AEW Dynamite Results (11/9) Boston – MA

AEW Dynamite Results (11/9) Boston - MA

AEW Dynamite Results (11/9) Boston – MA – We are live from the Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts, as The Gunns make their way to the ring for our first match of the night.

The Gunn Club & Swerve In Our Glory vs. The Acclaimed & FTR

Before the match begins Billy Gunn sprints into the ring and attacks Swerve Strickland as he is then guided to the back. When things begin Colten Gunn takes control by bringing Dax Harwood down with a dropkick as Austin Gunn then comes in and continues to isolate the FTR star. However, Harwood turns things around and that allows Cash Wheeler to tag in, only to be attacked by Strickland. 

Swerve gets his team back in control only to be dropped with a backbreaker and Max Caster then enters the fray. Strickland throws him across the ring and Keith Lee gets involved. Caster rocks the bigger man with a few shots as he then fights off all three of his other opponents, and that leads to the babyfaces reigning down right hands in each corner. All the heels get sent to the floor as The Acclaimed are then launched into Lee who goes out. Back in the ring, the two champion teams scissor!

W. Morrissey then interjects himself with a big boot to Harwood, but that annoys Lee inside the ring, and he gets out only for his partner to be rocked by a chop. Swerve gets things back in control with a diving back elbow, but it just gets a one-count. The Gunns then work to isolate Harwood, cutting off the ring, but he eventually brings in Anthony Bowens who drops everyone in his way. Strickland eats several elbows while Austin eats a superkick. 

Colten gets planted with a leg drop, but that is something that just gets him a near fall which Bowens’ partners are pulled from the apron. The Gunn’s then hit the Big Rig on Bowens, but Caster breaks up the pinfall to save the match. All four then get into the ring and things break down, eventually leading to Lee’s power taking control as he works together with Swerve to drop the champions. 

Strickland then launches himself to the floor, taking out everybody. Back in the ring, Austin tries to take down Harwood, but he locks him into the Sharpshooter for his troubles, but his brother makes the save. However, he then gets planned with a Spinebuster – Mic Drop combination while Austin is dropped by the Big Rig. 

Winners: The Acclaimed & FTR

MJF Talks

MJF is then shown with exclusive clips from a podcast. He says then doctors informed him if he wanted to be 110% for Full Gear he shouldn’t be on the road. MJF says this is the most important match of his career, but it could be the most important in the sport. This bout could create the face of the next generation, and we have seen that with people like The Rock, Bruno Sammartino, and John Cena, they are generational talents like him. MJF says he needs a long title run to put his name in history, and he has to beat Jon Moxley for that.

He thinks Moxley is a low-life, but he does respect him because he was born with two left feet and no athletic bones, he respects that Moxley had to work hard to defy the odds and drive far to make no money. However, Moxley then became the best on Earth, but MJF was born to be a professional wrestler. He can do movies, and TV shows and fly the flag of wrestling. MJF thinks he can get people talking about the business again, he says the throne is for the taking and he will do that.

MJF is tired of waiting, and he had all the spotlights taken away from him such as Cody Rhodes’ neck tattoo or Matt Hardy’s injury. He claims Chris Jericho took the spotlight from him for a year, then when he returned the spotlight was on a press conference. But at Full Gear, he is grabbing it, and Moxley will have to pry it from his dead hands, and at Full Gear, the devil gets his due.

Ethan Page vs. Eddie Kingston (AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament First Round Match)

Eddie Kingston backs Ethan Page into the corner immediately, and he then brings him down to one knee inside the ring, however “All Ego” fights back, sending Kingston to the floor. Kingston gets back in control inside the ring though, suplexing Page across the ring, yet Page then launches his opponent straight into the turnbuckles and he follows it with a suplex on the floor. 

Kingston tries to fight back with a few shots, but Page then goes for the eyes of his opponent. Back inside the ring, Page drops an elbow to the chest of his opponent, and he then drives his knee into Kingston’s neck as he is on the ropes. Kingston once again fights back, this time with a suplex which gets him a near fall, and the two men then go back and forth with punches. 

The two get back to their feet as they keep brawling, but Kingston brings an end to proceedings with a DDT, which almost gets the win. He follows that up with an exploder, he then forces Page to tap out with the Stretch Plum, but Stokely Hathaway has the official distracted until Ortiz pushes him to the back. But when Kingston turns around, Page hits a high boot and then a roundhouse kick. Page heads to the top turnbuckle but Kingston chases him and bites his head, yet Page slips under and pushes him further into the turnbuckle as he then hits an Avalanche Ego’s Edge to progress!

Winner: Ethan Page

Wardlow (c) vs. Ari Daivari (TNT Championship Match)

Renee Paquette is then shown backstage with RUSH and The Dark Order. Jose tells 10 that RUSH is going to win, and when he becomes champion, 10 will get the first title shot as RUSH likes the way he looks and what he does. RUSH says he doesn’t give second opportunities.

Ari Daivari is then shown in the ring, and he says he will give the full services of his butler in exchange for the TNT Championship. That leads to Wardlow and Samoa Joe make their way out for an impromptu title match. 

