WWE RAW 30 Results (1/23) Philadelphia, PA

WWE RAW 30 Results (1/23)

WWE RAW 30 Results (1/23) – We are live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA, as Hulk Hogan makes his way to the stage with Jimmy Hart.

Hogan wants to know what’s up in Philadelphia. He says a long time ago when Hulkamania was running wild, a little show called Raw started. Week after week it got bigger and it got stronger. Hogan’s mic goes out but he says we are here to celebrate 30 years of Raw. We are celebrating together and he asks ‘Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania and the Eagles run wild on you’.

In the Arena:

After the special RAW intro theme, the music hits and out first comes The Bloodline – Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, Sami Zayn, and Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. They stop on the entrance-way and raise their titles and fingers in the air as the pyro goes off. The Bloodline now marches to the ring to host Tribal Court for the Trial of Zayn. We see what happened on Friday’s SmackDown with Kevin Owens attacking Reigns during their Royal Rumble contract signing.

The Bloodline hits the ring to more pyro. There is a table and chairs in the middle of the ring. Zayn looks worried. Fans chant “Sami!” now. Reigns takes the mic and calls on Philadelphia to acknowledge him. Reigns sits at the head of the table, The Usos sit on one side, and Sami is on the other, but he’s backed away from the table in his chair. Heyman takes the mic to a big “ECW!” chant. Heyman speaks and tells his Tribal Chief that ECW is dead, and he wishes the same for Zayn. Fans boo. They start chanting “Sami!” again. Heyman speaks some Samoan and calls Sami a Judas, a traitor of the Island of Relevancy, a conspirator with Owens since day one. Heyman says Sami has been leading The Bloodline on. He goes on and knocks the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles a few times. Heyman says this is an open and shut case.

Heyman goes on about all this evidence, and says it will show that Zayn is guilty as charged. The video shows Drew McIntyre attacking The Usos from behind on August 12, 2022, with Sami running away in the background. We also see footage from August 29, with Sami hesitating to throw a chair to Jey Uso, allowing Owens to hit him with a Stunner to pin him. Exhibit C shows Sami celebrating on top of the War Games cage after their big win at Survivor Series. Sami said he was “4-life” and Heyman says that was a signal to Owens because Montreal Boys are 4 Life. WE then see footage from December 23, where Sami was fired up in a promo and accidentally shoulder-bumped Reigns. Heyman says that was an assassination attempt so Sami can become The Head of The Table, it was blatant, assault, and if Sami is guilty of nothing else, he’s guilty of assault on The Tribal Chief. Heyman begs his Tribal Chief and the jury to find this rat bastard guilty as charged. Heyman tosses the mic and fans boo. The prosecution rests its case, Heyman declares.

Sami says he had a whole defense lined up in his head but he didn’t count on how he would actually feel when he came out here, and watching Heyman say all that to his face, after Heyman always hugged him and acted like his friend, it hurts, it hurts so much. The carefully-crafted video also hurts and Sami dismisses the idea that he’s working with Owens and coming for Reigns’ spot. The fact that Heyman would think this about Sami just hurts. Sami says Heyman might not see it, but the people have, they have for 9 months. Sami goes on about how it hurts to have to defend himself here. His defense is that he has no defense. Sami tosses the mic onto the table, then he sits back down. Reigns takes the mic and wants to get this straight – Sami has no defense? Sami has so much ego h won’t even fight for this? He doesn’t even care, this means nothing to Sami? Reigns lets Sami in his family and this is what he gets. Reigns yells out for Solo, who is standing behind him. Sikoa walks and stands behind Sami.

Sikoa is going to deliver a Samoan Spike to Sami but Jey stops him and grabs his arm. Everyone is shocked. Jey tells Reigns no disrespect but he put together his own footage last night. Play the tape. Exhibit A for the defense shows Sami playing music in the production truck to help Uso pin Matt Riddle on June 3. We also see Sami taking a Claymore from McIntyre on August 19, allowing Reigns to drop Drew with a Superman Punch. We also see Sami sacrifice himself for Sikoa, taking a chair shot from McIntyre on September 9. We then see Sami stop Sheamus from breaking up Uso’s pin on Butch on December 9. Exhibit E shows Sami stopping the referee’s count in War Games when Owens tried to pin Reigns, along with other Zayn highlights from War Games.

