WWE SmackDown Results (10/28) St. Louis, MO

WWE SmackDown Results (10/28)

WWE SmackDown Results (10/28) – We are live from the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri, as Ridge Holland and Butch of The Brawling Brutes make their way to the ring for our first match of the night. We see highlights from last week, when Sheamus was brutally attacked by The Usos and later hospitalized (only to discover later this week that The Celtic Warrior got married).

In the back, Sami tells Jey that this is a big night. Jey says does Sami not want him involved. Sami says it is all hands on deck. Roman is not here yet and he needs to see everyone with their arms raised. He wants Jey to show that intensity tonight.

Butch and Ridge Holland vs. Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn

Butch and Sami start things off and Butch with a break. Sami with a side head lock and Butch with a shoulder tackle. Ridge tags in and they both drop knees to the arm. Sami with a kick to Ridge and a side head lock. Ridge with a hip toss and Butch tags in. Butch and Ridge with forearms to the chest. Solo tags in and Sami distracts Butch long enough to allow Solo to connect with a clothesline. Solo with an elbow drop. Jimmy with a forearm from the floor to Butch. Sami tags in and he connects with a forearm. Solo tags in and Butch knees Solo off the apron and Butch drops down so Sami goes to the floor. Butch with a knee off the apron.

Jimmy and Jey distract Butch on the floor and Solo with a forearm to the back and a choke slam on the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Solo exchange pucnhes with Butch. Butch avoids a hip in the corner and Solo with a pop up move that is countered by Butch into a DDT. Sami tags in and he keeps Ridge from making the tag but Butch rolls through and tags in Ridge. Ridge with shoulder tackles and a flying shoulder tackle. Ridge with clotheslines into the corner but Sami stops a third one with his boot. Ridge catches Sami on a cross body and hits a uranage for a near fall. Ridge sets for a power bomb but Sami punches his way out of the hold.

Solo tags in and Ridge goes for a power slam but Solo with a super kick and Samoan drop for a near fall. Solo has some words for Ridge but Ridge traps the arms and connects with a head butt. Solo head butts back. Ridge with a clothesline. Butch and Sami tag in and Sami and Butch with punches. Sami with a boot to Butch but Butch rakes the eyes to stop Sami. Butch with a sunset flip and he tries for a cloverleaf. Jimmy gets on the apron and Butch knocks him off the apron.

Sami with a rollup for a near fall. Sami with an exploder into the turnbuckles. Sami misses a Helluva Kick and Butch with an enzuigiri. Solo grabs Butch’s leg and Sami plays possum but Jey pulls Sami to the floor and they argue. Solo crotches Butch while Jey and Sami continue to argue. Solo tries to calm them down while the referee makes his count. Ridge with a running forearm to Jey on the floor. Butch with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winners: Butch and Ridge Holland

After the match, Jey and Sami continue to argue in the ring while Solo tries to calm down his brother. Jimmy tries to calm down Jey. Suddenly, Roman’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman.

We go to commercial as Reigns heads to the ring.

We are back and Roman is now in the ring with the rest of the Bloodline. Roman puts out his hand for Paul to gingerly place the microphone. Roman tells St. Louis to acknowledge him.

Roman says there is usually an order to things but we are going to change things around. You acknowledged me but now we are going to acknowledge the elephant in the room. You two want to act like kids, we will treat you like kids. Roman says he wants them to put it all on the table. Let it all out. I want this problem fixed right now.

Sami says he will be the first to admit that there has been a communications break down and it has been with Jey. He does not know what is wrong. Sami says he has always liked him but Jey can’t stand him since he started to hang out with them. Jimmy and Solo are fine, but what is the problem he has. Sami says he does not want this to go on any more. Sami says he is sorry and he wants to bury the hatchet once and for all.

Sami offers his hand and Jey pulls out a mic.

