Jim Cornette On FTR Possibly Returning To WWE After Recent Developments

Jim Cornette On FTR Possibly Returning To WWE After Recent Developments

Jim Cornette On FTR Possibly Returning To WWE – As noted, Dax Harwood recently revealed on his FTR podcast that he and Cash Wheeler have asked for a few months off from AEW, and the request was granted. FTR will be away until April at least.

Jim Cornette talked about FTR’s time off during a discussion on the latest of his “Jim Cornette Experience” podcast. Cornette, who often praises Dax and Cash, and vice-versa, offered the following thoughts:

“Boy, howdy, I mean, these guys have to make an important decision because it wouldn’t have been as hard two weeks ago if the specter of Vince was not around, but do they stay where they have been pretty much, single or tag team, the best in-ring talents in AEW since they’ve been there, that have been the most consistent, had the best matches with everybody. Also have had the best actual wrestling matches of the year in other promotions. Do they stay in AEW where they’ve been booked like shit? Because they were slapped in the face professionally if not literally by The Buckaroos. Do they go back to the company, that with Triple H in charge, one would have thought they were already high on that list to get back and one would already think that they know when their contracts are up and etc. there. Except, the specter of the guy who tried to put them in cat in the hat outfits is now, once again looming over the company? So therein lies a conundrum somewhat at this point, because you would have thought they’d be a shoe in to say, thanks very little, you’re welcome even less, fucking Tony for putting us in the goddamn position after fucking be outmaneuvered by children from Cucamonga instead of being, you know, the top team in the company that we deserve to be, so we’ll just go back over there.

“I mean, Bruce was still there, Bruce was the one that was I believe, actually didn’t he try to talk them into it or excuse it or fucking make excuses for it or whatever the fuck? But he will do, you know, whatever the wind is blowing from the top. But with Vince back around, can you trust that at all? Because that was a ridiculous idea or are they just don’t live like movie stars, they’re good old North Carolina boys and I’m sure they’ve got all the money they’re going to need for a while. Do they just go to Japan every once in a while, and or do the things they’d like to do and not have to put up with this horseshit? Or do you want to stay where they’re booked like shit? See, our favorite fucking wrestlers, we can’t because they’ve had so many names, we can’t remember what was when. They were The Revival. They were FTR. They were the fucking, I can’t remember, the point is, this is the problem with the current contract system. Imagine in the days of roller games and roller derby if some of the talent jumped if they’d had to switch names. But they’ve had too many names. They’ve not been focused on. Their talent has not been appreciated in either place. And again, you know, you hear from the side of Uncle Dave and the people he talks to, oh, it’s ridiculous to think they’ve been buried because of all the belts they had in companies that don’t make a shit in this country. So, FTR, yes, we know what happened to them and the other side won’t admit it. And now, you know, they have a choice to make, do we go back and again it probably wouldn’t have been that difficult of a decision until the ghost of Vince McMahon showed back up.”

“And he doesn’t like tag team wrestling. When he was heading creative, they tried to put FTR in the ‘Cat In The Hat’ outfits. And again, for Bruce to even have the gall to try to talk somebody into that is amazing to me with the level of talent that these guys obviously have. I know he works for the company, but still. So they revert back to previous names when they’ve spent a couple years, you know, building these up. Their music, the homage to The Midnight Express, a wonderful sentiment, but that wouldn’t bother me as much as them again having to change their names. And then also, if they’re allowed to what they can do, that’s great. But if they’re again trying to be fit into this formulaic, mid-card, WWE tag team scene, where the matches mean less than anywhere else, that eliminates their strength. That’s why they’d be perfect for Crockett Promotions. They’d be perfect for Mid South. They’d be perfect anywhere in wrestling over the last fucking 75 years, except for the two companies that exist right now. One because nobody cares about the wrestling in the WWE, and the other because they specifically have assholes as EVPs that can’t put these fucking guys over because it’s not their style of trampoline fanaticism. So, I honestly think they decide to pick their own shots and they do Mexico, and they do Japan, and they rest in the mountains of North Carolina for a while, you know, at least not have mental stress.”

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Jim Cornette On FTR Possibly Returning To WWE After Recent Developments

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