Jim Cornette Talks Roman Reigns Vs Logan Paul

Jim Cornette Talks Roman Reigns Vs Logan Paul – During his Jim Cornette Experience, legendary manager Jim Cornette spoke about Roman Reigns successfully retaining the Undisputed WWE Universal Title over Logan Paul in the main event of the WWE Crown Jewel event. Cornette was positive about their performances in the bout.

“The guy is going for the WWE Championship at a stadium show in his third ever match in front of people. And by all rights and laws of gravity this thing should have either been kept short or it should have stunk, or at the very least it you know should have been passable. And f*cking Logan Paul is a goddamn star that they found and they didn’t even know it two years ago. Heyman pitched Logan Paul to Vince, like two or three years ago and Vince had never heard of him. And I can’t blame him, I don’t know that I had either.

But Logan Paul, he’s in great shape. He’s got the size, he’s got the personality, the charisma. He’s obviously done the training and he’s taken this seriously. His basics are better than 90% of the AEW roster in just the training that he’s had. But the balance, the springboards, he’s there for complicated stuff he’s selling and he understands why he’s selling in the third match.

So you know that right there was enough to get over with me, but Roman Reigns led this great also. And you could see a couple of times where he saw when Logan Paul might have needed to breathe or just think about something for a second he slowed it down and kept the course going.

No kendo sticks, no chairs, no tables. The match made sense they were keeping a Logan Paul alive and it worked and he hung with it did a better Buckshot Lariat than old hangnail (Hangman Adam Page) and then, you know, the Superman punches back and forth were getting pops. And then they had to do, and I know I guess this is the viral moment or the Shane McMahon moment or whatever. But then Logan Paul gets his phone and he’s taking a video and he goes to the top rope and Roman Reigns is on the announced desk and he splashes Roman Reigns off the top rope through the announced desk at ringside.

You know what it’s the main event and this is what people came to see so let them do it there if they’re going to. If this was a once in a while thing in a main event on a big show, that’s what that kind of sh*t was designed for. It’s just we now have to see it you know, especially every week on free TV from the kids across the street.”

Cornette suggested that the run-ins at the end of the match were simply too much:

“But anyway, so boom, they go through the desk and then here come The Usos and they get in a fight with Logan Paul’s ringside entourage who apparently have not shared Logan Paul’s affinity for wrestling training and they couldn’t stand up to fall down. And it was funny. It was like trying to work with complete marks, they couldn’t figure it out. But then music plays and here comes Jake Paul, Logan Paul’s brother. Because Ezekiel Paul was busy.

And Jake fights The Usos in the ring and his sht looked lousy, I don’t know if if lightnings going to strike twice with both these Paul boys. But then after all that your goddamn subsides a second Logan Paul rolls Roman Reigns in the ring hits a huge Frog Splash, holy sht, got all the way up in the rafters on that, got a 2 count and then music plays again I’m like for f*ck sake.

Now here comes Solo but he gets a music and entrance and Solo and Jake get into it and they’re separated by officials. And Logan Paul dives on to all the heels and at this point I thought they’ve completely lost the match. They lost the thread, it was too long, too much distraction, interruption etc. Maybe they didn’t trust it at the start and they said we’ve got to have all the gaga to finish just to make sure that everybody is on the edge of their seat.

I think they should have trusted the match because it was better than it could have been expected to be or had any real right to be. But when they put all this gaga in at the end with the separate music entrances and the peripheral people blah blah blah. Roman and Logan had them and they they lost that I think they lost the f*cking grip on it in.

The splash through the desk up until that point was perfect and then with the interference everybody running down, the music, the whole [9 yards] it went to sh*t. But then finally after Logan’s big dive, and they had lost the match, then Logan gets back in the ring and Roman Reigns hits a superman punch and the spear 1,2,3.

You know after that splash through the desk if they had had the partisans for both men just come out and try to get each of their guy up and put them in the f*cking ring so that they could at least be back together in the ring and the people would know the match is continuing and then they get a little skirmish out on the outside and let the two guys finish their business in the ring but it just it distracted and it was it was too long.”

Jim Cornette Talks Roman Reigns Vs Logan Paul

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