Sami looks on and fans cheer now. Jey hypes the crowd up and says it’s right there on tape for Reigns and everyone to see – Sami has taken so many bullets for the whole Bloodline, he’s basically bulletproof. Jey says everyone knows he despised Sami but Sami saw the good in him the whole time and never gave up on him, and that’s what family does. Fans pop. Jey says the tape shows loyalty and love to this family. Jey says he loves Sami like a brother, Uce, 100%. Jey tells fans to throw their 1s to the sky if they want Zayn to stay in The Bloodline. Fans pop and raise their 1s. Sami nods his head. Jimmy also raises his 1, along with Jey. Reigns stands up as fans chant “Sami Uso!” now.

Reigns says as our Tribal Chief and The Head of The Table, he finds Zayn not guilty. The crowd erupts. Heyman looks up and Sikoa stares at Sami. Reigns then says… for now. Not guilty for now. Reigns tells Sami to thank Jey for buying him some time but in the mean-time, he tells Sami to finish out tonight and make The Bloodline proud, then Reigns doesn’t want to see Sami again until the Royal Rumble. He doesn’t want to see or hear from Sami, doesn’t want to hear about him being at a show. Reigns tells Sami to go home and then he will see him on Saturday at The Rumble, and that’s where Sami will deliver his final test, and then we will see if Sami really is The Bloodline or not. Reigns drops the mic as the music starts back up. Reigns exits the ring and Sikoa follows, then Heyman. Jey gives his lei to Sami, then they hug. Sami also hugs Jimmy to end the segment.

RAW Tag Team Titles Match: The Judgment Day vs. The Usos

We go back to the ring and out comes The Judgment Day – Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio with Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley. Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso, look on from the corner, and Sami Zayn is on the apron. The Usos will be defending their RAW Tag Team Titles tonight. We get formal ring introductions from Samantha Irvin now.

Priest attacks Jimmy to start. Priest gets sent to the apron, then kicked to the floor. Jimmy looks to nail a dive but he puts the brakes on as Priest moves. Jimmy follows but has to stop and drop Dominik as he approaches from behind. Priest charges and launches Jimmy over the announce table with a big pounce.

They bring it back in and Dominik tags in. Dominik unloads on Jimmy and stomps away to keep him down. Dominik mounts Jimmy with right hands as Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor yell words of encouragement from ringside. Priest tags back in and levels Jimmy with a big kick for a 2 count. Priest puts a knee to the back to keep Jimmy down. We see Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns watching from backstage. Priest with a kidney shot while Jimmy is down on the middle rope. Jimmy levels Priest with a lariat out of nowhere.

Jey tags in and unloads on Dominik as he also tags in. Jey mounts offense and nails a Samoan Drop as Ripley barks from ringside. Jey with the Rikishi Splash in the corner for a 2 count. Jey and Dominik trade shots. Jey drops him with a kick. Priest tags in and rocks Jey. Priest doesn’t see the tag, and now he gets double teamed.

Sami rallies the crowd as Jimmy goes to the top but has to come off and knock Dominik off the apron. Priest rocks Jimmy as he tries to fly in from the apron. Priest drops Jey with a big right hand as well. Priest takes turns on both champions, then hits a Broken Arrow to Jey. Priest runs the ropes for a dive but Jimmy superkicks him. Priest levels Jimmy with a superkick of his own to send him to the floor. Priest runs the ring and leaps out, taking The Usos down at ringside. Priest brings Jimmy back in for a big lariat but Jimmy kicks out just in time. Priest can’t believe it, and the same goes for Zayn. Priest kicks Jey off the apron. Jimmy is on Priest’s shoulders now, and Dominik leaps off the top to slam him to the mat. Dominik covers but Jimmy kicks out just in time as Ripley yells at the referee.

