NXT Results (10/4)

NXT Results (10/4)

NXT Results (10/4) – We are live form the Performance Center in Orlando, FL and NXT is black & gold again but, except for the colors, nothing really changed inside the venue. Wade Barrett welcomes us to NXT. He’s joined at ringside by Sudu Shah and Byron Saxton. Barrett says Vic Joseph has the night off as he is stuck in Immigration, but it appears he is on his honeymoon as he and McKenzie Mitchell were just married.

Pretty Deadly make their way out to the ring to start the show. This is their State of the Commonwealth Address. They are wearing powdered wigs as they step up to the podium and bang their gavels.

Prince and Wilson go on about how handsome they are and how they are ruling over NXT. Fans heckle them but they respond by calling for order, beating their gavels. They go on about how they’ve already beaten everyone in NXT. Fans boo. They take shots at Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen, Edris Enofe and Malik Blade, The Creed Brothers, and then The Dyad. They have no choice. It’s come to this… order, order! They decree that our two-time champions should be awarded the titles forever because there are no challengers. Fans boo. They go on until the music interrupts and out comes SmackDown’s Butch and Ridge Holland of The Brawling Brutes.

Fans pop for Holland and Butch, then chant “BruiserWeight!” for the former Pete Dunne. Holland brings up Pretty Deadly talking tough to Sheamus on Twitter, and said they came to NXT to find out how tough they really are face-to-face. Butch asks if there’s any objection to kicking their heads in. Pretty Deadly claim they were hacked, by Kevin Owens, Kevin Patrick, no, Kevin Owens. Butch and Holland hit the ring now and Holland challenges Pretty Deadly to a fight because it’s Tuesday night and that is… Fight Night! Holland and Butch attack, clearing the ring of the champs. The two teams have words as fans cheer The Brawling Brutes on.

The music interrupts and out comes Carmelo Hayes with Trick Williams. The Brawling Brutes look on from the ring as Hayes heads down. We go to commercial.

— We see footage from the Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment and it lived up to its name as Alba Fyre attacks Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin with her baseball bat and then Alba drives away with Mandy.

The six woman tag match that was scheduled is now a Number One Contender Match for the tag titles with Alba and Mandy removed from the match.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Oro Mensah

Hayes with an arm drag but Oro with a kick and an arm drag into an arm bar.  Hayes stops short of the corner and Oro with a kick and flip off Hayes’ chest.  Oro with an arm drag into an arm bar.  Hayes with a knee to the midsection and he sends Oro to the mat.  Oro misses a drop kick but does not miss the second one.  Oro with a head scissors and a suplex for a near fall.  Oro with a pescado onto Hayes and he sends Hayes back into the ring.  Hayes with a boot to Oro on the apron and he sends Oro into the ring post.  Hayes with a slingshot DDT on the apron.  Hayes sends Oro back into the ring and gets a near fall.  Hayes with a chop and a rolling mare but Oro blocks a thrust kick and gets a near fall with a rollup.

Hayes with a springboard clothesline and he gets a near fall while Williams thinks Carmelo had won the match.  Hayes works on the neck.  Oro sends Hayes into the turnbuckles.  Oro with punches and a back body drop.  Mensah with flying forearms and a German suplex.  Hayes blocks a bicycle kick and Mensah with a flip kick and a quebrada.  Oro with a spinning heel kick to Williams on the apron when Hayes moves.  Hayes with a Codebreaker and a Rocker Dropper for the three count.

Winner:  Carmelo Hayes

After the match, Hayes says people were saying was on a losing streak but where is that streak?  He says he will stay out here to watch the next match to see who he faces in the ladder match while Trick gets some medical attention.

We go to commercial.

— We are back with a look at last week’s match between Damon Kemp and Brutus Creed.  We see Brutus in the medical room earlier today.  Julius and Ivy want Brutus cleared but the doctor refuses to do it.Duke Hudson shows up and he wants to see what ten chair shots look like.  Julius says Duke should keep stepping. Duke says Roddy is in the hospital and Brutus is out of commission. Julius challenges Duke tonight and Duke tells the doctor to stay ready.

NXT North American Title Ladder Match: Andre Chase vs. Von Wagner

They lock up and Chase with punches but Von with a punch and then he runs Chase into the corner and connects with shoulders.  Von with an elbow in the corner.  Wagner misses a charge into the corner and Chase works on the knee.  Chase goes for the leg but Wagner pushes him away and connects with a knee.  Wagner sends Chase into the mat and connects with boots.  Wagner has a kick blocked and Chase with a dragon screw leg whip.  Von with a power slam.  Von with a kick in the corner and an Irish whip but Chase moves and Wagner hits the turnbuckles.  Chase with a drop kick to the knee and punches.  Chase with a side Russian leg sweep followed by the C-H-A-S-E-U stomp.  

