5 Types Of MMA Bets You Can Check Out to Win Big

5 Types Of MMA Bets You Can Check Out to Win Big

5 Types Of MMA Bets You Can Check Out to Win Big – When you’re into a sport and are considering betting on it, the first thing that should come first in your mind is the types of bets you can make on the sport. In general, there are a lot of similarities when it comes to the types of bets in many sports. 

For example, there’s the money line that you can make in most team sports like football and basketball. While that makes sense since these are team sports, what types of bets can you make on contact sports like boxing and MMA? Let’s focus on MMA betting today and see what types of bets you can make in this sport.


Yes, you could also make this type of bet in MMA. It’s still the same straightforward type of bet, you know, as, in this bet, all you have to do is to bet which fighter would come out victorious. However, you might only hear this term sometimes, as most people nowadays call it a to-win bet. But don’t worry; the name is the only different thing.

The winning method is also the same as the only aim you have when you make this bet is that your pick wins the fight, and that’s it. Also, the payout still revolves around the favorite and the underdog.

Method of Victory

Now, this is where it gets interesting. In MMA, many techniques are used, like boxing, grappling, kicking, etc. Many fighting practices are also involved in MMA, like Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, etc. But what does it matter? With all these techniques and practices, the usual ending of the fight is whether through a KO, TKO, or submission.

So in this bet, you only have to be right about how the fight will end. For example, if you bet that the fight will end through submission and ends with a KO, you simply lose. The lines revolve around the two fighters’ fighting styles and techniques. For example, if a fighter is a hard striker and the opposing fighter is good on the ground, both of these outcomes will have higher MMA odds and better payout.

Go the Distance

There’s one more end to a fight other than KO, TKO, and submission. So what happens if the fight is over without someone getting KOd, TKOd, or submitted? The winner of the fight will depend on the judge’s scorecard. You’ll usually see a fight end within the judges’ scorecard if you think you have two boring fighters playing for the points. 

If you’re in this situation, you can make the go-the-distance bet where you’ll wager that the fight will end this way. However, this usually doesn’t happen in big fights. Big fights usually have some drama, and they mostly end with someone getting knocked out or through submission. In these fights, it’s better to make the bet on method of victory.


This one you might be familiar with already. In team sports, the over-under bet usually revolves around the scores accumulated by both teams after the game ends. However, contact sports like MMA revolve around how many rounds the fight will take. 

Most of the time, the bookies publish 2.5 rounds for 5-round championship fights and 1.5 rounds for regular 3-round fights. So let’s say you’re betting on a championship bout with five rounds, and the bookie published 2.5 rounds.

If you bet on the under and the fight ended in any way before the 2 minutes and 30 seconds mark, then you would win the bet. However, if you bet on the over, the fight should last after the 2 minutes and 30 seconds mark for you to win your bet. Most of the time, people would go for the over bet and go-the-distance bet if the fight is played through the points.

Proposition Bets

This is another type of bet that you have probably seen before, especially when you’re also a fan of American Football. Prop bets, for short, are bets you make to guess if something will happen. Like in Super Bowl betting, prop bets in MMA don’t only happen in the match but also around the match. Prop bets can range from serious bets to downright silly. 

For example, in prop bets, you can bet if Dana White will wear a jacket after the main event or if Joe Rogan does another silly expression. Usually, however, silly prop bets can only be made with other bettors as most of them aren’t included by the bookies.

Final Words

MMA betting is lucrative in that you can partake to make the matches more exciting. The payouts can also be huge, especially in big matches between famous fighters. If you’re looking to do MMA betting, the examples above are just some of the bets you can make. With all that said, good luck.

5 Types Of MMA Bets You Can Check Out to Win Big

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