AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming Results (12/14)

AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming Results (12/14)

AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming Results (12/14) – We are live from the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, as Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz welcome us to the show. They mention a monumental night of action capped off by MJF vs. Ricky Starks.

Match No. 4 Of Best Of 7 Series
The Elite vs. Death Triangle

Penta El Zero kicks things off with Nick Jackson, but The Elite star dominates as he brings in his brother and then takes control against Rey Fenix as well. The Elire work together as a trio and they do the same against PAC, holding him in mid-air so Kenny Omega can drop down with a leapover bulldog to the Englishman. He then holds him over his knee as Matt jumps down onto him, with The Elite all launching themselves over the top rope to take out their opponents. 

Nick shows signs of an ankle problem and tags out as Brandon Cutler sprays it as his partners then focus on PAC. Omega keeps PAC isolated in their corner as Matt Jackson comes back in, only to be attacked from behind by Penta while Fenix runs the ropes and kicks him in the head. Penta runs up the back of PAC and hits a Slingblade to Omega while Fenix then launches himself out of the ring to attack him again. 

Nick is then taken to the back by the medical team while Death Triangle focuses on Matt. He reverses Fenix with a Northern Lights Suplex and he follows it with another but Penta makes a tag he gets hit with the same move while also being hooked around Fenix’s legs. Omega tags in and nails a crossbody to PAC and he then drops him to the mat and follows it with a second-rope moonsault. 

Omega continues to fight, taking out PAC and Fenix with some snap dragon suplexes. He goes for the V-Trigger but Penta stops him, only for both Lucha Bros to be sent to the floor. However, as he tries again PAC trips him from the outside and he comes back in with a cutter, only for Omega to come back with a diving back elbow and a brainbuster. He wants a tag but Penta stops it with the Fear Factor to Matt on the apron. 

Fenix runs the ropes and kicks Omega in the face while the Lucha Bros then hit a series of moves that Omega somehow kicks out of. PAC looks to finish things with a Black Arrow but Omega avoids it and then Nick Jackson returns, hobbling down to the ring. He gets the hot tag and starts throwing hands at his opponent while catching Fenix with a cutter in mid-air. The official is then distracted as Fenix blocks a superkick and Penta comes in with a hammer and hits the ankle. Fenix locks in the inverted Knee Bar, and Nick has to submit. 

Winners: Death Triangle (They now lead 3-1)

Once the match wraps up, Omega gets on the mic and says there will be enough talking tonight so he’s gonna make this quick and direct. He tells PAC and The Lucha Bros he wants to make the hammer legal in their fifth match in the Best of 7 Series. He says they’ll make all weapons legal. There will be no rules. He says it will be no DQ.

MJF Addresses Ricky Starks Ahead Of Tonight’s Match

MJF is shown backstage and he praises Ricky Starks’ promo last week, but he was a star from night one and is batting 1,000. He questions how many bats Starks needed. He doesn’t care about his sob story, as he was born better than everyone. He wonders what will happen to the pebble when pressure is applied, will be a diamond or turn to dust?

The Acclaimed Have Arrived

The Acclaimed make their way to the ring with Max Caster being partway through his rap, but he, Anthony Bowens, and Billy Gunn all end up being jumped from behind by Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, and Sonjay Dutt. They take control of the situation and Jarrett then nails Caster with his guitar. He asks The Acclaimed if they have their attention now, and tells them to “scissor this, slapnut.” After the attack, they pose with the gold. 

Jericho Appreciation Society Talk Title Losses

Tony Schiavone is then backstage with the Jericho Appreciation Society, a Chris Jericho says the Giant Swing should be banned. He’s going to take out his frustrations on a jobber in a tune-up match. Jericho then tells Daniel Garcia he should never have lost, but he just needs advice and some mentorship at all times, and he tells him to shadow his elder, Sammy Guevara. He puts his arm around Garcia, which he is visibly not a fan of, while Guevara says this Friday he’s going to kick Jon Moxley’s ass, just like Tay Melo is going to do to Ruby Soho tonight. 

Brian Cage vs. Jungle Boy Jack Perry

Jungle Boy Jack Perry immediately takes the fight to Brian Cage, trying to run up the ropes while holding his arm, but The Embassy star pulls him down and flattens him with a shoulder tackle. Perry uses his speed and sends Cage into the corner with a hurricanrana, and he does another that launches his opponent into the corner. He looks to attack him again but Cage uses his power to charge him into the opposite side and then unleashes several chops. 