Jey tells Sami he has two seconds to get that out of his face. He does not like Sami. He does not like his hair, his face, his shirt, or him being around his family every week. How can you be part of the bloodline if you aren’t blood? You never will be. You don’t belong here. Nobody in this group likes you. I am the only real one to tell you that you are a fake ass Uce. The difference between you and me is that I will shed blood for everyone because it is his family.
Sami says he is trying to make peace because Roman said he wants peace.

Jey says he doesn’t give a damn what the Tribal Chief said. Roman turns around, very slowly to look at Jey.

Sami tells Roman what Jey said was super messed up and he didn’t mean that. Jey has been going through a lot and he isn’t himself lately. He hasn’t been very Uce-y.

Roman wants to know if that is the problem here. Is it because you aren’t feeling Uce-y? Roman tells Jey to stand there. Roman says this is what we are going to do. If you can’t find your Inner Uce-y, then I am going to do something you ain’t gonna like. I am going to take that honorary away and I am going to be make him a full blown Uce.

Roman says if you don’t figure this out, we are going to change his name to Sami Uso.

Roman hands the mic back to Paul. Paul says he thinks the Tribal Chief has ended this session and he tells everyone to watch Roman at Crown Jewel when he faces Logan Paul.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with the latest from the Viking Raiders. Tonight, we celebrate. Without guidance we are blind. With you, we see. The gods have opened our eyes. Valhalla awaits.

— Xavier says they have the Maximum Male Models tonight. Kofi says they are going to get the getting pinned collection. Woods tells the Usos to watch because they are coming for them.

Mace and Mansoor vs. The New Day

Woods and Mansoor start things off and Woods with a wrist lock but Mansoor escapes. They lock up and Mansoor with a wrist lock. Woods misses a round kick but hits a leg sweep followed by a back senton. Kofi tags in and they hit a suplex and cross body combination for a near fall. Woods tags in and goes up top and hits a double sledge to the arm. Woods with an Irish whip but Mansoor sends Woods to the apron. Maxxine distracts the referee and Mace pulls Woods down. Mace tags in and they hit a double back elbow and pose. Mace with a splash for a near fall.

Mansoor tags in and Woods avoids a splash and he sends Mace to the floor. Mansoor misses a forearm and Kofi tags in and hits a chop off the turnbuckles followed by more chops and a drop kick. Kofi with a leaping clothesline followed by a Boom Drop. Mace distracts Kofi but Kofi with a pendulum kick. Woods takes care of Mace on the floor. Kofi with Shadows Over Hell and Woods tags in. They hit Midnight Hour for the three count.

Winners: The New Day


Kayla Braxton asks Sonya Deville if she is going to answer Ronda Rousey’s open challenge. Sonya says she will not tell Kayla. She says Liv won’t answer the challenge.

Liv Morgan (wasn’t she killed?) attacks Sonya out of nowhere and punches her. Officials come out to try to pull Liv off Sonya and it does not work at first, but eventually they are held apart. 

We go to commercial.


We are back and Braun Strowman says there is a saying that there is someone bigger and stronger than you are. Omos, you are bigger than me, but stronger? People have seen me rip off car doors and turn over limousines. I have lifted tractor trailers. It brought joy to me. I had that same feeling when I looked into your eyes. At Crown Jewel, you will find out there is no giant too big for the Monster of All Monsters.

In the Arena:

Ronda Rousey makes her way to the ring for her open challenge.

Rousey takes the mic and says it looks like the belt is back where it belongs. Some fans boo. Rousey says we’re in luck because she happens to be in the mood to prove it with an Open Challenge. She doesn’t expect the fans to be grateful to have an active champion, or recognize how she is ready to defend any time, because only the great can recognize greatness, and you’re all too mediocre to know what you’re looking at. The boos get louder. Rousey says let’s get this formality out of the way… who’s feeling lucky? Rousey drops the mic and gets ready.

The music hits and out comes Emma making her return to WWE. Emma gets a pop and heads to the ring, all smiles. She hits the corner to pose as Rousey stares her down. Back to commercial.