Jimmy counters a move and in comes Jey. They level Dominik with double superkicks, then Priest. A second double superkick to Priest puts him down. Jey covers for 2 as Balor looks worried. Jey is limping now. He goes to the top but Balor crotches him. The referee catches Balor, then ejects him to the back as fans go wild. Balor argues with the referee as other officials come to escort him to the back. Jey leaps off the top with a big splash but Priest holds the pin for 2. Jey superkicks Priest. Jimmy follows up with the top rope Uso splash as Ripley screams out. Priest still kicks out somehow. Jimmy runs the ring and leaps out, taking Priest down at ringside.

Jimmy tries to bring Priest back in but his leg goes out. Jimmy is down at ringside as Jey and Sami check on him. The referee also tends to Jimmy now as two medics join them. Fans chant “Sami!” as Jimmy is helped to the back. Adam Pearce comes out and the referee confirms Jimmy can’t continue. Pearce says protocol dictates The Usos must forfeit the match and the titles. Sami says maybe there’s a solution, just wait. He says one Uso is down but Sami Uso is good to go. Sami begs Pearce to let him defend the titles with Jey. Fans pop. Pearce says he did it for The Judgment Day before, so he will let this happen. The match continues now.

We see Reigns, Sikoa and Heyman watching backstage as Sami and Jey rush the ring to brawl with Priest and Mysterio. Jey sends Dominik out but Priest sends Jey out. Sami sends Priest to the floor and nails a big dive as fans pop. Dominik ends up rolling Sami up and using the ropes for leverage, which almost gets the 3 count. Ripley and fans can’t believe it. Sami with a big Exploder to Dominik into the turnbuckles. Ripley is on the apron now. The referee yells at her to get down, allowing Priest to come from behind with South of Heaven to Zayn. Mysterio runs over and covers Sami but he kicks out. Everyone is shocked.Dominik goes for 619 to Sami but Jey cuts him off with a superkick. Ripley is in the ring now, taunting Jey and telling h to bring it, saving Dominik from a superkick. Dominik dropkicks Jey from behind, then nails 619.

Dominik goes to the top and hits the Frogsplash on Jey but Sami breaks the pin up just in time. Priest grabs Sami but misses in the corner, hits the ring post, and falls to the floor. Dominik sends Sami to the floor from behind. Dominik blocks a Samoan Drop. Jey superkicks Dominik. Sami tags in and they hit the 1D to Mysterio in the middle of the ring. Sami covers for the pin to retain.

Winners: The Usos

After the match, Sami and The Usos celebrate to a big pop. We see Reigns, Sikoa and Heyman backstage again. Reigns tells Heyman he does not want to see Zayn until the Royal Rumble. Do you understand me? We go back to Zayn and The Usos celebrating.


JBL and Baron Corbin walk in the back and they see The Godfather.  Godfather asks JBL who is with him and John says he is trying to get Corbin into the poker game.

Godfather tells Baron he is not on the list. John asks if they can talk to the owner to fix this problem. Ron Simmons comes out and he wants to know who the stooge is.  John says he is his protege.  John asks them to check on the list and Baron gives them two stacks of money and Ron says they can find a spot for him. They enter the door frame and John is impressed with the improvements.

– We see photos from the history of Raw.

In the Arena:

We go back to the ring and LA Knight is in the ring. He wants to talk to you. Knight says last Friday on SmackDown Bray Wyatt brought back the Firefly Fun House. He calls Wyatt a grown man incel playing with puppets and says he’s supposed to be scared of that? Knight says Wyatt is living on past glory and that got him thinking… RAW is turning 30 tonight and a bunch of Legends are backstage, also living on past glory, so is Wyatt. Knight was thinking – if any single Legend has enough tingle in his loins, come down and let Knight give them a preview of the Pitch Black match at Royal Rumble. Yeah. Knight says that’s what he thought, no one has what it takes to show up.