Perry continues to try and avoid the attack with his speed, but Cage nails an elbow strike and then powers Perry back into the ring with a suplex, taking his opponent from the ring apron to the mat. He does some bicep curls with Perry and then just launches him to the mat before flexing inside the ring as he then talks trash to him. Perry connects with several chops but then eats a knee to the face for his troubles. 

Cage nails several hammer blows across the chest of Perry while he’s on the second rope before throwing him back into the ring to focus on the neck. Perry manages to avoid a splash in the corner and he follows it with some elbow strikes and a running forearm which he repeats as Cage stumbles, and the third time he can hit a lariat, and then he reverses a powerbomb attempt into a DDT. 

Cage nails an enziguri and a release German suplex before a Full Nelson Driver, which almost gets him a victory. Out of nowhere, Perry aims for a roll-up, which almost gets the job done, and then he pulls out a Canadian Destroyer which provides a near fall. He locks in the Snare Trap, but Prince Nana distracts Aubrey Edwards while Cage taps out. He then looks to attack Perry but he moves as Cage smashes his manager to the floor, with Perry getting a roll-up to provide a shock win. 

Winner: Jungle Boy Jack Perry

Perry then says he wants Big Bill right now, but instead, he gets Stokely Hathaway. He says he if carries on he will see the bottom of Bill’s boot and his hand. Perry goes to attack him but Lee Moriarty charges in and Bill joins him as they both attack Perry. Bill nails a huge Chokeslam inside the ring as they stand tall…until HOOK’s music plays! He gets into the ring but the heels run away. 

The Blackpool Combat Club Are Alive And Well

Blackpool Combat Club are then shown backstage, and Jon Moxley says they made a statement last week about what they can do. Claudio Castagnoli says in 2023 they’re putting everyone on notice, as Wheeler Yuta says you have to fight like you’re already dead.

AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming Results for (12/14) continue after a commercial.

Shane “Swerve” Strickland With A Message For Keith Lee

We return to a message from Shane “Swerve” Strickland who vows to confront Keith Lee next week in San Antonio after their recent interaction at the ROH Final Battle 2022 pay-per-view.

The House Of Black vs. The Factory

We see Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews make their way to the ring accompanied by Julia Hart. They settle inside the ring where QT Marshall, Aaron Solo and Cole Karter are waiting.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this AEW Trios showdown. Julia Hart sprays mist in the eyes of Nick Comoroto and then both teams break out and begin brawling to get this one officially underway.

QT wouldn’t run after The Factory were taken out one-by-one at ringside. He walks into a roundhouse kick from Malakai, who knocks him out and makes the cover for the pin fall victory.

Winners: The House Of Black

AEW Women’s Division Updates

Jamie Hayter and Hikaru Shida exchange words in a video package that airs to promote their showdown for the AEW Women’s World Championship on next week’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

We return to Renee Paquette standing by with Britt Baker and Rebel. Baker is confronted and challenged to a match on this week’s Rampage by Skye Blue. Baker accepts.

Chris Jericho vs. Action Andretti

The two men face off and Chris Jericho slaps him a couple of times, and while Action Andretti fires back with one of his own that leads to Jericho snapping and attacking his opponent aggressively in the corner. He begins unloading on chops as he then sends him into the opposite turnbuckles, following with a lariat. Andretti fires back with a series of chops, but the former ROH World Champion drops him down and then hits 10 lariats in the corner. 

Andretti leapfrogs over Jericho but is then hit with several chops until the young man drops the veteran before springboarding off the bottom rope to land back on him. However, that just angers Jericho who hits a Death Valley Driver and then a Codebreaker, yet he somehow kicks out! Jericho takes his frustrations out on him outside the ring, launching him into the steel stairs as he remains in control.

Andretti once again fights back with chops, but he is met with a poke to the eye and an elbow strike for his troubles. Andretti fires back from the ropes though with several clotheslines and then a backbreaker, neck breaker combination. He heads to the top turnbuckle, but the split-legged moonsault is reversed as Jericho gets the knees up, but Andretti reverses the Judas Effect with a roll-up. 

He almost catches shim and then hits an enziguri before sending Jericho out of the ring as he bounces off the top rope backward to take down Jericho again. However, as he springboards back into the ring Jericho catches him with the Walls, but Andretti reveres again. He catches Jericho once more to drop him, and he then connects with a standing moonsault to get a huge win! 

Winner: Action Andretti

Ricky Starks With A Message For MJF Ahead Of Tonight’s Match

Now we shoot to the interview zone where Ricky Starks has a message for MJF ahead of their showdown for the AEW Championship later on in tonight’s special Winter Is Coming 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite.