Ronda Rousey vs. Emma for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

They lock up and Ronda backs Emma into the corner and gives a clean break. They lock up and Ronda with a judo throw and take down. Ronda rolls through and gets Emma on her shoulders but Emma with a rollup for a near fall. Emma with another rollup for a near fall. Ronda kicks Emma to the floor. Ronda sends Emma into the ring steps but Ronda misses a knee and hits the steps. Ronda charges into the corner and Emma moves. Emma with a tarantula to Ronda. Emma with a cross body for a near fall. Emma sets for a splash in the corner but Ronda gets her feet up. Ronda with a head lock in the ropes and knees to the head. Ronda chokes Emma in the ropes and connects with a knee to the head.

Ronda rolls through and stretches Emma with a choke. Ronda releases the hold and Emma with punches. Emma with a back heel kick and Ronda with a step up knee. Both women are down after a clothesline from Emma. Emma with forearms and a side Russian leg sweep. Emma gets a near fall.

Ronda with an ankle lock but Emma rolls through and Ronda stops short of the corner. Emma with a wheelbarrow suplex. Emma with a splash into the corner for a near fall. Ronda blocks a power bomb attempt and Ronda gets Emma on her shoulders for a moment. Ronda pushes Emma into the ropes and she almost bumps into the referee. Ronda rakes the eyes and hits Piper’s Pit. Ronda with a cross arm breaker and Emma taps out.

Winner: Ronda Rousey (retains championship)

— Michael Cole mentions that Bianca Belair will face Bayley in a Last Woman Standing Match at Crown Jewel.

— The Usos will face Ridge Holland and Butch for the Tag Team Championships.


Paul is outside Roman’s door and Jey wants to talk to Roman. Paul tells Jey it is better to hear it from his wise man. Paul says he has Jey.

We go to commercial.


Ronda walks in the back and Shayna tells her good job. Natalya says Ronda is the luckiest on the planet because she would have beaten Ronda if she accepted the open challenge. Shayna chokes Natalya out.

Legado Del Fantasma vs. Hit Row and…

B Fab says since Legado doesn’t want to fight them in their faces and they have friends in high places.

Shinsuke Nakamura joins Hit Row.

All six men brawl before the match starts and B Fab stands in the center of the ring but Zelina is not going to fall for her trap. Dolla with a cross body to Wilde in the corner and Adonis with a monkey flip. Dolla with a cross body to Cruz in the corner followed by a monkey flip from Adonis. Nakamura chokes Santos in the corner. Zelina checks on Santos and gets in the ring. B Fab with a bicycle kick to Zelina

We go to commercial.

We are back and the match is joined in progress. Cruz with a reverse chin lock on Adonis. We see footage from the break when Zelina distracted Adonis and he got knocked off the apron into the announce table. Cruz with a clothesline to Adonis and then Wilde tags in and connects with a clothesline. Santos with a clothesline. They continue the tags and clothesline sequence. Santos and Cruz with a double suplex and Wilde with a frog splash for a near fall. Wilde with a front face lock. Nakamura and Santos tag in and Nakamura with forearms. Nakamura kicks Cruz and sends Wilde to the floor. Santos and Nakamura exchange chops and forearms. Nakamura with kicks. Santos blocks a kick and Nakamura with an enzuigiri. Santos has his feet put in the ropes and Nakamura with a sliding German suplex. Nakamura kicks Wilde on the floor. Nakamura with a spinning heel kick for a near fall.

Top Dolla tags in and he catches Cruz off the turnbuckles. He gets Wilde up for a standing power slam. Santos kicks and chops Dolla. Dolla with a wrist lock and he goes to the turnbuckles he hits a chop off the ropes. Dolla sends Cruz to the mat and Nakamura with Kinshasa to Cruz for the three count.

Winners: Top Dolla, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Ashante Thee Adonis


Roman Reigns is in his dressing room and Paul wants Roman to watch something for him. It is a video of Logan Paul training.