Wardlow (c) vs. Ari Daivari (TNT Championship Match)

Wardlow launches the butler out of the match and then headbutts Daivari, which he follows with the big lariat. That leads to the Powerbomb Symphony beginning, which spells the end of this match. 

Winner (and still TNT Champion): Wardlow

After the match, Wardlow calls out Powerhouse Hobbs, and he says finally he’s got a suitable opponent and he thanks him for coming out like a man. However, Wardlow says the title will always be his, and he is going to take every title in this company…which leads to Samoa Joe laying him out with a blow to the back of his head with Joe’s own title. He then sets in the Coquina Clutch, and he puts Wardlow to sleep. Joe then stands tall with his Ring Of Honor Television Championship as Hobbs screams that he will come for him as well. 

Saraya & Britt Baker Face-Off

Renee Paquette is shown backstage revealing at Full Gear that Jade Cargill will face Nyla Rose. Cargill says if Rose will be there on Friday for “AEW Rampage,” she will handle that ass then. 

Tony Schiavone is then shown inside the ring as he welcomes Saraya and Dr. Britt Baker to the ring for their face-off. Saraya says she knows fans will be wondering if she can wrestle or not and a few weeks ago she took scans and tests and unfortunately…for Britt, she is 100% cleared!  Saraya then gets emotional in the ring as the fans give the news a standing ovation as Saraya says AEW is her house.  

Baker then questions if there’s anyone more fickle than an AEW fan. She asks if Saraya even knows how to do this anymore, and she questions why she has been going after her. Baker says she built AEW from the ground up until it became a fortress, so that superstars like her wanted move in and she is proud of that. But, Baker says the pride turns into resentment quickly when Saraya skips in and calls it her house, because Baker doesn’t recall her laying a single brick. 

Baker says she is everything Saraya wishes she could have been, and she reminds Saraya that she left her house and walked into hers, and they don’t take walk ins, so she needs to make an appointment. 

Saraya sys it is cute that she puts herself on a pedostal as she was given the spot by Tony Khan and got fed QT’s trainees, and she says Baker doesn’t know what it takes to be a star. She traveled around the UK and Europe for free because she loves this business, she was hit by a car and wrestled the same day because she loves this business. Saraya says she was starting revolutions before they were a trend or wrestling was a twinkle in Baker’s eye. She has done MSG, the O2, Tokyo Dome, and now she’s in front of an ungrateful b**ch. 

She has been humiliated in front of people, she dealt with drug issues publicly, and gave her neck for this business, yet Baker doesn’t know what it takes to make it. Saraya says this is her comeback story and the biggest match of Baker’s career as she announces they will wrestle at Full Gear. Baker then goes to attack her, but Saraya reverses it and drops the dentist face-first onto the mat. 

Jay Lethal vs. Trent Beretta

Sonjay Dutt is shown backstage thanking QT Marshall and his trainers, they give money for it. Danhausen then appears to take a shot at them for wearing hats, and Marshall suggests Orange Cassidy defends his All-Atlantic Title on Friday against Lee Johnson, and the champion says yes immediately. Trent Beretta then calls Jay Lethal and his group scumbags and they arrange a match. 

When Trent tries to make his way to the ring, Lethal appears and attacks him from behind by attacking his knee, starting the fight early. The bell then rings and Lethal continues focusing on the injured knee, which spills back to the floor as the Figure Four Leglock is set into place to continue the damage. Back inside the ring, that attack continues while he also catches Trent with a stiff forearm and then some elbow strikes to the jaw. 

The Lethal Combination is then hit as he continues taking his time, strutting on the ring apron as he heads to the turnbuckles. He goes for the Elbow Drop but Trent gets the knees up to block it, while also further damaging himself in the process. He begins fighting back with more chops and then a German suplex, following it up with the half-and-half. Lethal then gets launched into the turnbuckles and is then dropped with a DDT, but Lethal can kick out of the pinfall attempt. 

The two men then head to the top turnbuckle as Trent throws Lethal across the ring with an avalanche half-and-half which he follows with a knee strike. However, Dutt gets on the apron to distract the official. Danhausen goes to curse him but Satnam Singh gets on the apron as well so Danhausen hits a low blow to Dutt only to eat a headbutt from the giant. This distraction allows Lethal to then take advantage, throwing Trent down to the mat as he follows up with the Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

After the match, Tony Schiavone tries to interview the winners but Dutt tells him to shut up as he welcomes out Jeff Jarrett. He says he’s here because when a friend calls he shows up. They put a plan together, and he explains how they’re connected as he signed Lethal to his first deal, while he and Dutt have taken over promotions all over the globe. He then says Singh is a legit giant and not someone who wears red skinny jeans (a shot at Braun Strowman). Jarrett then says they will put Sting in a body bag while a crew member appears to tell him his time is up. Jarrett tells him to never wind him up again as he chases him away to end the segment.

Let’s Hear From Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley says he was young and thought he knew it all when he first met William Regal, and he loved to talk trash. He wanted to be like Regal, feared and respected, and to get his respect he tried to pick a fight with him, and that didn’t go well as Regal kicked the hell out of him. That p*ssed him off as he found out where he was on the food chain, so he had to go evolve, and then the next time he knocked Regal out. 

