but missed a flying crossbody. Natalya got the sharpshooter on Rousey to a huge reaction. The fans wanted to see Rousey tap to the sharpshooter. 

Baszler broke up the sharpshooter. The faces regained control and set up for the Hart Attack. Instead, Baszler pulled out Natalya, and Rousey caught Shotzi in the armbar for the win. 


– A video package recapped The Bloodline-Sami Zayn angle. 

Bray Wyatt-Uncle Howdy/Hit Row Segment 

Hit Row was standing in the ring. They started rapping as Bray Wyatt’s symbol flashed on the screen. Top Dolla rapped about Bret screwed Bret, and B-Fab called Montreal Toronto’s side chick. 

The lights went out. Wyatt and Uncle Howdy were standing on the apron when the lights came back on. Wyatt and Howdy cleared the ring and tossed Top Dolla over the top rope. 

Michael Cole couldn’t help himself and made fun of Top Dolla’s botch again. Cole can’t let that go. Wyatt noted he’s back in control of himself and his family. He then challenged the winner of Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar


-Sheamus and Drew McIntyre are on their way to the ring.

– They showed Patrick Mahomes celebrating the Super Bowl win with the WWE Championship. 

– The Progressive Match Flo of the Week recapped Madcap Moss winning the fatal four-way. 

Moss with Emma discussed his title shot tonight. He said nobody thought he could win last week. Emma noted that she believed in him. She praised Moss, who then promised to win the Intercontinental title later. 

– Ariel Helwani was in the crowd talking about Sami Zayn making history tomorrow night. 

Drew McIntyre & Sheamus defeated The Viking Raiders (w/Valhalla) (17:07)

Sheamus and McIntyre beat The Viking Raiders in an incredible hard-hitting tag team match. The crowd was hot for the match popping for several near falls. 

Sheamus wasted no time and went for the Brogue kick at the bell. Ivar avoided but missed a spin kick of his own. Sheamus tossed Ivar to the floor and went after him. All four guys brawled around ringside with the faces getting the upper hand. The Viking Raiders regrouped.

The Viking Raiders took over during the break. Ivar slowed the pace down with a chin lock on Sheamus. The Raiders cut Sheamus off from his corner. Sheamus fired up and rocked Ivar with a clothesline. McIntyre and Erik tagged in at the same time. McIntyre threw Erik across the ring and caught the Raiders with a pair of neck breakers. 

McIntyre hit a Michinoku driver on Erik for a close two-count. Ivar rocked Sheamus with a boot to the face. Sheamus cut off Ivar as he climbed to the top rope. Sheamus then hit white noise to a big pop as they went to a break. 

Back from the break, Sheamus and McIntyre hit the ten beats on the Raiders. Sheamus hit a flying knee drop on Ivar for a close near fall. Sheamus went from the Brogue kick, but Erik tried to catch him in a powerbomb. They botched the spot and fell. Erik recovered and hit the powerbomb. 

McIntyre regained control and went for the claymore, but the heels rolled to the floor. McIntyre then hit a huge dive onto the heels. The Raiders took over when Valhalla caused a distraction. Ivar hit the slam off the middle rope, but Sheamus broke up the pin attempt. 

Ivar hit a flying splash on McIntyre for a close two-count. The Raiders went for the Ragnarok on McIntyre. Sheamus hit the Brogue kick on Ivar, allowing McIntyre to hit the claymore on Erik for the win. 


– A video package recapped The Bloodline-Sami Zayn angle from the Royal Rumble

– Kayla Braxton spoke with Rey Mysterio in the back. They showed footage of Santo Escobar handing his mask to Mysterio. Escobar said he respects Mysterio, who gave Escobar a mask too. The fans popped for the stuff between Mysterio and Escobar.

Mysterio talked about the respect Escobar showed him. Karrion Kross and Scarlet interrupted. Kross mocked Mysterio for being a lousy father again. He claimed it was Scarlet’s opinion. Kross got in Mysterio’s face and told him to do something about it. 