Roman asks why are we watching this. Paul says it just takes one lucky punch. Roman says Logan has to hit a lucky punch. Paul says he was in synagogue and he was talking to a doctor who knows a doctor who knows Logan Paul’s doctor and he says that there are screws and a metal plate in his hand. Roman points out that Logan had two matches. Paul says that Brock Lesnar won the UFC title in his third match. Paul says he is going to go fire up the jet for Roman.

We go to commercial.


Kayla is in the back with LA Knight. Knight says the last time he checked, the ring announcer couldn’t get his home town right.

Ricochet shows up and he says he wanted to tell Knight he might get a warmer reception if he didn’t act like God’s Gift to Smackdown. When someone’s head gets as big as yours, someone is going to knock it down. Knight walks away.

Karrion Kross vs. Madcap Moss

They lock up and Moss with a waist lock. Kross with a back elbow. Moss with a reverse atomic drop and a running forearm. Moss sends Kross into the corner and chops him. Moss with another chop. Kross with forearms and knees. Moss is sent into the turnbuckles and Kross with punches. Kross with forearms and a boot. Kross with knees. Moss with a clothesline and he clotheslnes Kross over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kross with an exploder. Kross with kicks in the corner. Kross with a Northern Lights Suplex and he rolls through into an elevated clothesline for a near fall. Kross with a hammer lock and a forearm to the chest. Kross with a boot to the head for a near fall. Kross with a forearm. Kross with a back elbow and he gets a near fall. Kross with a hard Irish whip. Kross with a suplex and he floats over for a near fall. Kross with a cross arm breaker but Moss gets to the ropes.

Moss with elbows to block the Doomsday Saito. Moss with punches and a clothesline or two. Moss with a running shoulder tackle. Moss with a kick and Kross with a rolling elbow. Moss with a spinebuster for a near fall. Moss with a fallaway slam and he hits a running shoulder into the corner and hits a second one. Scarlett gets on the apron to distract Moss. Kross with a shoulder tackle and a Doomsday Saito. Scarlett tells Kross to end it and he hits a running forearm to the back of the head for the three count.

Winner: Karrion Kross

After the match, Kross with the Kross Jacket. Kross tells Drew that Moss put up a much better fight than you did because he is not a coward or hypocrite like you. I will always stand for the new beginning. When they lock you in the steel cage with me, history will repeat itself. Tick Tock.

Kross maintains the Kross Jacket until Scarlett tells Kross “Tubelcain”

Bray Wyatt paces in the back and he talks to himself as we go to commercial.

— We are back and they run through the card for Crown Jewel.


Kayla is with Rey Mysterio. Rey says he is excited to be challenging for the Intercontinental Title. Rey is attacked by Kaiser and Vinci. They hold Rey and Gunther chops Rey.

— Next week, Liv Morgan faces Sonya Deville in a No Disqualification Match. Rey Mysterio faces Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship.

Bray Wyatt Addresses His Demons:

Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring.

Bray says he could get used to that. It’s like adrenaline. Bray starts to laugh. Bray says that makes him feel invulnerable and he wants to do something wild. Bray says he wants you to see something he is very proud of. There is no mask he is hiding behind. There are no smoke and mirrors. It is just me and you. That is what I want you to get used to. This is Bray Wyatt, the real man. This is the best version of him. He says he is proud to be here and he will do some spectacular things while he is here.

Bray says the truth is that he has been out of control for a majority of his life. His emotions don’t work like other people’s. They can send him to a very dark place. Other times, he doesn’t feel anything at all. Bray says that is part of what makes him him. To get where he has gotten, he has done some horrible things. Part of him likes he doesn’t mind doing horrible things. That is not the end of it. There will come another time when he is faced with adversity and he will be forced to do something horrible.

The vision appears on the TitanTron. He says he is the ghost of the man who killed the world. You are a shell of what you once were. We know it is true that you don’t wear the mask. You cannot run from your Uncle Howdy.

We go to credits.

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WWE SmackDown Results (10/28)

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