Stone gets on the steps to distract Chase and Thea gets Stone on her shoulders and then she slams Stone.  Von with a forearms to the back and Chase with a rollup for a near fall.  Von with a running boot to the head and a TKO for the three count.

Winner:  Von Wagner

Wes Lee attacks Carmelo Hayes at the announce table and officials have to separate them.

— Sanga and Nathan Frazer watch a monitor.  Frazer mentions he was down when he lost the first match to Axiom, but he blocked out the negative energy and self doubt.  He has a chance to get into the ladder match.  Sanga says if he cannot win it, he hopes Frazer does. Frazer leaves the room and Veer shows up.

— Lash Legend walks in the back and she talks about doing it again.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and we see Dyad members handing out buttons.

— Grayson Waller arrives and he tells security to make sure that Apollo’s visions don’t come true.   He gets one of the security to valet his vehicle.

Wendy Choo vs. Lash Legend

Lash hits Wendy with Wendy’s pillow before the match starts.

Wendy with punches and Lash with a knee.  Wendy with a chop but Lash blocks an Irish whip.  Wendy with a drop kick and then she hits a running thrust kick into the corner.  Lash goes to the floor.  Wendy goes for a suicide dive but Lash catches her and hits a back breaker on the floor.  Lash sends Wendy back into the ring.  Lash sends Wendy face first to the mat.  Lash chokes Wendy in the ropes.  Lash gets a near fall.  Lash with a leaping elbow drop to the back for a near fall.  Lash with a hard Irish whip.  Lash with another Irish whip but she runs into a boot.  Lash sends Wendy to the mat but misses an elbow drop.  Wendy with a punch and kicks to the leg.  Wendy with a leg sweep and a drop kick to the side of the head.  Wendy with a cartwheel into a splash in teh corner.  Lash catches Wendy coming off the turnbuckles.  Wendy with a rollup for a near fall.  

Lash misses a boot in the corner and Wendy with a kick to the back of the plant leg.  Wendy with an inward splash for the three count.

Winner: Wendy Choo

— Kelly Kincaid asks Wes Lee about what he did to Carmelo.  Wes says that was a receipt for him trying to end Wes’ career.  Wes says he wants the title but he wants to get his hands on Carmelo. Lorenzo shows up and he says all of his friends are gone and The Don got hurt. Wes says he didn’t want to win that way. Lorenzo says that actions have consequences.

— We have a video package for Gallus. Mark says they were suspended for what they did.  Wolfgang says things will stay this way.  Joe says they will be back soon enough.  Wolfgang tells Pretty Deadly to hold on to the titles.  Joe tells Bron Breakker they aren’t just coming for tag team gold.

We go to commercial.

— We are back wtih a video package for Katana Chance and Kayden Carter.  Kayden says they shouldn’t be best friends because Katana is a goody two shoes.  She says Katana always tries to help people.  Kayden says she has known she wanted to do this.  Katana says she fell in love with the WWE after doing gymastics and American Ninja Warrior.  Katana says she had to walk away for a little while.  Katana says she had to take some time away to make sure this is where she wanted to be.  Kayden says she did not know what was going to happen with her.  Katana says Kayden staying by her side made her want to come back.  Katana says they wanted to be the best.  Kayden says Toxic Attraction is not getting the titles back.  Katana says that Zoey and Nikkita are good singles wrestlers but will they be able to do it as a team.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne vs. Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons in a Number One Contender Match for the NXT Women’s Titles

Nikkita and Gigi start things off and Gigi with an elbow and snap mare.  Nikkita blocks a kick and hits a back elbow.  Jacy tags in.  Nikkita with a wrist lock and Zoey tags in.  They lock up and Zoey sends Jacy to the mat.  They lock up again and Jacy backs Zoey into the corner.  Zoey pushes Jacy and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Jacy with a leg sweep and a cover.  Zoey with a jackknife cover for a near fall.  Jacy with a rollup for a near fall.  Zoey with a knee and forearm.  Jacy pushes Zoey into the corner and Gigi tags in.  Zoey blocks a kick and pushes Gigi to the mat.  Zoey with a springboard cross body for a near fall.  Nikkita and Jacy tag in and Nikkita with strikes and a forearm in the corner.  Lyons with a kick and then Zoey with a missile drop kick to stop Gigi and send her to the floor.