That reminds him of MJF, and he says right now he doesn’t know as he is having an extessential crisis. He talks the talk of a big time World Champion, but Moxley actually is a multi-millionaire and multi-World Champion so he’s not buying it. He says it is amusing that MJF calls himself the devil, and he says he has met the devil and looked into his eyes. He’s met bad people and seen them do very bad things, and MJF is not that at all. 

Moxley and Regal want MJF to fulfill his potential, and he’s not worried about that, he’s worried about what is in his guts. He says MJF needs to remember that everything he’s done up until now had been easy.

The Elite Returning At AEW Full Gear 2022

Speaking of AEW Full Gear 2022 on November 19 from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, before we head to another commercial break, an awesome video package airs that hypes the long-awaited return of former AEW Trios Champions The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega at the pay-per-view.

Bryan Danielson, Sammy Guevara Hype 2-Out-Of 3 Falls Showdown

We return from a break to a worked up Bryan Danielson talking about why he is going to kick in Sammy Guevara’s face in their best two out of three falls rematch tonight on Dynamite. He mentions the disrespect he has dealt with in recent weeks from the likes of Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta, in addition to “The Spanish God” himself. Guevara is also shown and claims he has the number of “The American Dragon” and feels like Danielson knows this. He vows things will be different when they meet in the ring tonight.

Jamie Hayter vs. Skye Blue

Toni Storm makes her way out to be in the corner of Skye Blue. Jamie Hayter talks trash to her straight away, but that leads to Blue attacking her, sending the Englishwoman into the ring post outside the ring. Back in the ring, she hits a knee strike, but Britt Baker distracts Blue which allows Hayter to launch her opponent across the ring. She then stomps on her head as Hayter once again talks trash to Storm.

Blue responds with a dropkick and then kicks both Rebel and Baker outside the ring before hitting a diving crossbody which gets a near fall. She continues the attack with a Code Red, but once again Hayter kicks out. Blue hits a thrust kick but then eats a big boot as the number one contender then hits several chops and then a major lariat for the win. 

Winner: Jamie Hayter

Backstage, Lance Archer is shown attacking Ricky Starks, throwing him into a metal guard. 

Bryan Danielson vs. Sammy Guevara (Two-Out-Of-Three-Falls Match)

The two men waste no time getting down to business by working at a break neck pace as they go back and forth with Sammy Guevara getting the best of it with a dropkick. However, as he tries to dive out of the ring he ends up being caught with an elbow, and then a shotgun dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Bryan Danielson then looks to dive out, but Tay Melo gets in the way to stop it.

He decides to come out and get to Guevara but Guevara launches a chair at Danielson’s head, which leads to a disqualification. 

Bryan Danielson 1-0 Sammy Guevara

Guevara continues the attack by wrapping a microphone cable around Danielson’s head as he then punches down with the weapon to add further damage. Danielson is then shown bleeding, and Guevara rubs his hand all over it and then licks it. Back inside the ring the “Spanish God” continues his attack as he hammers down with punches on his opponent. He then charges in with a knee strike and connects with the GTH. 

Bryan Danielson 1-1 Sammy Guevara

Guevara then continues the attack in the corner, putting him up onto the top turnbuckle but Danielson pushes him away. However, Guevara comes back once again only for Danielson to headbutt him back down, and he then goes for a diving headbutt yet misses. Guevara then locks in the crossface submission but Danielson gets out and then starts throwing his trademark kicks. 

Guevara tries to charge back, but Danielson throws him to the corner only for the Jericho Appreciation Society star to land and bounce back, yet Danielson reverses again by kneeing him in mid-air.  Danielson then dives out with another knee strike before chopping his opponent, but Guevara fights back and gives him a taste of his own medicine before diving in with a dropkick in the corner. 

Back inside the ring the two men collide by both going for a crossbody, and while Danielson goes for a cover, Melo pulls the official out and she then gets thrown out. Danielson then suplexes Guevara onto the top turnbuckle, putting him in the tree of woe as he starts unloading his strikes on him. As they continue brawling Guevara hits a leaping knee which sends Danielson to the floor, and he follows it with a Shooting Star Press to the floor!

Guevara goes for the springboard cutter but Danielson sees it coming, catching him in mid-air to set the LeBell Lock in place, but Guevara gets to the ropes. Instead Danielson unloads on him with a series of kicks, but he misses the big one and eats a knee strike instead. Guevara then aims for the GTH but Danielson responds with a reverse Hurricanrana. He follows it with the Busaiko Knee, but Guevara holds onto the knee and reverses it into the Liontamer. 

Danielson gets to the ropes and then avoids another GTH, and as he bounces back to the ropes he manages to hit another Busaiko Knee. Guevara then hits a backflipping DDT, but as he goes high-risk, Danielson gets his knees up and then hammers down with elbow strikes before the LeBell Lock is set for the win.

Winner: Bryan Danielson (2-1)

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AEW Dynamite Results (11/9) Boston – MA

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