The lights go low and the bells toll for WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker. The music then transitions into his American Badass theme. A Harley Davidson revs up as Taker rides to the ring as Knight looks on. Taker hits the ring and plays to the crowd for a big pop. Knight says that’s enough, cut the music. Fans chant for Taker now.

Knight says he saw Taker’s interview with Joe Rogan and heard Taker talk about how the locker room is soft. Knight says that is true, and Wyatt is at the top of the list. Knight says if Taker thinks he is on the list, someone told him wrong. Knight says think of the headline they could create – LA Knight Sends The Undertaker to The Undertaker. Yeah. Taker is pacing around the ring now. Knight says he’s going to give Taker a pass, let him live to enjoy retirement and his family. Fans boo. Knight wants Taker to watch the Pitch Black match at The Rumble because then he will be The Lord of Darkness. Yeah. Knight goes on talking himself up until the lights go low and the music starts up for Wyatt’s entrance.

Knight is suddenly spooked as Wyatt is walking down the entrance-way with the lantern. Taker watches from the ring. Knight goes back into the ring but turns around to a big chokeslam from Taker. The lights come back up as Knight struggles to get free. Taker, still clutching Knight’s throat, holds him there, then looks to Wyatt, who is now on the apron. Wyatt enters the ring and Taker shoves Knight to him, right into a Sister Abigail. Fans pop. Wyatt stares at Taker now as he gets back to his feet. Fans chant “holy shit!” as the 9pm hour hits. Taker and Wyatt stare each other down. Taker walks past Wyatt, stops and whispers a few words in his ear, which we can’t hear. Wyatt nods as Taker exits the ring. The American Badass theme starts back up as Taker rides his Harley to the back. Taker stops on the stage, raises his fist in the air as the lighting strikes, then rides to the back.

– We return to the poker game and Corbin asks why does Gable always fold and he says it is the genius move.  DDP shows a straight flush to win the hand and to say BANG.

Steel Cage Match: Bayley vs. Becky Lynch

We see the Steel Cage being lowered around the ring. The music hits and out comes Damage CTRL- Bayley with WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. Bayley heads to the cage by herself as we go to our first commercial break.

Back from the break and out comes Becky Lynch to a big pop. Lynch is heading to the cage when Kai and SKY come back down and attack from behind. They smash her in the face with the cage door, then beat her in the ribs with a chain. They bring Lynch in the cage now and send her face-first into the steel wall. Kai locks the cage door with a chain as Bayley and SKY double team Lynch.

Adam Pearce runs down with officials but they can’t get the door open as the triple team continues. Pearce sends a referee to get some kind of help. Bayley tells Pearce that Becky wanted this. Pearce is given bolt cutters now. Pearce finally gets in as Kai, Bayley and SKY retreat to the top of the cage. They sit up on the top of the cage as fans boo. Pearce and officials check on Lynch. Damage CTRL laughs atop the cage as their music plays. The bell never rang to officially start the match. We go to the announcers while officials tend to Lynch, who is down and hurt.

– Still to come, Austin Theory defends against Bobby Lashley in the main event. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see more stills of several notable RAW moments from the past 30 years.

In the Arena:

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE Hall of Famers DX – Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, Senior Vice President of Live Events “Road Dogg” Brian James, Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels, and Chief Content Officer Triple H. WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is with them. Angle poses with DX and they do the crotch chops together as the pyro shoots across the ring.

James takes the mic and says the more things change, the more they stay the same. He then does his signature New Age Outlaws intro but points to Angle when saying Billy Gunn’s name. The intro stops. James asks Angle what he’s doing out here. Kurt says he always wanted to be in DX. Angle removes his shirt to reveal a DX shirt and fans pop. Michaels says Kurt has to pass the test to be in DX. He asks… are you ready? Kurt asks if that’s the test. Triple H says never mind, then he asks the crowd… are you ready!? Triple H goes on and finishes the promo for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world… llllet’s… the music interrupts and out comes Imperium – WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER, Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser.