Asuka defeated Liv Morgan (8:33)

Asuka vs. Morgan was a backdrop to the commentary. Asuka and Morgan had a solid match, but the commentary and outside interference distracted from it. 

Carmella joined Cole and Barrett on commentary. 

Asuka was firmly in control as she slowed the pace. On commentary, Carmella mocked Raquel Rodriguez until she came down to ringside. 

Rodriguez and Carmella argued when Nikki Cross showed up, sitting on Barrett’s lap. With Asuka sitting on the top turnbuckle, Morgan ran up and hit the code breaker to a big pop. Back from the break, Morgan caught Asuka with a running knee in the corner. On commentary, Cross asked Cole to be her friend. 

Asuka and Morgan traded shots in the middle of the ring. Morgan caught Asuka with a middle rope dropkick and hit another codebreaker. Asuka blocked oblivion and caught Morgan in an arm bar for the submission win. 

After the match, Carmella took out Asuka with a kick. Rodriguez cleared the ring and helped up Morgan, who turned on her hitting the code breaker. Asuka and Morgan faced off to end the segment.


– Back to Ariel Helwani in the crowd. He talked about the Montreal Canadians not winning a Stanley Cup in 30 years. They’re all behind Sami Zayn, and hope he wins the title tomorrow. 


– Megan Morant spoke with Gunther and Imperium in the back. Gunther mocked Madcap Moss for needing Emma’s encouragement to win. Gunther promised to retain the title. 

Intercontinental Champion Gunther  defeated Madcap Moss (w/Emma) to retain the title (10:17)

Gunther’s matches feel like a big deal, regardless of the opponent. They gave Moss a lot of offense. 

During the ring introductions, the fans booed Moss and cheered for Gunther. 

Moss tackled Gunther at the bell to boos. Gunther recovered and grabbed a side headlock. Gunther caught Moss with a shoulder tackle and a stiff chop for a near fall. Gunther went back to the headlock, slowing down the pace. 

The fans broke into a loud “Let’s go, Gunther” chant. Moss recovered and caught Gunther with a spine buster to take over. 

Gunther and Moss traded hard shots in the middle of the ring. Gunther got the better of Moss to loud cheers again. The fans broke into a loud “Gunther” chant. Moss recovered and rocked Gunther with a clothesline for a two-count. Moss hit a vertical suplex and hit the punch line for a near fall. 

Gunther regained control with a vicious chop. Moss cut Gunther off as he climbed to the top rope. Moss then hit a fallaway slam off the middle turnbuckle for a close near fall. The finish came when Gunther locked on the sleeper and hit the powerbomb for the win. The fans broke into a loud “Olé” chant toward the end of the match in anticipation of Sami Zayn’s appearance.


Sami Zayn Comes Home

Wow, this was an incredible and memorable moment. Zayn got a hero’s welcome and a massive reaction for several minutes from his hometown crowd. Zayn cut a passionate promo and promised to beat Reigns tomorrow night. Based on tonight, if Zayn wins at Elimination Chamber, it’ll be a special moment. 

Sami Zayn came out to his old entrance music to a giant pop. The fans loudly sang his music. The fans then broke into a massive “Sami” chant and an even bigger “Olé” chant. Zayn was emotional as the fans continued to cheer and chant for him. 

The fans then broke into a giant “you deserve it” chant followed by another huge “Sami” chant. Before Zayn could speak, the fans broke into another gigantic “Olé” chant. 

Zayn noted that everyone points at the Wrestlemania sign this time of the year. He said tomorrow night for him and Montreal; it’s once in a lifetime. Zayn spoke in French, and the fans erupted in cheers. Zayn added that tomorrow night is Roman Reigns versus Sami Zayn and the entire city of Montreal. The fans erupted in cheers again. Zayn posed in the ring as the fans sang his music. 


Next Week: SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley meet face-to-face. Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Funhouse return. Plus, Karrion Kross goes one-on-one with Rey Mysterio. 

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