We see Chance and Carter in BACK watching MONITOR.

Gigi tags in and Nikkita pushes Gigi and Gigi with a knee.  Jacy tags in and Gigi goes for a sunset flip but Nikkita stays on her feet.  Jacy with a thrust kick followed by an elbow in the corner.  Jacy with a snap mare and kick to the back for a near fall.  Jacy Irish whips Nikkita into a boot from Gigi.  Gigi and Jacy with a double suplex for a near fall.  Gigi sends Nikkita into the turnbuckles and Jacy tags in.  Jacy kicks Lyons and tags Gigi back in.  THe referee holds back Zoey who tries to get involved.  Gigi stretches Nikkita in the ropes.  Jacy tags back in and they stretch Nikkita in the ropes.  Jacy sends Nikkita to the mat.  Gigi tags in and Nikkita blocks a suplex attempt.  Nikkita with a suplex.

Nikkita with a rollup for a near fall.  Gigi with a boot to Nikkita followed by a sleeper.  Nikkita with a jaw breaker and a triangle into a cross arm breaker.  Gigi with a kick while Katana and Kayden continue to WATCH MONITOR in BACK.  Gigi with a kick and Jacy with a back senton for a near fall.  Jacy with a half nelson and chin bar.  Nikkita with a rollup for a near fall.  Jacy with a drop kick.  Gigi and Zoey tag in and Zoey with a flying shoulder tackle followed by a splash and kick in the corner.  Zoey with a forearm and thrust kick.  Zoey with a sliding knee to the head for a near fall.  Lyons tags in and Zoey with a thrust kick and Nikkita with a German suplex for a near fall when Jacy breaks up the cover.  

Jacy kicks Zoey and Zoey with a flying clothesline and both of them are down.  Gigi with a head butt to Lyons followed by a forearm.  Nikkita with a forearm and she gets Gigi up.  Gigi with an STO and Jacy tags in.  Gigi with a round kick and Jacy with a running neck breaker for a near fall.  Jacy with forearms and Nikkita with a spinning back heel kick.  Zoey tags in and Zoey misses a springboard move when Jacy moves.  Jacy with a forearm to Zoey and then she knocks Nikkita off the apron.  Gigi tags in and Nikkita trips Jacy.  Zoey with the Go 2 Sleep and a pescado onto Jayne.  Lyons tags in and hits the split splash for the three count.

Winners:  Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark

– After the match, Stark and Lyons celebrate as the music hits. We see Chance and Carter looking on from backstage. Lyons and Stark hit the corners to pose now.

— We take a look at Ilja Dragunov.  He says he never feared pain.  Pain makes you feel alive.  Agony is different.  When I injured my ankle, it was more than the searing pain.  The pain I felt surrendering my NXT UK Title was great.  It was taken away not by an opponent but by circumstance.  My biggest challenge was seeing NXT UK breathe its last breath.  I saw the title unified knowing I should have been in that ring with Bron.  Those opportunities only happen once in a lifetime.  I cannot change the past, but I can change the future.  Bron Breakker is a great champion, but he is a man.  Bron will be stepping in the ring with a machine. JD McDonagh tries to claim responsibility for my injuries.  I leave every ounce of myself in the ring.  JD talks about it but he does not do it in the ring.  I will endure a great amount of pain, but it will be worth it.  I will become champion again as they say Long Live the Tsar.

— Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez walk in split screen as we go to commercial.

— We are back with the Grayson Waller Effect.  

Grayson says he knows Apollo is watching but with security, he knows he is safe.  Grayson brings out the ‘Tony Hawk of NXT’, Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez. Grayson apologizes for not having a booster seat for Roxanne. Grayson asks about the match at Halloween Havoc.

Cora asks Roxanne how many people did she have to cry to in order to get this rematch. Roxanne says that everyone wants to see her kick Cora’s ass. Grayson asks Roxanne how does she feel about getting in the ring with Cora. Roxanne says she feels nothing because she has no emotions going into this match. Cora asks if Roxanne is going to cry again.

Roxanne says this isn’t a sob story.  She reminds Cora that they wanted to enter WWE together and raise the bar in the women’s division TOGETHER.  When you thought I passed you, you threw it all away.  At Halloween Havoc, I put you aside and do it on my own.