Kaiser says shame on DX for all that filth and nonsense. Fans boo. GUNTHER calls them a bunch of degenerates and says they’re standing out here celebrating themselves, but for what? For making a mockery of this great sport? GUNTHER says they are Imperium and they are here to restore the honor of this precious sport, and they are here to kick DX out of their ring. Fans are giving GUNTHER the “What?!?” treatment here. GUNTHER then says unless anyone of you are going to do something about it. Triple H steps up to GUNTHER and they face off. He then jokes that he’s retired. They look to Michaels as a “HBK!” chant starts up. Michaels says he’s too old, he’s not doing it. Waltman says he has a really bad case of shinsplints. James says he’s not doing it either. Triple H calls Angle “Butterbean” and tells him to stay over there to the side, then the DX members huddle up. Triple H comes back and says Kurt volunteers to fight, but Kurt says no, no I don’t.

Triple H says we’re in a jam but he wishes there was someone who wanted to come out and fight you guys. The music hits and out comes Seth Rollins to a big pop as fans begin singing his theme song. DX stands behind Rollins, and they’re also encouraging everyone to sing along. Waltman points to how there is 1 of Rollins and three of them, so only if there was a tag team to help even the score. The music hits and out comes The Street Profits. DX does some more joking around. Triple H says if only someone could come out here and make sense of this situation. The music hits and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long to the stage as fans pop. Hold up a minute, playa. Long announces Imperium vs. The Profits and Rollins in a six-man tag team match, playa. Michaels says we’re going to need someone who can keep this chaos under control. Triple H says like a special referee. DX huddles up. Kurt has an idea. Triple H tells him to hang on, this is DX business. Angle removes his DX t-shirt to reveal a referee shirt underneath. Triple H has a great idea – what if Kurt was the special referee? It’s official, ring the bell, Triple H says. Michaels announces the match and says if you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for ya… the crowd finishes it, “Suck it!” The two sides get ready as the ring begins to clear out and we go back to commercial.

Imperium vs. Seth Rollins and The Street Profits

Back from the break and Seth Rollins is starting off with Giovanni Vinci. WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER and Ludwig Kaiser watch from their side of apron, while Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins talk strategy from their corner.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler joins Graves and Patrick for commentary as Vinci and Rollins go at it. Vinci grounds Rollins with a headlock to start. Rollins leaps over Vinci and kicks him in the gut, then again, then drops him with a clothesline.

Rollins twists the arm up and tags in Ford for the quick double team. Vinci rocks Ford with a big chop but Ford comes back with a dropkick in the middle of the ring. Vinci kicks out at 2. Vinci blocks a kick in the corner, then nails a big clothesline. Kaiser tags in to take over on Ford, beating him down with chops and elbows. Kaiser beats Ford down in the corner, then stomps away and yells out to the crowd.

Ford fights back and tag sin Dawkins for the double team. Angle counts 2. Dawkins misses the corkscrew splash as Kaiser removes out of the corner. They tangle and Dawkins levels Kaiser with a huge right hand. Rollins and GUNTHER tag in now. Fans pop as they face off in the middle of the ring. GUNTHER with a big kick to the gut and strikes to start. Rollins blocks a powerslam and slides out but GUNTHER goes for a Sleeper.

Rollins fights back and springboards in from the apron but GUNTHER chops him out of the air. GUNTHER slams Rollins in the middle of the ring and puts a boot to his face. GUNTHER with a shot to Dawkins on the apron. GUNTHER goes back to work on Rollins as we get a picture-in-picture commercial.

Imperium dominates Rollins through the break. At one point GUNTHER leveled Rollins at ringside and then Imperium posed together. We come back to Kaiser grounding Rollins in the middle of the ring. Rollins mounts some offense now, then tags in Ford. Vinci also runs in but Ford unloads on him. Ford with a flurry of big chops against the ropes. Ford leaps and takes Vinci down, then nails a few kicks. Vinci blocks a kick and goes for a slam but Ford counters. Ford with the ankle lock but Kaiser runs in.

