Most Popular Wrestlers Among Fans From Canada

Most Popular Wrestlers Among Fans From Canada

Wrestling is one of the most famous sports in the world. It is no wonder why more and more people are getting attached to their favorite athletes and wrestlers. Moreover, most people also like to vote and place bets on wrestlers from their specific countries. That said, placing bets on wrestling matches is also a profitable business. If you know what you’re doing, you can get thousands of dollars and do so without leaving your house. Everything is widely available online. If you want to succeed, you must know the best players in this market. To help you make a profit, today, we will rank the most popular wrestlers among fans in Canada.

Knowing The Best and Using Your Knowledge For Profit and Gambling

First and foremost, let’s establish why you should bother with research before gambling. If you are a fan, you probably already know what players are active in this market. However, we would never advise you to play only because you emphasize a particular athlete. There’s a big difference between voting for someone and getting money from gambling. That is why you should always do a little bit of research to understand who might win a match. Moreover, Choose trustworthy platforms. We would advise you to start with a guide by TerraCasino that will tell you everything about one of the best platforms. Choosing a trustworthy casino will increase your chances and improve your overall position. Besides, this particular casino will offer you some data on which to base your opinion. Once more, proper research doesn’t hurt.

So here’s a quick list of Canadian wrestlers you may recognize:

  • Pat Patterson
  • Kevin Owens
  • Roddy Piper
  • Owen Hart
  • Edge
  • Chris Jericho
  • Bret Hart
  • Christian

Why Canadians Enjoy Wrestling

Wrestling is undeniably exciting. It is a sport that is hard to compare with soccer, baseball, or basketball. It is much more dangerous and tedious than all of the aforementioned sports. That said, it is not the only reason, so many Canadian fans enjoy wrestling. This particular activity is also associated with profit. Since this board is still not as popular as football, the competition is not as high. It might be your perfect chance to get on this bandwagon. However, before you do, we recommend you to play at Captain Cooks Casino with a spotless reputation and good payment options. After all, you can be a professional athlete or a highly knowledgeable person. Still, a trustworthy platform will increase your wins nonetheless. Besides, many technical details of gambling involve RTP, devices, bonuses, minimal deposits, and so on. This particular casino has a perfect balance of every single feature.

Bret Hart

Now we can finally get to our first successful wrestler. Owen and Bret Hart are one of the most recognizable brothers in the WWE industry. Brad has won multiple titles and has been inducted into the WWE hall of fame. In many regards, he became even more successful than his brother. Sadly, Owen passed away before he received a world title. Nevertheless, Bret remains the number one greatest champion from Canada.

Chris Jericho

The next person on our list is Chris Jericho. He’s one of the most successful WWE stars that originated in Canada. Even though he continues to succeed in his career, even though he started more than two decades ago, it is practically impossible to count the number of matches he had. Therefore, even after 20 years of his career, he is still looking for a brand new challenge and is recognized as one of the most successful stars. 


Quite a memorable name brings us to the next person on our list. Edge has practically the same level of success as many people on our list. He probably would have been one of the most successful if not for the number of injuries he suffered throughout his career. Almost every match of the athlete ended up with yet another injury that was added to his list. Nevertheless, even with all the traumas and injuries, he was still able to return to WWE and continue to work further on his career.

Owen Hart

We have only two people on our list, and one of them is Owen Hart. He is one of the first people that come to mind when talking about Canadian wrestling. Owen captured every title except the world one. He has been featured in the most successful and highly watchable matches. Sadly, he tragically passed away in 1999. However, his fame is still widely recognized.

Roddy Piper

We only have one person on this list, Roddy Piper. It is hard to talk about successful Canadian wrestlers without mentioning Roddy. Sadly, the WWE star never won a world title. He also has quite a questionable reputation. I’m all medicines. During the matches, he’s highly recognizable, and Connie, he had in his real life. Many people actively dislike him. That said, he definitely contributed to many memorable moments in the history of WWE in Canada.

Bottom Line

It is safe to say that Canada is quite known for many successful wrestlers who were born there. We can definitely name Owen and Bret Hart, WWE stars and brothers here. Even though only one of the brothers got the world total, they will be remembered as one of the greatest stars in WWE history. Besides, many active wrestlers like Chris Jericho and Edge continue to find brand new challenges, even after decades of being wrestlers. Therefore, it might be your sign to research and place some bets.

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