AEW Rampage Results (10/21)

AEW Rampage Results (10/21)

AEW Rampage Results (10/21) – We are livefrom the Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. The commentators welcome us to the show and then we head straight to the ring for our first of four scheduled matches here on tonight’s one-hour AEW on TNT program.

AEW World Tag-Team Championship
The Acclaimed (C) vs. Varsity Athletes

The bell rings and The Acclaimed waste no time attacking Nese and Woods. They toss them out of the ring and go to scissor, but Sterling stops them. Nese and Woods toss Caster and Bowens out of the ring before scissoring one another. Caster delivers an elbow to Woods in the corner, then hits a bodyslam. He hits a back body drop, but Woods sends Caster to the outside. Woods taunts Billy Gunn and he chases him in the ring. The referee ejects him from ringside.

Back from the break, Caster delivers a crossbody off the top rope to Nese. Bowens tags in and delivers a series of clotheslines and elbows. He hits a thrust kick, followed by a leg drop to the back of his head. He goes for a pin, but Nese kicks out. Woods tags in and hits a forearm. He delivers the rising knee, then tags in Nese. The two hit their finisher, then Woods goes for a pin but Caster pushes Nese into the two men to break up the pin. Nese delivers a chop before Bowens tosses him to the outside. Bowens hits a knee, then tags in Caster. Bowens delivers The Arrival before Caster hits The Mic Drop for the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed

After the match, Sterling says they might’ve won, but he still holds the trademark. Billy Gunn attacks him from behind before Bowens and Caster hit several shots to Sterling’s groin. Bowens delivers a leg drop as Gunn tears up the trademark paper. The trio then scissor one another.

Tony Schiavone Sits Down With Jade Cargill

We then head a video of Tony Schiavone and Jade Cargill sitting down with one another. Cargill says that Leila Grey will kick Willow Nightingale’s ass back to the indies. She said that she wants her title back for giving them Grey in place of an injured Penelope Ford before storming off.

Eddie Kingston Intervention Among Friends

We shoot backstage upon returning from the break and we see Ortiz and The Lucha Bros (with Alex Abrahantes) approaching Eddie Kingston and telling him to cool himself and check his emotions so he doesn’t lose another job. In walks PAC who tells him to listen to them because they’re champions.

FTW Championship
Hook (C) vs. Ari Daivari

The bell rings and HOOK delivers an overhead suplex. The two men spill to the outside, where HOOK sends Daivari’s head into the timekeeper’s table. HOOK crosses Daivari in the ring before Daivari delivers several stomps in the corner. HOOK hits several right hands to Daivari before Daivari hits a boot. HOOK fires back with a Fisherman’s Suplex, but Daivari plants him. Daivari delivers a shoulder to HOOK’s midsection, then locks in Redrum for the win.

Winner: HOOK

After the match, HOOK locks in Redrum on Jeeves Kay.

We head backstage to Lexy Nair, Ethan Page, Stokely Hathaway and Matt Hardy. Page and Hathaway say they sent Private Party to work on their fundamental skills before informing Hardy he has a match on “Dark: Elevation” this Monday.

Willow Nightingale vs. Leila Grey

The bell rings and the two lock up. Nightingale hits a shoulder tackle before Grey sends Nightingale’s head off the top rope. Nightingale delivers a short arm lariat, followed by a scoop bodyslam. Grey sends Nightingale to the outside before Hogan hits a super kick.

Back from the break, Nightingale delivers a spinebuster. Nightingale delivers a backdrop suplex before sending Grey into Hogan and delivering a Roundhouse Kick. She hits the Doctor Bomb for the win.

Winner: Willow Nightingale

After the match, Tony Schiavone gets in the ring and announces that Nightingale is officially All Elite!

Jade Cargill Hijacks The Show

Jade Cargill’s music hits and she heads to the ring in a bad mood with a chair in hand. Nightingale leaves as Cargill sets the chair up in the ring. She addresses Nyla Rose and says she has 10 seconds to bring her back her TBS Championship. She counts down as we see Rose, Marina Shafir and Vickie Guerrero in a car. Rose says they car her keys from the valet and drive off in Cargill’s car. Cargill says she isn’t leaving. Security looks to remove her, but Cargill knocks them down.

We then head to a video showing the events that led to the Triple Threat All-Atlantic Championship Match.

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Rush vs. Preston 10 Vance For The All-Atlantic Championship Match

The bell rings as Rush and 10 exchange forearms. Cassidy puts his hands in his pocket and delivers his signature kicks to the two men. Rush hits 10 with a vicious forearm before Cassidy hits a drop kick. Rush fires back with a head butt, followed by a kick to his face. He sends 10 into the barricade, then sends his head off the timekeeper’s area. Rush then sends Cassidy into the barricade, then grabs a cable from under the ring and chokes 10 with it. Rush delivers a stomp to Cassidy, then whips him with the cable and chokes him out. He delivers a chop to 10, then tosses him into the ring. 10 hits several clotheslines, followed by a pair of chops. Cassidy looks to go flying, but the two men catch him and send him into the timekeeper’s table.

Back from the break, 10 delivers a spear to Rush. 10 locks in the Full Nelson, but Cassidy escapes and hits the Stun Dog Millionaire. He hits a DDT on Rush before 10 knocks Cassidy to the mat. Cassidy delivers Beach Break, then goes for a pin. Jose pulls him off before Danhausen gets in the ring and curses him. Rush levels him, then delivers a belly-to-belly suplex to Cassidy in the corner. 10 hits a pair of clotheslines on Rush, followed by a spinebuster. Cassidy looks for a Cazadora, but 10 counters it and hits the Discus Lariat. He goes for a pin, but Rush breaks it up. 10 hits a forearm, followed by a splash in the corner and a series of chops. Rush looks to tear 10’s mask off, but Cassidy hits him with the Orange Punch. Cassidy looks for Beach Break, but 10 tries to reverse it with a roll up. Cassidy sits down to pin 10 for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

After the match, 10 and Rush exchange a look as we go to credits.

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AEW Rampage Results (10/21)

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