Dawkins cuts him off and they both have ankle locks applied now. Angle loves it, he’s all smiles. GUNTHER runs in to break the holds up with chops. Angle yells at GUNTHER and they have words now. GUNTHER pokes Angle in the chest a few times as fans cheer. Angle shoves GUNTHER, then Rollins runs in with a big forearm to knock Gunther to the floor. Dawkins runs in and leaps to the floor to take out Vinci. Ford then runs out the other side of the ring to take Kaiser down on the floor. Rollins goes for a big dive on GUNTHER but The Ring General rushes in and chops him down. GUNTHER with a dropkick, then a powerbomb in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count.

GUNTHER is a bit frustrated now. He grabs Rollins for a German suplex but Rollins lands on his feet. Rollins swings and misses. GUNTHER with a Sleeper but Rollins fights out with a kick to the head, then a kick to the face. Rollins with the Angle Slam to GUNTHER in the middle of the ring. Vinci and Ford tag in now. Vinci levels Ford, then Kaiser goes up for the Imperium Bomb but Rollins leaps up to the top as Ford slams Vinci. Rollins with a superplex to Kaiser, then he holds it to go for a Falcon Arrow but instead he puts Kaiser up on top of Dawkins’ shoulders. Ford goes to the top, crotch chops Kaiser, then nails a big super Blockbuster to knock him off Dawkins’ shoulders.

GUNTHER and Rollins tangle now. Rollins with a Pedigree in the middle of the ring, sending GUNTHER to the floor. Vinci comes in but Dawkins nails the sit-out powerbomb. Ford follows up with the big top rope Frogsplash. Rollins comes in and plays to the crowd as they begin to sing his theme. Rollins with the Stomp to Vinci in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winners: Seth Rollins and The Street Profits

After the match, Rollins and The Profits celebrate as the music hits. We go to replays. Angle raises the arms of Rollins and The Profits as the post-match celebration continues.


We go backstage to the poker tournament with WWE Hall of Famers and Superstars. Ted DiBiase slams his cards down after losing a hand to Baron Corbin. There’s a pile of chips and hundred dollar bills in the center of the table. Corbin and JBL take it all in but here comes Irwin R. Schyster, also known as IRS. He tells them – don’t forget to pay your taxes! IRS opens his briefcase and starts taking the money and chips, but he leaves them with one $100 bill. Corbin and JBL are disappointed. DiBiase does his signature laugh while holding the Million Dollar Title belt on his shoulder. Everybody has a price! Ron Simmons walks up and looks at the measly $100 left by IRS. JBL tells him no, don’t do it. Simmons looks around, then to the $100 bill, and ends the segment with a DAMN!

– Still to come, a celebration for Charlotte Flair. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see more stills of several notable RAW moments from the past 30 years.


Cathy Kelley is backstage with Bobby Lashley. She asks why tonight’s main event with WWE United States Champion Austin Theory is now a No DQ match. Bobby says it means no excuses and no way out.  He can’t get disqualified to keep his title and Lashley can’t get disqualified for what he does.  He lost his title against Brock Lesnar and he is done with him. 

MVP wants to talk to Lashley and he says he knows that Lashley will win the title tonight.  He says they can hit the VIP lounge after the match and he can meet some new friends. Bobby says he didn’t need Porter or Omos to win last week and he won’t need their help tonight.

In the Arena:

Ric Flair makes his way to the stage.

He says the fans keep the lights shining and you keep the Nature Boy stylin’ and profilin’.  He says Diamonds are Forever and so is Raw.  He says WWE has given him so much but the greatest gift they have given him is to watch his daughter exceed all of his goals.  Ric says he is so honored, as a father, a wrestler, and a man, to introduce the greatest woman champion in the history of the WWE… Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte says it was on Raw where they started to revolutionize women’s wrestling.  It is where she evolved from a diva to a 14 time women’s champion.  Charlotte woooos.  She says she faced names like Ronda Rousey, Nikki and Brie Bella, Asuka, and Rhea Ripley.  It is because of them that she can call herself the most decorated women’s athlete of all time.  She says she is the Smackdown Champion but Raw will always be her home.