Starks talks about paying his dues for years and how it all comes to a head tonight. He says he made a star making performance for himself last week and says he’s been doing it since day one. He says people care about seeing him stomp MJF’s maxi-pad-ass tonight.

The Gunn Club Has FTR’s Attention

We head to a commercial break after the Ricky Starks promo. When we return, we see FTR addressing their double dog collar match with The Briscoes and the subsequent post-match attack from “The Ass Boys” — The Gunn Club — Austin and Colten Gunn. FTR claims that they have their attention now.

Chris Jericho Throws A Fit

Now we see a live shot of “The Ocho” screaming and throwing a hissy fit to end all hissy fits after his shocking loss to Action Andretti moments ago.

Tay Melo vs. Ruby Soho

Tay Melo vs. Ruby Soho

We hear the J.A.S. tag and then Tay Melo’s name is said and out she comes with Sammy Guevara. They do their big entrance together and then Melo heads to the ring for this one-on-one women’s showdown.

As she settles inside the ring her music dies down. Now “Ruby Soho” by Rancid plays and out comes Ruby Soho for this singles contest.

Melo attacks Soho as she hops on the ring apron to do her entrance pose to the crowd. The brawl ensues around the ringside area where Melo continues to beat Soho down before the bell even sounds to formally start the match.

Finally we see the referee checking on a beaten down Soho in the corner while Melo waits in the other. The bell then sounds and this match now gets off and running for real.

Soho stops Melo from walking off to the back in an attempt to quit. She goes for a move on the entrance ramp, but Melo counters and DDT’s Soho face-first into the ramp as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Soho fighting back into competitive form. Things build to a spot where Anna Jay hits the ring and the two attack Soho brutally, leaving her laying.

Winner via DQ: Ruby Soho

“Hangman” Adam Page With A Message For Jon Moxley

Alex Marvez is with “Hangman” Adam Page. They talk to him and he mentions how he was unconscious and how he was answering questions from medics until finally getting them right. He says he was shown a photo of his son and he didn’t know his name.

For a whole hour he didn’t know his name. He says if Jon Moxley wants to fight on Friday, that’s fine. He says if he tempts him and threatens to take him to hell, he’s gonna take him with him.

Dustin Rhodes Is With The Best Friends

Dustin Rhodes is with The Best Friends, Orange Cassidy and Danhausen. They mention a big match on AEW Rampage and then Excalibur chimes in with more updates on the lineup for Friday’s show. He plugs tonight’s AEW Championship main event and then we head to another commercial break.

AEW Championship & Dynamite Diamond Ring
MJF (C) vs. Ricky Starks

MJF gets a couple of strong shots to start, hitting Ricky Starks’ pose for good measure as he avoids being tripped and struts around the ring. Starks then gets the best of his opponent which angers the champion as he goes out into the crowd to throw their popcorn. When he comes back the challenger goes for several pinfall attempts, but he isn’t able to catch the champion out so he then nails a strong clothesline instead. 

MJF turns things around with a poke to the eye, and he then hangs Starks out to dry as he spills to the floor. MJF continues his dominant with a rake across the back, which is followed by Starks being driven into the turnbuckles. The champion then locks in an abominal stretch as he increases the pressure due to his knuckles. Starks counters with a hip toss and then a big lariat which drops his opponent. 

Starks gets a shot to the jaw and then a big back elbow in the corner before an exploding lariat as he then uses the ropes to run up and hit a DDT, rocking the champion. Starks then nails a Liger Bomb, and that almost gets the job done! MJF responds by focusing on the arm of his opponent, which includes driving onto it from the top turnbuckle. The two men then brawl and go back and forth, but another eye poke by MJF creates breathing room only for him to turn into a big boot. 

MJF responds with a stiff rolling elbow, but when Starks hits the ropes he bounces back with a Spear, but he’s unable to capitalize as they’re both doing. MJF lures him in though, and when Starks goes for the pinfall he reverses into the Salt Of The Earth, and MJF then yanks the other arm and a leg back to try to stop a break, but Starks gets his other leg there just in time.

MJF goes for the move again but it is reversed into a pinfall attempt, yet MJF kicks out only to eat a thrust kick, but as he goes for his finisher MJF scurries away. He then hides behind the official and after that nails Starks with a low kick, and that allows him to get a roll-up to defend the title. 

Winner (and still AEW World Champion): MJF

However, as MJF gets to the top of the ramp he is met by…Bryan Danielson! The American Dragon chases MJF down to the ring and the champion escapes up to the fans as Danielson stares him down.

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AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming Results (12/14)

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