Jim Ross Talks William Regal Leaving AEW, John Laurinaitis, More

Jim Ross Talks William Regal Leaving AEW, John Laurinaitis, More

This week’s “Grilling JR” podcast, Jim Ross gave an update on his health:

“I’ve been going to my wound doctor, wound care specialist, every Tuesday morning which I’m really beginning to dread because it’s a painful, frigging ordeal. He takes a scaffold, goes into that wound, and starts scraping dead material. To say it didn’t hurt is wrong. It’s a lie. It does hurt, but we’re cleaning it out, keeping it rolling, and healing. So I guess at the end of the day, that’s the way it is and JR just can’t be a little sissy and worry about having a little pain. I’ve been in a little pain since last November, a year now. It’s been a year since I got diagnosed. It was this time last year that I started 22 radiation treatments. So it’s been a very interesting year to say the least, but progress is being made and that’s all that matters.”

On William Regal leaving AEW:

“He’s a valuable asset to AEW, or wherever he may be in any company. It’s been a blessing to have him around because he was one of my guys that I really worked hard to salvage a career for back in the day. He’s been a very valuable resource. You can’t replace guys with that kind of experience, and in Regal’s case, also the patience to help these young guys, because he was in the ring every day, you know, at TV, and always had time for the talent and the young green guys. I told someone the other day, ‘I hope you guys are paying attention to him.’ I mentioned the MJF. I said, ‘You know, the more you can sit under that learning tree of William Regal and talk about the psychology of being a wrestling villain, you should because he’s got great psychology.’ Again, a very valuable asset to wherever he may be. I don’t know what the future holds for him. But, I mean, he’s one of those guys that you can’t replace easily, or at all. I don’t know if you can replace him at all, quite frankly. He’s been an amazing boost for us. I think as we speak, he might be in England. He’s been a great friend, a loyal guy, honest, hard working, and like I said, the patience to work with some of these young cats is really amazing. It’s tough. He’s been talked about a lot here and so we’ll see where it goes storyline wise as we move forward because I don’t have a clue. I like to not know. He should be fine. He’ll be good. He’s a hell of a guy and has been a very valuable team member of AEW since he arrived.”

Jim Ross said he didn’t trust John Laurinaitis:

“I had a hard time as time went on trusting Laurinaitis. That’s sad to say. I hired him. I gave him a job when he needed it. I don’t think he treated me quite right. He just wanted to show Vince that he was a better manager than JR and all these things. So now his ass is without a job and he deserves the Goddamn misery that he’s living, that I perceive that he’s living, and I didn’t like how he treated me.”

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