Bianca Belair’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Bianca says she respects everything that Charlotte has done, but not here.  Bianca says this is her show and she makes sure that this is the greatest show on television.

Sonya Deville makes her way to the ring. She asks if they understand how important tonight is and you just talk about yourself. Charlotte, you fly daddy out here to get an introduction on a show no one wants to see you on. Bianca, do you think people watch you. What about the people who work hard and don’t get the spotlight.  People like her.  She asks if they remember that she ran things.  She was general manager for over a year and she wants to know where her recognition is.

Charlotte says she gave Sonya a cheap shot last week and she says Bianca can handle this. Bianca accepts the offer. Bianca asks Sonya if she wants the spotlight.  She can come into the ring and be the center of her attention.

Sonya Deville vs. Bianca Belair in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Sonya pushes Bianca but Bianca pushes back.  Bianca with a waist lock and Sonya with a standing switch.  Bianca with a standing switch and a waist lock take down.  Sonya with a side head lock but Bianca with a shoulder tackle.  Bianca taunts Sonya and hits a drop kick.  Bianca with an Irish whip and she goes for a slam but Sonya gets to her feet and she pulls Bianca to the mat.  Sonya kicks Bianca and punches her in the midsection.  Sonya has something to say to Charlotte and she kicks Bianca and sends her into the turnbuckles.  Bianca avoids a sliding kick and Bianca with a rollup for a near fall.  Bianca with a boot to Sonya and she taunts Sonya from the turnbuckles.  Bianca with a back breaker.

Bianca with a handspring moonsault for a near fall.  Bianca with an Irish whip but she runs into a knee.  Bianca sends Sonya to the floor and then she hits a running kick to knock Sonya off the apron.  Bianca kicks Sonya but Sonya kicks Bianca into the ringside barrier.

– WWE RAW 30 Results for 1/23 continues after a commercial.

We are back and Bianca with a marching delayed vertical suplex.  Bianca goes for a handspring moonsault but Sonya gets her knees up.  Sonya with a kick for a near fall.  Sonya gets a near fall.  Bianca kicks Sonya away and Bianca gets Sonay up for a KOD and hits it for the three count.

Winner:  Bianca Belair

After the match, Bianca says she hasn’t forgotten about Alexa Bliss.  What she did to Sonya is just a preview of what she is going to do to Alexa.  It does not matter who she brings with her, nothing is going to stop them from saying ‘and still champion Bianca Belair’.

Alexa shows up on the TitanTron and she says she is Bianca’s only obstacle.  If everyone stopped bothering her, she would know.  She does not need Bray or Uncle Howdy to rip her face open.  She says she will spare Bianca’s eyes so she can see her walking out with the title.

– We go to the latest Cody Rhodes video.

We see him doing his rehab.  He says the dream scenario is to come back at the Royal Rumble.  Not just to come back, but to win it.  It has been sixteen years where he is in this position.  He is carrying everything he has done before.  All of the doubt and struggle.  You know why it is worth it when you step into the ring.

He says he is in the prime of his career and it got taken away.  No human being could have kept him from getting in the ring.  He has looked up at the lights enough.   He talks about how it weighs on your mind.  To think that you have been as close as you have ever been, then to have it broken.  It was a knife to the heart.  Nothing can stop him from getting to the Royal Rumble.

Being in the ring is like oxygen and he needs to breathe again.  The Royal Rumble, get off the mountain.  I have made it crystal clear why I am doing this.

– WWE RAW 30 Results for 1/23 continues after a commercial.

– We are back with a look at WWE 2K23.