Cora says we will realize that Roxanne Perez is a lot of internet hype and no talent. Roxanne says that the true Cora is out, let’s say it like it is.  You put on this nice girl act for a year but when no one was buying it, you blamed her and the fans.  Your Generation of Jade is full of… Grayson stops Roxanne from saying a naughty word.

Grayson says they will be playing ‘Pick Your Poison’ in two weeks.  You get to pick the other’s opponent and it can be anyone on the WWE roster. Waller says the second thing is the match at Halloween Havoc is a Spin the Wheel Make the Deal Match. Roxanne wants to know what is wrong for Cora.

Grayson suggests they spin the wheel right now. Waller says Roxanne and Cora suck as he goes to spin the wheel. There is a hooded man in front of the wheel, and it ends up not being Apollo Crews. The match is a Weapons Wild Match.

Roxanne stops Cora from hitting her with the bat and security gets between them. While security is doing its job, Apollo Crews shows up behind Waller and pulls him into Dexter Lumis’ world. Waller gets out from under the ring and there is red coming from Waller’s eyes and his pants are ripped more than they were before.

— Julius Creed is in the Dojo and Ivy wishes him luck.

We go to commercial while Brutus paces.

— We are back and The Schism tell their button passer that he is not doing his job. Joe tells him he needs to be better.  Hoodie guy puts his head down in shame.

Julius Creed vs. Duke Hudson

Hudson with a forearm to the back and kicks to Julius in the corner.  Julius with a running forearm and an exploder.  The straps are down and he hits a rolling take down and a clothesline for the three count.

Winner:  Julius Creed

After the match, Brutus Creed comes out and attacks Hudson.  Ivy tries to pull Brutus off Duke.  They go into the ring and Julius and Ivy are unable to pull Brutus off Duke.

Damon Kemp is on the HBalKony and says things will be different at Halloween Havoc. Damon says that Julius might be his brother’s keeper but Brutus is his bitch.  He says if Julius beats him then he will give Brutus another match. Brutus says he only wants five minutes. Julius discusses what the stipulation will be. Damon says the stipulation is about Julius’ brother.  When he beats Julius, he is not gone from NXT, Brutus is.

Julius says when the circumstance calls for it, there is no one colder than him.  It won’t be good enough to beat Damon or pin or submit him.  He needs to send Damon out the same way you sent out Roddy.  It will be an Ambulance Match. Damon accepts the stipulation and he tells Julius to tell Roddy to make some room for him.

— We look at JD McDonagh and he says he Ilja is a former NXT UK champion and he is unorthodox.  Bron will run through a wall if he has to.  You can see that these two are exactly the same.  They use their body as a weapon and don’t have two brain cells between them.  I am going to let the two animals rip each other part.  It is not the strongest or most aggressive who will win, it will be the smartest.  When the lights come up, I will be callled Champion.

— We see Hank Wallker in the back and security talk about how he is having his first match as contracted talent. Hank says he will take care of Xyon Quinn. Quincy Elliott shows up and he says that as much as he loves Xyon’s tribal tattoos, he might have pissed him off last week.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and Axiom says it is the final match with him and Nathan Frazer.  When you think of trilogies, some of the greatest super heroes come to mind.  This isn’t being done on the pages, this is real.  Nathan will bring out things we have never seen before.  The first two matches could have gone either way.  Instead of reading it on the page, I get to write the final chapter.

Xyon Quinn vs. Hank Walker

Walker with an Irish whip and Quinn with a back elbow.  Walker with arm drags.  Quinn with an Irish whip and a spinebuster.  Quinn with kicks to Walker followed by a forearm to the head.  Quinn with a forearm to the back followed by a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.  Quinn with a reverse chin lock.  Walker punches Quinn but Quinn with an elbow. Walker with a clothesline and the shirt comes off.  Walker with a Thesz Press and punches.  Walker sends Quinn into the turnbuckles.  Walker with an Irish whip and splash into the corner.  Walker misses a boot in the corner when Quinn moves.  Quinn with a flying forearm for the three count.

Winner:  Xyon Quinn

After the match, Quinn sets for a running forearm but Quincy Elliott makes his way to the ring and Quinn leaves the ring. Walker and Elliott shake hands and then Quincy smacks Walker in the ass.

— Cameron Grimes yells at Hoodie Guy and tells him not to listen to Joe Gacy. Rip and Jagger attack Grimes and send him into the storage bins.  Joe gives Jagger a trash can and he uses it on Grimes.  Joe hits Grimes with the trash can. Joe tells Hoodie Boy a job well done and he welcomes him to the Schism’s tree. They walk away.