In the Arena:

Miz is in the ring. Miz says it is the 30th Anniversary of Raw, one of the biggest night in the company.  Where is his MizTV, his championship match, his championship celebration for all of his moments on Raw.

Kevin Owens comes into the ring and he kicks Miz and gives him a stunner.

Kevin takes the mic and he looks at the camera. 

Kevin tells Roman he might have said Sami Zayn was not guilty.  You are guilty of having held the WWE Universal Title hostage for over two years.  On Saturday night, I give you my word and I give evyerone my word that I will do everything I can to change that and give everyone a champion they can be proud of.  I guarantee that I will continue to fight until I have nothing left.  I will take the title from you or die trying.

Miz staggers back to his feet and Owens with another stunner.

– Corey and Kevin run through the card for Saturday night.

– WWE RAW 30 Results for 1/23 continues after a commercial.

No DQ Match for the WWE United States Title: Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Theory

The bell rings and they lock up. Lashley takes it to the corner and unloads, beating Theory down and putting boots to him.

Theory fights back but Lashley slams him, then clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Lashley follows and launches Theory into the barrier. Lashley scoops Theory and runs him face-first into the ring post. Lashley stands tall and goes back to work on Theory as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Theory rolls to the floor and he tries to go under the ring to hide.  Lashley pulls Theory back out and sends Theory into the ringside barrier.  Lashley sends Theory back into the ring.  Lashley with back elbows in the corner and he sends Theory to the floor again.  Lashley looks under the ring and pulls up the ring skirt.  Theory with a forearm to the back and he tries to send Lashley’s head into the announce table but Lashley blocks it.  Lashley with back elbows and then he sends Theory into the ringside barrier.  Lashley with a neck breaker on the floor.

Lashley goes for a table but Theory with a knee to the head.  Theory pulls the table out and then puts it back under the ring, to become the most hated man in wrestling history.  Lashley with an Irish whip and a running shoulder into the corner.  Lashley with a neck breaker.  Lashley sets for a delayed vertical suplex but Theory rakes the eyes and Theory with a slingshot rolling drop kick.  Theory with a shoulder breaker for a near fall.  Theory with punches to Lashley.  Theory gets a chair and hits Lashley in the back with it.  Theory wedges the chair in the turnbuckles.  Lashley sends Theory over the top rope and he punches Theory and hits a running forearm to knock Theory to the floor (and if it was Saturday, Theory would be eliminated from the Royal Rumble).  Theory trips Lashley on the apron.  Theory goes under the ring and gets a table to be liked by the fans and he puts the table in the ring.  Lashley goes for the full nelson but Theory goes to the turnbuckles.  Lashley lets go and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Lashley with a flatliner and then he sends Theory into the chair in the corner.  Lashley sets up the table in the corner.  Theory goes under the ring and Lashley pulls him out but Theory has a friend and he sprays Lashley with the fire extinguisher.  Theory sends Lashley into the ring steps.

Theory puts the table in the corner and then sprays Lashley with the fire extinguisher again.  They return to the ring.  Theory with a punch.  Lashley avoids being sent into the table and Theory avoids going through the table as well.  Lashley is sent to the floor.  Lashley avoids being sent into the ring steps and he sends Lashley back into the ring.  Theory wit a kick to the knee and a DDT.  Theory goes to the apron and then up top.  Lashley punches Theory and goes to the turnbuckles for more punches.  Lashley sets for a superplex and hits it.  Lashley with punches and Theory with a kick that is blocked.  Lashley with an elbow and Dominator.  Lashley sets for a spear but Theory with a kick and Theory gets Lashley up.  Lashley escapes and hits a full nelson.  Theory with a kick to the ding ding but Lashley with a choke slam through the table.

Both men are down as Brock Lesnar’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Brock picks up Lashley and hits an F-5 on Lashley.  Lashley looks at Theory and he gets Theory up and hits an F-5 onto Lashley for the three count.

Winner:  Austin Theory

We abruptly go to credits with Lesnar smiling and Cole still Talking.

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