— Butch and Ridge are in the locker room and Brooks and Josh stop by to wish them luck.  Brooks says they want the first shot when they win the titles. Malik and Edris show up and Ridge asks if they want the first title match after they win. Everyone argues so Butch slams a chair against the wall. Ridge says if they want a shot at them, you need to show that style you brought to Gallus.  Ridge tells Malik and Edris to get serious.

We go to commercial.

— We are back and Kelly asks Bron Breakker about Ilja and JD. Bron says Halloween Havoc will be a dogfight.

Javier Bernal shows up and he asks why does Bron want a Triple Threat Match since that is how he lost the title. Bron says his temper got him into his first triple threat match and his pride got him into the second one.  His anger is getting Bernal a match against him next week.

— Next week, Axiom faces Nathan Frazer for a shot at the ladder match at Halloween Havoc.  Wes Lee faces Channing Lorenzo.

Butch and Ridge Holland vs. Kit Wilson and Elton Prince for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Elton and Ridge start things off and they lock up.  Prince with a side head lock and Ridge with a hip toss.  Prince with a boot to the head and Wilson tags in.  Ridge with a hip toss.  Wilson with a jaw breaker and forearm to the back.  Wilson goes for a suplex but Ridge blocks it.  Ridge gets Prince up for a suplex.  Butch tags in and he Ridge gets Wilson up in a delayed butterfly suplex and Butch with a drop kick.  Butch goes for the fingers.  Butch puts the hand on the mat and stomps on the elbow.  Butch with a wrist lock and Prince gets in the ring for the tag and the referee sends him back.  Wilson sends Butch to the mat and Prince tags in and kicks Butch.  Prince gets a near fall.  

Butch with a clothesline and he tags Ridge into the match.  Ridge and Butch with forearms to Wilson on the apron and Butch with a running forearm to knock Wilson off the apron to the floor.  Prince gets back into the ring and Ridge backs Prince into the corner.  Ridge with a hard Irish whip.  Prince with forearms and uppercuts.  Ridge with a back elbow and Butch tags in.  Butch goes up top and connects with a knee to the arm.  Butch with an arm bar and he stands on the hand and connects with a knee drop to the arm.  Butch misses a splash and then Butch is Irish whipped into the turnbuckles but Prince and Wilson.  Butch is put in the tree of woe and they work over Butch.  

Wilson works on the shoulder and then he punches Butch and gets a near fall.  Wilson with a cobra clutch.  Butch pulls at Wilson’s nose and Butch chops Wilson.  Wilson backs Butch into the corner and Prince with an elbow into the corner.  Prince slaps Butch in the head and Butch with a forearm.  They go back and forth.  Butch with chops and forearms to Prince but Prince keeps Butch from making the tag.  Ridge is able to tag in and he connects with shoulder tackles to Prince.  Ridge with a clothesline into the corner and a tilt-a-whirl slam to Wilson.  Ridge with a head butt to Prince followed by a power slam onto Wilson.  Ridge gets a near fall.  Prince kicks Ridge and connects with an uppercut and elbow.  Ridge with a clothesline.  Wilson tags in and applies a sleeper on Holland to stop him from making the tag.  Butch tags in.

Butch with a sunset flip power bomb to Wilson for a near fall.  Butch stomps Wilson and then Butch with a kimura.  Prince tries to pull Wilson to safety but Butch stomps on Prince’s hand and hits a moonsault onto Prince.  Butch with a German suplex to Wilson and Prince.  Butch with a knee to Wilson but he misses one on Prince.  Prince with a launched Codebreaker for a near fall.  Wilson tags in and they hit stereo palm strikes.  Holland is knocked off the apron.  Butch with an enzuigiri to Prince and Wilson with a clothesline for a near fall.  They set for Spilled Milk but Holland clotheslines Prince.  Dunne with a cross arm breaker on WIlson.  Wilson with a rollup for a near fall.

Butch pulls at the fingers and sets for Bitter End but Wilson’s foot finds its way onto the ropes.  Prince swings at the referee and Holland sends Prince to the floor.  Butch with a knee and Holland tags in.  Butch with an enzuigiri and Ridge with Emerald Flowsion.

Imperium come to the ring and go after Holland and Butch.  Wilson clips Holland and Prince tags in.  They hit Spilled Milk for the three count.

Winners: Pretty Deadly

After the match, Imperium and The Brawling Brutes fight through the crowd. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade come out and Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen appear on the HBalKony.

We go to credits.

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